Junk DNA Part 2: NDEs, Sound, Evolution, and DNA Activation

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Brendan D. Murphy, founder Global Freedom Movement and author of The Grand Illusion

Sounds like DNA Activation

Where are we going with this talk of DNA activation we started in Part 1? Several interesting places, actually. We have recently entered into what Dr Larry Dossey (below, left) has dubbed “Era III” medicine. Era III medicine is concerned with the primacy of bioenergetic consciousness in the sound domain (time-space/aether/implicate order) in healing and transformation, whereas “Era II” epigenetics primarily restricted to the light domain of our space-time, and “Era I” was myopically based solely on physico-chemical considerations—a boon for Big Pharma.[i] Era III acknowledges that since consciousness is fundamentally nonlocal, not only can your thoughts influence your own physiology, but someone else’s as well, regardless of distance—as per the aforementioned early Russian remote-influence experiments and Rein’s more recent work.[ii]dna activation

As the Gariaev group has shown, sound and light can be utilised to rewrite the genetic code. The group even went so far as to be able to turn frog embryos into salamander embryos by electronically recording one species’ DNA informational patterns and then re-transmitting them to the other species. The resulting salamanders could even mate and produce baby salamanders.[iii]

Specific sound frequencies: herein lays the power of Luckman’s DNA activation method. Some of you may be aware that our mathematically structured DNA is “tuned” to the ancient Solfeggio scale; it is resonant with it. According to mathematicians Marko Rodin and Victor Showell, this scale constructs the entire universe. Len Horowitz, DMD, comments that the “creationistic dynamics of matter have their source in pure acoustic spirit”,[iv] which is vividly demonstrated (analogically) by the work of the late Dr Hans Jenny. By vibrating a mass of solid particles on a metal plate at certain frequencies, Jenny caused those particles to arrange spontaneously into specific geometric forms. Alternatively, the vibration of these loose particles suspended in a fluid could be seen to create nested geometric figures—the Platonic solids, in point of fact.[v] Hence Horowitz’s point about matter being created by “sonic” frequencies in the “spiritual” domain. Because the ground of reality is fundamentally holographic, it assembles the manifest universe fractally in a self-referencing manner in which geometric forms—such as the Platonic solids—can be nested within one another.

By simply utilising the specific, correctly tuned vowel chanting technique—the most important ingredient—and a 528 Hertz Solfeggio tuning fork (asdna activation detailed in Luckman’s book Potentiate Your DNA), some of your mobile genetic elements can be activated to harness greater amounts of “torsion energy” in time-space/aether. (With the Regenetics method, the activation of potential DNA occurs incrementally as one goes through the different stages of Potentiation, Articulation, Elucidation, and, lastly, Transcension.) Potentiation—the first phase of the Regenetics technique—specifically employs the “mi” note of 528 Hz, which has been used by molecular biologists to repair genetic defects[vi] and is also known simply as “Love Hertz”. (Subsequent activations incorporate more of the Solfeggio tones.)

The result of this total process (the Regenetics Method)—which unfolds over a minimum of 27 months—is a gentle and progressive kundalini awakening and healing of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies/layers of the psyche (see figure 1). Allergies disappear, old injuries repair, serious diseases may vanish, the body detoxifies, emotional baggage is purged, and a sense of peace and well-being develop. Some people begin to sense their fundamental interconnectedness with creation, a development that reaches its fullest fruition with the completion of the final stage, after the prefrontal lobes have been awakened through the third activation (Elucidation), which targets the emotional body.[vii] This is apparently essential for a sense of “God realization” and the state of serenity and peace this brings.

