Why Good Things Happen To Bad People


Derek RydallBy Derek Rydall

“Why do good things happen to bad people — and so many bad things happen to good people?”

It sometimes feels like we're living in a perpetual opposite day, where “Love yourself not your neighbor” seems to be the golden rule and “Take and you shall receive” appears to be the principle of abundance. In the self-help/spiritual arena, the pain is felt even more acutely; where's karma, the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction? if you're a good human being, good stuff is supposed to happen to you, right?


It's a common misunderstanding to believe that “human goodness” leads to the experience of human good. In fact, that's not always — or even often — the case.

Here is the real principle of life: Consciousness is cause.

It's not so much the actions we take, but the consciousness behind them, that determines our experience. If a greedy person believes they're worthy or capable of creating wealth, they'll create it. If a generous and kind person doesn't feel worthy or abundant, they'll end up a broke do-gooder.

It's not personal, it's principle.

For every area of our life, we have certain set-points. For example, we might feel capable and confident with our work — and hold a strong self-image about it — but simultaneously harbor a limited identity and belief system around wealth. This can create an experience where we do great work, receive abundant kudos and are still underpaid. Or if we manage to increase our paycheck, our expenses increase with it — making us broke at a higher income bracket!

This can also show up in the area of health. A person can do all the right things, eat all the right foods and still end up getting sick — while another person eats whatever they want and hardly has a down day in their life. Don't you just hate those people?!

Some would argue that this is about genetics. But the latest discoveries in epigenetics reveal that genes don't control our body, the environment of the cell does. And what controls the environment of our cells?

Our consciousness.

This has been further shown in the science of psychoneuroimmunology, which explains how our thoughts become chemical and electrical impulses in our body, forming a biological alphabet that sends commands to our cells. Thoughts become things. Our biography becomes our biology.

Our consciousness is the cause of our reality.

If we take a deeper look at the do-gooder, striving to change the world for the better — but getting short-changed themselves — we'll find a belief system of limitation and fear. The inner talk might sound something like “life is hard, people are unfairly treated, things are unjust… ” And that is the kind of life they experience, regardless of how much they “fight the good fight.”

We don't get what we want — or even what we pray for — we get what we are in consciousness. Life is not fair, it's lawful. When a person eats a healthy meal, but underneath it is motivated by fear or self-loathing, the law of consciousness sees a fearful, self-loathing person and magnifies that, drawing more of that to them.

The universe is blind to your actions but acutely aware of the thoughts behind them.

This isn't to say that actions aren't important. Action is crucial to creation. As the saying goes, “Faith without works is dead.” But the reverse is also true: “Works without faith are dead.” By all means, act from your highest standard of good. But be sure to align yourself with an equally high state of consciousness.

If you find yourself saving money out of fear of loss, shift that perspective so you're saving from a state of inspiration and abundance — you're saving “for” something, like financial freedom or a new house, rather than saving “from” something, like the fear of financial ruin or losing your house.

This week, pay closer attention to the consciousness behind your actions. Notice when what you say matches what you're thinking and feeling and when it doesn't. Become aware of when your actions are in alignment with your deeper beliefs and when they contradict them.

Take some time to journal about the beliefs, self-talk and emotions behind the key areas of your life — particularly the ones where you're experiencing challenges. At the end of the week, review this. You'll discover that the picture you're seeing outside is a reflection — if only faintly — of the mental/emotional picture you're living inside. You'll also start to see the gap between what you're trying to create — the actions you're taking — and what you're really creating with your thoughts, feelings and mental images.

The awareness of this gap is the beginning of real change. Set the intention to close that gap. Work with this material daily. And as your thoughts, feelings, words and actions become in integrity with your highest vision, you'll become one of the “good people” who has good things happening… and you'll be unstoppable.

Stay Inspired!

Derek Rydall

Article Source: huffingtonpost.com (re-posted here with permission from Derek Rydall)

About Derek Rydall

Derek RydallPart of the new generation of spiritual visionaries and thought leaders, Derek Rydall is the author of EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change and the world’s #1 expert on the revolutionary Law of Emergence. He has trained top executives at Fortune 500 companies (from American Express to Disney) in empowered leadership and communications, coached celebrities and media professionals (including Oscar and Emmy winners) on creating conscious entertainment, regularly writes for The Huffington Post, and has touched hundreds of thousands around the planet with his message on finding your path, living your purpose and making a powerful impact!

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  1. indichas@outlook.com' Chas says:

    “Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities — always see them, for they’re always there.” ~Norman Vincent Peale

  2. babyfairywings@googlemail.com' lee says:


  3. electrolux12@gmail.com' Marty says:

    ‘If a greedy person believes they’re worthy or capable of creating wealth, they’ll create it. If a generous and kind person doesn’t feel worthy or abundant, they’ll end up a broke do-gooder.’
    With respect and thanks for your ideas you seem to be subtly saying that a truly virtuous mind does not create happiness and that an un-virtuous or selfish mind can create fortunate situations. Perhaps generous people who are experiencing poverty now is from causes of previous selfishness and those that are rich and selfish now are experiencing the effects of past generosity. Of course a mind that is engaged in virtuous or unselfish generations now will enjoy peace of mind despite outward material manifestations.

