Lost a Tooth? Print a New One! New 3D Teeth Kill Bacteria On Contact

Written by on November 1, 2015 in Medical Advances & Procedures, Sci-Tech, Technology with 88 Comments

3D printed tooth

By Trevor Hewitt | Plaid Zebra

Lost a tooth? No problem, just print another. A strange notion, but one that Dutch researchers are trying to make a reality with 3D-printed teeth made from antimicrobial plastic.

Scientists in the Netherlands developed the material by adding antimicrobial salts to existing dental resin (the stuff that dentists use to fill your cavities). The resulting mix is hardened with ultraviolet light and used to print artificial teeth.

When the material was tested by exposing it to human saliva and Streptococcus mutans, the bacterium that causes tooth decay, it killed over 99 per cent of all bacteria. “[It kills] bacteria on contact, but on the other hand it’s not harmful to human cells,” said Andreas Herrmann, a chemist involved in developing the material.

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88 Reader Comments

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  1. 177329882434430@facebook.com' Peace & Love says:

    Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You’re wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. You’re not alone, we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things. Please keep holding on

  2. 1512841629040064@facebook.com' Kyle St Jean says:

    All bacteria? We have quite a lot of bacteria that are essential to our health. This could be more of a problem than a cool solution.

  3. 10204985475143626@facebook.com' Bernie Courtney says:

    No biocompatibility I’m afraid. Therefore the tooth if implanted won’t “take” but be rejected by the alveolar(jaw) bone.

    • 846414435380494@facebook.com' Revolution de Mind says:


    • 716133861821394@facebook.com' Irene Kennedy says:

      You have trouble getting the real out, wait until you get this one in!

    • 10204985475143626@facebook.com' Bernie Courtney says:

      Whatever happened to the old fashioned full full

    • 10153226085428907@facebook.com' Simon Houghton says:

      Yep, someone who actually knows what they are talking about, the same happens with a tooth that has been root canalled, the body fails to recognise it as living and therefore rejects the tooth, it can create very nasty infections that can be life threatening, I have had this myself, it is very scary.
      Once a tooth’s nerve has died or been removed, the tooth should always be removed.

  4. 1032469960104713@facebook.com' Justin Shackelford says:

    Cari Lewis DeCavallas

  5. 846414435380494@facebook.com' Revolution de Mind says:

    Sweet :p

  6. 1691120081109767@facebook.com' Debby Foster says:

    can’t wait for them to get cheaper than dentures…even partials are so uncomfortable! I threw mine away after maybe 20 “wears.”

    • 10153682313082577@facebook.com' Amber Buckley-Cobbett says:

      I hear ya. I have a partial with one damn tooth. I hate it. But its in front so I need it but.. This would be nice. 🙂

  7. 10208374803112819@facebook.com' Robin Chesser Chaer Hackler says:

    I would!

  8. 10208374803112819@facebook.com' Robin Chesser Chaer Hackler says:

    better than amalgam!

  9. 1260876643938048@facebook.com' Michael Murdaugh says:

    Problem is if you believe a mind body compatibility, you lose the connection with all these synthetic man made parts. If it weren’t for your natural parts you wouldn’t know half of what’s truly going on with your body bc your body is very good at giving signs of something wrong

  10. 1716514941902925@facebook.com' Dan Snoek says:

    presently that sounds brilliant. hopefully they look like teeth though lol

  11. 10205959332196038@facebook.com' Michael McGinnis says:


  12. 10207037385586748@facebook.com' Morgan Larsson says:

    And the dentist can fix your teeth again, I think the not are bio compatible

  13. 10153254345013435@facebook.com' Aaron Le Conte says:

    Tom Kinniburgh

  14. 632645396837997@facebook.com' Jacob Rutherford says:

    Test rat right here!

  15. 10208724430292279@facebook.com' Pamela Skarda says:

    Excellent. FYI Clarke

  16. 10205964500726519@facebook.com' Diane Duplessis Morrill says:

    Way cool!

  17. 10206501970202201@facebook.com' Robaleen Bogden says:

    Yes especially if it is less costly

  18. 542092902613643@facebook.com' Jane Borys says:

    Rene Tanquilut

  19. 409879712542511@facebook.com' Caroline Beresford says:

    Katherine Robinson ?

  20. 10153722542262813@facebook.com' Michael McDonald says:

    Yes why not

  21. 495032530669280@facebook.com' Cindy Cacciola says:

    U bet

  22. 503179473185519@facebook.com' Jera Brown says:

    I’ve lost 8 teeth in the past two years, I need an answer like this desperately!

  23. 10203766419399341@facebook.com' Suzanne Kanofski says:

    Sounds awesome to me.

  24. 843228475797480@facebook.com' Thorsten Odinsson says:

    And are you sure they do not cause cancer? :/

  25. 1068483829842891@facebook.com' Nathan Dunning says:


  26. 1655879401363777@facebook.com' Marie Friend says:

    Hmm.. but there are a lot of good bacterias in the mouth – wouldn’t it be counter productive?

  27. 847587321977583@facebook.com' Janice Rentel says:


  28. 811130248995906@facebook.com' Lou Frino says:

    Julie Procter check it..

  29. 1635402323368714@facebook.com' Seth Lindgren says:

    Probably less than the $5000 implant I need! Id give it a shot!

  30. 315186211938858@facebook.com' Robert Alis says:

    I got one for your birthday, Marty Matz!…yea right, I wish I could!…hope you’re having a great birthday!