A close friend of mine, whose Articulation (the second activation, which targets the mental body) I recently performed, showed immediate and profound alterations in her psychology that completely blew me away. With her mental body harmonically restored, her clarity and self-awareness bloomed. Without the usual mental frenetics and resultant stress/emotional rollercoaster, her ability to access her own wisdom skyrocketed, and she no longer suffers the dramatic ups and downs that plagued her for the last 20+ years.

dna activationFor my part, immediately following my own Potentiation,[viii] I noticed my damaged rotator cuffs felt subtly different. Within a few weeks, they had improved very significantly. Seven months later, I experienced virtually no pain in them and could comfortably lie on my side to sleep at night—something I had not been able to do for about 12 years previously, no matter how positive I tried to be or how determined I was to heal them myself. Before doing my own Potentiation, even swinging my arms back and forth across my chest caused sharp, stabbing pains in my shoulders—but no more. After several months I also experienced a spontaneous detox process (primarily through my sinuses), and my food sensitivities show some improvement.

With the DNA acting like a tuning fork and resonating with the vowel chant and Solfeggio frequency, the “errors” in the sonic torsion field blueprints (in time-space) for our biology are corrected. At the biological level, the jumping DNA shift to “rewrite” the gene code for the better, as previously dormant codons are switched on—while others may be switched off—in order to improve healing mechanisms and so on. Consciousness researcher Stephen Linsteadt has reported that, at the 528 Hz frequency, “the clustered water molecules that surround and support the DNA structure form a perfect six-sided hexagon”[ix] —meaning that you are apparently generating your own internal cymatic effect as you perform your own Potentiation!

“In theory,” writes Horowitz, “phase-locking your body to [the] 528 Hz frequency sends the most powerful healing energy in the universe to your DNA’s amino acid sequence, which vibrates in a glycoprotein matrix of structured water, depends heavily on the 528 Hz frequency not just for its physical structure but also for its bioelectrical and bioacoustic functions.”[x]dna activation

A New Kind of Human?

Microbiologist Dr Colm Kelleher has studied “junk” DNA for years. He states that transposons are known to be engines of evolution, explaining that the most plausible mechanism for initiating a rapid, large-scale change in physical structure—even the emergence of a new species—is a “simultaneous transposition burst”. He speculates that similar mechanisms might also be involved in a kundalini experience.[xi]

Kundalini—a real physical energy, as I show in TGI 1— has always been held in high esteem by mystics and seers because of its ability to awaken higher consciousness and vivify and restore the physical body. It upgrades the bioenergy system. The principal function of kundalini in occult development is reputedly to pass through the etheric chakras and vivify them so that they bring astral experiences through into the physical consciousness.[xii] An enhancement of the chakras at the etheric level will naturally have positive physical side-effects, as the etheric body is an energetic duplicate of the physical and in fact is considered to be of the “physical” density in its own right (unlike the astral/mental/spiritual energies).

Retired theoretical physicist Dr Amit Goswami states in Physics of the Soul that the raising of the kundalini seems to unleash the dormant capacities of consciousness for making new representations of the vital (etheric) body onto the physical body. “There is evidence. People in whom kundalini has risen and been properly integrated undergo extraordinary bodily changes (for example, the development of nodules on the body that [form] the figure of a serpent).”[xiii] Kundalini experiencers also often describe an incredible white light enveloping their consciousness—as the plasma-like kundalini rises up the spine and explodes into the head and the crown chakra. The result in the moment is often a state of expansive bliss.

One salient point to any researcher of these topics has to be that there are similar elements in the aftermath of DNA and kundalini activation as compared to the near-death experience (NDE). Aside from biophysical alterations (an effect shared by all groups), many near-death experiencers (NDEers) have reported that they experience a deeper sense of connectedness with all things, higher levels of empathy, decreased competitiveness and egotism, elimination of the fear of death, and a greater sense of peace and contentment. The spontaneous resolution or disappearance of serious diseases and allergies falls under the category of biophysical transformation, which is correlated with kundalini awakening as well as DNA activation. NDEer Mellen-Thomas Benedict, for example, had an inoperable brain tumour prior to his 90-minute NDE. Post-NDE, his cancer was simply gone: it had vanished.[xiv] Spontaneous healings have also been documented among UFO abductees, but we’ll get to that in a follow up piece(!)

