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Why Haven’t We Met Any Aliens Yet?

Posted by on September 9, 2018 in ETs, UFOs & Crop Circles, Reality's Edge with 119 Comments

Jonathan O'Callaghan | IFL Science

It is estimated there are 100 billion planets in the Milky Way, itself one of hundreds of billions of galaxies. On one planet, Earth, we know life arose, but there should be millions of Earth-like habitable planets in our galaxy alone with the capability to support life. This begs the question: Where is everyone else?

This is a problem that has long plagued astrophysicists, and there’s no clear answer. It is known as the Fermi Paradox, having been first postulated by Italian astronomer Enrico Fermi in 1950. If life is so abundant, he said, why have we never heard from anyone?

There are a number of possible solutions, some more unnerving than others. Let's take a look at a few of them.

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Space is just too big

The first, and perhaps most popular, simply relates to the vast distances involved in the cosmos. Consider that habitable planets in our own galaxy can be thousands of light-years away, making two-way communication via electromagnetic radiation – the only way we know how to communicate – nigh on impossible. For galaxies beyond the Milky Way, millions of light-years away, this obviously becomes even more difficult. It may be that distances are simply too large for conversations to take place across space-time.

We haven't looked hard enough

It may also just be that we haven’t looked hard enough. To date, most of our searches for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) have relied on limited hunts using a few telescope arrays around the world; the SETI Institute has performed most of this searching so far but, as of yet, nothing has been found.

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Earlier this year, a $100 million (£65 million) project called Breakthrough Listen was announced, funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, which will be the most extensive search for signals yet. It will use two of the most powerful radio telescopes in the world, the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia and the Parkes Observatory in Australia, to scour the closest million stars to Earth, and also the nearest 100 galaxies, for any signals either purposefully or accidentally sent our way. It's our best chance of finding anything yet.

Above is the first of an excellent two-part series on the Fermi Paradox by Kurzgesagt.

The Great Filter

If nothing is found after the 10 years the Breakthrough Listen project is expected to run, though, things get a bit more tricky. One other solution to the Fermi Paradox suggests that there is a Great Filter in the universe, at which intelligent life stops, perhaps through self-destruction or for other reasons. It could be that we are the first species to pass this filter, or we are yet to reach it – and all other intelligent civilizations before us have been destroyed. Eek.


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119 Reader Comments

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  1.' Peace & Love says:

    Hi! Whoever is reading this, you are an incredible human being keep it up.
    Forget all your mistakes they are all gone. Enjoy your life.

  2.' Kat Carpio says:

    Because what kind of alien would want to come to this fucked up world?

  3.' Levi Dominguez says:

    You seriously think we have not made contact with any alien?

    •' Sorgfelt says:

      Yes. This is ridiculous. There is enormous evidence that aliens have been living in underground bases on this planet for many millenia. Many sane and even important people have reportedly been contacted by them. Even the U.S. military acknowledges contact and communication and worse (or better, actually, such as when they shut down our nuclear missiles). Look at the Disclosure Project. So what’s wrong with the scientism guys? Why do they keep denying that we have been contacted by aliens? Why does SETI even exist, as it goes against any rational sense that aliens would be communicating with us using radio waves? Scientists should be leading, not following, but they seem to have lost their way.

  4.' Katherine Sewell Potts says:

    Because were human and kill anyone different than ourselves.

  5.' Michael Roy Courtland says:

    Its because of the enormous distances between us! Light and radio waves move at finite speed. There fore it takes time to send and recieve information!

    •' Taylor Young says:

      You think that “Aliens” would not be technologically advanced than we are? What about all the spaceships seen outside of our Earth orbiting Space Stations? You people really should open your eyes!

    •' Outlier SamAman says:

      Our own ‘ breakaway civilization ‘ in black projects hv anything you can imagine! Director of Lockheed’s Skunk Works, Ben Rich, stated that anything you’ve seen on Star Trek – they’ve already done!

  6.' Nicole Natti says:


  7.' Dave Ramsbottom says:

    They aren’t called aliens they are called economic migrants ?

