Why Hillary’s AIPAC Speech Should Terrify Anyone Who Gives a Damn About Peace

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By Lauren McCauley | Common Dreams

Palestinian and human rights advocates were aghast over remarks made by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention on Monday, saying that her speech represented “everything that is bad” with U.S. imperialism and policy in the Middle East.

During the address, Clinton vowed to take the U.S.-Israel relationship to “the next level”—a level which seemingly includes more war and imperialism, few, if any, rights for Palestinians, and definitely no economic boycotts of Israel.

“Has even one single Clinton supporter denounced the disgusting speech she gave today?”
—Glenn Greenwald
Striking a hawkish tone, Clinton warned the powerful lobby group against rival candidates who want to “outsource Middle East security to dictators” and “cede the mantle of leadership for global peace and security,” and instead vowed even more “security and intelligence cooperation.”

“As president, I will make a firm commitment to ensure Israel maintains its qualitative military edge,” she said. “The United States should provide Israel with the most sophisticated defense technology so it can deter and stop any threats. That includes bolstering Israeli missile defenses with new systems like the Arrow Three and David’s Sling. And we should work together to develop better tunnel detection, technology to prevent armed smuggling, kidnapping and terrorist attacks.”

As observers noted, as she ran down the list of “evolving threats,” the former U.S. secretary of state resorted to common neoconservative talking points, declaring:

As we gather here, three evolving threats — Iran’s continued aggression, a rising tide of extremism across a wide arc of instability, and the growing effort to de-legitimize Israel on the world stage — are converging to make the U.S.-Israel alliance more indispensable than ever.

We have to combat all these trends with even more intense security and diplomatic cooperation. The United States and Israel must be closer than ever, stronger than ever and more determined than ever to prevail against our common adversaries and to advance our shared values.

Touting her “deep, personal commitment” to the “Jewish state,” Clinton then said that “one of the first things I’ll do in office is invite Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] to visit the White House.”

The speech proved that, on matters of Israel, Clinton is “running to the right” of GOP front-runner Donald Trump, as noted by Mondoweiss‘ Philip Weiss, who wrote that the remarks were “filled with red meat for Israel supporters” and “contained scant reference to the peace process.”

Later, Clinton doubled down on her previous pledge to dismantle the growing internationalBoycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, linking the campaign against Palestinian apartheid to anti-Semitism, saying “we must repudiate all efforts to malign, isolate and undermine Israel and the Jewish people.”

“I’ve been sounding the alarm for a while now,” Clinton continued. “As I wrote last year in a letter to the heads of major American Jewish organizations, we have to be united in fighting back against BDS.”

Clinton then specifically called on young people “on the front lines” to resist efforts to boycott Israel, saying: “I hope you stay strong. Keep speaking out. Don’t let anyone silence you, bully you or try to shut down debate” —to which Naomi Dann, media correspondent for Jewish Voice for Peace, responded:

Though unsurprised by the candidate's vigorous support for the policies and tactics of the Israeli state, observers pointed to the remarks as a frightening indicator of what a Clinton presidency could mean for the Middle East.

In a statement to Common Dreams, Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace, said that the dialogue at the convention “is a reminder of the current limits of the mainstream discourse on Israel, which rely on racist and Islamophobic tropes to justify unquestioning support for Israel.”

“From Democrats to Republicans, the message is the same,” Vilkomerson continued. “More arms for Israel, a stronger relationship between Israel and the U.S., no mention of Palestinian rights, and no recognition of the impossible contradiction of being both democratic and Jewish when the state is predicated on maintaining systems of unequal rights and rule by military occupation.”

Watch the entire speech below:

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  1. 1241381972544421@facebook.com' Brian Jr Novella says:

    Fuck that.. Worry about THIS !!
    WATCH THIS !! You still believe in your system?
    They cant handle the truth !!
    This Revolution will not be made public !!


  2. 10208205878841383@facebook.com' Dean B. Wood says:

    Anti Christ she scares me

  3. 10153283829765793@facebook.com' Joy Kay says:

    Hillary is dangerous because not only is she a hawk, she’s a hawk because she makes money on the war. She’s corrupt and she’s doing what her super PAC and Wall Street direct her to do.

  4. 990694044305343@facebook.com' Amen Femus says:

    I don’t even know how this is allowed its like a scam to put bill back in office they should make a law 2 terms for one family not just pass it around cause you don’t get to stay in office might as well make it a monarchy

  5. 1701543870102574@facebook.com' Yudel Shem says:

    shame, dear. i protest. i live a minute walk from palestinians. they live in grandiose houses, no one interrupts them ot fights them, ot stubs them . but if we live the gate we surely are stubbed in the back as friends were. and the palestinian murderers-no one catch them and if caught-will not be killed. but released usually after prisonm. please be careful how you express on things you dont see in your eyes and who knows who nourishes your statements and fact

  6. 955711367824264@facebook.com' Jose Klatter says:

    She should wear a T.shirt saying “I’m with the criminal” and he should wear one “I’m with our whore!”