NDEers also find quite often that their psychic faculties are put into overdrive post-NDE—whether they like it or not (same again for the abductees)! In Transformed by the Light, Dr Cherie Sutherland offers the case studies of 50 Australian NDEers, at least one of whom reported that post-NDE they had become so telepathic that they were picking up on the internal monologues of people around them—totally unintentionally.[xv] dna activation

Dr Kenneth Ring actually hypothesised in the 1990s that NDEers do undergo a kundalini awakening, and he marshalled some impressive evidence in support of the notion in The Omega Project.[xvi] We might speculate whether the NDE can also spontaneously precipitate the sealing of the “fragmentary body” (the energy defect in the second chakra) by revealing to people their true nature as immortal “spirit” or infinite consciousness and an integral part of the cosmos, thus remedying their “separation consciousness”—as well as other personal issues around self-loathing, guilt, and so forth. Certainly, the experience of contacting a force of cosmic love, compassion and total, unconditional acceptance is powerfully healing for many NDEers. Perhaps not surprisingly, many find that they spontaneously develop powerful healing faculties—even to the extent that they give up their careers to become energy healers!

This suggests the activation of previously dormant sections of DNA (codons) involved in the transmission and mediation of electromagnetic energy, both of the known kind and not-so-known varieties. In 1996, Kelleher cloned a stretch of human DNA from activated human T-cells and found it to consist of a tandem array of transposon sequences “arranged like beads on a string”. It was the perfect structure that he had envisioned for accomplishing “a large-scale speciation-type change.” Kelleher predicts that people who have undergone NDEs or have meditated for long periods “should have a higher transcriptional level of this transposon casette.”[xvii]

Available NDE case studies seem to support his contention. Many NDEers appear to represent a new kind of human being (“homo novus”): one not just infinitely more metaphysically aware than the “average” person but one who is also more “switched on”, genetically and psychically speaking. Overall, NDEers seem to show an unusually high level of intuitive activation, not unlike kundalini-awakened individuals.

Additionally, I suspect that such people have actually activated a third – possibly physical – strand of DNA, and no longer function on the bare minimum level of two strands (look where that has gotten us!). My partner Aimee, during her own Potentiation, experienced mental imagery that was very suggestive of a third strand being activated (or should we say re-connected?). This is a notion I will return to in a future article elaborating on these important themes, which appear over and over in “New Age” material, including Barbara Marciniak’s compelling Bringers of the Dawn, which posits that we are supposed to be functioning on a multidimensional template of twelve strands(!) This is echoed in Kyron Book 12 by Lee Carroll.dna activation

Not long ago, I met an innovative Australian scientist who had a DNA sample studied and was informed that he had at least six functional (and apparently physical) strands, which the stunned scientists in question had never seen before. This was kept quiet, obviously. In the follow up, I will return to the DNA template subject, as I have recently had it confirmed that the “normal” human is of a 12 strand multidimensional template (keeping in mind that we have been massively dumbed down, interfered with, and are running on far less than full throttle), while there are two other secondary templates (“Indigos”) that some (a minority) of us are in the process of trying to fully activate. This is crucial for the immediate future of humanity on this planet – more on that in the next piece.

“Junk” DNA Concept Finally Junked by Recent Science

In 2003, the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (“Encode”) genome research project was launched. Pooling the resources of over 400 scientists over thirty-two laboratories throughout the UK, US, Spain, Singapore, and Japan, it is the largest research project into the human genome yet conducted. In early September 2012, scientists from the Encode project confirmed, after having analyzed all 3 billion pairs of genetic code comprising our DNA, that far more of it is biologically active than had been widely believed: 80% is in fact performing a specific function, confirming that most non-protein-coding “junk” DNA isn’t junk at all.

