A French Journalist Who Spent 10 Months in ISIS Captivity Reveals What the Jihadists REALLY Want

Written by on June 26, 2016 in Government, Military with 106 Comments

Nicolas Henin-compressed

By Vandita | We Are Anonymous

Nicolas Hénin, a French journalist who was chained together in underground cells by ISIS in Syria for 10 months as a hostage alongside US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff who were later beheaded, has not only revealed his brutal and gruesome ordeal at hands of terror group, he has also described how welcoming refugees is the best strategy against ISIS, how airstrikes against Syria are a trap, how the jihadists want the West to kill Muslims to justify their terror, and how the terrorists can be defeated.

ISIS Wants You To Turn Your Back On Refugees

UNHCR figures show over one million refugees and migrants reached Europe by sea in 2015. But things are different in 2016 with many Western countries planning to close their doors to refugees blaming Muslims for terror attacks on the West. However, Hénin insists:

“Welcoming refugees is not a terror threat to our countries; it’s like a vaccine to protect us from terrorism, because the more interactions we have between societies, between communities, the less there will be tensions. The Islamic State believes in a global confrontation. What they want eventually is civil war in our countries, or at least large unrest, and in the Middle East, a large-scale war. This is what they look for. This is what they struggle for. So we have to kill their narrative and actually to welcome refugees, totally destroy their narrative.”

ISIS Wants You To Not Stop Bombing Syria

US President Barack Obama called the unfortunate shooting at a holiday party, which killed 14 people and injured 22, in San Bernardino on December 2, 2015 as “an act of terrorism designed to kill innocent people” and vowed to continue bombing Iraq and Syria areas held by the Islamic State. But Hénin warns that airstrikes are NOT the answer to combating the Islamic State; in fact, he says, airstrikes against Syria are a trap.

“Airstrikes in Syria, the way they are done, are a mistake… All of these bombings have a terrible side effect. And basically, we—Westerners, but not only Westerners, also the Russians, also the regime—are pushing the Syrian people into the hands of ISIS. We are working for them. We are recruiting for them.”

ISIS Wants To See You Hate & Kill Muslims

The Charlie Hebdo shooting , the multiple terror attacks on Paris and the recent Brussels Bombings not only struck at the heart of cosmopolitan Western civilization, it struck at the Western unity, giving Islamophobic elements in both America and Europe an excuse to persecute their own innocent Muslim citizens. That is exactly what the Islamic State wanted.

In an op-ed for The Guardian, Hénin explains how we are just fuelling our enemies and fuelling the misery and disaster for the natives, and why we absolutely must not respond to terror attacks with more violence and hate…

“With their news and social media interest, they will be noting everything that follows their murderous assault on Paris, and my guess is that right now the chant among them will be “We are winning”. They will be heartened by every sign of overreaction, of division, of fear, of racism, of xenophobia; they will be drawn to any examples of ugliness on social media.

“Central to their world view is the belief that communities cannot live together with Muslims, and every day their antennae will be tuned towards finding supporting evidence. The pictures from Germany of people welcoming migrants will have been particularly troubling to them. Cohesion, tolerance – it is not what they want to see.

“Canada withdrew from the air war after the election of Justin Trudeau. I desperately want France to do the same, and rationality tells me it could happen. But pragmatism tells me it won’t. The fact is we are trapped: ISIS has trapped us. They came to Paris with Kalashnikovs, claiming that they wanted to stop the bombing, but knowing all too well that the attack would force us to keep bombing or even to intensify these counterproductive attacks. That is what is happening.”

In a column for the International Business Times, Hénin made a very compelling case for why we must not overreact to the acts of terrorism:

Let’s start by asking ourselves, what does our enemy want us to do? What reaction would make them happy? The answer is that the Paris attacks were committed because ISIS wants to see us kill Muslims. They want to provoke military escalation in Syria. They want to provoke unrest. They want to provoke confrontations with Muslims from the Western world.

ISIS believes that Muslims have no place in a Western society, and that the two worlds can’t coexist. All of their propaganda – based on a corrupted restoration of the ‘Muslim pride’ – is actually a scam: ISIS wants the West to kill Muslims to justify their war.

