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Jimmy Fallon’s Beautiful Response to the Orlando Shooting That Needs to Go Viral

Posted by on June 15, 2016 in Conscious Living, Inspirational with 32 Comments

By Claire Bernish | ANTIMEDIA

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — “This country was built on an idea that we don’t agree on everything; that we are a tolerant, free nation that encourages debate, free-thinking, believing, or not, in what you choose,” host Jimmy Fallon said of the Orlando mass shooting during the Tonight Show on Monday.

Fallon’s beautifully understated monologue casts off the blanket of vitriolic division that uncomfortably settled into every conceivable angle of discussion following the slaughter of 50 people at Pulse nightclub on Sunday.

“I, as a new father, am thinking, ‘What do I tell my kids? What do I tell them about this? What can we learn from this? What if my kids are gay? What do I tell them?’

“Maybe there’s a lesson from all this,” he implored. “A lesson in tolerance.”

Though Jimmy Fallon couldn’t be more on point, divisive arguments and equally contentious possible alleviations for the issues of hate and terrorism seemed — within hours of the attack — to tear the flimsy remaining patches of our varied cultural patchwork beyond repair.

But his solution is markedly simple:

“We need to support each other’s differences and worry less about our own opinions — get back to debate, and away from believing or supporting the idea that if someone doesn’t live the way you want them to live, you just buy a gun and kill them. Bomb them up. That is not OK.

“We need to get back to being brave enough to accept that we have different opinions, and that’s OK; because that’s what America is built on … the idea that we can stand up and speak our minds and live our lives and not be punished for that — or mocked on the Internet, or killed by someone you don’t know.”

Indeed, the landscape dramatically shifted — likely following 9/11 — and has been pockmarked by rhetorics of fear, paranoia, and division, all bolstered by the perpetually hungry war machine and its burgeoning police state. Though Fallon’s emotional plea certainly oversimplifies in broad strokes the inextricable roots of our division, the message resonates with a back-to-basics approach rustic enough to accomplish a semblance of unity.

“This was just one bad guy here,” Fallon reminds us. “Forty-nine good people and one bad guy — and there will always be more good than evil. When I think of Orlando, I think of nothing but fun and joy and families … if anyone can do it, you can.

“Keep loving each other, keep respecting each other, and keep on dancing.”

Maybe it’s time we do just that.

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32 Reader Comments

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  1.' Steven Morrison says:

    Check out to join the effort to mitigate or prevent mass murders

  2. sending you all love xxx

  3. Mayse Vila Mayse Vila says:

    Mayse Vila Identity is mistakenly based on what you do and where you were born and includes other unspoken labels or boxes such as gender, wealth, looks, politics, sport team, beliefs, religion, race, etc. By the time the “getting to know you” phase is over, wel nave the other person neatly wrapped up in a set of labels which gives us the feeling of “now I know who you are”. And if we were sel-aware in that moment, we might have noticed that as we label others so we are labeling and categorising ourselves.
    Each label then becomes our identity, depending on where we are, who we are with or what we are doing. If we stand back for a moment and reflect on our experience, we might find that none of these labels are truly what we are. The moment we fall into the trap of tinking we are what we do, where we come from or our status in life, we create feelings of insecurity and there is a sense of vulnerability.
    Mike George

  4. la de da …………!

  5. Yesterdays news,been another 95 a day killed in USA since!

  6. Yes, I agree. But at some point we need to know how to come together as a national collective, to make the change we need in our government, economic systems, and social systems. This was a problem in most of the Occupy movements that gathered for economic change. For example,everyone stop the gears of the system by participating in walkouts or shut downs so real reform can be made. Having our voices heard is already a freedom we have and we can’t treat it like that’s more than enough.

    • So, we should all agree to disagree, but somehow agree with your agenda because it is the correct one? Methinks that you missed the point.

    • I get your point, and you are correct to a point. Which corrupt entity would you grind to a hault? Invariably people will disagree on that. For instance, it sounds like you agreed with the occupy movement. I may not. Therefore this national coalition that you speak of solely depends upon people agreeing with you in the end. Period. The problem isn’t this govt program or that. It’s that federal govt is too big, state too small, local is too dependant on both.

