How to Experience the ‘Black Void’ – a Powerful Form of Lucid Dreaming

Written by on December 29, 2017 in Dreams, ESP & Remote Viewing, Reality's Edge with 15 Comments

By Vadim Pirazzi | MindValley

What is the “black void”? A common type of dream shared by various dreamers? Another “glitch” in the dream matrix? Or is there really a kind of loading screen before a dream begins?

Is There A Space Between Dreams?

“Black void” is a strange phenomenon sometimes occurring in lucid dreams. It is quite rare but not too rare to be dismissed as a singular occasion. It is a dark and empty space, where nothing happens but lucidity level is very high and you can literally travel between dreams.

Interesting that everyone who experienced “black void” immediately recognizes it as “the space between dreams”. Each dreamer gives it a different name (“Black Void”, “The Nothing”, “Loading Space”), but the idea remains the same: it is a space outside our usual dreaming. It is hard to say how we know that. But all dreamers agree that it is not a usual dream: it is a very special state of mind, the nature of which is not clear.

If we assume that “black void” is indeed a lucid state between two dreams, we have to accept that we can become lucid in a non-REM phase, when we are asleep but not dreaming. People who practice meditation sometimes achieve similar states. How this mechanism works in sleep, for those who do not practice any kind of meditation, is hard to say.

It is clear, though, that “black void” state does not last for too long. It usually gives a dreamer an uneasy feeling and desire to return into a dream. It is also interesting to note that you neither walk nor fly in “black void”. It feels like nothing but your consciousness exists in this state.

How To Get Into the “Black Void”?

Some dreamers say that you can be “thrown out” into the “black void” if you try to do something unusual and energy-consuming in a dream (like levitating numerous objects, transforming your or somebody else’s appearance or teleporting).

One dreamer received a clear suggestion from a dream character that he should “re-load” his dream in order to perform transformation, and then he found himself in the “black void”, observing the previous dream from the outside.

My own “black void” experience happened when I tried to change a dream subject. I had no idea how to go about it, so I started to fly upwards, so that the current scene would somehow disappear. And suddenly I felt like I’ve crossed some line, a border, and there was nothing around me but the black void, which reminded me about open space. I felt uneasy but wasn’t scared. Somehow I knew for sure where I was: in the space between dreams.

I started to move forward, or maybe upwards – it was really hard to tell. At the same time I was thinking about a good place, full of light, where the previous disturbing dream won’t continue. So the light started to get brighter. I couldn’t see clearly at first, just felt something touching my face. In the next moment the vision became clear and I found I was standing in a sunlit yard surrounded by clean sheets drying on the ropes. I woke up in a couple of minutes.

Based on my experience and the information I gathered in the Internet, I think at least two factors are responsible for our transition into the “black void” state:

  1. You have to be lucid in order to get into the “black void”, because…
  2. You have to perform an activity that is complicated and engaging enough to raise your level of lucidity to a degree when you can completely detach yourself from the dream, observing it from outside or leaving it completely.

The “black void” phenomenon seems to be rare among dreamers, but the similarities between the experiences of different dreamers are too numerous for us to ignore its existence.

I believe that once we have more information, we will be able to incorporate the “black void” into the common lucid dreaming techniques, improving our abilities of dream control, prolonging the lucid state (since it seems to be unlimited in the “black void”, until you transfer into another dream) and helping us to learn more about dreaming mechanisms.

If you have ever had a “black void” experience, please share your knowledge with us!

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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15 Reader Comments

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  1.' Gopendra says:

    The experience on my life with this black void, this occurs while I was on my seven year old, was the beginning of been a orphan, my mother die , and my dreams of this black void was frequently often, usually was really scared to see this immense black space surrounding me, even they took me to the neurology doctor to found what was happening with me, but they didn’t know nothing about, I been study the Vedic Upanisads and other Vegadangas ( root of vedic knowledge), and even I was a monk for 22 years, So…
    I realize by experienced the Black Void occurred on Brahman-Muhurta ( 0345 hr. To 0445 hr)
    On Which Depending The Year season The Time Exactly But This Is The Time Usually The Goodness energy opening the universe blessings to this world.
    And the monks should chant specific mantras to get the blessing of mother Prakriti, DemiGods, and God himself provides and Sat-Cit-Ananda
    Energy to the Loving Soul, which engaged on a daily Sadhana on glorified the almighty Lord at this Time, the body Chakra balance and the three eye open to make realize the eternal Soul to the relationship with the Almighty Lord and given the Souls Amrita (nectarios) and blissfully life for the Practitioners.

