First They Came for the Muslims (and I Didn’t Speak Up Because I Wasn’t a Muslim)

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By Claire Bernish | The Anti Media

“They came first for the Communists, and I did not speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak up, because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I did not speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up for me.” — Pastor Martin Niemöller

(ANTIMEDIA) United States —Myriad versions of Pastor Niemöller’s original quote began circulating in the late 1940s and early 1950s, yet his exhortative words on the perilous pitfalls of political and social apathy couldn’t be more germane than they are today. Niemöller originally intended to warn against passive detachment in believing dangerous power persecuting one group wouldn’t eventually seek to target all, as occurred during the Nazis’ rise to power.

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First They Came for the Muslims . . .

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” spouted the presidential candidate during a press conference about his latest ‘official’ policy proposal — referring to himself in the third person — “until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.”

As Trump continues spewing such bigoted, anti-Muslim dogma in his quest for the ostensible highest position of power in the so-called Free World, Niemöller’s admonitory words must be revisited — without even themost negligible That Would Never Happen Here caveat. Because, should you think fascism won’t come to the U.S., you are already wrong.

In It Can’t Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis penned, in part, “[I]n America the struggle was befogged by the fact that the worst fascists were they who disowned the word ‘Fascism’ and preached enslavement to Capitalism . . .” — a quote most famously summarized: “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

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How appropriate, given Trump’s astonishingly xenophobic ignorance ofIslam and his blindly paranoid assumption — held in common with an unfortunate proportion of the U.S. populace — that somehow Muslim equals Terrorist.

Nevermind the outright condemnation of radical Islam by the world’s largest Muslim group as policy since its inception 90 years ago.

Nevermind a Christian terrorist who recently bombed a women’s health clinic in Colorado. NevermindBuddhist terrorists and their campaign of torment against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Nevermind Jewishterrorists whose unending violence against Palestinians garners more than sufficient reason for the U.S. government to cut ties and impose sanctions, rather than reward atrocity with unending financial support.

And, certainly, nevermind U.S. proxy-terrorism worldwide — characterized, at least, in its purposefultargeting of a Médicins Sans Frontières hospital facility in Kunduz, Afghanistan; or tellingly in its tacit, complicitcreation of the exact terrorists, Daesh, it now claims to do battle with in the Middle East.

Fascism not only totes a Bible and wraps itself in the flag, it also makes fools of those who fear the nearly impossible odds a Muslim refugee will perpetrate an act of terrorism here. It cloaks itself in a growing superhero cape of we need to clamp down on national security: Build that wall! Shut those borders! No Amurican could possibly commit an act of terror, so we’ll be safe in this cocoon!


Wait — maybe we should keep track of people inside the borders, too! I mean, what if the terrorists are already here?! What about national ID cards so we know who the Muslims are, just like Trump said we need?

Hopefully, you see not only the basic logical fallacies, but the fear-driven idiocy in such musings.

If you don’t immediately have chills hearkening back to Nazi-mandated arm bands classifying undesirables in the lead-up to World War II, you need to start paying more attention.

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“There were no minutes or copy of what I said,” Niemöller recollected in 1976, “and it may be that I formulated it differently. But the idea was, anyhow: The communists, we still let that happen calmly; and the trade unions, we still let that happen; and we even let the Social Democrats happen. All of that was not our affair.”

. . . and then they came for me — but by that time,

no one was left to speak up for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller is surely weeping in his grave.

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42 Reader Comments

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  1.' Jon Angelo says:

    They have no track record for peace or tolerance. Their ideological source is satanic.

  2.' David Michael Zolinas Jr says:

    Haha take who you want come for me the attempt will kill either you or me

  3.' Johnny Walker says:

    Somehow muslims are associated with terrorists? How on earth did that happen? Trump’s comment was “stop bringing them in until the government actually vets them properly”, not “fk all the muslims burn in hell”. I don’t support him or the Muslim bashing, but you don’t bring in people who are easily infiltrated by your combat enemies and 25% of which support what those enemy combatants are currently doing. It’s just as stupid as bombing their country and overthrowing their government in the first place. Calling him Hitler is a distraction from the real fact that IT IS NOT SAFE AT ALL TO BE BRINGING THESE PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY without proper vetting. Supposedly 11 hijackers killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11. How many ISIS do you think can mingle in with hundreds of thousands of refugees? 100 maybe? That’s only 30,000 dead Americans, so clearly it’s worth 10 9/11’s just to not vet refugees properly.

