Exposing the Bilderburg Puppetmasters in Austria

By Alex Jones | *Infowars.com


Editor’s Note: Alex Jones, a powerful alternative media voice, has been consistent in his efforts to unearth the truth about the secretive Bilderburg Group & their secretive meetings every year, which take place in different countries each year in some of the most palatial accommodations in the world. This year, it is taking place in Austria as we speak, from June 8-15, 2015.

Famous people, powerful people, most of the so-called “movers and shakers” are there & have been since these meetings began in the 1950’s. They are convened in secret & under heavy security. Many have suggested that much of what happens in the world, financially & geopolitically, can be traced back to this group. To give you some examples, John Kerry attended the meeting before he became secretary of state; Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame went to a Bilderburg meeting in the last couple of year and, reportedly, came back with much of what he needed to move forward with his dream (or at least what he says is his dream) of delivering packages by drone in the future; and some allege that presidential hopefuls go there before they are elected. What, if anything, is promised by these individuals to the others at the meeting is anyone’s guess, but this gives you an idea of what can go on at these meetings. Please check out this video to give you a little background.

And check back tomorrow for my posting about what a whistleblower has to say about the elite people who are a part of

the World Bank, the Bilderburg Group and other shadowy organizations.

*Originally entitled: “Bilderburg 2015: The True Monsters Exposed”

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