FDA Approves First GMO Animal: Salmon To Be Sold With No GMO Label

By Susan Patterson | The Alternative Daily


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), you know that group of good guys that are charged with protecting the health and welfare of Americans, has just approved the first ever genetically modified animal to be sold in American supermarkets. And that is not the worst of it… this Franken-salmon won’t even be labeled. WHAT????

I am so sick and tired of these regulating agencies speaking out of both sides of their mouth. How can they sleep at night making such a decision? How can they be for us when their actions clearly indicate they are for something, anything, other than us? 

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Here is the mission of this regulating agency, in case you are not familiar with it: 

“FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.”

We reported in 2013 about AquaBounty Technologies that claims its monster fish are safe to eat. Of course, we were all hoping it would never come to be. 

If approved, AquaBounty’s GMO salmon would be the first genetically engineered animal to be sold for human consumption and could appear in restaurants and supermarkets as early 2015.

Farmed salmon are raised in pens in coastal waters along Washington, Maine and British Columbia. The fish being raised are Atlantic salmon and when they escape they will compete with already endangered native stocks. Between 400,000 and 1 million Atlantic salmon have already escaped into the wild from the 75 operations in British Columbia.

A Purdue University study showed that if 60 transgenic fish bred in a population of 60,000 wild fish, the wild fish would be extinct in 40 generations. 

“We’ve seen assurances in the past from industry and regulators that there won’t be catastrophic consequences like the Gulf oil spill,” said George Kimbrell, a senior staff attorney for the Center for Food Safety. “We have a cultural amnesia about these things.”

No one gets excited at a genetically raised fish. Why put a different genetic makeup into your body? Some scientists don’t see it this way.

AquaBounty, which calls its super salmon an “advanced hybrid” rather than a transgenic fish, said the fish are safe to eat and would be raised in contained farming operations that could be based inland rather than along coastal waters. And the modified fish, all females, would be sterile so that they couldn’t breed with wild fish if any escaped, the company said.

Very comforting, sterility.

AquaBounty’s fish grow faster but not bigger than normal Atlantic salmon. The company says that genetically modified salmon are identical to regular salmon in every way except for the genes that have been added.

That’s not identical!

The difference between males and females is the Y chromosome. The company has added a growth hormone gene from the Chinook salmon as well as a gene from the ocean pout, a distant relative of the salmon, to a normal Atlantic salmon’s roughly 40,000 genes. Salmon normally feed only during the spring and summer, but when the on-switch from the pout’s gene is triggered, they eat year round.

We have another oil-rig-like catastrophe waiting to happen in our oceans.

The result is a transgenic salmon that grows to market size in about half the time as a normal salmon – 16 to 18 months, rather than three years.

The FDA doesn’t comment on pending applications, though a public hearing on the AquaBounty application could come as early as this fall. Such public hearings can signal the FDA is close to a decision.

How many times has the FDA’s decisions affected the lives of millions of people?

In 2014, we reported that the two largest national grocery stores, Kroger and Safeway, had announced that they would not sell the salmon should it receive FDA approval. I sure hope that they hold fast to this.

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Kroger is the largest grocery chain in the United states, with 2,424 stores nationwide. Safeway follows in second place with 1,406 stores. Many other grocers have publicly stated that they will not sell Frankensalmon, including Target, Meijer, Giant Eagle, Marsh and H-E-B. Three of the first retailers to refuse the salmon were Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Aldi, who announced their decisions in July 2013.

To date, over 60 different food retailers have taken a stand against selling GM salmon, totaling over 9,000 stores across the U.S. Additionally, millions of people have protested the FDA’s consideration of the salmon in writing.

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  1. 10153810470698410@facebook.com' Roy Robinson says:

    Label our Food!!!

  2. 992708100793278@facebook.com' Enlightened Wanderer says:

    Chris Lambert are you pissed lmao

  3. 10207763601185427@facebook.com' Eduardo Mallorquín says:


    ONLY buy if labelled

    NO LABEL??? Then eat you your shit FDA…. ☹️

  4. 10207440134784189@facebook.com' Shannon McCall Pendergrass says:

    They are also the ones who approve those bad drugs even when they know what those drugs do

    • 10207440134784189@facebook.com' Shannon McCall Pendergrass says:

      I guess what we should ask is:
      is anyone really surprised that the government has again taken a stand against the people? I’m not ever surprised by their actions anymore; what I am surprised by is how many people still support those politicians and organizations knowing their dirty deeds regardless of their party affiliation.

