How to Read Your Horoscope

Whether you get your horoscope month after month or you prefer to read free daily horoscopes from your favorite newspaper or website, there is much, much more that these astrological insights can offer.

Your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes can provide you with deep insights about your personality and guidance with the challenges you face. That is about knowing how to read your horoscope.

Reading your horoscope is not just skimming at the surface level what you see in your daily or monthly horoscope in a newspaper, website, or app. This is about how can you get more out of an astrological reading.

Understanding your monthly horoscope by learning astrology’s history

Whatever your zodiac sign may be, or whether you prefer reading daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes, you can gain better results from astrology by having some form of understanding of its history and development.

Although different civilizations contributed greatly to the development of astrology as people recognize it now, the contributions of the Ancient Egyptians are vital to the understanding of this art and science.

The Egyptians are credited for distilling the influences of various civilizations and cultures into what most people now call modern astrology.

Initially, the Egyptians developed their own version of astrology to track time, especially after sunset.

Decans became what will eventually be known to modern people as the ascendant or rising sign. In modern astrology, a person’s rising sign refers to the zodiac sign rising on the eastern horizon at the exact time of birth.

The term horoscope is derived from the term horoskopos, which translates to hour marker. For the Egyptians, the ascendant is significant because it marks an important milestone in a person’s life – the first breath.

How daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes are written

Wondering how astrologers come out with their astrological forecasts? How do astrologers know which things to highlight for a daily or monthly horoscope?

First, you need to understand that astrologers follow key guidelines when making an astrological forecast.

Second, each astrologer has his or her unique take on the subject matter.

Other astrologers use lunar nodes while some may use asteroids.

Key differences between daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes

Daily horoscopes

Daily horoscopes are typically written using the movements of the moon. Depending on the astrologer, they will highlight the movements that they believe to be most useful for each zodiac sign.

Weekly horoscopes

On the other hand, weekly horoscopes take into account the movements of the sun, moon, and planets. This is why weekly horoscopes tend to be more exhaustive compared to daily astrological forecasts.

Furthermore, weekly horoscopes can help you plan ahead by highlighting good and bad days for different facets of your life, including your relationships and career. With that knowledge transmitted to you, you can make informed decisions for the week ahead.

Monthly horoscopes

Astrologers will look at the same as a weekly horoscope and perhaps even more such as asteroids, moon phases, etc.

What is more important for each zodiac sign: sun, moon, or rising?

If you have read a fair amount of astrological reports, you have probably encountered the terms sun, moon, and ascendant or rising signs.

What do these terms mean, and how do you factor each when reading your monthly horoscopes?

Your sun sign

When people talk about astrology and the zodiac signs, they are most likely referring to the sun signs.

The sun sign is determined by the position of the sun when a person is born. More importantly, your sun sign gives you a picture of your personality traits. Some astrologers even say that your sun sign symbolizes your ego.

Your moon sign

If your sun sign symbolizes your ego, your moon sign gives a picture of your emotions.

Your moon sign can also offer a glimpse of how you deal with people and challenges.

And because the moon is typically associated with darkness, your moon sign symbolizes your deeper self that most people do not often see.

Your rising or ascendant sign

If the sun sign represents your ego, and your moon sign represents your hidden self, your rising or ascendant sign is all about what you choose to reveal to the world.

On the surface level, your rising sign influences your looks and fashion choices. But when you look deeply, your ascendant sign also dictates how you relate to the people around you.

Putting it all together

Most likely, you are familiar with your sun sign. But if you want to get a more detailed, well-rounded reading of an astrological forecast, you also need to read the forecast for your moon and ascendant signs.

To know your moon and rising signs, you can reach out to a professional astrologer or go to astrology websites. You also need to know your birth date, time, and location.

Once you know all of your planetary signs, you can read your horoscope for each of these.