How to Heal Your Inner Child and Dissipate Dark Energy

Dreams and visions are a fascinating source of much insight and wisdom. I have used them as a source of understanding for a couple of decades now, and they have taught me much of what I understand about the nature of consciousness. I define a dream as a story that emerges as we sleep, while a vision occurs while we are awake (although it could be in a state of deep relaxation).

There is an appendix in the back of my book Discover Your Soul Template goo.gl/VZDMeL that is a useful guide on how to understand dreams. One of the dream categories I outline is that of “Psychic projection dreams.” This category is equally valid for visions. This is where the mind will show you the nature of psychic energy you are exchanging with another person. Consciousness has an energy or vibration, and the mind will sometimes show you explicitly what that is.

About three years ago I had a dream which showed me very explicitly that my understanding of “dark” projections is correct. In the dream I saw an older male relative of mine. Let’s call him Dave. In the dream he was sitting down with a guitar in his hands. This is a little peculiar, because as far as I know, Dave has never played a musical instrument. Yet the next event to unfold within the dream showed me that this guitar was a symbol, not a literal reality. For Dave suddenly plucked one string of the instrument, and a vibration rang out – the vibration of terror. A feeling of deep fear filled me as the energy permeated my own consciousness field.

The dream told me that my own mind was being badly affected by Dave’s projections. Having learned years ago to channel the psyche of others, I saw that he was attempting to disempower me through the projection of shame and derision.

Such projections occur unconsciously, of course, and Dave does not know what he is doing. However when one becomes aware of this level of mind, then it does become something of a problem. What can be done to shift the energy?

Many new age practitioners suggest imagining being surrounded by white light. That may help in the sense that it may help dissipate fear, but the problem is that in many cases this method does not address the underlying cause of the “drama” between the parties involved in the vision.

What I prefer to do is to look at the actual reasons for the connection, and this is what I did with the situation surrounding the energy fields of Dave and I.

When I was about 14, my father took a holiday from his little bakery shop, and Dave took over for a few weeks. I worked there every morning before school and on weekends. During this time Dave took every opportunity to criticize and ridicule me, often deriding me in front of other workers. Being a shy kid, I just ‘took it.’ That brief period in my life created a wounding within me. It occurred just at the point where I was physically becoming a man, and much of the energy Dave projected at me was centered on shaming me for lack of masculinity. When I grew into adulthood, the development of my male power was affected by this shaming energy.

When this psychic drama occurred, I saw it as an opportunity to heal that hurt. I allowed the 14 year old within me to feel all he needed to feel. It was a combination of a sense of shame, inadequacy and fear of ‘psychopathic’ males, but also a deep rage. I allowed this part of me to have expression for a short time. Then I re-parented that inner child (I explain this in detail in Discover Your Soul Template).

Again, this process is about allowing a particular vibration of energy to resonate through the mind/body/soul – again, much like striking the right chord on a guitar. It is when that energy vibrates within a person’s consciousness field and is lovingly witnessed that it is possible to shift it. It unfreezes the trapped energy within the psyche – as long as we don’t become attached to the story surrounding it.

It is also very important to bring ourselves fully present after doing such inner work, because it is in the present moment that the truth of life can be seen. In a sense, the psychic dramas which circulate though our energy fields are expressions of unresolved stories from the past. The energy is very real, but the actual events are often long gone. Bringing the inner child into the truth of the present moment helps to allow that part of ourselves to let go of the past and to feel loved and safe in the now. Yet we have to learn to stay present with that energy – or it will continue to affect us.

It is clear to me that there is a yet undiscovered energy involved in the projection of consciousness, and the dream I mention here gave greater weight to this belief. By ‘energy’, I do mean it in the scientific sense. Consciousness probably contains “field” properties, but is not any of the four known forces of nature: gravity, the weak and strong forces, and electro-magnetism. I suspect it is related to them, and I do know from experience that it interacts with them. Psychic energy transcends space and time, which is one reason why I am pretty certain that it is not one of the other four forces.

It is said that when the student is ready that the teacher will appear. It is equally true that when the wounded child is ready to heal that the monster will appear! Sometimes it is via a psychic drama, sometimes a real life drama. On the surface it may look like a bully persecuting a victim, but at a deeper level it is God’s grace in action. The catch is that in order to heal we must not assume the role of victim (and blame the monster); and we must be prepared allow whatever energy is contained in the event to express itself. And that may be, quite literally, painful.


Marcus T Anthony, PhD, is a visionary, futurist and spiritual counsellor. He is also the author of many books. His web site is www.mind-futures.com .