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How the Establishment Elite Are Rigging the Presidential Election (Great Video!)

Posted by on February 11, 2016 in Corporate Controlled Media, Media & Arts with 62 Comments

Video Source: WeAreChange

In this video Luke Rudkowski documents how the mainstream media and establishment are manipulating you and rigging the 2016 Presidential election. We go over just some of the media manipulation from Tuesday's New Hampshire primary and how many media organizations and social media platforms are capitulating to power.

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62 Reader Comments

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  1.' Corozanu V Ionel says:


  2.' Tyler Carter says:

    They don’t need to manipulate anybody the next president has already been decided, if voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it.

  3.' Marilyn Lozano says:

    If the media weren’t as powerful in decisions making, they (politicians) wouldn’t need to rise so much money to show their faces on it. Publishing their resume, accomplishments, and recommendation letters, with maybe couple of ideas and plans’ debates, would be good enough. But no, they pay the media to get dramatic expossure, so we get convinced they are leaders. The more they pay, the the more we have to deal with the non stop media franzie over nothing. Is anything new here?

  4.' Hugh L. Callens says:

    Nothing compares to the rigged election of 2000.

  5.' Sunday Love Peace Joy says:

    Andrew D. Basiago for President!!!!

  6.' Brenda Nusbaum says:

    it’s a game that is not worth the energy participating in. “You can’t fix a problem with the same mind that created it”.

  7.' Denise Baker says:

    When money buys votes, or denies them, it is no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy.

  8.' Cheryl Perryer says:

    Not much of a choice really looking at the candidates … I don’t envy the US at all. Thankfully I am Australian … I know we change PM’s as often as we change our mind, maybe one day we will get that right too …

  9.' Sherrie Edmonds says:

    Everything to do with politics is rigged i mean really im beyond disgusted with this presidential election & im extremely worried about our America?

  10.' Paul Lawrence says:

    Cheryl Perryer, do some research on Bernie Sanders. I think you may change your statement, ‘not much of a choice’. Bernie has got it goin’ on Cheryl( & I don’t mean hype, I mean substance & integrity).

  11.' Paul Massey says:

    It’s always been rigged

  12.' Teta Michelle says:

    Tara Smarr Maggie Culver

  13.' Brenda Perkins- Clay- Navarro says:

    I’m a strong believer that our votes don’t really count. I think voting is only to appease the people. (My opion).

  14.' Margaret Creech says:

    Yeah they’re someone rigging something when it comes to politics.

  15.' Betty Murphy Tashjian says:

    No I don’t think they are fair . In fact I think they are rigged in FAvor of the candidate that the powerful want to manage once they win

  16.' Barrett Rashad says:

    It’s clearly a all a clever puppet show

  17.' Angela McClure-Chance says:

    Elites should get a taste of their own medicine

  18.' Serge Steban says:

    it has before why wouldn’t it?? if you watch freedom to fascism it explains how electronic voting is rigged and how in court it was proven to have a program for it, so yes I believe since 2nd Bush it has been.

  19.' Dallan Brindley says:


  20.' Susan Popovich says:

    Mainstream media may be in for a surprise this election.

  21.' Karen Keesecker says:


  22.' Laura Hill-Adkins says:

    They are rigged… A quote from my grandma “You have the right to vote. The end!” Popular vote means nothing!!!

  23.' George Silvaney says:

    Of course it is. The only reason we’re allowed to vote, is because our choices have been made for us already.

  24.' Angela Mumford says:

    Even if it isn’t rigged, the person elected will have to conform to what the elite decide…

  25.' Deb De Vito says:

    Not rigged just stacked with Aholes ..

  26.' Stylian Senar says:

    Bernie’s against Palestine and in favor of Israel. That says it all.

  27.' Brett Sparaco says:

    So much for “We the people”

  28.' Steve Elder says:

    Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the pope catholic? Does a snake crawl close to the ground?

  29.' Bryant Graves says:

    I definitely believe it is rigged and that the selection has been made long ago. I feel that they put someone in like Trump so when another is selected, the majority will feel as if it was a win and that it was a good outcome, yet the same decisions will be made regardless of who is elected. Just my opinion.