  8.' Debbie Buxton says:

    This is such a stupid question

    Where have u been living? Under a rock. Duh

  9.' Outlier SamAman says:

    Shhh, it’s baby steps .. to disclosure, for the unaware – matrix battery sheeple

  10.' James Nguyen says:

    Dont need to change what people believe but regardless of people’s ignorance to accepting the truth aliens have visited earth

    •' Brenda Keith says:

      James Nguyen I would not attempt to who has been on earth,, so regardless of people’s ignorance accepting the truth ,,, I would not be the ignorance one ( lol. It’s no telling who has been on this earth //

  11. Anonymous says:

    There does not seem to be any out there within our lifespan or equipments lifespan’s reach, the next thing is the lightyear thing less of a chance. It does however seems the earth’s humans may have received abstract intelligence about 6000 years ago meaning humans can be controlled by suggestive methods instead of outright murder(basic instincs). That means the earth might be the last planet to harbour human life even if the universe is expanding. My theory… till aliens shows up by actually landing on earth, and it be front page news on ALL newspapers for 3 months flatout, and the news will be so real that new newspapers evolve just to carry the story-Now this WILL end all speculation. So far aliens appears in movies and was fabricated(& spaceships)-(Any shape was made to fly or at least tried by early developers) in underground bunkers/secret areas during the 20-50-ties +/-.the 40-ties also sparked a need for social science to find more ways to effectively controll the evolving mass populations. If aliens with superior intelligence, especially social intelligence should land and struck a conversation, our current leaders response would be priceless to observe especially if they show sympathy to the middle class and poor people.

    •' Jerry Garcia says:

      Gotta hate that damn Jesus and his stupid, sick, poor people. Although some people say Jesus was an alien. Sweeeet.

    •' James Nguyen says:

      So when whomever credible says aliens exist all you’re knowledge / theory will b blown out the water you acting like you know do your research period

  12.' Stephen Hopps says:

    Could the human race cope with such a big thing 80% of them would freakout

    •' Sorgfelt says:

      Studies have shown that no, most of us will not freak out. That is a bogus reason used by the CIA and their friends to keep us in the dark. It has been a long time since the War of the Worlds broadcast, and most people know more now.

  13.' Jon Powell says:

    They way this world is so screwed up, no aliens want to come here.

  14.' Elizabeth Hira says:

    Enter the Matrix, where the unevolved have no chance of seeing what is there all along.

  15.' Brian Mcfarland says:

    They live among us

  16.' Victor Cicconi says:

    They don’t want to know us …. I can’t blame them…

  17.' Emek Michael says:

    how can this article be written when numerous other sources claim to have made contact and actually speak with others that claim they are overseeing things transpire on earth?

  18.' Debbie Stockdale says:

    Possibly James.
    I’d say its the distance though

  19.' Jose Klatter says:

    If we haven’t it is because the government does not allow it. Also one of the reasons may be because they know we would start to worship them. Billions would gather in a concert like fashion and would light up their lighters and sing and pray and bent over to them, crying like little girls asking for lots of things. Then, they(aliens) would regret coming, but it would be too late. We would build idols made of anything and sell it. It would also create churches to worship them. A guy in alien paraphernalia and funny hat wold conduct the service. At the end it would require donations to keep the church afloat. You know the rest.

    •' Sorgfelt says:

      I think you are alluding to the fact that what you are saying has already happened in the past, and still forms part of our current religions.

  20.' Em Gossard says:

    I can speak for many.

    “Why would they want to meet such a screwed up planet”???

    They probably stopped by and said “Aaaaww hell no, beam our a**’s back up & outta here”!!!

  21.' Heather Gonzales says:

    They don’t wanna meet our leaders! Lol

  22.' Heather Gonzales says:

    Probably for same reason u don’t go up and introduce urself to a monkey. 😉

  23.' Chris B Critter says:

    because they are smarter than that…

  24.' Stephen Hopps says:

    When they come dont send them to world leaders tell them to to a nice pub with real ale and have a chat with the lads and lasses get more sense from real people

  25.' Taylor Young says:

    BS I’m not going to bother to read this, because MILLIONS of people have met Aliens, but people ignore, laugh & scoff at the evidence. This article’s headline only serves to make my point.

    •' Cindy Aymonetty says:

      I wish i could say I met aliens. Totally would let them do whatever they want with my body as long as I can finally get that peace of mind that they really do exist and they payed attention to ME.

    •' Kuro Fox says:

      Cindy Aymonetty You have to stay safe from them, it’s not the sicko’s you want to talk to but aliens like me and other aliens like you.

  26.' Chris Szkwarek says:

    They moved away from our silly asses lol

  27.' Cindy Aymonetty says:

    Why?! Because they dont let us see them!! Plus I understand if they wouldnt wanna talk to us cuz we suck at taking care of ourselves. We must look like a joke to them if they are smarter than us

    •' Cindy Aymonetty says:

      I will not be surprised if they actually respect our leaders for getting rich or die trying by making us the regular civilians: fools.

