Grounding The Big Picture of Human Transformation: 5 Important Concepts to Nurture You Through Changing Times

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Dr Johnryan

Tree and ladyWe are on the frontier of a whole new type of human civilization.  Yet, in the midst of world changes and often the chaos we see around us – it can be hard to stay fearless, and ride the wave of change toward the bright future it is creating!    It can also be easy to become doubtful or unfocused – and lose sight of what is really useful and important to us.

In such times, it is really important to develop and maintain a view of the bigger picture.  It allows us to see more clearly what is taking place, and find solace in a higher truth and wisdom.   No one sees exactly what the future will bring, or the twists on the path to get there – but we do know it is ultimately good.   Meanwhile, there are things we know for certain to guide us through these times.  Here are five important concepts that I believe are important to grasp and really hang on to.  I encourage you to allow them to support and nurture you through these changing times.

1.     We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

You are first and foremost not a human being – but a spiritual being.  This idea is now a very common adage in our New Consciousness Community.  It is one thing to know, accept or understand this idea.  It is quite another is to be or “become” it.  Don’t simply know you are spiritual being.  Allow yourself to really integrate this concept – and fearlessly step into the healing power of your soul!  You see, these are not mere words.  They provide a powerful key of expanding conscious – one that opens an individual’s ability to heal and transform one’s life.

This understanding reverses any tendency we have as human beings to see our lives as “out of control”, “purposeless”, and “fixed or unchangeable”.  It also undoes any tendency to seek for some external source of “love or redemption”.  These are replaced by a life in which we know ourselves to be a powerful, awakening, integrating souls.  Our life, and all of its elements – both “good” and “bad” – contain purpose, value and meaning.

Our destiny is to become spiritually realized beings.  We can overcome the tendency to create a life based on history, wounds, akashic attributes, victim based consciousness and ego tendencies.  We can create a healed and conscious life founded in healing, peace, love, joy and spiritual wisdom.

2.     We are in a state of profound transformation

The planet is the midst of massive transformation of energy and consciousness.  On a universal scale, this transformation is expected and on time.  Reflections of this timing have been found in spiritual traditions of all forms.  These are familiar to us as we pass 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, and declarations of the “end times”.

The clarion call was found in the moment known today as the Harmonic Convergence.  The Harmonic Convergence, in 1987, represented a point in time of spiritual measurement.  It was a moment to assess the “spiritual maturity” of humanity – and a moment to determine the potential of our future.  Would it be a future of spiritual destruction – returning to ground zero?  Or, would it be a future of rapid and graduated spiritual evolution?  The outcome was dependent on the collective spiritual maturity to determine the “fate of humanity”.

The potential for planetary transformation follows a long history of human development – one that brought us to the point of taking a Spiritual Evolutionary Leap.  This measurement of the “light and consciousness of humanity” occurred on schedule.  And, well, we did it!  Humanity declared itself ready to evolve.  And with this, we began a profound acceleration of change.

Important to understand, are two facts:

i.          This transformation is not happening to humanity.  It is happening because of humanity and humanity’s spiritual progress.  We have been catapulted into this new potential – because of humanity’s collective quotient of light and consciousness.  It is an achievement.

ii.        It was not a preordained destiny – it was only a potential.  If we were not ready – the planet would have had a very different future.  Can you say,  “Armageddon?”   But we were ready – and the wheels were set in motion for a very different future!  It is now a potential that is materializing and we are smack in the middle of letting go of old energy consciousness!  Yet, despite the chaos around us – it is not an Armageddon.  It is the dying of an old energy consciousness and a re-birth of humanity.  Never lose sight of this!

Hence, the changes upon us are both an achievement and a gift of grace.  Things could have gone differently!  Let’s celebrate and congratulate our selves on job well done! 🙂

The essential nature of this transformation involves the accelerated development of a mature human spiritual consciousness.  As most of you know, it is now termed the ascension.  It involves a profound energetic reset – and a massive expansion in consciousness – one that will change the very nature of humanity.

On a spiritual level it really represents the gradual transition from a solely karmic-basedsystem of spiritual development – to one where we can assume our roles as spiritually conscious, intentional co-creators.   Yet, this new world starts with consciousness, emergesthrough energetic or internal changes, and manifests in the world outside.  Its scale is massive – and we have to be just a little patient :)!

