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Hello & Welcome to your FREE July Monthly Overview and Astrology Magazine. Balancing our need to feel secure, settled, protected and nurtured, against demands of fast moving political, world and work changes are likely to be the challenge this month. Still, Mars’ glorious transit through Leo, adds some real glam and glitz to proceedings too.

July 2019 Forecast

July is normally the month to bathe in the Sun, splash about and put another ‘shrimp on the BBQ’. However, this month it seems the Sun is bathing in Water Sign Cancer, as this Mutable Sign creates a splash, with this hard-shelled crustacean giving, rather than getting, the grilling!

For as July begins, everyone is expecting a sizzler, but so far it seems to have turned out to be more of a damp squib, when it comes to the weather in the UK at least. As expectations for a summer which should be lots of ‘hot, hot, hot’, may turn out to be more ‘not, not, not’.Why might this be? It might seem that the majority of planets seem to have packed up and gone away for the summer but really it is more complex. As Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all in retrograde this month. However, from the 7th, they are also joined by day to day energies of Mercury which also turns retrograde, with the potential to cause chaos, commotion and calamities.

Mercury in Leo, a sign known for seeking out the full glare of the limelight, is instead wearing shades for ten days, until it rewinds into Cancer from the 19th. And during this stint, remember you will not see things the way you usually do. So, it is best to keep those shades on and take cover, putting off for tomorrow what does not have to be done today! However, in reality, this is not possible, so during this interlude, we need to take time to double-check and clarify words and actions taken and prepare for unforeseen consequences.

As with a break away from the norm it is not unusual to get a stomach upset. Well, you could say the same for a Mercury retrograde occurrence, as during this chapter your gut is normally signalling you to act in a certain way, and it is best to follow this at these times, as logical thinking is skewed. This particularly applies to those individuals who have Leo personal planets and those in the other Fixed Signs of Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, as well as areas governed by the Sign of Leo, until the 19th, when it is the turn of the watery Sign of Cancer and the matters this Sign rules. Thereafter, affecting those with personal Planets here or in the Cardinals of Capricorn, Aries and Libra. Put simply, Leo is associated with the child and childlike activities, whereas Cancer is the mother, nurturing and the home. Of course, this is very simplistic, but these areas will no doubt be affected under this retrograde period.

As the Cancer idea of home is extended to matters concerning our sense of a homeland, domestic situations or professions, as well as those in caring fields, along with the collection of things, whether this be people gathered together, antiquities accumulated or drops of water as the sea’s and Moon’s movements are significant. While, Leo relates to children and activities involving them, pleasurable pursuits, the entertainment industry and holiday sector, as well as those heads of state and those with wealth and power or who have professions where these entities pass through their hands. For those usually with the Midas touch, will find after this transit is over, the saying ‘all that glitters is not gold’ will definitely apply.

So, there may not be gold, but retrograde movements can be priceless, as for this episode, it is rather a ‘short break’ away in an ‘immobile home’ from everyday affairs, but do not forget that this stationary period begins to influence events before it begins and long after it is gone.

For it should be remembered that no-one is fully ‘out of the shadows’ of Mercury retrograde’s hold until Mercury passes the degree at which it first turned retrograde, this not being until mid-August. However, this can be a golden period in a sense, as it is a great time to ruminate and re-think past endeavours, as the old adage goes ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, especially if you need to re-do something. For if you are going back over events, this time it should work.

So, with a plethora of planets in retrograde mode this month, a different way of approaching matters is necessary. This made all the more apparent by Cancer’s sway this month, as like its symbol, the Crab, the sign of Cancer likes to deal with affairs indirectly, taking a side-on position. Therefore, under this period, it may not be easy to see another’s strategy, in terms of where they are coming from or heading to. This evident from the start of the month, as July opens with Mars just getting ready to leave this Sign, as Venus is preparing to enter it. Whilst, meanwhile the Sun finds itself pincer gripped by this Crab until the 22nd, uniting with a retrograde Mercury from the 19th, as well as the Moon’s North Node and a New Moon on the 2nd. Whereas, on the other end of the spectrum, the Capricorn South Node finds itself still co-joining a retrograde Saturn and Pluto, but also a Full Moon on the 16th.

Therefore, with this Cardinal collision, there is a growing swell of people beginning to realise that power is in their own hands, and it is not just an entity purely for the elite to gain from or those seeking fame. So, there is something of a pool party this July, as individuals begin to pool together and unite as one. While, with many planets in reflection this month, we may see two differing modes of expression this July, as some choose Cancer’s starry-eyed escapism from the mundane everyday and life’s restrictive ‘fishbowl’. Whereas conversely, Mars in fiery Leo, could see others more on the ‘inflatable’ scale, as they begin kicking up a fuss. This particularly relating to the younger generation, who may also discover this fiery energy finds an outlet through unexpected infections this month. This not aided by conflicting Uranus in Taurus, causing unexpected eruptions and disruptions, heightened even further by the Sun entering Leo from the 23rd, but smoothed slightly by the presence of harmonious Venus from the 28th.

So, it is said that ‘time and tide wait for no man’, but what about ‘no body’, as this July, the heavenly bodies are turning back time and seem to be turning the tide of opinion!

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