  31. 1040662145964026@facebook.com' Milena Banks says:

    They probably kill you too

  32. 10205220313176704@facebook.com' Rahela Fazli says:

    Ming Johanson

  33. 1453243801670680@facebook.com' Zen Hec Ryan says:

    Yes please, get into more punch ups.

  34. 907385922631296@facebook.com' Kim Paglione says:

    What will they do when we dont need them for anything,hmmmm

  35. 10207557328515045@facebook.com' Tess Kelly says:

    There’s a lot of good bacteria in the food we eat that’s vital to our good health. No thanks!

  36. 10207606342260445@facebook.com' Ashley Fox says:


  37. 1051353488220420@facebook.com' Cheryl Probert says:

    Mark of the beast technology. TransHumanism for those who want to be a GOD of their own universe according to the Father of Lies Satan. The creator will not have the mixing of man dna, machines, and synthetic humunoids. Watch the movie transcendence with Johnny Depp, Shows the building of a Humanoid Synthetic Vessel.

    • 10153735737683185@facebook.com' Ekramul Alam says:

      Here’s the thing… the same faith you are using to discredit innovation, if you read it yourself has plenty of lines as to how you can’t refute my appraise for it. “1 Timothy 2:12:I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet.” If you believe what you just said through the same narrative as what that faith preaches, then through a line I took from that book, you can’t refute my disaproval of it… Sorry homie, I love and respect you, but it appears the ideology promoted in your book won’t allow you to transcend my position despite the greatness I see in women. Your book tells you straight up that your position is innately inferior to mine thus making what ever argument you have hence forth invalid.

    • 1051353488220420@facebook.com' Cheryl Probert says:

      Ekramul Alam I am not of any religion what so ever. The Word of all Creation Yahusha= Yahuah is Salvation, Life, and LOVE. Loyalty to the Truth through the Spirit. And there is A Mark coming, Lucifer’s Mark. Go ahead believe it’s Inovation= Illuminati= It Animal eye!!!

    • 1051353488220420@facebook.com' Cheryl Probert says:

      Ekramul Alam Sir, I am not a woman, I am a messenger that has been poured upon by the Spirit of Yahuah for walking TheWay of Righteousness, The WORD= The Moral Ten Commandments. And when I falter in the s(k)in, as I do every day, all day long, I repent. And in the Creator Almighty’s Script, isn’t funny that ‘MAN’ with their wonderful Pride, Ego, and Penis have ruined the WORLD, LIFE, and have created WAR, TOYS for WAR, and blah, blah, blah. The Almighty Yahuah knows your thoughts, and your heart. He also knows mine, even before I was put in my mother’s womb. I was not a woman when he knew me before that. Yigh!!!!!!!

  38. 1681357018745786@facebook.com' Jeff Jaynes says:


  39. 10153184595951517@facebook.com' Tim Gaetano Eaton says:

    Anthony Ae Eaton

  40. 986682468063037@facebook.com' Rozee Velasquez Young says:

    After comprehensive, long term clinical trials, then if Medicare/Medicaid pays.

  41. 10153680551954836@facebook.com' Samantha Zeitler Zelnik says:


  42. 828828063896721@facebook.com' Dawn Nolden Trauthwein says:

    I could use this!?

  43. 934153063304668@facebook.com' Larry Mark Siervo Morales says:

    Clarissa Ong Sosing dai, i want you to replace my tooth with this.. hahahahah ???

  44. 10207908071961277@facebook.com' BethAnn Cacio says:


  45. grannyzef@gmail.com' zef rose says:

    I do not understand this at all.
    The picture shows a rooted tooth. Is the idea to implant this tooth? How would that be done? Is it a type of implant? If so, it would need an anchor in the jaw bone. You can’t just put a tooth-shaped plastic thing into the jaw, even if it is antimicrobial. Besides, if it is, how will the body accept it? What would hold it in? This article is incomplete, and the picture makes it just confusing.
    I would think that implanting the thing in that picture would be patently impossible.

  46. 1652654421681615@facebook.com' Marion Adler says:

    Born 50 years too soon!

  47. 10153314990499423@facebook.com' Rob Ward says:

    How does the printer get in your mouth?

  48. 874880802608072@facebook.com' Canaan Daddario says:

    Yes 🙂

  49. 772095882894690@facebook.com' Kyle Allred says:


  50. 955643677830293@facebook.com' Barry Mohn says:

    yes from my DNA

  51. 987327371337073@facebook.com' Kriston Wilson says:

    Hippy Fulcher

  52. 10153553468500091@facebook.com' Kane William-Smith says:

    Richard Dinan

  53. 1090564454301670@facebook.com' Scott Lawson says:

    I would have all my own natural teeth removed and these new 3D ones out in place but what else is in these 3D teeth because anything could be put inside them without iur knowledge.

  54. 10208326748265575@facebook.com' Lana Kraziikitti says:

    I have a feeling this is just a ploy to start the process of microchipping to monitor our health care.

  55. 880453865378100@facebook.com' David Meller says:

    Sounds good to me! Will it receive official approval in the lifetime of anybody now alive who can use it?

  56. 10153341663177736@facebook.com' Diane Donaldson says:

    Brando Peralta Toro

  57. 1253555608003795@facebook.com' Mali Gaia says:

    I’m always in high alert when they say, it kills bacteria… are we all bacteria???

  58. 10153228862854205@facebook.com' Anny Ruygrok says:

    Zirah B L Hearn

  59. 10153339676913022@facebook.com' Lissa Horenstein Nirenberg says:

    should our mouths be bacteria free ?

  60. 10153804918461995@facebook.com' Maria Escoto says:

    Dentistry isn’t expensive neglect is… Why are you losing teeth ? Prevention is the medicine my friends!

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