Now that we have entered this time of transformation – we are being supported spiritually in making the transformation!  We are not alone.  It is certainly being supported on a universal scale.  In cosmic terms we see the galactic alignments, our arrival in the photon belt, and channeled messages of realigning grids.   And, on an earthly level we see energy changes manifesting in the shifting magnetic grids of the planet, solar flares that convey galactic energy to the planet, earthquakes and nature based events, unpredictable weather patterns, and shifting societal norms.   All of this transformation has a purpose.  It is to provide the platform and support the development of a new world – for the new human.

Yet, these types of changes can be understood to represent a backdrop.  It is important not to fear them.  It is also critically important to realize the process is not simply about such energy changes. They are part of a larger process that is really all about the acceleration of human consciousness!  The most profound of change is truly happening within us.  We are transforming.  This occurs through an expanding consciousness, and the spiritual energetic adjustments that occur not only in our physical bodies but also within the quantum or informational realm of our DNA!

3.     Change can be messy – Have Faith, Love More & Love Yourself!

So – we passed this marker, and have begun to build this new future.  Yes, this is perhaps hard to believe sometimes, particularly in the midst of heart-crushing world events!  Change is messy, mysterious and challenging!  It doesn’t always look or feel like progress from our limited human point of view.  It is however destined to bring the world into a plane of higher consciousness – so there is still a lot of reason for celebration.

This transformation has many facets – for we are taking a giant leap in spiritual evolution.  It affects society and societal institutions.  It affects human health and the human body.  It affects the nature of new children being born, and the systems to support human childhood development.  It affects the stability and occurrence natural events on the planet.  And these are just a few!  Human consciousness is changing – and we will be slowly transforming into a new kind of human being – and new kind of civilization.

On a social level this means the development of a more conscious, sustainable, fair and balanced world.  It means a much greater awareness of humanity’s true spiritual nature as well as the conscious nature of all life on this precious living planet.  It means understanding our galactic heritage, and integrating an expanded quantum view of reality.  It also means humanity will lose its tolerance and fear of dark systems and attributes of consciousness.  We will see a rooting out of corruption and injustice, as humanity find the courage and power to collectively build a new kind of world.  And yes – there will be resistance – but don’t lose sight of “the end game”.  It is now our destiny.

It is vital that we do not buy into the fear and its divisiveness – and that we all stay focused on wisdom and wellbeing.  This shift of consciousness, and its energetic manifestations, will soon be the harbinger of unfathomable ideas of new development, invention and reorganization – and planetary peace.  It is a process that will usher in a brand new way of life.

On a very personal level – it will also awaken much new potential within each of us.  Yet to walk as bridge from the old to the new – there is also a personal recalibration.  Our body has to adjust to the new energy.  And this has challenges – right 🙂 !  It is critical to develop spiritual attributes of faith, courage, intuitive trust and discernment, strength, kindness, compassion, integrity, honesty, and wisdom.  It is important we become fully centered in the common sense of our true spiritual nature and be attentive to our self-care.

Perhaps nothing is more important than to develop a compassionate sense of self support in addition to the support of our families, communities and the world around us.  Learning to make self-respectful and empowered choices, following the path of personal healing and spiritual transformation, living intentionally, living intuitively and synchronistically – and loving ourselves authentically – are all the epicenter of graceful change.

As we do this, we are also beginning to understand not only the energetic nature of reality and attributes of human energy system, but also the quantum basis of life and the role of consciousness as a creative force.  Humanity is also slowly awakening to an awareness of the quantum nature of all life – and in particular our DNA.

4.     Your DNA is changing

The information we carry in our genes goes far beyond simple genetics.  To learn about this information (and the practical application of what it bring to us) is so valuable – it is perhaps essential toward self-support in these changing times.

Our DNA interfaces with a quantum system of information that contains an awareness of our spiritual history and potential.  It can be intentionally “awakened” and empowered through intended personal activation.  The changes we see because of this will not be found in the physical DNA – so science will have a great challenge with this idea.  It will occur in our “connectivity” to our quantum or spiritual DNA – which is invisible to science at present.  However, we will slowly begin to see the power of what it creates.