  28.' Alan Evenson says:

    We have.

  29.' Iroldak Vacon says:

    Because our universe is in a pimple on a giant bum

  30.' Rodolfo Teles says:

    Alannah Crandall

  31.' executech says:

    Any beings with the proximity and ability to reach or communicate with us would be so far advanced that they would have no need to. We would be like cockroaches or ants to them.

  32.' Moir Ngwira says:

    If life starts from a sperm and egg as they unite why then wonder where does that life go after wards? Be spiritial than intellectial. What we saw will reap. The path is within us and that life too, if find that path walk in or else wonder and come back may be this time you will be fire wood or a dog. who doesn’t know life is journy? If, walk it till we get their. We are equipt with everything. Life does not end with death but pass through death to the next world. That union being separated duling death time. Amen

  33.' Kathryn Joann Pilachowski says:

    We probably have met aliens but were unaware of it.

  34.' Zen Hec Ryan says:

    They are already here!!
    SUPERMAN wasn’t born on earth

  35.' Thomas Elliott says:

    Bettylou Freebush

  36.' Merek Nero Juniper says:

    I’m firm in the belief that there’s more than one kind of intelligence

  37.' Patrick Burke says:

    We are still to violent, ignorant, and arrogant for them to visit!

  38.' Timothy Conway says:

    Because we are them

  39.' Gino Polak says:

    Oh, please. This question has been circling around for some time now
    just, to confuse people. And each time people fall for it.
    It’s become obvious.

  40.' Kuro Fox says:

    People do all the time, why would someone post this article without looking first before saying something like this as if he has a right to say it or believe it? I’am an alien.

  41.' Marymson Williams says:

    They are shy?

  42.' Jerry Garcia says:

    Intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy is probably something completely different from anything we’ve ever known.

    •' Kuro Fox says:

      But it shouldn’t be different from what you know there is only one thing to know and that one thing will never be a mystery.

  43.' Emmanuel Pooler says:

    There is no one else…God made us and only us because He wanted someone to spend time with…people are so concerned on what’s out there and don’t concerned themselves with what’s happening here on earth. With all the homeless and people that die of hunger in other countries, why would God make more than one earth when we don’t care to lift a finger for this one….His name is Jesus Christ and He died and gave His life for this world.

    •' Allyson Phillips says:

      By saying this, you are deliberately choosing to be ignorant to facts (things that have been scientifically proven), such as finding planets that could potentially sustain human life, finding “intelligent lifeforms” on other planets, or the fact that the galaxy is infinite and there are millions of planets and millions of places for other beings to live. We are most definitely NOT alone in this galacy. And that is a fact.

    •' Emmanuel Pooler says:

      It has also been scientifically proven that everything that science knows about everything there is to know about everything could be entirely wrong meaning there could actually be a God that created the heavens and the earth and the stars and everything that we know today. It’s also been proven that most of science is based off of theories and hypothesis. All I know is that my life has never been the same since I accepted My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and asked forgiveness of my sins. Jesus died for everyone and that’s what I choose to believe, you don’t have to believe that Allyson Phillips and I’m not trying to throw Jesus on to you or anyone else. I’m only tend to share Jesus and His love, it’s entirely up to you and everyone else to accept Him or not I’m not sent here to judge anyone only to love everyone despite our differences and I fail at times just the same as anyone else but I promise to always succeed more in doing what’s right than whats wrong in my life not anyone else’s because it’s what I choose whether I seem ignorant in serving or sharing Jesus I will stand proud I my ignorance.

    •' Kuro Fox says:

      I come from another planet, many people sometimes do

  44.' Allyson Phillips says:

    Its arrogant and ignorant to believe we are the only intelligent lifeforms in an infinite galaxy.

  45.' Cecil Moreno says:

    Haven’t you seen men in black m.

  46.' Vincent Tan says:

    UnBelievAble ArchAngel… (Y) CLN…

  47.' Tim Marcus Metelmann says:

    Conscious Life News, we have…

  48.' Maurice Wendo says:

    Earth is the only planet that directly supports and is inhabitable for life, the rest are merely for beauty.

  49.' John Bothwell says:


  50.' Lloyd Esp says:

    You think an advanced species would associate with cretins like us? you think to highly of yourselves…..

  51.' Algonquin J Calhoun says:

    Too far away. Asshole!