    • If we can agree on that, and that states should have power over everything that the constitution doesn’t give express powers for. That would allow true diversity. Instead of everyone having to agree on everything all the time, move to a state with open carry gun laws. Like welfare? Move to those states. Want trans gender bathrooms? Visit those states. There will be states that you like, and some you probably wouldn’t want to visit. That is ok. That is tolerance. Everyone’s different, let’s not focus on that is jimmies point. There is no “but” that should accompany such a statement. Just let that sink in. Actually not caring whether someone’s gay, conservative, transgender, for/against whatever, etc. If you like that person, cool. If you dont that’s cool too. Today is the most self imposed, socially segregated peoples. Living, walking, talking, labels. So yeah, guess what, people will associate characteristics to those labels. They will assume things about you, and not care WHO you are. That, was his point.

  7. Fallon u sold out yrs ago ” ?

  8. I do and have shared!

  9. Akhta Nawas Akhta Nawas says:

    Sad to hear so much loss of life. Are we in the UK hearing different news. E.g. the killer could not have been a practicing Muslim as he’s regularly clubbing and getting drunk. If he was a Muslim during Ramadan he would be praying, or preparing for the fast.

    He was on the FBI watch list and purchased 2 guns.

    He took on 2 big guns to a club and the bouncers didn’t stop him.

    • false flag…. more us bullshit… all an agenda… he wasn’t suppose to die… things went south….

    • How can you not be a Muslim when you declare you’re a Muslim it’s not our judgement on what he is or isn’t that’s up to Allah right? Practicing or non practising he will always be a Muslim first thanks to the Koran

    • Akhta Nawas Akhta Nawas says:

      Many people claim to be Muslim, however don’t act and don’t abide by the rules. E.g. 5 pillars of Islam. You must pray, give charity ( 2.5% if currant wealth), fasting in the month of Ramadan, accepting there is only 1 God, and pilgrimage to Haj to the building created by Abraham(peace be upon him).

      Not praying, not fasting, being gay – Clearly the guy if not Muslim.

  10. This is terrorism. Are we supposed to accept that as a “different” opinion?

  11. The truth must be known to honor those deceased individuals.
    The Orlando shooting was a False flag. He had help from inside. Someone was guarding the door, he was not a lone gunman.
    He was apart of the merc group G4S, which has close ties to MI5 and the CIA.
    There’s a lack of cell phone footage, crisis actors, and make-up changes for the media.
    And the timing is perfect for the elite, as we all were reminded of a great American hero being a Muslim when Muhammad Ali died. They had to change that real fast to keep their unjustified wars going.

  12. Gary Zeitlin Gary Zeitlin says:

    Words to live by, Mr. Fallon… certainly. Gary Zeitlin

  13. Rose Tackett Rose Tackett says:

    yea right,people are threatend everyday by what they say,and believe.The’re is no freedom of speech anymore!

  14. Kevin Gunn Kevin Gunn says:

    Another entertainer, aka class clown. Totally ignorant with opinions based on nothing. Keep glorifying people that are no wiser than the guys the played Gilligan and the Skipper. People these are TV and movie personalities, not smart leaders. Get a grip…Jimmy the crack head Fallon…really

    • What exactly do you disagree with?

    • Kevin Gunn Kevin Gunn says:

      I disagree with the idea that uneducated, dumb ass hicks, like you, watch a talk show, class clown and think that is intelligent commentary. Not many people listened to captain kangaroo, or Johnny Carson, or any of the late night BS talk show comedians…but apparently you think instead of reading just listen to Jimmy Fallon, or Jay Leno, or Steven Colbert…and that is what you based you “informed decision upon?” Really? Just your question demonstrates you lack of education, or reading comprehension. Go get some remedial classes

  15. Phil Brackel Phil Brackel says:

    These ra ra political speeches disgust me. America was not built on freedom and diversity. It is not our strength. America was built on genocide (12-18 million native Indians murdered), black people bought, bred and sold for labor like cattle, alternative religious people burned as witches, women not allowed to vote/work until the early 1900’s and still not equally paid, long history of LGBT abuse. We are changing as a society but it is hardly our strength! We have a long way to go…Amen

  16. Selena Sapp Selena Sapp says:

    Who cares what celebrities think or say. They just repeat the same old tired crap for their own selfish reasons. It is Not possible for people to live in peace with one another.

  17. Kim Rice Kim Rice says:

    Please tell that to racist, hate-mongering Donald Trump.

  18.' jeff says:

    That commentary resonates loud and I hope it continues to resonate exponentially.

  19.' AliceinW says:

    This is not about average people attacking one another. We must all come to the awareness that people all over the world have been and are being manipulated by politicians and those that fund them. The only thing we can do is turn away from those that are involved in the manipulation. Our collective consciousness to want only what is of the highest good will wipe out anything that is not of the highest good. A good start is to turn away from MSM.

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