How to Pick Safe Antivirus Software for Your PC

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Want to know to choose the best product for your working station with a variety of brands and options, and stay on the top of the game? Read our article.

The day has come, and you go on the Internet and research how to pick up the best antivirus solution. Let’s say; you want to change the brand because the noname one you have used was messing up with your computer performance, or it constantly fails to save you from viruses. What do you put out on the search box?

Is Malwarebytes safe to use? Is Avast better than Avira? How about AVG vs Avast? Is my data safe with Kaspersky?

We will try to help you with this tough choice of seeking for the best option out there. We will look at key aspects you should pay attention to when choosing the antivirus program for your computer.

Top 5 Criteria You Should Check


Reliability may signify the accuracy and performance of the antivirus. Many independent labs test the software performance regarding its impact on the system and overall compatibility with the OS. You should pay attention to scores and overall software performance and compare these scores for a better understanding of it.

Good antivirus software should not interfere with other programs or show signs of malfunction. Sometimes it is not obvious that the program is running slow, but you will see how it affects other operations on your computer. It may lead not only to infections and other unwanted outcomes but hardware damage.

At the same time, before purchase or installation, you should ensure that your OS is suitable with the software, you get the latest updated version, and you follow all the steps of the installation process.


Usability includes the program interface, ease of use, and overall user experience when launching the program. Safe and appropriate software doesn’t require any additional knowledge if it doesn’t concern a specific target audience. If you feel uneasy when dealing with a home screen, it means that it will be hard for you to use this product on a daily basis.

The interface of the software should be clean and easy to understand (both in terms of design and written parts). It should provide access to all relevant settings, and you should be able to customize it according to your demands. You should never sacrifice your comfort and time when dealing with such things as antivirus.

Protection Quality

The main goal of antivirus software is to recognize, block, and get rid of viruses, worms, spyware, and other malware that threatens your data integrity and computer safety. The antivirus software should protect your harddrive, USB drivers, and other components of your computer. The real-time protection is a must have a feature that will run silently on the background and notify you if there is a threat.

The good antivirus should provide you with all the necessary features that cover both internet browsing, content management, network protection, and other aspects. There is no middle ground for top-notch protection. You can always consult with professional reviews and independent lab tests to verify whether or not the specific brand manages to keep one hundred percent security with no false positives.

At the same time, it is best when the software developers implement the behavior shields, the technology that allows predicting the upcoming attack or malware. Therefore, the best solution is the one that doesn’t let malware and hackers even come close to you.Trustworthiness

We all understand that it is not the smartest choice to download the noname brand that just popped out first during your search. Maybe, low-quality products are the reason why you are looking for another solution for your computer. However, you should trust only those brands that secured their reputation and proved to be high-quality products.

Of course, some brands will be off your budget; some of them will be trustworthy but still not covering all your needs. Or you might feel uneasy because of the scandals that surrounded the brand’s name in the past. There are plenty of options for choosing from, and don’t worry if this quest takes some time.

You should rely on your feeling of safety, and you will pick up the best software out there.

Availability for Several Devices

Cybercriminals don’t crave only on your computer nowadays. Moreover, most of the information is stored on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, which gives hackers a possibility to choose what device they will target. It is not as convenient as it may seem to protect only your computer or think that data on your smartphone is safe because you keep an eye on it.

Most brands provide their users with the possibility to connect several devices and track them from the computer desktop. You also may secure your family members’ devices and ensure their safety online and offline experience. Note, this criterion is equally important as those beforementioned.

To Sum Up

Keep calm, do your research, and follow the criteria important for finding the best antivirus software.