Are you an Indigo? 11 Traits of Indigo Children

Written by on November 25, 2014 in Conscious Evolution, Conscious Living with 9 Comments

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“Indigo children” is the name given to the new type of human being born in this generation. Displaying amazing feats of intuition and intelligence beyond their years, these indigos have started to become a much more common concept within the spiritual community.

This is a list developed by play therapist Jan Yordy, a former elementary school teacher and child counselor who has been working with parents and children for 25 years.

As we go over the list, see if you resonate with any of these traits:

1. May be strong willed independent thinkers who prefer to do their own thing rather than comply with authority figures/parents

2. Have a wisdom and level of caring beyond their youthful experience

3. Traditional Parenting and discipline strategies don’t appear effective with these children. If you try to force an issue, a power struggle is the typical outcome.

4. Energeticly, Indigos are vibrating at a much higher frequencey so they can get scrambled by negative energy (human or machine)

5. Emotionally they can be reactive and may have problems with anxieties, depression or temper rages if not energetically balanced.

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9 Reader Comments

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  1.' SGHB says:

    Hello my name is Shaun Gregory Hunter-Barrett. I have been researching specific spiritual theories and what have become realities for awhile, prior to the start of my readings, this knowledge of things i have found out seem to have been somewhat already inbedded in me ,for the things i have learned seemed as if i already knew and was reminded or only explained when studied. I am trying to learn who i am , what i am , and why my perspective on life has always been what i have recently learned. i know i have not lost my mind. And i have not lost touch with reality . Answers are what i seek.

    •' Princeofpeace says:

      What about a son of all given the light of the celistal father sons inner soul. Releasing our future to amazing facts. Letting our lights inside shine brighter than bright?

  2.' Someone who cares says:

    Hi Shaun, in love and light it is my pleasure to try to start your journey with just a small amount of guidance. I imagine you feel a great empathy for others without really understanding why? I know I use to go through life wishing I could be like others and think during a conversation, ooh that’s…whatever, here’s some silly advice and move on. For me I engaged with people and really listened and felt genuine concern for them, I’d go home thinking how can I help that person. Well the truth is its a very exhausting gift you have been blessed with, to try to narrow down your purpose or where to start I suggest the following:
    Whenever is the best time for you light a white candle, wear white clothes and find a quiet peaceful place. Now the following questions seem simple but the true meaning may take some time to begin your journey.
    Off the track I find it hard to teach this myself you will forever be evolving so I don’t wish to call myself an expext but I have had more than enough experiences to know my life’s purpose which non believers shall we call them will always want to talk about this kind of thing but we are growing in numbers and later I can explain why.
    So back to a little exercise
    When you say reminded….we actually call that re-membering which has we grow older society tends to make us forget.
    Another key word we use is dis-ease which if your path leads in a certain direction you will understand greater that disease as society knows it comes from a part of us that is at a dis-ease from our true self.
    Ok so always use gratitude when meditating and don’t push for answers, you will know them when you get them as they usually come into mind as a simple sentence….not a voice or some kooky thing, just a simple sentence then you’ll see a few pieces of your questions fall into place to give you guidance. To me these aha moments are super cool. Long answer sorry hang in there
    So first ask for white light of Christ to protect you and build up in energy and focus, use statements of I AM cleansed by the light of Christ and I am cleansed by the fire of God.
    2nd: if you are familiar with the cast of pebbles work out what disharmony surrounds you, be very specific in your questions, like where is my current disharmony coming from (insert your issue one at a time). Don’t move on until answer received. As this may be the first time you are really searching for your answer it may take several meditations. Don’t get frustrated allow a certain amount of time for each day. And pray for understanding. Ask for God’s will …..not your way.
    Alternate to that meditation the other I started out with was
    “What is it that comes really easily to me?”
    Using the same set mediation as the first maybe change your questioning daily between the two and keep a simple journal. Some thoughts that come to mind, people, animals, plants, none of it has to make immediate sense. I also found reading the New Testament and I’m not a bible basher I was told by an experienced like minded person to do this at the beginning of my journey but he requested I read Isaiah Spirit of Wisdom. Along with my birthdate broken down specific chapters really reasonated with me.

    It’s a big topic and finding your call if you are truly looking will come to you very easily if you are one of us. For me I have always known my true purpose since about 17 but chose not to follow it and went about my way living in society as a regular person using it selfishly when I needed it to heal myself or innately fix my own problems. It’s when I was called to duty for others that wow I freaked out a bit and found one of my callings really draining yet equally rewarding. Well I think I’ll stop there cause I’ve gone on long enough but I hope it is some help. Happy to be there if any of this connects with you cause what you will find is your probably gifted at everything and get bored pretty easy and may seem whimsical to others, that’s there problem my friend and your GIFT. To give better guidance, I’d need to understand in more detail more about the last two sentences which I totally get but need more info so as to not make it more cra cra for you during this time.

    •' Kim Hartley says:

      Wow, great reply. Do you have a facebook page or webpage… we are growing in numbers and I see more and more babies and children each week that are Starchildren. It’s breathtaking .. the speed it’s moving ahead..

  3.' Bill says:

    After discovering this article, I started to make sense of myself and felt more at ease about my outlook. I would like to become more confident about this situation. Similarities between me and what I have just learned from this article are astounding, leaving me in awe.

  4.' Loni Gunn says:

    I’ve been told that I’m a healer that is out of control, I think I could possibly be an indigo child. I was always a misfit with my family. I didn’t realise their were people like me until I became a makeup artist. I started a new journey in life when I decided to start my own improv theatre company, which though can be at times stressful but very rewarding. I also started working with special needs children like myself, emotionaly disturbed, psd, bipolar, add, and autistic or in other words “empaths/sensitive spirits.” I have a hard time keeping myself in check because with all of my jobs/ hobby’s I give 110% which is exausting.. I also have a sensitive and overly kind and wonderful boyfriend, which is a first for me.. For awhile I felt like the asshole in the relationship because I’ve aloud myself to be broken so many times in life (runs in my blood ) I would like to learn clairvoince and to control my over giving nature so it doesn’t leave me bent and broken. I was raised a Christian but I don’t consider myself religious, I hate titles and close minded thinking. I sometimes believe in everything, and sometimes nothing… I can feel when I’m on the right path because I’m overly intutive, but I also have issues with trust now so my fears sometimes cloud my judgement. Okay, that was enough for now. Thank you in advance for listening.

  5.' Kat says:

    I’m a 71 yr young female who always preferred the company of some animals to some of the people I’ve met. Do not like or care for organized religion but have always felt very spiritual. Many things have happened in my life that I knew before hand would come to pass. I’ve had 2 very strange encounters in my life. I have an incredible memorg, even the wallpaper in our house when I was barely one yd. We moved from there when I was 1 g half. I always wondered why older siblings & parents didn’t realize it see ing certain things or situations that I understood perfectly. My bad habits have been that I get very fed up with stupidity but in my older years I’ve been re sliding I must be more understanding. I’ve always gone my own way regardless of warnings from others & mostly it has turned out fine.. At my age, I still feel I have important things left to do.

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