  7. 1167839233243080@facebook.com' Alfred Gonzalez says:

    Is this post a joke?
    Boycott Israel, why because they defend themselves from daily terrorist attacks. When one of your writers posted that France attack was a hoax. I believe it was something they did on their own. But now I see where they got the idea. Check yourself .

  8. 10154005309064362@facebook.com' Emmanuel Freeman says:

    A lot of people don’t get it. American middle east policies breed more terrorism. More terrorism means more weapon sales. The amount of weapons being shipped to Saudi Arabia by western countries is terrifying.

  9. 10156535606870500@facebook.com' Ruhee Jaanum says:

    I hoe they die of cancer compared to the number of people thryvhave maltreated and murdered. Women with young babies. Mothers with unborn babies being killed. Babies killed buy dieing in hospital with dilebrate cutting off electricties. Hooe they die in intensive care unit then hell of course.. they shall spend more time in hell than on earth surviving. Bloody cunts

  10. 1316974454995596@facebook.com' Pedro J Zevallos says:

    More than the almost 4 BILLION we give them annually????
    That next level sounds expensive…..

  11. 10206211969808162@facebook.com' Alix Anopol says:

    Emily Cergol

  12. 1509939922639251@facebook.com' Becky Dowell says:

    Does anyone no why rolling stone
    Is now in the endorsing Hillary Clinton

  13. 10153667205303745@facebook.com' Rick Es says:

    I’m Canadian I believe it’s become unlawful to boycott Israel.

  14. 579061022251653@facebook.com' Rhye Cor says:

    Stop destroying a person’s reputation. Hillary Clinton will be a good president. She has the experience and she is of sound mind.

  15. 10206163919560160@facebook.com' Shellie Sutey Homfeldt says:

    … The site is a scam as is the content. See Bob Wert’s post below.

  16. 1143123952373562@facebook.com' Jo Ku Vaan says:

    Oh look satan and whore in the same picture :3

  17. 633138233456417@facebook.com' Bryan Weaver says:

    I don’t think the U.S. should boycott Israel economically or any other way. If Palestinians had foresight in the aftermath of WWII, then they would have used their mandate to create a nation state for themselves (and then could have avowed and affirmed their own rights). Please note, America never asked to be the world’s police. We were drawn into both World Wars. America can never be isolationist again–not in this day and age. America has an interest in World Peace. Ironically, America also has a vested interest in war. After all, there is money to be made in the trade of weaponry for weapons are in great demand. I realize the hypocrisy of this state of affairs and when I am President, it will be resolved. One day, we will all realize the futility of war. We must be aware of the dangers of the military/industrial complex. Capitalism has many plusses but one of its shortcomings is that everything (everything) that is demanded is supplied (to the extent that it is possible). When you look at the world through the scope of right and wrong, love and hate, fear and courage, etc. it’s easy to take a stance. It’s not so easy, however, to pick your options when you view the world through the lens of economy. All nations want to prevail and all nations want to prosper. Therefore, let us all come together under the banner of peace aided by the strength of reason for the mutual benefit of all.

    • 633138233456417@facebook.com' Bryan Weaver says:

      P.S., I don’t think it is rational to expect all people to worship the same way or to be of one creed. Perhaps we can view our differences as an opportunity to engage in what we may hope will be insightful dialogue and productive discourse.

  18. 10206056172229817@facebook.com' Jacqueline Weisser says:

    TRUMP <3
    noun: trump; plural noun: trumps
    (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the suit chosen to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.
    the suit having the rank above the others in a particular hand.
    "the ace of trumps"
    (in a tarot pack) any of a special suit of 22 cards depicting symbolic and typical figures and scenes.
    a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.
    noun: trump card; plural noun: trump cards
    "in this month General Haig decided to play his trump card: the tank"
    a helpful or admirable person.
    verb: trump; 3rd person present: trumps; past tense: trumped; past participle: trumped; gerund or present participle: trumping
    (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) play a trump on (a card of another suit), having no cards of the suit led.
    beat (someone or something) by saying or doing something better.
    "taste trumps most if not all other factors when consumers choose food products"
    synonyms: outshine, outclass, upstage, put in the shade, eclipse, surpass, outdo, outperform; PRESIDENTIAL <3

  19. 999756756721877@facebook.com' Barry Carter says:

    I think she would strap on a 9mm dildo to show how tough she can be ?

  20. 1674308969483496@facebook.com' Ermin Bibuljica says:

    As a Muslim.. id rather vote for Trump.

    Yes. You heard what I said. Trump may be racist, but this bitch has dead eyes.

  21. 1069382093103401@facebook.com' Howard Messick says:

    Photoshop worked for Hillary in the above picture. lol

  22. 1614784315457665@facebook.com' Roland Jacko says:

    hillory is kind of anal

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