ISIS is a terrorist group and we can’t reproach them and expect them to shift ideals and act as we do. They can only act by their very definition – to terrorize. They do this to become a part of our political agenda. To make us forget what is fair or moral. To make us have eyes only for them. Enthralled by their terror campaign, we ultimately act against our own interests, against all logic.

How Can The Islamic State Be Defeated?

“The winner of this war will not be the party that has the newest, the most expensive or the most sophisticated weaponry, but the party that manages to win over people.”

This article (A French Journo Who Spent 10 Months In ISIS Captivity Reveals What Do Jihadists REALLY Want) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.com.

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106 Reader Comments

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  1. That’s all well and good but I don’t think just letting them all in is a good idea
    And accepting refuges isn’t going to stop them from doing these atrocities, they’ve been doing it forever

    • Amanda Ladin Amanda Ladin says:

      “Letting them all in” you mean human beings?? Most of the terrorists are home grown and that’s a fact. Idk how you could turn innocent people away with children running from their death.

    • Todd Speed Todd Speed says:

      Omg “them” you fucking muppet

    • That’s right Todd Speed, call names
      Shows your intelligence

    • Refusing refugees offers them no choice but to join or die. You can live with that because one of your ancestors decided to live between different lines than theirs?

    • What about all the homeless in this country?
      What about all the neglected senior citizens
      What about all of our kids that are living in poverty, poor health care, drug addicted parents.
      The Veterans that need medical help, etc
      These are the issues I worry about as an American citizen
      We need to fix our own
      We are not here to fix the world

      • adeel.666@gmail.com' Adeel says:

        Totally agree with you. Stay at home and fix your own. Ohh wait, that is something YOU never do. YOU always meddle in the affairs of other countries for one reason or another. YOU never kept to yourself before this modern terrorism creeped in. Always f*****g up one country or another. So please, for God’s sake, just get your govt. to do what you just said. Stay home and fix your own. You are not here to fix the world.

    • What about them? If you redirect the money going to war profiteers and corporate subsidies, we could easily take care of all of that plus refugees plus more

    • Those are issues you need to take up with congress and your peers that vote for congress as they are the people allowing the wealthy to get off without paying their dues (while the rest of us are taxed onto poverty), spending trillions for wars and military operations instead of building our infrastructure (which would put thousands to work) which would help build our economy and all those at the bottom of it. . if you are balming refugees for our socioeconomic problems I fear you don’t understand how the system we live under operates.

    • Surata Wood Surata Wood says:

      Amanda your wrong! I see NO women or children . All I see are MEN. So let’s not use the it’s for the children shit…! Bc it’s not.

    • Typical American comment. Haha Babylon will fall, I just hope you don’t drag the last of the Native Indian Americans into it, as well as the Africans, American used to build your country. Sad story

    • Adames Ebra Adames Ebra says:

      Don’t forget your white European fathers came to America uninvited Too

    • After they stole, raped and inter bred my ansestors, used them as slaves along side Africans in the field, no one really remembers that. That’s where the mulotto came from and the world redneck. Because it was cheaper to hire a donkey, then it was to buy a Irishmen.

    • You forget about MY ancestors who fought and died to free the slaves
      What about the fact that your own people sold their own people
      We didn’t come and kidnap them

    • As for your comment about the native Indians you are very right
      I’m not proud of how this country was founded or the horrible things that were done, but either way I’m still an American

    • U.nder S.atans A.uthority. My own people never sold out there own people, we were consider as inferior to the English n French. They use to say we were an African inside out, and the word I won’t even repeat, as its down grading to both African n Irish.

    • I get it
      You’re not American

    • I don’t blame you Adrienne. You believe everything you read and see and think America is the greatest country in the world. You’re wrong, but I understand why you think these things. Because every damn person is being brainwashed and and as soon as we open our minds, we will see what’s really going on

    • Anum Abbas Anum Abbas says:

      So attacking the Muslims countries to help them ( so called help ) n is right ??? To attack on their resources is right ?? But to accommodate them is wrong ?? Wowww

    • Nick Jones Nick Jones says:

      They havent been doing it forever wtf. The catholic church has been doing it forever.