  52.' Spencer James Smith says:

    We have

  53.' Spencer James Smith says:

    I believe in God. I am Christian. I believe in aliens.

  54.' Leo Cooper says:

    one can know an entity by who’m they associate with, so, guess they wont be putting in an appearance here any time soon

  55.' Yotz NiKo says:

    “Keepers of the Garden” Dolores cannon?

  56.' Lee Taylor says:

    I could tell you why, but then I’d have to kill you. 😀 lol
    Not really.

  57.' Ashok Pratab Kumar Gaire says:

    They could me human being on other galaxy
    More than our civilazation

  58.' Waquer Hossain says:

    Life maybe abundant but what about intelligent life ? Of the billions of species that have lived on earth through its 4.5 billion year history, only one has had the capacity to contact probable extraterrestrial life and if you consider the red queen theory of evolution , even if you repeat the same evolutionary steps you may not get the same result so permute and calculate that into your theory of probabilities !

  59.' Robert Jur says:

    Stupid !!

  60.' Joe Michaels says:

    Have you seen the human race lately?? They’re waiting for us to kill each other off and once were all dead they’ll come here, clean things up and start a new chapter.

  61.' Utpal Sarkar says:

    No aliens out there morons.

  62.' Parul Angel Khushi says:

    CoZ we human see worst of all . On the name of experiment we will put them under 100ss of experiments, agony , torture. Good if they have not yet found us.

  63.' Lisa King says:

    Because we are too destructive and not as evolved as we would like to think we are.

  64.' Philippe Benard says:

    Aliens are at a different level than us. We would of had a lot more contacts if they felt we could exchange and learn from each other. Human are full of fear and anger. Our leaders fouls us, kills us. and destroy our planet for they’re own power ego trip. Even with all the military power we humans have, we cant do nothing to them. They’ve been there, done that.
    Its not a question of who’s better, its about :
    who we are.
    Humans can imagine and create. We’re all different and special. We live in a physical world with physical needs but we are so much more.
    We need to acces our own consciousness and developp all the thing that we dont see but know are there. When we’ll be ready, they’ll be there.

  65.' Julie Anderson says:

    I believe that aliens would fly over our planet, take a look at the state of humanity- & promptly continue on!

  66.' Debbie Ann Elizabeth Taylor says:

    They won’t as their far more intelligent and advanced than us.

  67.' Maryke Polley says:


  68.' David Middlemiss says:

    We Must Become GOOD

    Enlighten, Enliven

    Make Pen Your Sword, Make consciousness and Word Your Explosion, Make Truth Your Propoganda, Love Your Completion And Empowerment Not control

    Love Everything Limitlessly Then We Are Everything In Limitless Love

    The Best Way To Fight terror Is Cease To Be Afraid, The Best Way To End war Is To Embrace Expansive Peace, Dissolve unhealthy Boundaries And See That Peace Spread And Awaken Around You,

    Unlock The Numbers Around The Clock Face, Unravel Unhealthy Ties And Be Free
    Unlock The Potential That Is Ultimately GOOD
    Make This Your Focus
    Progress To The Place Where All Have Awakened To Our Own Ultimate Goodness

    Step Forward Together


    Each And Every Voice Is Part Of The Choir and The Choir

    Life Unites, Naturally, Bio Diversely Empowerfull, Creative Supportive Overlays Activate, GOODness Expansions Free, What GOOD Dreams May Have Been Become What Is
    Awakening GOOD Molecules, SEED Consciousness
    ComPassion Becomes Experiential Healing, Expanding Exponentally, Progressing To Creation Here And Now,
    We, Empowerful GOOD Speech, Thought, Hope, Love, Joy, Expansive, Awakened, Supporting, The Ultimate GOOD, Balanced Gratitude Of All Diverse Knowing,
    All organisations working together in dissolving the monetary system.. Due to attrocities to humanity and the natural world unethical lending ie funding the war machine, funding dictatorships, attempted legalised slavery of humanity, nature, which is still slavery and illegal. Complete transparency first. Transforming un ethical lending to community, free trade, fair trade Sustainable investing. Integrated dissolution/disbandment of physical money and gradual shift to Honest Free needs based system. Dissolve patent, allowing needs based usage of everything GOOD created thus far, Sustainably Support, Naturally Grow, Create with all of the formulas of GOOD as Gratitudinous Sustainance, transformation of all technology already present and all development to creational all organic Equal, Sentient Super Simbiotic, technology As Multi Dimensional, Non Harmfull Sustinence, Empowerful, Mutually Beneficial, Gratitudinous Empowerful Energy Sharing/Combinance Of All GOOD Consciousness And Expansion Now Ends scarcity,
    Transforms human ego from trying to protect individual blood lines, over breeding, True, Free Empowerful Knowledge, slows population growth. Lessening urban sprawl and allowing more natural environments to be healed and created so that the natural Eco systems can stabilise and flourish. Bio organic Re Generation of All Buildings, Breathing, Love, Life Unity Into All That Is, Humility, Acknowledging Living biological Creations As Co Creators, as Family, Community, co creational and creating Together, Sacred, equal, super symbiotic organisms Awaken loving creative expression to expand through reality ending the need to consume and Awakening Creation As All Gifts To All And Everything, allowing harmonious balance and diversity to return and flourish,
    Overlays Awakened, Super Consciousness, Expresses Love As All Frequencies

