How Exactly Do Things Manifest??? THIS IS HUGE! Abraham Hicks

Source: Inspired Mind

In this awesome video, Abraham-Hicks describes in detail the process of manifestation (creating your reality).

Transcript Below (Abraham-Hicks):

So, how is it the things do manifest? How do you (because it is you doing it – it’s not anybody else doing it), how do you turn your thoughts to things? How do you turn the vibration that you have launched? How do you turn it into a manifestation? How does it become actual? How do you see it, and hear it, and smell it, and taste it, and touch it? What makes it real?

Most people never even think about that. They just look around the world at the things that are already real: this what they consider to be a finite pile of whatever good stuff they want. And then they just squabble over it.

But you are creators. You have come to create your own pile, not to try to find someone else’s and get them to give it to you. They don’t want to do that.

So if you can think just a little bit, we know it’s an odd thing to consider, but how do vibrations turn into reality? How does the manifestation occur? Jerry was going to and we are now with him writing a book, called “Turning Thoughts To Things.” Because it is all about: you’ve launched the vibration. You’ve been listening to us for awhile? So, the creative process is what?

Step one is ask. And asked comes out of the contrast that you’re living. So you ask and launch these rockets of desire.

Step two is source answers that rocket of desire:

  • becomes the vibrational equivalent of it
  • is the vibrational equivalent of it
  • offers a vibration of it
  • stands as the accomplishment, the achievement, the fulfillment of what you’ve asked for

Your inner being stands there as the fulfillment of all of the desires, all of the composite desires, all of the amended desires that you have launched in a vibrational reality.

If you’ve been listening to us for a while, you may have read the book “The Vortex.” That’s what that is – that vibrational reality. We wanted you to feel the synergy of it. We wanted you to feel the calling power of it. We wanted you to realize that this Vortex, this spinning Vortex is calling to its center all things that you’ve asked for.

The question is: are you letting yourself be called to it? Are you in a vibrational place where you are allowing what’s vibrationally accomplished by you to be perceived by you in what you want to call real life experience?

You said to us: “Abraham, I’ll play your silly game, I will accept that I create my own reality. And I will accept that law of attraction manages it. And I will accept that I’ve launched plenty of creations. And I will accept that there is a vibrational version of everything I want waiting for me to achieve vibrational readiness with it. I just want to know, how do I get my money out of the vortex and into the bank? How does the vibration that you’re so sure exists?”

And we are because we see it, we see the fulfillment of what you’ve been asking for. We know who you are. We know what you’re asking for. We know it, we see it. We see where it is. We see where you are in relationship to it. And every word we speak is about helping you to achieve a vibrational stance that allows what you have created to flow easily to you.

It’s already been delivered to you but you have to find the vibrational frequency that allows you to see it in the same way that your tuner has to be tuned to the same frequency of whatever the transmitter is, or you don’t receive the telephone call, or the radio signal, or the television signal. In other words, these signals have to match up.

So, here’s the question. Think about this today and tomorrow and forever more. Does the signal of my desire and the signal of my belief – do they match? Are they matching signals? Because my desire is high-flying. Is my belief? Do I believe that it’s coming or do I need to see it first? Because if you need to see it first, then you’re living that conditional life that we are talking about. And if you need to see it first, then it’s not going to come – not anytime soon.

You slowly and sluggishly watch other people and you see what they do. And maybe it causes your expectation for yourself to morph a little bit, but it’s so slow going. It’s so slow going and it does not need to be. You have created enough and put it into your vibrational reality (into your Vortex of creation) to keep you happily satisfied and busy in terms of action and stuff and things and living your life for 20 or 30 lifetimes. That’s how much is there already for you: ready for you to become a vibrational match to.

So that’s what we talked about here. We’re talking about how you can accomplish a vibrational stance that puts you in the receptive mode so that: first the idea occurs to you and the emotion comes with it. That’s the first manifestation, that’s the first indication. That’s the first turning of it from a thought to a thing.

And once that thought – from a vibration to a thought, from thought to an emotion. There it is. It’s alive and it’s real. And if you can be happy, this is the key. If you can make yourself happy for a little while with the uncondition of the thought and the emotion.

If you can say, ah, I got the best idea and it felt so good to me. It feels so good to me. And I’m so happy with this idea. And not be mad at yourself or at somebody else that the idea hasn’t come to full fruition where you can see it and hear it and smell it and taste it and touch it. Right now, you’re just feeling it, and knowing it, and expecting it, and glad for it.

If you can hold yourself there just for a little while, it is our promise to you, that, that vibration will gain momentum and your ability to perceive it will grow and grow and grow until you’ll be rendezvousing. You’ll find yourself talking to people that know. Doors will be open for you, opening for you, and you will be recognizing it. And you will find yourself this compliant,
cooperative, joyful component of your own creation being guided to the culmination.

But it’s not just the culmination that you’re looking for. It’s that journey all the way along. It’s the new idea coming and the thrill of. It is the recognition that you received it and the thrill of that. It’s watching the universe knocking itself out to provide evidence for you.

Do you know how many clues are there for you in every moment of every day? Because the source within you does know where you stand in relationship to everything you want and is offering study guidance about that. Steady guidance to assist you, to navigate (hear these words) your path of least resistance.