    • Lol get her fat white ass lol i hate people like her maybe the real americans should kick out all u white bastards and send yall back to the fucking caves where yall mysteriously came from

    • Fuck you Nick Jones
      Fuck all you idiots

    • That not what your Koran says
      You all are typically disgusting

    • Well, that didn’t take long to escalate, but it did take a little bit longer than I expected, so I guess in the big scheme of bigotry that’s some level progress… *sigh*

    • Adrienne, since you clearly enjoy reading (I’m guessing you’ve read the Koran from start to finish in its mother tongue so you have full comprehension of the intended text) here’s an article for you


    • Todd Speed Todd Speed says:

      Intelligencia? Escuchame una cosa mujer! Tengo 20 anos viajando muchissimo en este planeta. ESTAMOS TODOS HUMANOS. When you state them it shows you are person with limited experience of the world, fearful of what is different and person lacking imagination and prejudiced. So you are a fucking muppet. End of story. Now go back under your stone. Muppet

    • Carlmckenzie4@gmail.com' Carl Mckenzie says:

      Stay strong the one way racist wont give up till they dominate as a white man i say its either forget the past start over stop the wars and move on or we blow up the world so make up your fucking minds because fighting back and forth is getting old im proud of my multi-cultural country only let in legal immigrants stay out of innocent country like iraq syria libia ect follow the law and if you dont like the law then go do the right thing to change it or go to jail and human right should be the most important agenda.no matter how even you make it someones always gotta problem i say let blow up the world because its impossible to straighten it all out

  2. When Isis is eradicated, none of this will matter! ?

  3. I don’t believe anything I read anymore

  4. When the refugees accept life like we do , tolerance to all for all. Wait in line and think of others,put their voice out there saying where they stand , instead of being quiet so we think they agree to what is happening, let us here their voice of good not evil.

    • Helena Thong Helena Thong says:

      When you say “when the refugees accept life like we do”, you are forgetting that some people- citizens of your own country, have also committed acts that dishonor life. Refugees aren’t the only people who commit these acts of terror, we are all human beings and equally flawed. When a westerner commits an act of terror, do we expect the western world to decry this behavior? I have spoken to a few people of Islamic faith who have verbally expressed displeasure with these acts of terror by people who claim to be operating under Islam. Exposing ourselves to the culture and opinion of others can do us (and the world) a lot of good.

    • The story was about Isis and refugees I was commenting on that. We……..India Bailey being me and others who have come to this wonderful country, who fell in line and tried to live the life of an Australian (and do ) expect others to try and do the same and not to expect to jump ques and get help before others that have been waiting . It would be good that if the government could say o k for every refugee we help we will help a veteran or a homeless person and give them the same deal. That’s all fair is fair .

    • Helena Thong That was not what the story was about . I was commenting on the story .I do agree to what you have said . we should be tolerant of all and if they whoever they are could also be tolerant. Live and let live.

    • Jeff Gerlin Jeff Gerlin says:

      Maybe they need to stop thinking ‘we’ need to pledge allegiance to Islam or die. There has not been peace in the Middle East for 1600 years, about the same time as someone… I don’t recall his name, you know, they guy who thinks rape is ok, killing women for next to nothing, where dogs have more respect than women….

    • Jeff Gerlin I know what you are saying , there are good people out there too but they will not let us know who they are , either afraid or head in the sand. If the good do not come out and stand against the evil of what is happening they all end up tainted with the same paint brush and classed as evil.

    • I wonder if you could see the hypocrisy in saying no, citing tolerance for all as a reason why not when I’m betting you have never just say down and talked about life, outlooks, religion, family… Or anything with a refugee from Syria. Try it, you might be surprised. Love, a Canadian

    • Terrorists are not Muslim

    • Carla Noon Carla Noon says:

      I’m sorry while I do know peaceful Muslims and view it very similar to the early Christianity because the Qur’an is like the old testament on steroids. I truly think you need to read it before you formulate a opinion based on others say so. I’m all for tolerance and acceptance of all faith’s and religion’s but there’s some serious content and acceptance of some very bad things in those gospels . You have to read it

    • Thank you for your comments :-).

    • Iman Hadieh Iman Hadieh says:

      Marguerita: where the hell do you live? Americans are shitty to themselves and to each other. You are an elitist that is unaware of it as it is clear you think you are superior. Or maybe you just think that if it is different from YOU; from the individual snowflake you think you are, then you find it organically inferior? You. Are. The. Problem.

