High-Speed Gondolas Envisioned for NYC

Adam Williams | Gizmag | Sept 18 2014

A plan is afoot to ease the congestion of New York City’s existing transportation infrastructure with a cable car system similar to London’s Emirates Air Line. The East River Skyway proposal envisions a high-speed urban gondola that would offer commuters swift transport between Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, reducing travel times and providing a great view of New York City’s skyline.


According to developer CityRealty, the gondolas could transport roughly 5,000 travelers per hour and reduce traveling time for Brooklyn residents commuting to Manhattan by up to 30 minutes. Brooklyn to Queens would take no longer than 12 minutes, and Williamsburg to Manhattan would take just four minutes. The ride would also offer choice 360-degree views of New York City’s skyline, so could attract some tourists too.

“Given the exciting growth in Brooklyn and Queens, it is essential to adapt New York City’s transportation system to serve residents in these booming areas,” says Daniel Levy, president of East River Skyway and CityRealty. “Cities around the globe are recognizing the viability and efficiency of urban gondolas to overcome serious transportation challenges. An aerial transportation system would be a relatively inexpensive and quickly-deployable solution here in New York…

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