Heart Intelligence and THE KEY to Happiness

Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude. – Dale Carnegie

Though I think there’s some merit in these words of how happiness can be achieved, might there be one key component that largely goes missing when contemplating the source of happiness?

According to HeartMath’s Howard Martin, whom I just had the pleasure of meeting up with in Stockbridge Massachusetts, the answer is yes! HeartMath’s signature phrase, “A change of heart changes everything,” including our capacity to be happy is what Howard and I mused about during our discussion. Ergo, happiness lies within the heart!

HeartMath, known for its deep research into heart intelligence remains on the cutting edge of discovery when it comes to understanding the integral role the heart plays in how we live our lives. Howard spoke to me about something he refers to as practical intuition and how we can shift into a more intuitively guided lifestyle once we understand how to tap the heart as an active source for our “intuitive” awareness.

Watch the full interview below:

As far as seeking happiness in a world that is increasingly laden with challenge and tumult, Howard didn’t skirt the issue. Though he remarked that despite the challenges humanity is faced with today, there’s something even more powerful happening. People are actively seeking out sources of happiness. There’s a drive out there that is causing individuals to be more determined to find happiness. In fact, Howard mentioned a movement that has been growing exponentially which has resulted in an event called the World Happiness Summit, of which he delivered a keynote address.

Bottom line, folks aren’t just content to wait for external conditions to bring happiness to them (agreed, Dale Carnegie), but rather to ignite the happiness spark from within.

To learn more about the role heart intelligence plays in our own well-being, visit HeartMath’s website.

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