    • Jeff Gerlin Jeff Gerlin says:

      Marguerita Alison Correct, but they don’t want to die for being seen as not agreeing with the Koran…..

    • tolerance is not the same as acceptance..

  5. Tom Hicks Tom Hicks says:

    He’s an actor.

  6. Lucia Sellek Lucia Sellek says:

    The moral of this story is. Let Muslims stay in their own countries. We are not welcome in theirs, so why should we have them in ours?.

    • James Green James Green says:

      Because NATO continually destabilised the Middle East for non existent wmd’s can’t fuck up multiple nations and walk away Scott free

    • Ash Mohammed Ash Mohammed says:

      Lucia Sellek… Why didn’t your ancestors stay in theirs, you racist fuck! It’s animals like you that’s the problem in this world.

    • Nato and the US are to be blamed. Where is Gaddaffi? They are buzy with regime change throughout the world, so this is bound to happen. So EU must deal with refugees whether they like it or not.

    • Who said you aren’t welcome in theirs? Excuse me? I got into Java (one of the largest Muslim countries) a day before Australia closed the borders as apparently there was terrorist threats to Aussie and they were some of the most welcoming people who had no idea what was happening. Treated me like a family member, offered a roof over my head and food as we sat to pray, they were open to my spiritual beliefs and freedoms. I think you need to travel to these places you think are unwelcoming. Because it’s your country that doesn’t welcome

    • Ash, chill, she’s obviously your typical uneducated person who’s lived in a bubble of insecurity and thinking the world is out to get her. She’s probably only ever travelled to place where they exploit the people. She has no idea

    • Muslims are really good people. Just like us they are trying to live a peaceful life one day at a time. We should not be as cold hearted at treating a fellow human being like they do not even deserve a chance to survive and have decent life just because of the actions of the few.

  7. ? bye bye conscious life news

  8. India Bailey India Bailey says:

    Wow…7 idiotic comments.

  9. What about all the homeless in this country?
    What about all the neglected senior citizens
    What about all of our kids that are living in poverty, poor health care, drug addicted parents.
    The Veterans that need medical help, etc
    These are the issues I worry about as an American citizen
    We need to fix our own
    We are not here to fix the world

    • We fucked up every single country in the middle east , or was it Mexico ?, was it Guatemala , ..Italy ?.. no.we fucked them up

    • Stop trying to co – opt with unrelated issues. They are all separate problems that need to be dealt with by different governmental agencies. You don’t compare rocks and air. And one of the things that civilization is about is helping those in need. Imaginary lines aka borders don’t define who your neighbour is

    • Iman Hadieh Iman Hadieh says:

      But we created all the problems and therefore it IS related. This includes “ISIS”.

  10. it seems to me to be a trap within a trap to just kill

  11. Paul Isaac Paul Isaac says:

    That’s to Hillary Clinton and Obama we are slaves

  12. Emma Cusack Emma Cusack says:

    Here we go again, selective geographical empathy, reading some of the comments wtf your basically saying what about us, what about our children what about our homeless, what kind of a message are you sending your children by teaching them to be like you, selective about how depending on you religious beliefs or which part of the planet you are from, should determine whether you live or die, really?

  13. They won’t a Holy Bomb dropped on them….

  14. Jay Creek Jay Creek says:

    Why did they spare his head?

  15. So you can use your money to pay for all their needs!

  16. What an idiotic article

  17. Raeann Ward Raeann Ward says:

    Lol, that’s a joke! Maybe since he lived he is on Obama’s pay roll to say that crap! So many die, yet let him live to give us that message. We all know they’re to populate and take over all non Muslim countries.

  18. Tell Germany how great those refugees are

  19. So, what did he agree to in order for him to not lose his head?

  20. Angela Cash Angela Cash says:

    All of this Isis media attention is a great distraction from whatever the government is up to.

