The Extraterrestrial Messages of Nikola Tesla


Ivan Petricevic | Ancient Code

Tesla believed he received alien messages at the end of the nineteenth century.

It is not a secret that there are numerous inventions of Tesla that have been attributed to other “inventors”, among these inventions are the radio and the first machine capable of searching for extraterrestrial life. The FBI seized documents including numerous inventions that were way ahead of Teslas time, possible secret technology, including a version of its famous wireless transmitter that could send radio waves focused to distant points of the solar system.

While Tesla’s genius is indisputable, some people question whether his mind became delusional at some option. What is true is that Tesla was interested, throughout his life, in developing technology to contact extraterrestrial intelligence and believed that, at least in one occasion, he had detected an alien signal.

Since 1896, Tesla believed that a version of his famous wireless transmitter could be used to contact intelligent beings on other planets. In the summer of 1899, while working in his laboratory in Colorado Springs, Tesla believed to have observed a series of numerical codes in cosmic radio signals, which he interpreted as a sign of intelligence that originated from pants inside our solar system. But is it possible that Tesla did in fact receive an extraterrestrial message? If so where did it come from?

Tesla was asked by the Red Cross to predict man’s greatest possible achievement over the next century. The letter below was his reply.

A much-needed transcript follows.

(Source: Tesla Society; Image: Tesla at work, via.)

A letter written by Nikola Tesla


To the American Red Cross, New York City.

The retrospect is glorious, the prospect is inspiring: Much might be said of both. But one idea dominates my mind. This — my best, my dearest — is for your noble cause.

I have observed electrical actions, which have appeared inexplicable. Faint and uncertain though they were, they have given me a deep conviction and foreknowledge, that ere long all human beings on this globe, as one, will turn their eyes to the firmament above, with feelings of love and reverence, thrilled by the glad news: “Brethren! We have a message from another world, unknown and remote. It reads: one… two… three…”

Christmas 1900

Nikola Tesla

Curiously, Tesla wasn’t the only one who believed he received messages from otherworldly beings. Marconi, referred to by history as the inventor of the radio, even thought Tesla patented it a couple of years sooner than Marconi, also received “messages” from other planets, but Marconi’s messages were dismissed as a simple interference. Tesla’s case was more complex.

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11 Reader Comments

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  1.' Victor says:

    Regarding Tesla’s recieved answer from space. For someone as himself who has allways appeared quit clear why is this so vaug (to put it mildly). What did he mean by 1 2 3?

  2.' Tracy says:

    “Tesla believed to have observed a series of numerical codes in cosmic radio signals, which he interpreted as a sign of intelligence that originated from pants inside our solar system.”

    Them are some talented pants.

  3.' MS says:

    Tesla was undoubtedly a genius, but also quite a character. I love how he invented the AC brushless motor after Edison said it was impossible to build, and how he designed water driven alternators that worked 100% as designed, with no testing other than the modeling he did in his mind. But his idea of transmitting power through the air using the earth and ionosphere was a waveguide was not too bright. Besides all of the vast losses that would entail, he would be irradiating every lifeform in the air or on the surface of the planet. So not everything he said was completely true. We struggle to find the source of signals and we have much more sophisticated equipment than he did, e.g. network analyzers and incredibly well designed antennas. So while he was incredibly intelligent and courageous, he wasn’t always right. I submit this

  4. Share what, this? There’s nothing here to share. It’s not even worthy of being posted.

  5. Scotty Good Scotty Good says:

    That would explain more to why he was murdered for ideas and inventions. Paved the way for mr edison to create a way to charge us money to use a different system

  6. Aaron Clark Aaron Clark says:

    see i told you see i told you

  7.' Brian Steere says:

    In ‘The book Wizard, the Life and Times of Nikola Tesla’, a biography by Marc J. Seifer, it is clearly shown that when Tesla was first ‘listening in’ to radio signals relating to natural phenomena, he picked up an ‘intelligent’ repeated ordered signal. Because he thought himself the very first, he was unaware and unable to take into account that Marconi was running trials with the British Navy – and that that was what he picked up.
    And so it is also noteworthy that the very first wireless transmissions were in a sense eavesdropped – and that two rivals were invisibly entangled in such a way.
    It was also shown how at that time it was believed and expected that there was life on other planets – especially Mars – by many learned and respected people.
    There are many interesting details in the book on Tesla’s personality and the times and society in which he lived – and which he played such a major role in changing – often without due acknowledgement.
    Although there was a cartel of corporate investment that used him and refused him – there were also aspects to his character that invited or played into this.
    While Tesla was a forerunner and pioneer of wireless or ‘at a distance’ communications and forces – he was not consciously at ease with a psychic-emotional intimacy as a direct participant in such communications, so his belief in life ‘out there’ and the means to communicate and travel beyond Earth’s plane was normal to his thinking, his thinking recoiled from the recognition if ‘incoming’ intelligence THROUGH the vehicles or instruments of our physicality – even though his mental and imaginative capacities far exceeded most anyone else known in terms of uncovering, designing and testing new technological instruments without recourse to paper and plans.
    And so in his unique way he was an example of an incoming intelligence to the era of scientific change and technological application – wherever one ascribes that inspiration to.
    Some of what he invented was extremely dangerous to our level of responsibility – and some was seen as threat to the revenue streams of corporate investment and cartel power.
    My sense is that such power froze the development of science ever since and so what we have is a corporate capture or scientism that operates not unlike the corrupt Vatican of the previous version of abusing truths for private gratification and gain.
    The desire to mythologize Tesla is evident as fitting facets of his story to one the teller WANTS to be true. IE The demonisation of Edison and a good v evil narrative as a subtext for a sense of being denied or deprived by ‘Them’ whoever ‘They’ are seen to be now.
    Personalized blame narratives are THE device by which false ideas are protected from exposure – and correction.
    Yet in a sense I indicate that an ET connection is implicit to the Field of our true mental capacity – but that ET does not mean an ‘alien will’ but rather that a false set of ideas has alienated us from Our Self and that the physical existence is one in which all else is seen as conflicting or oppositional polarities – within which we seem to have a limited choice of pathways between birth and death by which to develop abilities of manipulation, adaptation and identification as our experience of Existence in, or rather through, form.
    Rewakening to the Electric Universe is re-opening to a terrain in which ancient catastrophe imprinted trauma on our species and provided the framework for such a profound experience of isolation, vulnerability and the need to mask power as well as mask to hide from it.
    Your thought is a vibrational attunement to your unique focus within Infinite Idea – and yet for the most part – what we take to be our thought, operates as a blocking or jamming signal.
    The ‘matrix’ of a mask or personified sense of fragmentation passes of as ‘waking conscious’, but as Jesus said ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’ – for sin, fear and guilt operate ‘mind-control’ and not a true sovereignty of will.
    Science needs to serve and align under true will and not mask itself in trojan disguise of ‘serving humanity’ when really fitted to the same old private agenda of self-specialness and self-blindness of presuming to assert or align in power OVER the will.

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