  2.' Lisa says:

    I have experienced this form of dreaming since adolescence but it usually occurs within the first 20 minutes of sleep, and which feels as if I enter this state immediately upon losing consciousness. For years this experience scared the hell out of me, as if the nothing was also a huge something bearing down on me, intimidating, scrutinizing and judging my being inside and out. I would try anything possible to wake myself up to get away from this place. About a year ago I was 45, when finding myself here once again, I stood up to the fear and spoke these words which began in the dream and finished as I woke to hear myself saying them out loud. I wanted to express that I was not going to be afraid anymore and simply said “You are me” as I sat upright in bed. To date I have not had another experience of this dreaming, and have an apprehensive feeling of achievement, as I’m not sure if it is deserved or what I’ve even achieved exactly.

  3.' R says:

    I didn’t care for it but it was a fast way to change locations in a few seconds. My deceased father would “drive” I’d grab his arm then everything would go black and discenigrate into nothing stomach feels like it drops then in a split second materialize in the new location. Was more of a mode of fast transportation from one location to another.

  4.' Toke says:

    My experience was . . . . i got drag out of that screen , in that screen got many picture in there, and screen go smaller and smaller like (like i got drag out far and increasingly), i can pull myself into smaller and nearly the screen but it’s drain energy a lot, i can endure for a few second until i got no energy left. I’m trying to get pass of this problems but still i don’t know how to…. if any of u experienced something like mine, please told me how to get it done. and Sometimes , i rarely found a big dark wall , when i go inside, i got many thing pass through my head non-stop, and i afraid of it, but i still have no ideal , what is that thing , Also i just found “black void” article today too , because i don’t know how to called it. If any of you find this black wall + many thing ran over your head , please told me . what is it. Also , that experience is happen to me 7 years ago , currently i’m not get that incident anymore, maybe Age related to what u can do . . . ?

  5.' Chris says:

    This happens to me often. My best guess is that you’re too conscious in your sleep for your subconscious to manifest. It’s like trying to imagine something vivid using only your conscious mind and it won’t work you’ll only see darkness because your eyes are shut and your body is asleep. So essentially you’re overpowering your subconscious mind during sleep. The dream state happens because our subconscious mind has free reign and extremely vivid imaginitive power that requires no effort at all.

  6.' Lucid says:

    I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS ANSWER FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!! ever since i was 3 years old ive been experiencing this!!!!!!! i used to have nightmares every night, i didn’t know i was lucid dreaming at the time but it felt as if it were reality and i could control what i did in the dream, etc. but my childhood has been traumatic and stuff so i guess because of that and bad thoughts i would always somehow end up being attacked or dying in these nightmares, and then i’d be sent to the void. i also have severe ocd and probably did when i was a child too so it was probably the obsessive thought patterns and dreading dying and the void that made me end up there so often! whenever i’d die or the dream would “end” everything would just go black and i would have no body, and it would feel as if everything would start vibrating and i’d head a loud buzzing sound. THIS TERRIFIED ME as a child it was the most uncomfortable experience ever like being tickled to death but everything is black and there’s no escape!!!!! I just had to bare with it until i somehow woke up. I experienced this constantly until around grade 5. then i didn’t experience it for years until the last year i’ve started researching it again and i experienced it twice within the past year. as a child i described this to my parents as “tingling bad dreams” they never knew what i meant. i’ve never met anyone else who’s experienced this, or perhaps i’ve just been explaining it wrong the entire time. THIS HAS REALLY BEEN THE MYSTERY OF MY LIFE!!! i am so excited to learn about this now that i know it is a thing honestly i’m so glad i’m not crazy i thought i was the only one who experienced this!!!!!!! i’m shocked to see that this is supposed to be an enlightening experience? this was a very bad experience for me as a child. now i’m wondering maybe i’ll be able to turn it into a good one with more knowledge…. thank you all for sharing your experiences i am so grateful for this website…..

  7. Abc says:

    I don’t know about black void but all I dream is a black screen and that too everyday. Whenever I close my eyes I see a black screen and few minutes later I wake up when my alarm rings..dreaming is now a special thing for me now as it is so rare. I don’t know what this black screen is still and nothing happens. Hope I find my answer

  8.' Katie says:

    Not too long ago I was discussing lucid dreams with my husband, when I was little I used to be able to do the superhuman flying thing in my dreams and it occurred for over a year. Recently I experienced a dream which I had described as “being nowhere seeing nothing feeling nothing “..just knowing of your existence..I was there and able to explore this empty black space but didn’t really feel anything..not scared…just there..that was the first time I remember experiencing something like that and I have some quite intense dreams often..I got curious and decided to look it up and found this and decided to share.

  9. Bluzebird says:

    I just had this experience last night but I would describe it as a black screen. It did not feel like emptiness, it was more of an oppressive feeling but that might have been due to my reaction. I felt helpless, like disembodied, and I actually thought this must be death and I was terrified. Then I thought to myself, stay calm, just go with it, and I immediately awoke gasping. It was terrifying but it was reassuring that I was able to remind myself to keep calm and it gives me a feeling of hope about death when it actually does occur.