  4.' Roberta Hudson says:

    I will stand up and speak up for every single person on this planet that is tormented by negative people that use whatever means necessary to harm them. I will never stop fighting for love and light, even when I physically die.

    •' Estanislao Espita says:

      ok then, go over to Syria and help to fix what facist ussa government fucked up intentionally

    •' Roberta Hudson says:

      I will plan a trip to help rebuild homes for those who lost theirs. I can’t right now because those dumb idiots we call polaticians are killing people there. It would be very stupid of me to try and help when they would just destroy what I did. Will you come too to help rebuild what they destroyed when they are done or have been made to stop destroying that country?

    •' Yasser Juma says:

      Roberta Hudson will you help me if they try to catch me and put me in concentration camp for being muslim? I don’t want to die in a camp like the jews did.

    •' Roberta Hudson says:


    •' Roberta Hudson says:

      I pray though that this will not happen. It is very heart breaking to know that is a possibility. I will help anyone escaping concentration camps. Even if they kill me for doing it.

    •' Gina Jones says:

      First they come as visitors, then they come in droves and now they want to take over the world. Is that what you want MORON

    •' Roberta Hudson says:

      They are just people. Would you feel the same way if they were black? Or asian? Or christian? Or mormon? To exclude any one person or group of people for any reason is an injustice to humanity. Where is your humanity? When you see someone cry do you care? When you see someone angry do you care? War is never an answer. I hurt you cuz you hurt me. This tit for tat mentality is wrong and will never end. I chose to love and to teach others love. I will never hate a single person or people’s for any reason. Hate is the path to the dark side. =p

    •' Rene Vos says:

      Nice thought..but a little naive.

    •' Roberta Hudson says:

      I’m ok with being naive.

  5.' Stylian Senar says:

    Fascism and capitalism go hand in hand, serving each other’s purposes. Makes me sad that history hasn’t really taught us much.

  6.' Jeff Dunn says:

    They do

  7.' Curtis Cox says:

    Go Trump

  8.' Cyndy Dragan says:

    For the love of humanity and keeping America great Vote for Bernie Sanders!

  9.' Libby Diefenbach says:


    •' Rick Lee says:

      And I suppose the MUSLIM TERRORISTS that Obama is rolling out the red carpet for have a better plan for America, it’s children, and it’s grand-children? Trump ain’t out there cutting people’s heads off, shooting anyone in the back, or blowing up people. Wake the fuck up.

    •' Libby Diefenbach says:

      There has been terrorist all of recorded history ! ..none as much as the press have reported about it lately ..but still they have always been there …you right wing nuts have a slew of bad choices to make …don’t make that fool Trump . One of them ! There are things that you can control ..and our president is one . anyone voting for him should be charged with treason!!! …our Country was founded on the ideas and beliefs THAT WE ARE FREE HERE IN AMERICA .. FREEDOM OF RELIGION , FREEDOM OF SPEECH ..FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS ..TO PROTECT YOURSELF ..IF YOU ARE SO SCARED ..but for the love if your God ,Country ..and FAMILY ..Keep Trump OUT !! .. He is a Genuine Idiot !!! …ITS SO OBVIOUS TO ME ! …BIRDS IF A FEATHER DO FLOCK TOGETHER ! ..GET A CLUE .. WAKE UP ..THE ONLY THING TO FEAR IS TRUMP ..BECAUSE HE IS A MAN WITH NO BRAIN ..AND ..MONEY …SMH ..SORRY FOR YOUR LEARNING DISABILITY ..I’M SURE NOW, YOU DIDN’T REPRODUCE ?…OPEN YOUR EYES ..( JIM JONES ..JAMES TOWN DRINK THE COOL AIDE…) IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN GOING ON WITH RELIGIONS EXTREMIST !! ….WOW !! Some people… SMH. ..SHAME ON YOU ! ..

  10.' Dawn Tony Adcim says:

    Wow your article is a complete lie! Consciously lying is what this is. Waiting to properly vet people coming to this country is prudent in light of ISIS statements. Your LIES are clearly political and not fact as you distort Trumps full comments.

    •' Rick Lee says:

      Agree. This site isn’t “conscious” at all. Just look at all the mindless sheep piling on in this very thread, when Trump’s the only person with enough guts to take all this worldwide criticism for the sake of American’s safety, and he isn’t even in OFFICE yet! Maybe they’d prefer muslim terrorists killing their spouses and children. If they’re all crying about Trump, they definitely wouldn’t do well under an Islamic regime in America.