  69.' Kim Rice says:

    They are, and having always been, here already.

  70.' Clarissa Khrystian Darcey says:

    Because they can’t come until people are open minded and ready to meet them. more then 85% of the world is still closed minded and at a low frequency. we need to wait until everyone gets to a higher frequency of thinking or otherwise we’ll set off a end of the world scenario where we rage a war with them when all they want is to help us. Or you can just look at the comments. That will tell you exactly why they won’t come yet.

  71.' Aquilino TheDon Reyes says:

    They’re on a different frequency from us making us not see them.

  72.' Jessica Lynne Knowles says:

    Because they’re here and look exactly like us.

  73.' Gary Schlichting says:

    they are hidin until we have evolved enough to keep the galaxies with them :p

  74.' Boni'ta Campbell says:

    They stay clear of trigger happy earthlings

  75.' Raven Moss says:

    It cracks me up that scientists, who claim they know things the rest of us can’t because we’re are not brainwashed in some “institution of higher indoctrination” can write such ignorant articles as this one and expect to be taken seriously. It’s well documented that most of the technology science claims to have developed came from aliens, and so the scientists pretend ET don’t exist so they can continue to claim credit for that which was given to them.

  76.' James Nguyen says:

    So what are you ignorant people gonna feel and what are you gonna do when the truth spills ? Cause aliens aren’t going to exist when you ignorant people say so? Do your research before you make yourself sound ignorant and close minded like I said there’s no need to change yalls mind the ignorant ones are all about there ego and being know it all ect…

  77.' James Nguyen says:

    You know what the government let’s you know and what they want you to know stay conscious people

  78.' Kat Lopez says:

    we cant even get along with eachother here. lols. I would be embarressed to have them come and see what we’ve done with the place from when it was first given to us. Wouldn’t you?

  79.' William Browatzke says:

    They are and have always been here! they have rules too and if we say go away as a planet they dont come. Look at it this way more than half our planet would die of a heart attack or try to kill any alien coming here thanks to our fear & warmongering governments! They are here now in the thousands why do think there is so much change , the good guys are winning with a little help from our brothers an sisters from the stars wake up. UFO sighting are off the charts regular just ask and you will receive one haha

  80.' Lee Hall says:

    because we have bad breath

  81.' Michael Bush says:

    Look at the tiniest living organisms in our own world. We are all aliens. Imagine 100 yrs frm now , our styles ,politics, everything . We just need to grab a grip on violence and them trying to control us, because we might need a ufo to fly out of here,lol

  82.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because they’re happy where they are?

  83.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because we have not gone out far enough to lead them here?

  84.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because they got lost on the way?

  85.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because their ships computer does not have the directions?

  86.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because they are in a time-capsule like ship frozen?

  87.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because their long range communications system are disabled or out of order?

  88.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because it’s against starfleet regulations to come here without proper authorization?

  89.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because it’s not wise to?

  90.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because no one has requested shore leave here?

  91.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because they have no friends here?

  92.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because they have not been prepped for landing here?

  93.' Kenneth Houdek says:

    because they’re busy?

  94.' Evan Pert says:

    Are we sure life as we know it actually “arose on Earth”? That is the ‘accepted mainstream theory’. Is it possible life arrived or was placed on Earth? Just a thought, not a fact. 🙂

  95.' Carlo says:

    OMG!! They were here, the WHOLE TIME;

  96.' Mark says:

    More mis-information circulated and funded by our wonderful ruling elites or also known as the Kabal. Your such a service to humanity as your souls digress in to lost souls status. All this material power. I hope its worth it.

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