Global Grief – Awakening and Transformation

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“Grief is the price we pay for love” read the inscription on the memorial. It struck a chord of sadness within me as I remembered all I have loved and lost in my life. Some of these losses were more painful than others but each pushed me into a cycle of grief beginning with denial, followed by anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. These stages, highlighted by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross in her book “On Death and Dying”, are common to all of us although some of us never reach the final stage of acceptance because the rush of feeling that follows is too much to bear. Instead we live in denial, anger takes up residence within us, we try and hold on to what we know in our hearts we have lost and then fall into a depression to protect us from the pain. This process isn’t linear and we may cycle through it for years when dealing with the death of a loved one or loss of a relationship. Other losses may involve a less arduous cycle yet we still go through the same process when something is taken from us and we feel out of control.

Denial vs Acceptance

Even the perception of loss can begin this process. If we don’t want to face the possibility of losing our job or relationship we may start living in denial as a way to prevent the inevitable. This can often be confused with acceptance as both can make us feel better, but when we are in denial we hold on to the past and when we are in acceptance we move on. We can see this when we go through different life stages and grieve for our lost youth, freedom or health. During a mid-life crisis we try to relive our earlier years instead of embracing the next phase of our lives because age and experience are not revered by our society. Yet each time we go through a change and grieve for a loss we fill the well of wisdom within us that we draw upon to help us grow.

Bargain Basement

Unfortunately, growth isn’t easy and many of us prefer to stay in the bargaining stage, making deals with ourselves or giving away our integrity. How many of us have stayed in a job we hate until we get our pay rise or put up with unhealthy dynamics in our relationship because we want to believe one day things will change? There is safety in the familiar, even if it is painful, but It is our ego that prefers the comfort of the known as fear, self-protection and control are its driving forces. Yet our souls need new experiences and long to be free, so we can’t bargain with our spirit for too long. If we try we are likely to become depressed because we refuse to make the changes needed to evolve, which is our purpose in life. However, we often hinder our progress by making changes on a superficial level. A new car may distract us from feeling old but until we accept the loss of our youth we will be inherently unhappy.

Rethinking Depression

Depression experienced during a grieving cycle is a natural part of the process, it slows us down so we can heal our wounds and replenish ourselves. Medicating this type of depression is commonplace yet it helps us suppress, rather than deal with, the depression that comes with loss. Depression can also be a sign that we need to make a change and if we allow ourselves to heed its call we can think of it as a catalyst rather than something to be avoided. If grief is allowed to follow its natural flow it is cleansing, healing and liberating. When we reach acceptance and are willing to let go we often feel a rush of freedom and excitement at what is possible, as we are no longer carrying around the burden of the past.

Global Grief

The grieving process is intrinsically linked with change and if we broaden our perspective we can see that humanity as a whole is going through a global cycle of grief to accompany the crumbling of our comfortable old worldview. We move through the different stages as more of the imbalance and injustice in our society is revealed, each layer catalysing another wave of people into awakening. As we grieve the loss of our innocence the whole world is thrown into turmoil as some fight against the inevitable change and some embrace it. We may stumble and lose our footing falling back into denial but we are moving forward as a collective, each one of us at our own pace. Remember, the life we want is always tapping us on the shoulder if only we would turn our heads.

Here’s to conscious evolution.

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Sam WelsbySam Welsby is a teacher of conscious evolution, freelance writer, social activist and healer helping people bridge the gap between their physical and spiritual selves. She offers guidance on how to navigate the catalysing energies of change through her articles, personal healing sessions and mentoring programs. Her healing techniques help people to release emotional trauma on multiple levels, so they can live life with clarity and purpose.

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