    Also I’m thinking that the ‘gap’ between the ‘Universe’ and the ‘Mind’ might be something that will fade away in time as our minds realizes it’s true nature.

  4. ssreddys28@gmail.com' SS Reddy Sangana says:

    Good one! Infact, you have given me a new word, ‘possibilitarian’

    Thank you,


  5. 1476185739345170@facebook.com' Suny Leone Online says:

    anyone love this post as much as i do ?

  6. 10200552734378047@facebook.com' Bonnie Rudolph says:

    I often wonder this same ting always

  7. 507237102777107@facebook.com' Tattoo Girl says:

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  8. 928491630523095@facebook.com' Sudhakar Singh says:


  9. 540334239453594@facebook.com' Jandie Lee says:

    I’m not bad , I was born under the tree of good and evil. Nothing and of everything ?

  10. 907311392674344@facebook.com' Sheri LaFree says:

    Great read!

  11. 10152990808997234@facebook.com' Tracey Byrne says:

    Yes. Absolute nonsense. Turn it in the light, until it feels good 🙂

  12. 10207550356427739@facebook.com' Joey Giordano says:

    Well put!

  13. 456854464497210@facebook.com' Betty Langston Tipton says:

    I wonder about the same things.

  14. 185458824967924@facebook.com' Computer Issues says:

    such great comments guys

  15. 10153657100219189@facebook.com' Caroline Beagan says:

    Page not found….

  16. 10153569057742235@facebook.com' Tanya Kozel says:

    Bruce Hickey, this was part of our conversation tonight! Synchronicity!

  17. 1488117008167547@facebook.com' Garrett Ahenakew says:

    On this earth, the bad will be blessed with earthly fortunes, and those that suffer and continue to do good have truly earned righteousness.

  18. 10200640552293231@facebook.com' Ka Nida says:

    their bad parts not yet to come

  19. 1210810498945314@facebook.com' Chelsea Ellison says:

    The “good” that happens to “bad people” is typically because they take advantage, to an extreme degree, people and opportunities.

  20. 10153112550523181@facebook.com' Josh John Dejesus says:

    Bull….just create your own happiness don’t rely on circumstances or luck make your own!!!

  21. 1272550722771477@facebook.com' Marvin Garcia Montilla says:

    Even Satan, he blesses his followers. So if that sort of blessings push you away from REAL AND TRUE GOD our SAVIOR, then most probobly it is not from our Lord God.

  22. 811423215639656@facebook.com' Phil Gamble says:

    Its a bit baffling for me. I dont want to believe that it is such a necessity. I know it is though. Maybe a fear of turning into a money hunger. Ive never had an abundance, but I am starting to need it to move to a nicer location than the gold coast. Im a delivery driver on south east coast of Queensland, it seems the more I try to make it work the less it does. I very much dislike the area but cant seem to be able to save to move. Ill get 3 weeks or so of full time casual work but then it fades away slowly to 2 days a week. I need some help on this and I know it, lol, but yet again cant afford the help. Makes it difficult and feels like I have to sort it out by myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Blessings.

  23. Donrumsey@triad.rr.com' Don says:

    So…children get cancer and die because they are conciously attracting cancer and death rather than conciously attracting wellness and life? An entire family is killed in a head on collision with a drunk driver because the father was conciously attracting a head on collision and the death of his entire family rather than a safe trip and life for them? An entire village is wiped out and most of its inhabitants are killed by a hurricane because they were conciously attracting a hurricane and mass destruction and death rather than conciously attracting fair weather and life? A college student working her way through college as a night clerk in a convince store is shot in the head and killed by a robber because she was conciously attracting murder rather tha conciously attracting life? I agree that we create much of our own reality by where our conciousness is focused, and that we attract more of what happens to us, good or bad, by what we conciously focus our attention on, but I don’t think your theory about the law of attraction completely addresses the premise of your article, “why good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good, or innocent, people”.

  24. 10204558805802407@facebook.com' Merc Loc says:

    Misconceptions over happiness if u believe money will make u happy. The “good things” that happen to bad people are not really good at all because the price they pay to get them is too high, I know I wouldn’t do it otherwise I would already be a bad guy lol. Consciousness is the key but those who consciously do evil are following the LHP and should be avoided. People are nothing more than stepping stones for them, self gain at the expense of others, and I don’t think that is right. Good people get what they want by doing what they want as do bad people, it’s all about choice. Obviously if u want something and u take it then u have it but if that something belongs to someone else then u are stealing. Good people would ask to barter for the item while evil people would steal it but both of them acted consciously, the good is conscious of others while the evil are only conscious of themselves. Another key to understanding is perception, if u perceive the bad guy as having good things then maybe your perception of what good things are is all wrong, it’s just a thought.

  25. 10207727801936554@facebook.com' Royola Ruth says:

    Love this

  26. 931248130266015@facebook.com' Sue Field says:

    Loved this article. So needed to read this stuff right now. Brilliant!

  27. 1623096044626008@facebook.com' Edwin L Aleman says:

    Its called.karma. what good people did to others come back at them…and when bad people did something good then it comes back to the them. If some shit happens to you…its because it was karma.

  28. 10206467077690637@facebook.com' Cynthia Anne says:


  29. 10204995921079363@facebook.com' Rafael Reyes says:

    Diana Quijano Parra

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