Exploring the World of Quantum Nonlocality Consciousness: [VIDEO]

Ever feel alone and possibly a bit insignificant in this world? I’m sure we all have at one time or another as it’s totally natural to get caught up in our own minds and emotions and convince ourselves that we are somehow separate from all that we perceive “around” us. But thankfully, there are parts of the world of physics that are bringing us all together; or rather helping us remember that we were never really apart to begin with.

And speaking of time, what a wonderful time we live in; the time where theories of Quantum Mechanics are beginning to take the stage and demand the attention they deserve. What’s funny, though perhaps is they are not having to make such demands much these days as the doors of science begin to open up to these (not so) new and unmistakably awesome concepts of our quantum reality that conventional means of science have just been unable to address.

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We know that everything is energy, but what if consciousness is where energy (and time, space and matter) is coming from? What I mean is that what if we stop to consider that consciousness IS the driving force behind creation and God, or what I prefer to call “Source” is simply the ultimate, the original thought, the original moment of consciousness, that simply became aware of itself?

If we look at the Big Bang Theory in such a manner, than we might consider that it was simply the aftermath of that very moment of self-awareness. It literally burst forth everything we know in our universe into creation, splintering itself into smaller cosmic slivers so it could go on and know itself even more, and in every manner and experience possible. This is where WE come in as human incarnations, as mere fragments of this conscious divinity.

The video below gets into this a lot further and takes us down the proverbial rabbit hole to ask these and other questions about quantum consciousness.

Video Source: ScienceandNonduality

Nonlocality shows that nothing in existence is really separate and everything is in fact connected. So, yes the hippies and gurus have it right, we ARE all one! This can now be proven scientifically as on an atomic level we are all interconnected energy in motion. So, next time you are feeling a bit insignificant and alone in this world, remember this amazing fact of life and let it touch your heart. For when we remember deep in our soul that there is nothing separating us from anything we want, where we wish to be, people we would like to meet or be with, etc. we can literally know that the only distance that exists is in our minds and our perceptions of the situation.This is how some people can “make mountains out of molehills” while others simply climb with smiles plastered across their faces. It’s all in how we choose to look at things that truly determines what we actually see. 🙂

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