Fast Fix: Gratitude and Timeline Therapy

by Carol Solomon, PhD

Lately I’ve been practicing a quick technique that I call “The Gratitude Timeline.”

It’s quick and easy, and I don’t need to be near my gratitude journal. See if you agree.

First – I think of something I am grateful for that happened in the past…any area of my life where I feel fortunate that things happened as they did.

Next – I think of something in my life right now – “the sun is shining…it’s a perfect temperature…I am free to do as I want today, etc.”

Next – I think of gratitude in advance for something that I wish to have happen in the near future, eg. “I am grateful for meeting the perfect contacts today at this conference.”

This gets your subconscious mind working for you in the desired direction of what you want.

Spend a little extra time savoring each item on your timeline.

Over time, this practice helps you to be able to recall events to mind and be in the sacred space of gratitude more of the time.

If you keep the process light and fun, it also helps you to think about and clarify what you want without being attached to it or getting into conflict over it.

CarolSolomonAbout the Author: With 25 years experience in helping people find solutions and make positive life changes, Carol Solomon is a natural teacher and coach. She enjoys helping people incorporate a healthy lifestyle, decrease stress and strengthen their resources. Carol has written 5 books and produces a weekly email newsletter with over 16,000 subscribers.