  11.' Elken Alei says:

    Deal with actual teaching and ask yourself why i must believe a predicted prophecy of kiamat…end of the world which somebody said long ago they was a planet named Tiamat had been destroyed become asteroid inner belt in our solar system . Using provoked fear to alert people rather than to improve live on better meaning . We r not brain death coma and no solution to peace the world . It was our duty not to be the bad ash to destroye meaning of live by force others to accept your idea. Do not push responsible to othes as others say so. All of us have a choice to choose . Even inside lion cage,u still have a choice to be how to do struggle or how to do die with less pain.

  12.' Elken Alei says:

    Negative idea have different impact. All problems was circle by human being . If the object lesser then will be less subject to be anoied! Taste the old world when most of us farm for living. Problems of landlord,low pay hard labor . Low education lack knowledge to industrial society . Living is moving. The experience from our ancestors where young people today never have a chance to taste grass and bitter ground as strawberry and potato . Dharma called back for re incarnation as payback. Swapt our good and bad role in drama of live. Bored to be angle than this time be a devil??? Ideological want to change the world with thought of modify tiger to eat grass???each festival we celebrated together . U eat my food. I visit your family with gift. Those commit crimes with greedy, lust desire,frustrated anger of dissactify on like or dislike. American have the right of liberal free to voice out. Why not compare with others country,maybe evaporated without a trace. Got change typing internet . The game had changed although being tracked at the back of each letter will be proof of wrong saying . Gabriel record on book of life??the god is mercy and almighty so we make with his image…and we still hate each others. R we humans make by god?by gods ?love and mercy is his character written in both bible and quoran. Allah wa ahbar. In Yasin..only the god know the will. Why simple things of love respect care mercy as we don’t know at all. This is primary teaching in all religion.

  13.' Rick Lee says:

    Wow, look at the the sheep coming out. Radical muslims are taking advantage of America’s blindspot, political correctness, and you’re worried more about WORDS from Trump than all the KILLINGS by terrorists. Trump’s not even in OFFICE, yet he’s doing more to protect America from terrorists than politicians that ARE in office or any of you benchwarmers are doing. What do you think muslim terrorists would do to each of you and your families if they did in fact take over America, which is clearly what they’re trying to do.

  14.' Thomas Chong says:

    Abolish religion since we’re human being

  15.' Eva Pisztora says:

    The whole world knows that the wars and crimes have nothing to do with Muslims or their religion, in fact with no religions at all!!

  16.' Barbara Downes says:

    Check out Portland Maine 3 Muslims beat Christian to death

  17.' Tammy Harbert says:

    8 U.S. Code 1182, inadmissible aliens. This law was written in 1952. It was passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress, House and Senate, and signed by a Democrat president.

    “Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by president. Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, the president may, by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants or impose v the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

  18.' Kelvin Lee says:


  19.' Jacqui Brown says:

    Luke Edwards

  20.' Dave Borg says:

    What kind of BS is this? He wants to TEMPORARALY shut down immigration. Because we cannot vet those coming into OUR country. I want to go back to 1970 immigration levels! Liberal much?

  21.' Shannon McCall Pendergrass says:

    I will not play into Your hate baiting anymore than I will the rights hate baiting. That was the last time I have ANY faith in you. Disgusting!!!! You are NOT in ANY WAY conscious.

  22.' Daisy Katt says:

    Funny, I see our prez coming after whites for the last seven years, not muslims. Trump just wants to keep out isis soldiers.

  23.' Rene Vos says:

    Yeah right..It took them years of terror to make a statement of peace ..Not really convincing..

  24.' Daniel Platten says:

    Everybody must stand up for each other no matter what!

  25.' Dawn Tony Adcim says:

    it’s too bad that so many have such high levels of nativity and demand that the rest of us stick our head in the sand over PC nonsense while WE are more concerned with protecting OUR families OUR neighbors OUR countrymen. Nothing said by Trump different from USSR, Iran, and the Soviet block immigration policy in the cold war and hostage crisis.

  26.' Phoenix Sands says:

    the only reason why “muslim = terrorist” is because the media spin on it.. if you would not advertise the bad groups, mabe they will be peaceful.. it wasnt until the media kept harping on the issue of muslims being terrorists.. did people start getting xenophobic about it.. this is a prime example..

  27.' DiAnna Reisinger says:

    as long as any persons suscribes to a belife that says: kill all infidels that dont believe in allah or sharia law, they are terrorist to me, and i WILL NEVER EXCEPT THEM IN MY HOME LAND. who lately amongst us other then gang bangers, has killed any amreican becuase its what their bible says? who? only jihadist and muslims have

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