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An Extraordinary Human, An Extraordinary Time

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By Marcus T. Anthony, PhD

I have on occasion made reference in my writings and talks to a most remarkable woman I once knew, whom I refer to as Jessica (not her real name). In fact, of all the many extraordinary people I’ve met in my life, she is one of the two most remarkable, the other being mystic Leonard Jacobson.

I have not spent a lot of time with Leonard, but I did have numerous dealings with Jessica over a period of more than two years, and in that time I got to know a great deal about her. Jessica is the inspiration for the theory of Integrated Intelligence (which is the subject of much of my research) because she embodied that intelligence more than any other person I have ever encountered. Integrated Intelligence is a spiritual intelligence which allows an individual to connect with a greater stream of nonlocal information. It also permits the connection with grace.

Please allow me to backtrack a little . . .

It was not until I had turned 30 that I met a group of extraordinary people who would fully embody the idea of Integrated Intelligence. That was when I moved to New Zealand. Jessica was the founder of the group, which had two ‘branches’. I had been meeting with my local branch of the spiritual group for several months before I met Jessica. She ran the larger of the two groups in another city several hours away by car.

The morning I was to meet her (she was coming to visit our branch), I had a most disturbing image come into my mind while I was meditating. As I sat in silence, eyes closed, I suddenly experienced myself looking down, and ‘saw’ that my hands were covered in blood. It was a brief but graphic and horrifying vision.  What could such an image mean? I knew that there was a profound message in it, but it wasn’t the kind of vision that I was too keen to explore!

Later that day I went to meet with my spiritual group. Those of us who had never met Jessica were full of anticipation, but more than a little fear. For we knew that she was a woman of astute spiritual perception; and the entire process which underpinned the group was to permit the surfacing of the shadow side of the psyche. This was often a profoundly confronting experience, and required a degree of honesty and commitment to the truth that is difficult to appreciate. It was like being stripped bare before one’s peers. We all knew that there would be no keeping of personal secrets from Jessica that day.

I didn’t quite know what to expect, but when Jessica entered the room, I saw a tall, thin woman of middle age, who carried herself with an air of personal mastery, yet was gentle and child-like. After a while we all sat down, forming a large circle of twenty or so people on the wooden floor. Jessica  introduced herself to everyone in the circle, one by one, sharing her intuitive feelings about each individual as she spoke. When she got round to me (I was sitting directly opposite her) she didn't even say hello. She just nodded her head towards me and said, “I can see blood on your hands”. I was shocked, recalling the powerful meditation image from earlier that day. She said she’d speak to me later about what it meant, then moved onto greeting the next person.

Jessica was good for her word. During the break which followed, Jessica approached me and told me what the blood represented. I was told that it related to a personal ‘issue’ of mine (not literal blood, before the police are informed!). She told me that the blood represented a psychic energy which had been passed down through seven generations, on my father’s side of the family. Centuries ago, a male ancestor of mine had contracted a sexual disease, and the deep shame of the experience had formed a deep wound within his psyche. The ‘energy’ of this event was then passed down through his male decedents, until it reached me. The result was that I had acquired beliefs about sexuality that inculcated a sense of shame and guilt within me, and prevented me from fully expressing both my sexuality and my male power. Jessica then channeled the belief structures that existed within that energy, showing me how it affected my life and behavior in the present moment. She also recommended a homeopathic remedy.

Jessica also had an entire range of simple but powerful divination tools that I had never seen before. For example, when she spoke to me, Jessica looked at me, closed her eyes, then began to make quick movements with one hand, passing it across the other, employing a particular intuitive measurement system which gave a quantitative reading of psychic energy structures. I call the Quick Check in Discover Your Soul Template. Her ready employment of such tools gave her an air of extraordinary power that seemed almost unearthly. It was both extraordinary and frightening at the same time. I know I wasn’t the only person who felt that fear, because others also spoke of it. The fear stemmed from the fact that one effectively became transparent before her. It was the ego’s reaction to having its ‘mask’ removed and having the soul laid bare before the eyes of another.

Jessica’s reading on that day was life-changing reading for me. I had always had major issues related to the expression of sexuality, and using Jessica’s guidance, I was able to begin to work through a good deal of that.

Despite the rather grim nature of my issue, the one thing I recall most vividly from that first encounter with Jessica was that after completing the brief healing session with me her face immediately became vibrant, joyful and fully alive. She then insisted that we dance to celebrate the consciousness that we had received. A disc was thrown into the CD player and we danced around for a few minutes. For Jessica, truth was freedom. The sudden shifts, such as from serious consciousness work to playful child, were a little disconcerting to experience at first, but I soon realised not to expect the ‘normal’ from her.

I could see one thing very clearly from that initial encounter. Jessica knew how profound her gifts were, and was able to rejoice in them without forming an ego attachment to her genius. And ‘genius’ it most certainly was. I can think of no better word to describe the brilliance of the woman. It is unfortunate that modern science and education have lost the awareness of Integrated Intelligence, and have narrowed the definition of genius to an unnecessarily narrow range of mental abilities. In my mind, Jessica’s genius is on par with anything I have ever read about Einstein, de Vinci or Shakespeare.

Though this story appears in the Personal Prelude of my PhD thesis, and my academic book Integrated Intelligence, in those formal spaces I didn’t write what Jessica had actually told me about my ancestry, because in academic work there are some things which are taboo.