Beyond theoretical musing – what would really be contained in the process of awakening a greater potential in our DNA?
Could we access information to help us heal wounds we carry?
Could we access information about our life path and purpose?
Can we access our akashic information?
Can we erase karma and move forward in the new energy?
Could we manifest a great sense of personal peace, wisdom and balance?
Could we heal tendencies that we carry in our own genes; tendencies toward diseases or the potential to manifest diseases?
Can we regenerate healthier bodies?
Can we reach into our akashic record, stored in the quantum field encasing our DNA?
Could we activate latent abilities and talents that we carry forward from past incarnational experiences – hidden skills or strengths to help us manifest a rich and passionate purpose we carry in our hearts?
Is it in DNA that we find our connection to our spiritual nature and reality?

We are told that this is all true.  However it takes awareness and commitment to the belief to have your own personal experiences.  It also takes an intentional participation in the journey.

Many people today are remembering past life experience – including many new children who have vivid details of their past incarnations.  People worldwide are using such therapies as past life regression and “Quantum” energy work to bring tangible healing into their lives.  People are having visionary experiences and kundalini awakenings – experiences that are tangibly showing the reality of such things.

Since many of these mystical revelations occur in visionary and intuitive events – they are hard to prove.  It requires personal discernment.  People are either in tune with this, or, set to bypass it as meaningful.  All is okay.  Each person must follow the beat of their “own drum” – their heart!  Science cannot solve this one yet – because we now about but don’t yet see quantum energy!  You will only know if you try for yourself.  And how can you try, if you don’t learn …

5.     Understanding a little more about the human energy system, consciousness, wellness, and the power to heal is a really valuable endeavor for everyone

Part of this transformation is a growth in consciousness.  There are so many things to learn about that can help us as we do this.  The point is – keep learning!

It is valuable to learn about the human chakras and energy system.
It is important to learn about our awakening potential as co creative spiritual beings, and what this implies.
It is important to learn about love, fear and ego – to be able to transcend old karmic patterning.
It is beneficial to learn about vibrational healing potentials – for they are highly supportive to people in transformation.
It is valuable to understand creation as a mirror of personal and collective patterning – the law of attraction – and learn to create intentional wellbeing.
It is “awakening” to learn about Quantum DNA and healing.  We can learn all about the tools and abilities that are being empowered by this transformation, in these new times.

Through these endeavors, we can learn to develop energetic balance.  We can energetically heal past wounds, karmic wounds and memories.  We can develop trustworthy intuition and move in the flow of synchronicity.  We can overcome the attraction of ego-laden tendencies, and being stuck in attributes of fear.  We can learn to build an authentic life based on love, wisdom, joy and spiritual balance.

Today, there are so many wonderful books that tackle these topics – so find your favorites.  I do know it can be daunting to open ourselves to this whole new world of spiritual information and live through the process.  As I journeyed through my own personal healing experience, and helped other do the same – I always wished for a book that would bring together the big picture of healing and make it meaningful and accessible in a concise and consolidated way.

Since necessity has long been the mother of invention J – this longing inspired me to write my first book on healing, The Missing Pill – The Rise of Energy Medicine and Consciousness based Healing.  The Missing Pill is primer that takes you deep you into understanding consciousness and energy based healing – and introduces you a new quantum based healing modality entitled Unity Field Healing.  It just may be the missing primer you need to read to catalyze your personal process, or share with others as you support them on their journey.

May you find the treasure that lies within.
Every Blessing !


Dr. John Ryan is a board certified physician, energy healer, speaker and visionary.  His life was transformed by a series of mystical events that brought him to discover the validity of a spiritual and energy based healing paradigm – his passion.  He is an author (The Missing Pill – a highly acclaimed primer on Energy and Consciousness Based Healing) and founder of Unity Field Healing (A pioneering energy process that works with your Quantum DNA for biospiritual integration). 

“Dr. John Ryan is one of only a handful of medical professionals who will begin to demystify the utterly confusing world of New Age energy healing into an integrated idea and new healing reality for many!”

Lee Carroll PhD  Author and channel for Kryon.

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