International Truth Bombs Are Being Dropped – Exposing Mainstream Media Lies

Posted by on November 11, 2016 in Corporate Controlled Media with 62 Comments


Putin, Trump, even Congressman are getting into the truth game. And once an arsenal of truth bombs is dropped, it's game over for the mockingbird mainstream media, the pentagon and US State Department. With every passing day the highly compensated mockingbirds at CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC News, the New York Times and the like, are being exposed for what they are: KNOWN LIARS.


CBS News Journalist Exposes How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Public (Video)

4 Examples of Mainstream Media Fabricating News to Push for War

RT Shames Mainstream News With Mindblowing Report on the Paris Terrorist Attacks

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62 Reader Comments

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  1.' Joshuahn Jackstonburg says:

    The so-called ‘information war’ is won ~

  2.' Soon Yum Wong says:

    The MSM will be known in history as the tool of all that is evil.

  3.' Dylan Shockey says:

    John Shockey

  4.' Dylan Shockey says:

    Keep spreading the truth. Evil will not continue to win! This is karma and these idiots that know nothing of the balance of life or love will all FALL. They only know hatred, fear, and greed. I pity them.

    •' Joshuahn Jackstonburg says:

      Well put – and their sick lust is already consuming itself ~

    •' Dylan Shockey says:

      Thank you for agreeing my friend. I am filled with hope to see people waking up 🙂 and finally people with major pull and attention speaking out.

    •' Carmen Petties says:

      please don’t pity people who know what they are doing and doing it on purpose that’s why they keep don it

      •' Kat L. says:

        We pity them, at least I do because they are the perfect example of what can happen to a person when they stray from what is truth, from what is good and right for all people and not just a few greedy archons. This is what happens when any being strays from truth. It’s sad to see and for that we pity.

    •' Dylan Shockey says:

      I only pity them because of the hate and darkness in their hearts. They could not be further from love.

    •' Alden Jose Abrian says:

      Putin for president in U.S

  5.' Jacobo Kamar A. says:

    Turkey is funding terrorism! Stop turkey

  6.' Bob Wert says:

    Yes this pathologically repressive PC, half lies, partisan reporting and protectionism will catch up to them, and we the people, unfortunately in the end.

    Just look at ISIS growth, Russia’s expansion, democrat sponsored open southern border, and radicalized terrorist couple in US, etc., just to protect a failed Obama and Hilliary Clinton foreign policy.

    They could be the ‘death of us.’

  7.' Mark Mitchell says:


  8.' Kim Kantor says:

    Ryan Kantor

  9.' Mona Kandeler says:

    Any thing for ratings! Extreme coverage of terror and almost nothing about COP 21.

  10.' Patrick Sommer says:

    There’s propaganda on all sides here, people. Choosing one is like choosing between shit and bullshit.

    The real threat is fear and greed and the fight for more. As long as the world is dependent on oil and greedy for wealth, nothing will change, whoever speaks ‘the truth’. As long as people keep pointing fingers, it will result in guns fired.

    If you want real change, shift your focus to alternative, constructive solutions. Research in free energy, transnational networks cooperating for an even distribution of resources, be they material or intellectual.

    But as long as we keep looking for ‘bad guys’ and someone to blame, whatever ‘side’ they’re on, we just fuel the fire of eternal struggle among mankind.

  11. Anonymous says:

    lost me in the first few seconds with praise god

  12.' Fred A Sacco says:

    Next thing you’ll tell us there’s no easter bunny or Santa claus.

  13.' Joan Cuylaerts says:


  14.' Bill Allen says:

    More propoganda. Nobody just reports facts anymore, because, I guess, we are all too stupid to form our own opinions…

  15.' Andrew McLaren says:

    Dan Valter Luke Cooksley?

  16.' Susie Urbanski says:

    Well that about names all stations for news I know about lol where is this good news no lies reporting activity happening? share the knowledge

  17.' Craig William Fels says:

    Sorry what? Trump getting into the truth game? Please stop making shit up. Trump is a rotten to the core liar and he is pure evil. Just like Hitler. He is the 21st Century Hitler

    •' Jeremiah Jennings says:

      Excellent example of showing how the mainstream media uses rhetoric to try to push an agenda. The only thing you are missing here is the spiel about how great the Democrats are, but I’m sure that’ll be forthcoming. Great job! I couldn’t have jumped on the msm bandwagon better if I had tried.

