Kepler Telescope May Have Discovered an Alien Megastructure Orbiting a Strange Star

Posted by on October 16, 2015 in Earth & Space, Sci-Tech with 48 Comments

Source: DNews & The Cosmos News

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope is tasked with finding small, rocky worlds orbiting distant stars. However, exoplanets aren’t the only thing Kepler can detect — stellar flares, star spots and dusty planetary rings can also pop up in the mission’s observations.

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But there’s also been speculation that Kepler may have the ability to detect more than natural phenomena; if they’re out there, Kepler may also detect the signature of artificial structures orbiting other stars. Imagine an advanced civilization that’s well up on the Kardashev scale and has the ability to harness energy directly from its star. This hypothetical alien civilization may want to construct vast megastructures, like supersized solar arrays in orbit around their host star that could be so big that they blot out a sizable fraction of starlight as they pass in front.

When Kepler detects an exoplanet, it does so by sensing the very slight dip in starlight from a given star. The premise is simple: an exoplanet orbits in front of star (known as a “transit”), Kepler detects a slight dimming of starlight and creates a “lightcurve” — basically a graph charting the dip in starlight over time. Much information can be gleaned from the lightcurve, such as the physical size of the transiting exoplanet. But it can also deduce the exoplanet’s shape.

Normally the shape of an exoplanet isn’t particularly surprising because it’s, well, planet-shaped. It’s round. The physics of planetary formation dictate that a planetary body above a certain mass will be governed by hydrostatic equilibrium. But say if Kepler detects something that isn’t round. Well, that’s when things can get a bit weird.

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For the most part, any dip in star brightness can be attributed to some kind of natural phenomenon. But what if all possibilities are accounted for and only one scenario is left? What if that scenario is this object appears to be artificial? In other words, what if it’s alien?

In a chilling article written by Ross Andersen of The Atlantic, at first glance, it seems we may be at this incredible juncture.

A star, named KIC 8462852, has been found with a highly curious transit signal. In a paper submitted to the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, astronomers, including citizen scientists from the Planet Hunters crowdsourcing program, report: “Over the duration of the Kepler mission, KIC 8462852 was observed to undergo irregularly shaped, aperiodic dips in flux down to below the 20 percent level.”

The research paper is thorough, describing the phenomenon, pointing out that this star is unique – we’ve seen nothing like it. Kepler has collected data on this star steadily for four years. It’s not instrumental error. Kepler isn’t seeing things; the signal is real.

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  1.' Carlos Correia says:


  2.' Denise Sanchez says:

    Vanessa Rosas

  3.' Nicole LaPorte-Natti says:

    Erin ! ?

  4.' Justin Moonie Smith says:

    evolved humans from another solarsystem made a space station as a landmark headstone from their now dead planet .. we will go there and discover a tomb of humans in sleep mode waiting to be awakened then heavily questioned about our own race and how we came to be ..

  5.' Sutherland Dave says:


  6.' Dava Ohare says:

    Yeah right.

  7.' Joey Hughes says:


  8.' Bruce Truelsen says:

    It’s a funding thingy .

  9.' Marylouise Scott says:

    Where are these sources from?

  10.' Ben Dufale says:

    no matter what,our planet earth is made by God in a unique way.we are d only image & likeness of God in d entire universe.

  11.' Tim Cook says:

    Just watched ‘Interstellar’…Epic movie..
    Christopher Nolan is a genius…

  12.' Lise Boucher says:

    They have probably been observing us all along, and think that we are backwards and violent and want nothing to do with us, so they are staying clear.

  13.' Zen Hec Ryan says:

    Very, sceptical about this!
    Mostly likely rubbish but it’s so much
    fun this stuff

  14.' Josie Lillie says:

    Moroni Silva

  15.' Kristi Fitzpatrick says:

    We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is Futile 🙂

  16.' Edmundo Monroy says:

    Of course, is retarded, to think we are alone in the universe

  17.' Harry Johnson says:

    If NASA is looking for extraterrestrial life in deep space why have they made so much efforts to cover up localize evidence? #ancientaliens

  18.' Aditya Kamikaze Rai says:

    Megastructure? How could one be so sure that its even kind of some construction!? At this point it Could be anything. Some kind of cosmic debris colliding, asteroids.. Anything. A bit too much of a Wishful thinking to imagine it’s a megastructure some intiligent being built n put it out there in space don’t you think?

  19.' Bonie Maines Pedrera says:

    Sana nga lahat ng eto ay totoo.

  20.' Michal Lipovský says:

    Hurry up Aliens. come and free us from our politicians…You can eat them…

  21.' Joshuahn Jackstonburg says:

    It was a different shape in yesterday’s post!!

  22.' Mark Bichard says:

    Death Star!

  23.' Patrick Kyle Lesko says:

    Beautiful <3 <3 <3

  24.' John Patrick says:

    I’m guessing it’s a Dyson Sphere.

  25.' Terrence Briscoe says:

    Kirk Ten-chi Witter

  26.' Graham Thompson says:

    Another waste of money

  27.' Jose Joaquin Gonzalez Delgado says:


  28.' Patrice Brady says:

    Danny Carton

  29.' Laurie Sutcliffe says:

    Bollocks! Loose the fake cgi and computer voice. they do nothing for credibility….at all. In fact it makes the whole thing look like a student in 5th grade made it. Plus u show no evidence or proof.

  30.' David Thrasher says:

    what makes the star strange?….

  31.' Karl Erickson says:

    OMG it’s on the internet! It must be true!

  32.' Norman Fenk says:

    Lol alien structures are everywhere we are slaves in a cage, of course they don’t expose shit

  33.' Nitin Kamble says:

    I just visit there, there is nothing of that sort.

  34.' Vincent Tan says:

    Atomic Energy To Conquer Light Years?… (Y) CLN…

  35.' Miguel G. Villegas says:

    nice nice if only we really knew lol

  36.' Edgar Mata says:

    Jose Flores

  37.' Ron Homer says:

    The Crystaline Entity!

  38.' Steven Brummette says:

    Ben Smith

  39.' Todd Rizzo says:

    Alien Ant Farm

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