Here’s One Extremely Important (and Long Overdue) Policy that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Both Agree On

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By Claire Bernish | The Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA) An increasing number of politicians have joined the call for an audit of the Federal Reserve, including several presidential contenders — most surprisingly, Donald Trump.

Senator Rand Paul drove the recent push for the audit, following in the footsteps of his father, Representative Ron Paul, with a proposed bill that drew condemnation from corporations and the Obama administration, as well as anti-Wall Street Senator Elizabeth Warren. Though the bill was ultimately defeated in January in a close 53-44 vote, the proposition to audit the Fed increasingly garners widespread attention and support.

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Though Senator Bernie Sanders, with his apparent populist, socialist platform, might not be such a surprising supporter of the proposal, billionaire mogul Donald Trump is. In a tweet on Monday, Trump asserted:

It is so important to audit the Federal Reserve, and yet Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill that would allow this to be done.

Cruz had backed the bill, but failed to show up for the vote. Sanders, Rubio, and a bipartisan assortment of senators all voted in favor of it.

Questionable Fed policy decisions and the handling of the financial crisis of 2008, namely the multi-trillion dollar big bank bailout, are cited as major concerns by those who support both the audit and oversight of the notoriously secretive central bank. Fed officials ambiguously argue against legislative oversight, and Fed chair Janet Yellen claimed prior to the vote that Paul’s bill would “damage the economy.”

In a statement before Congress in 2015, Sanders questioned the lack of transparency from the Fed in its refusal to disclose which financial institutions had received trillions in “zero-interest, or near zero-interest loans” after the crisis, courtesy of the American taxpayers.

“This $2 trillion [recent estimates have placed the figure above $3 trillion] in zero- and near zero-interest loans does not belong to the Fed,” Sanders declared. “It belongs to the American people, and the American people have a right to know where trillions of … their taxpayer dollars are going.”

He added that tracking where the money wound up seems a reasonable request, and “is why millions of Americans — whether you’re conservative, whether you’re progressive, or whether you are in-between — have come together to say that we need transparency at the Fed.”

Though the Vermont senator favors an audit, Ron Paul previously criticized what he called Sanders’s efforts to “water down” previous legislation to initiate one in 2010.

Nevertheless, however strange it may seem to find Sanders and Trump — and even Rubio — siding with a movement begun in earnest by Ron Paul, the importance of an audit has become the one point where an unlikely amalgamation of individuals of widely varied political camps can agree.

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Despite the bill’s failure last month, the push for an audit of the Federal Reserve continues undeterred. Borrowing a choice mantra of government, the Fed should have nothing to fear in transparency — if it has nothing to hide.

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38 Reader Comments

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  1.' Hân Bangtan says:

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    Tks ad with post: An increasing number of politicians have joined the call for an audit of the Federal Reserve, including several presidential contenders Bernie Sanders…

  2.' Lewis Gooch says:

    Like it matters if there’s a petition, if they permitted an audit we would see there is not as much gold as were told reducing value of currency and an economic nightmare for the big guns. Not gunna happen

    •' Sally Kuilema says:

      Gold doesn’t back our currency anymore. I am a bit more worried about shrinkage and policy adherence

    •' Lewis Gooch says:

      Just throwing my tuppence worth

    •' Bob Van Gorder says:

      The Federal Reserve Bank and the gold bullion reserves are separate subjects. The FRB is neither part of the federal government nor does it have any reserves to speak of. It would be interesting to see what kind of lies they tell the IRS knowing they’ll never be audited. As regards the gold reserve, BTW, if their is any “gold in Ft Knox”, it still doesn’t answer the question of who it belongs to — The USofA was entrusted with the care of much of Great Britain’s treasure in WW2 in case Hitler overran them — guess where it was kept.

    •' Michael Young says:

      Gold is gone…not there,spent years ago..

    •' Lewis Gooch says:

      Bob it belongs to the men who rule the world

  3.' Mark Glomski says:

    Yes. Absolutely. And the Pentagon.

  4.' Maria Capone Manna says:

    What’s there to audit? They just print all the shit and then hand it out and then get back big interest on it that’s the best con game there ever was LOL,,,The mafia would be proud

  5. Anonymous says:

    No. Just replace the FIAT currency with gold backed.

  6.' Linda Ehrhardt Gillespie says:


  7.' Jeanne Glesser says:

    Why audit just abolish it.

  8.' Sally Kuilema says:

    Sanders and Trump agree on something? We probably should be worried!

  9.' Robin Christy says:

    Oh yes.

  10.' Dolly Jones says:

    yes corrupt to the core

  11.' Laura Asselin Puckett says:


  12.' Becky Wendorf says:

    The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATELY owned bank. They have the priviledge of issuing our US money. THIS IS NOT RIGHT. THIS HAS NOT BEEN RIGHT since December 1913. We the people need to SHUT DOWN the Federal Reserve. We need to take back our US Treasury.

  13.' Elizabeth Vargas Weber says:

    Do they even have anything to physically “count” anymore? Its all numbers in the sky….

