Julian Assange Comments On DNC Scandal, Promises Next Leak Will Ensure Hillary’s Arrest

Written by on July 27, 2016 in Government, Politics with 50 Comments

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By Amanda Froelich | True Activist

In case you missed it, WikiLeaks recently leaked nearly 20,000 emails that were sent by officials of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The emails exposed top officials showing favoritism towards Hillary Clinton’s campaign at the expense of Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary.

In result of the scandal, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, former chair of the DNC, was asked to resign. Just hours after she stepped down, however, Clinton hired the former-party leader to be an honorary chairman of the campaign’s new “50-state” program.

It came as no shock that shortly after the scandal, Julian Assange, who is the founder of WikiLeaks, commented on the DNC’s embarrassing behavior and Clinton’s corrupt campaign.

He told Democracy Now!: 

“I think this instruction by Luis Miranda, the head of communications, to go out and covertly spread anti-Bernie Sanders propaganda is a clear instruction combined with a chain of command. It’s not simply expressing a sentiment. It is expressing an instruction within the DNC to subvert the Bernie Sanders campaign.”

Assange also added that the “close relationship between the DNC and the media” is troubling, and is “something that we’ve all suspect happens, but this is concrete proof of it.”

This isn’t the first time Assange has spoken out again Clinton, or released incriminating information in an attempt to ruin her campaign. In the past, WikiLeaks published 30,322 emails from Clinton’s private email server, spanning from June 30, 2010 to August 12, 2014. Though the information stunned most of the public, the FBI still refused to charge Clinton. You can read more about that here.

Regarding the information to come, he impressed that some of the most significant revelations from the leak have yet to be discovered by journalists:

“I really encourage people to research the more than 8,000 attachments that we put out, separate files, including more than 175 spreadsheets. That has the real core, the financial core, of the power structure and the exercise of monetary influence over the DNC. And that’s something that’s going to seed journalistic investigations for years,” said Assange.

In an interview with ITV, he also relayed that WikiLeaks will soon be sharing documents that will provide “enough evidence” for the Department of Justice to indict the Democratic nominee. Apparently, WikiLeaks has “accumulated a lot of material about Hillary Clinton, which could proceed to an indictment.”

Does he think the Obama administration’s Justice Department will indict the former Secretary of State? Absolutely not. In fact, he told ITV:

“[Attorney General Loretta Lynch] is not going to indict Hillary Clinton. It’s not possible that could happen. But the FBI could push for new concessions from the Clinton government in exchange for its lack of indictment.”

However, if enough damning information is published about the war criminal, her campaign might crumble in on itself.

Julian Assange remains confined to the Ecuadorian Embassy in downtown London where he is promised sanctuary from U.S. authorities but remains dedicated to exposing Hillary Clinton’s shadowed past in order to prevent her from being elected as the next President of the United States.

Only time will tell if the next leak is the tipping point for Clinton’s campaign, or if Assange’s efforts are in vain.

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50 Reader Comments

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  1. Joy Fowler Joy Fowler says:

    No one is above the law. Oh, wait…

  2. Trump as president will be the end of the world. That’s my thoughts. Out of those two, I still wouldn’t trust nuclear weapons to that man.

  3. The former Secretary of State will not be indicted.

  4. bullshit! Why didn’t you do this BEFORE the campaign??? You know damned well they don’t indict each other!!!

  5. Tom Ormsby Tom Ormsby says:

    Too bad that the officials at the DNC thru Bernie under the bus. The circus is now in town.

  6. je ne dire rien .est si je veux dire quelque chose comme vous connais de moi .capable de stabilisé toute le monde cinématiquement .est je suis capable de changés le régime de l énergies .mes julian assange un mouvement de la vérités .

  7. Erik Roman Erik Roman says:

    This is more horse shit coming from the right wing media, more likely Donald Trump, Wil be indicted for his Trump university scam.

  8. What about Julian being arrested? Since when do we trust him with anything.

  9. I keep seeing this. Where is the frickin leak?

  10. She won’t be indicted she has paid everyone this has been her long term plan

  11. He’s about to “commit suicide”

  12. clabbott2011@gmail.com' Cynthia Abbott says:

    I used to respect Julian Asange but now I think he is very onesided in his reporting! Where are Trump’s income tax returns, or reports on how he has screwed all the little people in business who weren’t paid for their services while Trump gained?! Also Trump is a narcissistic sociopath & dangerous for this country. Anything that gives him more power or support is adding fuel to the fires that will ignite the downfall of our great country!

  13. Nothing will ever lead to a Clinton indictment. She has dirt on too many powerful people and the ones that aren’t afraid of blackmail end up dead.

  14. She is the de facto president so she will not be prosecuted no matter how bad it is.

  15. Thank you in behalf of the American people we thank you. Hilary needs to be in prison along sighed Bill Clinton snd all of hers accomplices.

  16. It’s done and dusted… she Will be next potus….The 1℅ has decided so.. that’s that…!!!!!

  17. I love your news thank you.

  18. The word ” however ” means that Killary got away with treason , corruption and she’s running for president .
    Doesn’t this tell you something ?

  19. Rhye Cor Rhye Cor says:

    Being the President of the United States the greatest country on Earth carries a big responsibility. You are like the de facto president of the world. You want a president who is in touch with his humanity. One who does not only care for people who look like him. So far i have not seen any humanity on Donald Trumph. He outwardly insults people who don’t look like him and blames them for all the ills of the country. His track record as a businessman is not something to admire. How much does he pay his workers? How does he conduct his business? He conducts his business by playing the system. He has cheated and bullied his way into success. You may think he is an outsider a solution to the problem but he is not. He is part of the problem. His rhetoric reminds me of Hitler who only has fond things to say about Germans, and look how the German nation treated those who they did not feel were human beings just like them?! They enslave them, abuse them and killed them. I have already pointed out that he is a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic person whose views only appeal to those who have a deep sense of false entitlement. This apart from the fact that he has got zero experience in governance.