  30.' Brian Finkbone says:

    New Hampshire “your vote counts”
    Bernie won,
    Wait your vote didn’t count cause of “super delegates”
    It was a tie even though Bernie had 59% of the votes compared to Hilary’s 38%

  31.' David Vos says:

    Most concieved bodies of government succeed in governing up to the point that they are exploited. Democracy and capitalism are no exception to any other concievable form of government except that their sustainabilty varies. Our republic is almost exactly based off of the old roman repulic that preceded imperial rome. That democracy was exploited in the same way that ours is, through sensationalism and automous struggles for power that ultimately lead to the leaders of the state being completely inept when it came to actual governing. It became a completely differant game entirely: a game of ceasing wealth, power and monopolies born of a cut throat economical system. This in turn destroyed capitalism. The distribution of wealth became so uneven that the middle class almost disappeared entirely. Legislation would always be in favor of the wealthy. The roman republic would eventually fall as “imperializing” it was the only way to ensure the survival of the state. Sound familiar? Julius ceasar actually seized wealth and land directly from people that were too rich and distributed it evenly while he became the first emporer. His assassination, later demonstrated how blindly people worshipped their crumbling government system, not through trial, but a roman, exceptionalist faith that was betowed within them by fear of what else they did not undertand as a product of their environment. However, the roman empire would come to be. Post civil war, in the 1800s, many americans were actually socialist in fear of what a “cut throat” economical system does to financial equality in a system in which we elect representatives to legislate for us when they are free to act upon aspirations that contradict what is necassarily better for the people as opposed to themselves.

  32.' Raymond Massey says:

    All elections rigged.

  33.' Gary Mcdougal says:

    We need to put back the “WE” back into “WE THE PEOPLE” the corrupt bankers and politicians need to be thrown in prison, then we need to set term limits on congress and eliminate all the big donations and campaign funding. That would be a start!

  34.' Carol Cinader Farmer says:

    Since the Electoral College chooses the President, it can’t be fair. One person, one vote is fair. I can’t believe we have gone along with it this long.

  35.' Stephen Gorak says:

    Id be more intrested in what kind of press orders other candidates are giving&getting.theres no news here.everybody knows media outlets r owned by the kocks&the likes.its only as rigged as we allow it.looks like all of us r going to have to get off our couch patatoe chip eating asses&actually foot it down somewhere to vote at every turn,”the fix is in at caucuses”lets get down there&change the outcome.all this media saying,”forget about,its rigged” is only put out to deture people from participateing.if it was truly rigged we wouldnt be reading articles like this.

  36.' Terry Henderson says:

    Absolutely rigged!

  37.' William Payne says:

    Like this is new??

  38.' Danielle Marie says:

    Jon Belfontaine

  39.' Diane Elizabeth Allen Raper says:

    Of course

  40.' William Payne says:

    Even when some real and popular person does get in they proceed to ridicule and character assassinate and some times assassinate them.
    Then they rig markets and interest rates to make them look bad.

    Someday Americans will have to fix this.

  41.' William Glen Emerson says:

    Of course they are. Who do you think told Bill Clinton he was going to become President before he ever even thought of running ? How did a man like George Bush, who was an alcoholic and failed at everything in his life, become President ?

  42.' Jo OReilly says:

    I think it is a silly system that waste so much time & money which could be put to better use.

  43.' Melinda Will says:

    Simple and plain, NO!!! That shit is rigged

  44.' John Wayne says:

    EAT NOT of the Tree of Knowledge, for the Best Slave is the SIMPLE MINDED SUPERSTITIOUS CHRISTIAN FOOL. Religion, its a PSYOPS.

  45.' Shekina Blue says:

    Absolutely and it’s up to the people to say enough is enough though we are talking about America here’s hoping that they finally wake up and say NO to the Elite

  46.' Jessi Welch says:

    This video was useless. It was just a Clinton smear. If you are going to do reporting on media control, be unbiased and neutral and or you have no credibility, just an agenda.

  47.' Janet Edminston-Moore says:

    So what’s new?

  48.' Brian Rindfleisch says:

    Silly question, of course its rigged. The media determines who gets elected by either reporting the accurate or inaccurate information related to political position of the media owner. The media spins what they want, good or bad , on the candidates they love or despise.

  49.' Jimmy Armstrong says:

    The powers to be don’t allow a leader to be voted in just by ‘chance’ from the people. It throws a spanner into there works. George Bush Jr was probably the greatest example of this..

  50.' Dave Berlinger says:

    2 democratic primaries – 2 controversies

  51.' Daniella Phoenix says:


  52.' Mmrao Mamidipelli says:

    I don’t think so,this time % of voting will improve by leaps and BOUNDS,among youngsters in particular,like abig movement.

  53.' Mahmoud Melhem says:

    That’s very easy for those filthy candidates to fool the american people ….. as simple as it is

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