  14.' Dexter Boom says:

    Hell yes

  15.' Paul Lawrence says:

    If it’s running the monetary system, yet it is not transparent, then…….duh? Why is this even contentious?……oh, that’s right, the 1% always turn common sense into psychobabble double- speak & spit it out via the mainstream media for the masses to swallow. …….& they do……until they( we) decide not to. Until then, astonishingly, such blatant, obvious, common sense questions like,’ should we audit The Federal Reserve?’ have to be debated…….along with, ‘ should we bomb the crap out of other countries for oil’?…..’ should we let Monsanto poison our food supplies?’….’ Should we treat people of other race, color, & religion with respect & not demonize them?’……..’ should we use the food we’re throwing away to feed those with empty bellies?…….. Until the 1% are brought to justice for crimes against humanity, we will have to debate issues of common sense, as they destroy life & fill their pockets with cash…….your life……your cash…your planet….our planet.

  16.' Cindy Howard says:

    Yes, wherever their is that much money there is fraud

  17.' Bruno Santos says:

    Kenedy tried to do that as well , and the rest is history

  18.' Binh Vo says:

    ….Andrew Jackson Was The Last President To Shut Down The Federal Reserve, I Don’t See Why It’s Not Possible Again….

  19.' Leslie Nova says:

    Yes and then they need to remove the issuance of money from private individuals as debt. The whole thing is a scam. WE can issue our own money at cost.

  20.' Lee Robbins says:

    Who filtered this Photo? They both look like they’ve been mummy wrapped.

  21.' Marlowe Brown says:

    No. It’s a very good question, but I think it is a total waste of time and distraction from something far more important. For example, if you were on a ship headed straight for a massive storm, captained by a crew of blatantly thieving and corrupt members, with children on board who were so stressed out they were jumping overboard and killing themselves, and the adults on board were medicated into total numbness, would you waste any time doing an audit on the corrupt crew? We are living in a system that has been repeatedly proven to be horrendously corrupt. It has shown us this for hundreds of years in this country, and for thousands of years in other countries. How many times do we have to investigate, protest or rail against it before we believe it and disengage in order to start something new? What about the children? What are they doing while everyone is running around trying to figure out for the 100th time which of the thieves is to blame for ripping us off once again? Oh… yes… they’re institutionalized in training centers to learn how to be good little workers for the very system that has forced their parents into indentured servitude. Right? Look… I really don’t want to come off as one of “those people”. I’m not a radical conspiracy theorist. I’m just your average mom who is literally watching children kill themselves becuase they can’t stand this life anymore and who believes we CAN create a stunningly beautiful and happy world if……. If everyone would please stop being so damned distracted by the political puppet shows. If everyone would please ignore the lying, thieving, corrupt puppet masters. If everyone would please turn to the children in their communities and say, “We are so sorry that we thought money was the most important thing! We’d like to make our community a happy and healthy place for you. Wanna join us?” If everyone would stop participating in business (busy-ness) of the money-mongers, and just take one minute to ask the most important question: WHAT PATH ARE WE ON? Is it good? Are the children happy? How do we change our course and head in a better direction? Here’s what the kids are saying. Is anybody listening? Isn’t this what we should be auditing?

  22.' Gin Shade Cook says:

    So what, they won’t do it, these are the things every candidate says before they take office, then afterwards nothing they said happens…

  23.' Eric Eugene Davis says:

    This country is primarily under foreign control as the top officials succeed the main focus is minorities all over this land.Caucasians had the whitest, most blooming and most delicate skin in america is gradually diminishing even with the political forces. The fact that a cuban american is not totally caucasian but mixed ancestry with indian and african. It is very likely that Clinton and Sanders can not compete with Cruz or Rubio since the majority of caucasians support the opposites as the popular and winnable candidates in the field. A lot of the political field has African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians that will eventually supersede The United States of America quite rapidly.

  24.' Irina Toumanova says:

    Trump has 96% to become a next president.

  25.' Mona Cavaluzzo says:

    It amazes me that we have a supposed democracy, but when the majority of citizens decide on something, the politicians don’t change a damned thing.

  26.' Melanee Packard says:


  27.' Thomas Wilson says:

    Most politicians don’t even understand what the Federal Reserve does, certainly they don’t know who controls it. The Federal Reserve controls the government. The government would have to be overthrown before the Federal Reserve gets audited. Not going to happen in this life time. Nether one of these guys are going to make it to the white house for this reason. Clinton works for the bankers. She is already elected the next President. Don’t worry about no audit. Get back to work and conform to the system. We can’t conquer the world with you people stirring up the soup Like this.

  28.' Joan Abare says:


  29.' Chuck Leung says:

    an audit of the fed reserve shouldn’t depend on personalities, but be mandated by law. it is not federal, as in the federation of the u.s., it is not a reserve as in holding cashon is a leverager of money by increasing the ‘paltry amounts’ banks may lend to an ‘X’ factor…gibberish, really.get back to the gold or silver standard!

  30.' Maria A Cisneros says:


  31.' Jerry Gannon says:

    Ponynomics would solve this whole mess. Just sayin’

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