    •' Craig William Fels says:

      So Trump being dubbed a modern day ‘Hitler’ is the mainstream media? Lol you idiot. I came to that conclusion by seeing what he says on TV and his politics. It is things he has done and said and it is on film on LIVE TV. So it is not the media pushing an agenda. But rather evidence ight in front of us all that people like you are to blind to see.

  18.' Rober Vega says:

    The truth will rise, it always does and will always do (Y)

  19.' Paul Isaac says:

    Ari Eisenstein

  20.' Lovely Maria Eva says:

    I knew but better im silent

  21.' Evolving Existence says:


  22.' Jason Sanders says:

    Deliberate lies to the mass population should be a crime punishable by imprisonment.

  23.' Jennifer Banyan says:

    This doesn’t belong on “conscious life news”.

    • clnKimberlay says:

      Why not Jennifer? This IS giving the deluded world the opportunity to get Truth about the lies they have been believing. Getting TRUTH opens the heart and mind to increasing Consciousness.

  24.' Sean Lissner says:

    How do you expose “known” liars? Heh

  25.' Barbara Furno says:

    Wait, they are all nothing but lying sons of bitches? Im shocked! Shocked, i I tell you. Shocked.

  26.' Scott Collett says:

    CNN is garbage, all they do is lie,. And what fucks me up the most, is they will go out of they way to destroy a white man.

  27.' Stewart Sorensen says:

    We need free sustainable energy in abundance ASAP, that way at least a large part of the intent to conquer nations for their resources will go away, thus Nations buying Oil and Coal can start to put their focus somewhere else. I know it´s not going to solve it all and remove all Assholes in the world, but it will surely change part of the current longtime un balance. Remove the main income source and those wolrd destroying fools will not have so much to offer anymore.

  28.' Elizabeth Luna says:

    Let’s make hemp legal and rid ourselves of oil. #venusproject Sign

  29.' John T Johnson says:

    They don’t want to inform the public.’that was a good show tonight, did I look good’what do the ratings look like;(

  30.' Mark Delaney says:

    We love our cheeseburgers more than we love human life. Q: Why doesn’t ISIS attack Israel? Ask the man in the photo ….

    •' Noel Levin says:

      Exactly how would Isis attack Israel, Einstein? Oh yes, blame the Jews. Stupid people looking for simple answers always do.

    •' Violet Chauncy says:

      If Isis is real why boots on the ground after the bombs and drones targeted jihadi john. And why boots on the ground when all refugees from Syria apparently trying to get into Europe. The pope can go any war torn country he wants but that’s none of my business.

    •' Mark Delaney says:

      Oil. It would appear that two NATO members are purchasing oil on the black market 🙂

  31.' Veronica Anne says:

    We shall see

  32.' Dawn Renee Trotter says:

    I don’t trust 1 politician out there at this point. They’re all a bunch of liars. Why now ??? They know truth is being exposed by non politicians so they are using the truth as a way to win political gain. Bye ! I’m removing you.

  33.' Becky Shep says:

    Let the truth set Us FREEE

  34.' Rosa Pamela Rosa says:

    I’m not sure why we even still call it mainstream media, because it is so totally obvious, when every station spews the same phrase all over this nation, that is is actually state run media.

  35.' Tom Gerencir says:

    Libral media is Lies

  36.' Frank Green says:

    Nothing new with this – the purpose of newspapers, radio or TV is to sell copy or space or time slots; they are not there to tell you the truth.

  37.' Judy Jones says:

    there is no reporters anymore only parrots,

  38.' Michael Fichtl says:

    This guy butler is a twin loving scum bucket toe the line impostor for a human being

  39.' David Grogan says:

    Lol no living politician tells or spreads truth., especially Trump or Putin and definitely not congress. If you believe that then I got Ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.

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