  21. What foolish responses. Kudos, Conscious Life, for posting a brave article for an even braver man. I’m sorry he went through something none of us can understand and I’m grateful for his gracious outlook after all he’s been through

  22. Fred Bartz Fred Bartz says:

    In case you didnt know isis dont exist

  23. Fred Bartz Fred Bartz says:

    There is no nation called ISIL or ISIS–or even their shortened name, IS. And regardless of what your definition of IS is, or Islamic State is, they are not a state or a city and certainly not a nation. In fact, they don’t exist. They are fictitious straw men designed to keep our eyes off the real offender. Sometimes, the diversion is a name of an organization. At other times, it is a man puffed up by the media as the purported ring leader, such as bin Laden, who supposedly did all that mischief from a cave in Afghanistan or from a small room in Pakistan without our CIA knowing where he was. How much more laughable can you get? The NSA has every phone number of every America in databases and analyzed.

    • Elken Alei Elken Alei says:

      Yes. Eventually others country having the same things even this typing comment. Is coming as said. After up to the hill must come down.

    • U see and that’s a blessing- but good luck trying to wake up cow heads that are sooooo brainwashed they’d freely walk right into a hot oven and thank the ones who would cook an eat them,, most humans today are so easily manipulated, they believe the lies they can’t sense truth and they are parasitical to the mother planet & at this point they are pretty much obsolete 2 the planet and it’s more then shameful,, so for those of u who have your intuition on high and can sense truth – those who can feeeel – well u have my sympathies trying to save our human brethren who can’t- so good luck with that

    • I think you’re absolutley right about that, Fred Bartz!

  24. Julio Cobre Julio Cobre says:

    F isis were not afraid to die#

  25. Elken Alei Elken Alei says:

    Should exposed all the criminal case in fake religious motive. Wolf in lamp skin. Deep dig the begins and purpose of religion formed before modern ideology of dec rep lib com soc blah blah blah management if your heart have no love. IF YOUR VOICE NOT BEING HEART BY THE WORLD BY GOD. INTERNATIONAL WWW CITIZENS WILL BE YOUR COMRADE WILLING TO HEAR YOU CRY FEEL YOUR PAIN SEE YOU TEARS .WHAT R WE LIVING FOR IF OUR PLANET GETTING SHIT ELSEWHERE ? Think. Plasma ionized radiation vapor . 0 atm. Heat up 1000·c in 0.5s, 2 plate of polarization dc+-,argon gas released to bombard. Think why your soul and conscious started to exist?

  26. That’s not even the same guy. Moving on.

  27. Tim Denis Tim Denis says:

    Muslims want to bring the dark middle age back. theyre heavily confused , abuse theyre own children on so many diffrent ways, rape goats women children and everything else in range. they dont have the right attitude to be called “human” and they shouldnt be threated like for sure untill they change theyre mind and start being human. but this will never happend because theyre mentaly underdeveloped and theyre satanic habbits (like raping children and marry them to old man, chop body parts off and other middle age things) will never get old for them and always be the goal which they aspire. the only way to make this world a better place is to get rid of these desert maggots and ban theyre “religion” of rape and humiliation world wide and penalize everybody who PUBLICY ACKNOWLEDGED his faith in this kind of rape sect. or they just become Human and decide for a living together. 🙂

    • Maybe educate yourself first on a religion before actually making an ass of yourself on social media. Islam doesn’t and has never demanded what you are claiming in this statement. It’s clear you don’t know any Muslims so you just gulp whatever the mainstream media feeds you

  28. Alex Biddle Alex Biddle says:

    all aboard the propaganda train

  29. Iman Hadieh Iman Hadieh says:

    What a bullshit story. If you buy this, you deserve to be fooled in the first place.

  30. Sounds like a bs globalist agenda to me

  31. Selena Sapp Selena Sapp says:

    More than likely this guy has been psychologically damaged for life and I would not do anything he is saying to do.

  32. Sorry we’ve got our own problems…..

  33. Greg Brett Greg Brett says:

    Ok so my question would be what is wrong with neighbouring country’s closer to Syria, they speak the language and have a similar culture? Why travel all the way to the uk?

  34. Kim Rice Kim Rice says:

    All the people on the ground over there say the same things. The so-called Diplomatic corps who claims the opposite should be shot for committing treason.

  35. “Hate and fear selling right here, come and get it folks, its free and unlimited! Thats a good slave, eat it all right up.” Uncle Sam continues, ” I like my sheep nice and fat! Oh no, looks like you are sick?!” ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

  36. Peter Burger Peter Burger says:

    What would the government do without groups like ISIS; I’d be a pretty boring world for them!

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