Perhaps more importantly in the context of the foregoing discussion, these scientists have also identified 4 million “switch genes”, which are sections of DNA that control when genes are switched on or off in cells. These can even be a long way from the actual gene they control (if you’re talking about an uncoiled DNA strand). Many switches are linked to changes in risk levels for various diseases and disorders,[xviii] and we have the field of epigenetics to thank for proving that local environmental triggers (including stress) are ultimately more important in determining the activation or silencing of certain genes—and therefore our biological health—than inherent genetic defects (which account only for about 5% of all diseases).

It is only natural to conclude that mobile DNA elements/transposons—comprising as much as half of our roughly 98% “junk” DNA—are involved in mediating the functions of at least some of these 4 million “switch genes”. In addition, mobile DNA (and satellite DNA too, if Brown is correct) appear to interface with our consciousness in the aether/time-space/implicate order. This means that Era III metagenetic modalities such as the sound-based Regenetics Method—where the facilitator can be located thousands of miles from the treatment recipient—can be effective in influencing genetic expression regardless of healer-healee proximity. In the time-space domain that consciousness occupies, distance is meaningless.

Thanks to the innovative work of researchers in fields as diverse as ufology, shamanism, epigenetics, thanatology, psychiatry, molecular biology, hypnosis, kinesiology, occultism and more, we may have identified at least four major ways to activate our latent jumping DNA to effect dramatic personal transformation and even conscious evolution: hypnosis, DNA activation with vowel chants and Solfeggio frequencies, kundalini awakening, and NDEs (the latter three all apparently involve kundalini activation to varying degrees, and reach deeper into the multiple levels of one’s being). This is to say nothing of the astrophysical processes which can influence planetary microbiology, and over which we as individuals seemingly have little control—a tangent we lack space for here.dna activation

Thus, with the extinction of bottom-up Darwinian “DNA primacy,” we can and must relinquish the moribund notion that our genetic inheritance is a done deal which we can no more change than the Earth’s orbital pathway around the Sun. The various lines of research discussed herein reveal that in using vowels and targeted light and sound frequencies to deliberately change our genetic expression in a controlled fashion, we can also change our consciousness—and vice versa. We can change our consciousness and, in turn, alter genetic expression (more or less permanently) and our multidimensional DNA templates (“morphic fields”).

No longer can a human be conceived of as a powerless little Darwinian “meat computer” at the mercy of the random forces of “natural selection”. We can massively intervene in and accelerate our evolution on this earth, and, using sound (and heart-based intention) as our ally, evolve beyond man into the next stage of humankind, as Nietzsche once implored us to do.

In contrast to the transhumanist agenda, this is an entirely organic non-technocratic process and ethos (aided by Gaia herself) and will assist in subverting the transhumanist agenda and most likely prevent the “singularity” (the merging of man with machine for “enhanced functionality”) from ever being foisted upon a robotised global human slave population.

Thank goodness for the “junk” that Nature didn’t throw away!

…continued in Part 3…

dna activation

What readers are saying:

Brendan is the Chomsky of the Spiritual movement.
-Alistair Larmour, medical intuitive

The whole book was amazing and I am insisting that all of the trainers who teach my model read it as well as putting it on the Must Read list for my classes and telling them about it verbally. It is important. Thank you for this masterpiece. The world needs it. -Lisa Schwartz

I know of no one who is grappling with the problem [of consciousness] at your level. I will be sharing your writing with others.
-John Holum

A masterpiece…The Grand Illusion is mind-blowing.
-Sol Luckman, author of Potentiate Your DNA

bridge to the mysticalAbout the author:

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement and author of the critically acclaimed “mind-blowing masterpiece” THE GRAND ILLUSION: A SYNTHESIS OF SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY, Brendan D. Murphy is a leading expositor of the new paradigm of integrated science and spirituality/sovereignty, and has been referred to as the “Chomsky of the spiritual movement.” He is also a passionate advocate of accelerated conscious evolution through sound-based DNA and kundalini activation.

“Enough of the slave species legacy we’ve been playing out for millennia! It’s time to rediscover sovereignty, infinite consciousness and our multi-dimensional selves. Evolution is calling. Will we answer?” www.brendandmurphy.net


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