  5. 419505721573045@facebook.com' Lose Weight With 3Week Diet says:

    Good news : if you want to lose weight quickly and have a perfect body visit our page to know more about 3Week Diet 😉 <3

  6. 1695992310631661@facebook.com' Nick Hantom says:

    Avoid salmon from USA.

  7. 944050049006930@facebook.com' Radek Goldziany-Sztorc says:

    any ideas how to boycott corporations succesfully?

  8. 10206931599546931@facebook.com' Renee Kline says:

    Don’t buy it…simple fix. Money talks and if they dont make money….

  9. 1149572518390784@facebook.com' Wmsco Snyder says:

    Fukushima, I don’t eat sea food of any kind. Which Ocean did this come from? And if from the Alantic how do I know or if it has been contaminated as well?

  10. 10206974245547933@facebook.com' Brenda Newman-Maunu says:

    Oh wow. Ridiculous

  11. 10206311895608741@facebook.com' Martin Andreeff says:


  12. 151345471887637@facebook.com' Don Huffer says:

    No Frankinfish.

  13. 852223071556917@facebook.com' William Whitaker says:


  14. 10206927865509620@facebook.com' Charlene O'Donnell says:

    No more for me, thank you

  15. 1467558050240056@facebook.com' Sunny Nonyas says:

    If just one GMO fish gets into the ocean that’s the end. It will happen unfortunately.

  16. 10206671542980190@facebook.com' Roxanne Minch says:


  17. 10204754838540250@facebook.com' Ashley Foreman says:

    Daniel A Mook

  18. 10153263676996045@facebook.com' Sashia Alexis says:

    If one of these modified GMO salmon get into our ocean it’s over….

  19. 10154096429513906@facebook.com' Sam Branco says:

    Boycott all salmon . . . .

  20. 10154096429513906@facebook.com' Sam Branco says:

    We need to contact every salmon provider to label their salmon or we will stop buying it

  21. 1236321939728295@facebook.com' Daniel Platten says:

    Fuck the world some more!

  22. 10206026864294890@facebook.com' Jesse Garcia says:

    Good bye sushi

  23. 925016980868559@facebook.com' Michelle Hagelund says:

    Total assholes!

  24. 10206291968473099@facebook.com' Brenda Noehl says:

    Never eating salmon again.

  25. 10207798860272296@facebook.com' Nicole Marie says:

    Oh no..

  26. 10153651507096584@facebook.com' Karl Wolf says:

    FDA …pawn of big business

  27. 10153202975911845@facebook.com' Suzan Clark says:

    I guess no more Salmon for me..how very..sad 🙁

  28. 10206542367052806@facebook.com' Patricia Anne Franczyk says:

    time to go vegan

  29. 10153117834328297@facebook.com' Terrie LaSpesa says:

    If trump wins maybe he will take on Monsanto and agribusiness? And ban gmo’s?

  30. 547178025431113@facebook.com' Avari Bass says:

    Damn =( favorite fish

  31. 1744082105814816@facebook.com' Andreas Christian Geissler says:

    Well someone was get payed lots of money to get this approved.

  32. 10201242013530468@facebook.com' Barbara Cooper says:

    Lol all this fear everyone seems to live in oh my

  33. 1724578581110320@facebook.com' Yioda Poudjouri says:


  34. 967462929984805@facebook.com' Jourdan Blake says:

    At least costco doesnt sell thr fish

  35. 10156268963195191@facebook.com' Marta Pietrzyk says:

    I’m assuming GMO Salmon will be the farmed kind? Which we should not consume anyway.Hopefully, the Wild type will remain genetically unaltered.

  36. 1170636692951033@facebook.com' Cathy Calhoun-Brown says:

    I won’t eat it, if it’s farmed it’s gmo

  37. 1019415268079657@facebook.com' Michal Lipovský says:

    Well then FUCK USA SALMONs…. Start the nuclear WW3 alread you pussies !!!! 🙂

  38. 10206683344454906@facebook.com' Jackie Herod O'Connor says:


  39. 633138233456417@facebook.com' Bryan Weaver says:

    Well, I don’t like seafood but, still, I see that this could be disconcerting

  40. 1628463407419572@facebook.com' John Kvarnstrom says:

    No salmon here

  41. 1223623137663426@facebook.com' Stacey Fite says:

    Stop this frankenstein crap! We don’t want your genetically engineered food!!!!

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