    • “greatest country”?! Might I remind you of your fox news at 11? Get real sheeple. Something is wrong with this country, it’s rottening from within.

      Might I remind you how Rome collapsed? :/ Hmm?

  20. Trump is a disgrace, yes.
    Hillary, l assert, is equally as dangerous.
    A vote for either of these two twats is really selling out on humanity.
    One( Trump) is an outrageous wolf!
    The other( Hillary) is a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.
    Be fooled at your own peril!

  21. She needs to have a trial fair but the treasonous bitch should rott in prison anyone else would be

  22. One could only hope this disgraceful bitch gets arrested, and soon

  23. Killary for prison, so she can see how life is on the “inside”.

  24. Tom Ormsby Tom Ormsby says:

    This needs to hit the media from top to bottom. It’s sad.

  25. He is trying to influence an American election out of what may well be revenge/personal pique. This is disturbing, gives Assange way too much power, and could lead to very bad consequences. How can he be willing to cause harm recklessly? Does he have a power complex? I find this action very untrustworthy.

    • Yes, the illusion is so much more comfortable than the truth. If the dems where serious about winning the election they would give Sanders the platform, thats easy, but it seems their only serious about getting Hilary in the White house, Why? Because she is the only one that was paid for, the fact that she’s a liar and possibly criminal seems to be a problem. Her best hope is to keep shouting she’s a woman and hope its enough, it all she says that is true.

    • The unconvenient truth of it.

    • Do you find Hillary to be trustworthy? Don’t let the fact that she is an unindicted criminal get in the way of your opinion.

    • Sorry. I’m sticking with Bernie’s take. I trust him way over anyone who somehow thinks that they know better than he does. And sorry if his view is inconvenient to you.

  26. Hes full of it. If anything had any bearing then he should have released it months ago. The timing is completely suspect. And his general credibility is suspect due to his own history… Seriously

  27. They lost their integrity by not going after evil Nazi Trump!

  28. it is in his best interest to get Donald elected no matter what, and people complain about the DNC issues, he has no business in our business.

  29. Hilbots: “ANYBODY but Trump. You hear me!? ANYBODY!”

    Hilary and the DNC: “Really? Hmmmm…..Well what if we rig the elect-”


    “Hmmm…well what if we fuck you over with trade agreements that make our corporate sponsors happy and then make you pay for it, and ignore you? Can we do that?”

    Hilbots: “Absolutely! Down with Trump! Evil racist fucker!

    Hilary and the DNC: “Riiight…that’s right, fear Trump, not us, we’re against, I mean we’re FOR, calm down I said we’re FOOOR gay marriage and of course we’ll never be racist in front of you…we’ll just enact racist policies that keep minorities down.”

    Hilbots: “Well…that sucks…but at least you’re not TRUMP!”

    DNC: “Well, we’re basically Republicans no-”

    “No TRUMP!”

    Hilary: “I’m taking us to war just as soon as I possibly can…got some weapons manufacturers paying my superpacs MASSIVELY and I do NOT wanna piss them off…y’all understand, right? This is the process…COMPROMISE!”

    Hilbots::” Stop Trump!”

    Hilary and the DNC: “They caught us lying over and over again, but you guys understand right? We had to…this is POLITICS…you can’t play this game and be honest…that’s why we got rid of the honest guy, even though you guys really wanna vote for him…..we cool?”

    Hillbots: Just please don’t make us endure Trump. Please!”

    Hilary: *under breath* “(omg this is too easy, too easy, I’m almost shocked)”
    “Ok boys and girls!” Just always remember to fear Trump ok? When in doubt, fear Trump!”

    Hilbots: “Yaaay Hilary’s gonna save us from Trump! Hail Hilary!”

  30. so he is actually supporting Trump!!!!! He seems to be devoid of discrimination in his actions.

  31. He’s probably right but it will be out in the open and we will all see thru the curtains to the puppet master .We will be on level playing field hopefully they shed light on illegal immoral wars they shed light on money laundering by foundation pay as you play foreign govt intervention numerous things !! Drop them the people aren’t afraid !!!!

  32. No ?..Witch hunt for his own personal agenda…..Side note …isn’t he breaking laws?

  33. I know law enforcement loves to violate the law, who to arrest who doesn’t deserve it and who to not arrest, this way attorney’s value is negotiable. Imagine the person responsible for arresting Hillary chooses not to, when you are cheated out of justice and your gold and silver is taken by liars and sleeze bag attorney, not worth a diaper of shit. When civil forfeiture applies to the Clinton, Bush’s and Obama’s, and jail time, that is the CHANGE I want to see for Hillary. The man who had Seal Team Six murdered endorses Hillary. Do you expect any voted for Obama then was betrayed by him? People flat too stupid to see betrayal then are prejudice against someone who has nothing in politics he has done to deserve, prejudice. Hillary can’t tell you who will win the super bowl or world series, because what she says about the future she makes up, and her followers believe what she makes up. because her stupid hand gestures are the same ones they use, even though they mean nothing.

  34. if she gets arrested, i’ll shave my nuts and roam the streets..fat chance.

  35. It’s quite obvious by now our government has no one and no agency within it to keep it in check.

  36. RobtvIlse@hotmail.com' Elijah Herring says:

    good work Julian and we all thank you..but be careful, people have mysteriously disappeared pissing off the Clintons.. More right wing character assassination in order to get Trump elected. Is there a clandestine reason Julian does go after Trump with the same viscousness.

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