Those words really matter: your path of least resistance. (Esther’s laughing really. She’s climbing over things. She said this is not the path of least resistance that I had envisioned.) Everything’s on wheels, it was not a problem. It was more fun than anything else. But what we want you to understand the obstacles in your path are on wheels, they will move easily out of your way. But you sometimes make them so much more than they need to be.

So, the path of least resistance, we want to stay here just for a moment. The path of least resistance and path of most allowance are the same path, aren’t they? You just hear it a little easier with path of least resistance, because there will always be (we love you so much – you know what’s coming next) – there will always be some resistance on your path because you are Leading Edge creators.

You’re out here in the environment of contrast. You are here where from the contrast, you are giving birth to desires. And as you are giving birth to desires from this contrast, there is always going to be resistance on your path. We want you to understand though, that since your source knows where you want to be, how you want to feel, what you want to have with you, who you want to have with you, every desire is understood completely by your inner being, by your Abraham, by your source. So that means that your source is calling you toward what you are asking for – calling you around and over and under and through that path of least resistance.

A few weeks ago, Esther and her Abraham Hicks team and a lot of you met in Seattle to board a ship to see the beautiful waters of Alaska. And as they got onto the ship, so fun, put everything away once in their cabins. Quite often, when they first get on board, there are a lot of announcements sort of letting them know what’s happening and where to be.

And we wanted to suggest wouldn’t have been interesting since this cruise left from Seattle, and was going to end up in Seattle. Wouldn’t have been interesting if the captain had said, ladies and gentlemen, we’re so glad to have you here. If you will look at your itinerary you will see that we are leaving from the port here in Seattle and a beautiful day it is, and we will be returning to this port. You will disembark from this port. And since we are already here, we would now like you to get off. Your journey has come to its ending place.

And there would be a mutiny we are certain on that ship, because no one got on the ship to get right back off of it. And yet that’s the way you behave sometimes about the desires that you hold. It’s like you gave birth to a desire just to get it over with. And we don’t see any of you eating an ice cream cone like that.

They stopped for ice cream on the way from Boston. Esther tried to make his last so long, it was dripping down her arm. She didn’t want it to ever be over. As soon as they were finished, she wanted to stop and get another one. In other words, you want to savor the things that are delicious. Don’t you? And we want your desires to feel delicious to you. We want you to enjoy the process of turning your vibration to thoughts and your thoughts to things. Because that’s the process that you came here to live.

There is this gap. You’ve launched your desires and source has accomplished them and is holding the steady vibration of them. But there is this gap: a time gap and a vibrational gap between where you are and the fulfillment of your desire. This is the sweet spot of life. This sweet spot between where you are now and the fulfillment of your desire. That’s the sweet spot.

That’s not the discouraging zone. That’s not that it’s never going to happen for me zone. That’s not the why do you get it and I don’t get a zone. This is the sweet spot. This is the vibrational experience. This is the time of your life where you get to actually engage all of the laws and all of the forces of the universe. This is the energy that creates worlds flowing through you and to you so that you may be the creator of anything that you choose. We want you to savor this time.

So when someone says, did you get that thing that you were looking for say to them? No, no, it’s still coming. I’m still licking it. I’m still enjoying. It’s still juicy. It’s still full of the juice of life. It’s still inspiring me. It’s still waking me up in the morning. It’s still making me feel energized. It’s still making me feel frisky. It’s still making me know that I’m alive.

No, I will always have unfulfilled desires. That’s the sweet spot. That’s what we want you to acknowledge. And as you take those two ideas of this unconditional love, this, unconditional clarity, this unconditional alignment, this unconditional state of being that you have the ability to accomplish today, if you will be unconditional in your approach to this never-ending unfolding of magnificent life experience, then you will begin today to live in the way that you intended when you came into this body to begin with.

You are the creator of your own reality, but you are not in it alone, because all that is is aware of you and focused upon you and flowing to you through the path of least resistance.

Sometimes you’re not ready for the solution. You’re not in the vibrational vicinity for the solution, but you are in the vibrational vicinity for a clarifying problem.

And that’s on the path. That’s not wrongheaded. That’s not something gone wrong. That’s like Esther looking for something. She’s looked everywhere, a piece of paper, she really needs it. She remembers seeing it but she’s moved so many things from so many places: from this place and this place, in this suitcase to this desk to this desk to this suitcase. And now she can’t find it. And she’s looking and looking and looking and finally in frustration she gives up. Now we would like you to give up early.

Finally, she gave up, she went to lunch, had a nice afternoon, came back and now is looking for something else that she knows right where it is. And when she went to get that, the paper she was looking for was right there with that.

So what we’re saying to you is: we all know and we’re trying to tell you. Someone might say, why didn’t you, Abraham, just tell Esther? Because when she thinks it’s lost, it can’t be found. And when you think it’s missing, it can’t show up. And when you think there’s not enough, the universe can’t yield to you more abundance, you see. Because your thoughts matter a lot.

We are eager to talk with you about whatever it is that you want to talk about. There is nothing off limits. A wonderful unfolding will happen. Since we know where you are in relationship to what you want. We know with each one of you, we’re not kidding at all, what the path of least resistance is to help you to get where you want to be in terms of understanding and accomplishment. And so we’re going to have a wonderful time here today. What do you want to talk about?