Jessica had begun to develop it about six years before I arrived on the scene; she already had a core team of committed spiritual seekers, and a well-developed process in hand. I can’t divulge too much here, but the purpose of the group was to help people assume responsibility for the lost parts of themselves, to heal their inner child and to begin to express their true power as human beings. Most people are controlled by their unconsciousness, and the dark (dense) consciousness fields which operate through them as a result of that unawareness. In this sense, the “enlightenment” process she taught centred upon the bringing into awareness of the shadow, and how consciousness fields manipulate and control us through the dark spaces within.

The spiritual group was thus no New Age ‘Love ’n Light’ centre; it was a gathering of hard-core people who were deeply committed to spiritual development. The programme was extremely confronting and demanding, and many people only lasted a short time before they left, or were asked to leave. People were regularly given ‘time out’ from the group when they reached a point where they could no longer process the information that they were being shown. This usually happened when they were exposed to the workings of their shadow, and their ego rejected what they were shown.

I was no exception, and had several periods when I was asked to step out of the group. These were extremely difficult times, because the individual had to go away and use the tools to work on the energy that they were failing to assume responsibility for.

The reason for such expulsions was that the dark consciousness that was not owned got projected onto other group members. This became a quite a problem in terms of the functioning of the group. Because the group was working with consciousness at such a deep level, it was constantly being subjected to psychic attacks from negative influences. When people failed to assume responsibility for their shadow, the dark energy used them as a channel to attack other group members. If this sounds scary in theory, I can assure you that it is a hundred times worse in reality!

Needless to say, this all required a level of perception far beyond what most human beings on the planet are capable of at this time in our psycho-spiritual evolution. Yet the necessary clairvoyant and energy-reading skills can be learned, if one is willing to commit heart and soul to the process. The truth is, though, that it really did take an almost inhuman degree of self-discipline. In my case, I sometimes devoted up to eight hours a day doing the energy work, mostly in my own time.

Jessica had cognitive skills that were simply out of this world. She could look at a person and discern whether they had an allergy or a physical problem, for example. She also knew immediately whether someone had a genuine intention to actually do the work required to participate in the group, regardless of what the person said, or even believed themselves. And she did not need to be in the vicinity of a person to be able to read their energy. She quite literally could check up on anybody, anywhere, regardless of location.

At one time I was trying to work through a particular sticking point, and I was asked to deal with some dark energy that was emerging from my psyche. I went away and worked on it for a few weeks. However, it proved to be immensely difficult and beyond what I was able to handle at that time. I became desperately frustrated, as I began to realise that I just wasn’t able to deal with what was happening. One day, after having done eight hours of grueling self-work, I reached boiling point. I was full of blame and anger, and all I wanted to do was scream hate and rage at the world.

I am strongly clairvoyant, and that night I went to bed I had a profound vision. I saw myself high above the earth, looking down into a black, tornado-like vortex of energy. The vortex was twisting its way across a barren, desert-like landscape. As my vision moved down through the energy, I saw that at the bottom of the vortex a single flag was draped over the ground—the red, black and white flag of Nazi Germany. Then a somber male voice said, “Master of Destruction.” At a psychic level, I had assumed the energy of a Nazi.

That vision was all I needed to realise that I was really channeling some frighteningly dark energy. I got up the next day feeling hopeless. As I lay there in bed the words to a song suddenly came into my head, as they so often did when I needed some spiritual guidance.

You didn’t love the boy too much, you just loved the boy too well.

They were the soft, somber words from an old Eagles song, signaling the resignation to love lost. I knew that I was being told that my time with the spiritual group was over. I had just been trying too hard to work with a wounded part of my psyche – the hurt  little boy. You cannot force healing. All one can do is surrender and bring oneself to the place where grace can do its work. I had become demanding, controlling, blaming God and my spiritual teachers.

Sure enough at about 9 a.m. the phone rang. I walked over and picked up the receiver with a heavy heart, knowing what was coming next. Sure enough it was Jessica. She said that she had been ‘observing’ me. Her voice was gentle, but she was as direct as ever. She told me that I had become a channel for dark energy, and this was severely affecting other group members. I would have to sit out of the group indefinitely. This was a devastating failure for me, but one I had to experience. It was a test of spirit.

Though Jessica’s action may sound indifferent or cruel in a sense, these were the requirements of participation in consciousness evolution at that level. The bar was set, and you had to jump that high, or get off. In fact I did eventually manage to work through that issue, though, and returned to the group several months later when I was in a clearer mental space and had accepted full responsibility for what I had created.

Jessica wasn’t the only amazing person in the spiritual group. There were plenty of others, and all expressed their extraordinary abilities in different ways. Yet all of us were very human. There were times when people got things wrong, even Jessica. With the kind of confrontational work we did, buttons got pressed on a regular basis, so there was no shortage of issues to work through.

Eventually Jessica disbanded the group when she felt the energy was no longer there to work with. Yet it is clear to me at this point, over a decade after Jessica left New Zealand, that nothing can destroy the spiritual transformation that so many of us experienced there. We were witness to things that are yet to appear on the dominant map of reality of the modern Western world. And what a gifts they were!

Perhaps the greatest gift that Jessica gave us was that many of the skills she possessed were passed on to those who worked with her, including me. I make no claim to be able to do all the things that she could at the same level, but I certainly learned to do many of them, and these abilities now express themselves through my particular mental aptitudes. Everyone is different.

For a decade I didn’t dare teach the skills I learned in the spiritual group. To be honest, I was scared of them, because they do carry great power, and they can be abused. But I am now at a stage where I believe that it is right to begin to teach them. The book Discover Your Soul Template was the first step.

Marcus Anthony


Marcus T Anthony, PhD is the author of ten books about human awakening, including Discover Your Soul Template. He is also a life coach and teacher of profound intuition. His web site is

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