  10.' Valerie W. says:

    I have experienced many different things in my lifetime. I am 53, and this was the first time this has ever happened to me. It actually effected me the whole day and I was trying to find out the meaning. I can tell you at first I thought it was a night terror, which I have had before. However, usually those occur with me not being able to move or shake myself awake. This time, all I saw was blackness all around me, a “black void”. I can tell you I was full aware of this and in this darkness I had the feeling of being very uneasy and almost the feeling that something was going to happen. I kept telling myself to open my eyes and wake up it’s a dream. Wake up, wake up, you are fine and that I could feel myself trying to shake my head awake but I couldn’t. I then felt myself going in and out from the blackness into a sort of dream but I was still talking to myself to wake up. When I did wake up I was exhausted.

    •' Valerie W. says:

      The night after I wrote about experiencing this black void. It happened again. Only this time, because I read about it and understood what it was it was amazing. When I first started to drift into the void I told myself to relax and let it happen. In the blackness I said I wanted to see a butterfly. It was amazing, this blue butterfly appeared. It was as big as my hand and the colors were so beautiful. I then wanted to see a green one, and it appeared. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it all seemed. The colors all were in front of this blackness. I then woke up. What an experience.

  11.' Roy M. says:

    I’ve had lucid dreams many times. But only a few times did it ever take me to the black void. In one dream I became aware I was dreaming. In the dream I was searching for my brother who had become lost. I ended up in a room that I think I shouldn’t have entered in the first place. At the very back was a wall that wasn’t fully complete. It was missing about a foot at the top and at the bottom. I looked under because I could hear my brother’s voice calling out to me from the other side of the wall. When I looked there was nothing back there. Just a black void. There was a pull towards it but I managed to get back out of that room and woke up.
    Another dream I was walking down a few hallways when I became aware I was dreaming. I made my way towards a door and went inside. I was inside a bar/restaurant. The best way to describe it was that even though I didn’t want to go into the bar, the dream itself was trying to force me back in. It felt like I was made out of metal and a strong magnet was pulling me back. I kept fighting against the dream and made it back into the pure white hallways. For some reason I decided to force my way down this long hallway. Along the way I passed other people who quickly walked into the bar. The pull was strong, but I kept forcing my way forward. I knew I was dreaming and I wanted to see what was around the corner. I could tell it was dark but I needed to see. When I finally got there and looked around the corner I saw pure darkness…the black void. Nothing…no walls, just nothing but blackness. Then I heard a voice saying “You shouldn’t have seen this”. Suddenly I was in the middle of a carnival playing a game. I was with my dad. Even though I still knew I was dreaming and I was still trying to figure out what happened, how I got there, my dad just smiled at me and told me to just go with him and continue to enjoy the games. I woke at that point.
    In another dream, and this is the last one, I remember entering a building. It was a hospital. I was aware again that I was dreaming. There were people walking down this wide open hallway. but they seemed to be walking slowly. As I tried to walk upwards on this angled hallway, I started to get that same feeling like I was being pulled back. I felt like something didn’t want me going forward. When I finally reached the top I took notice of all the room around the area. They were nothing but black voids. Empty rooms with no features. Suddenly an aunt of mine grabbed my arm and took me into a room. She told me to lie down on a hospital bed. I could have walked away if I wanted but I chose to do what she said. I think I was curious as to where this was going. I laid down on the bed and she told me the doctor would be in to see me in a few minutes. As I stayed there lying on the bed I decided to look around. The dream didn’t want me to do this for some reason. All it wanted me to see was the walls in front, to the right and behind me. But I forced myself to look to the left side of the room and saw nothing. I was pure black void. It was empty and I felt that if I even moved towards that side of the room I would get stuck there. But I wanted to still go into the void. but before I could do that a nurse came in and began to give me an injection. That’s when she turned into an evil looking clown with sharp razor teeth and she stabbed me in my right hand. I woke up yelling and I actually felt pain in the hand where I had been stabbed in the dream. It felt real. The pain quickly went away but to me it was one of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced.

  12. Forever says:

    I never have dreams. Its just constantly a black void. Its not scary, its just empty. Nothing. I dont do anything or say anything, its like being in a television when it’s turned off. I dont quite know why this happens. I haven’t had an actual dream in years, just blank. I get a good amount of sleep and eat properly, excercise and everything. But when time to sleep its nothing. Its like a coma. But only i go to sleep and wake up normal. Im so confused

  13.' Anonymous says:

    In my dream.. i was escaping or running from someone or something.. i saw a man hole but I had to climb up and then jump over to it and open it up.. hanging on with one hand and pushing up the man hole with the other hand.. I opened the man hole cover only to be in large dark vacuum like outer space without no stars or planets… looked around got scared and woke up

  14.' J Larry Sanders Jr says:

    In my dream.. I was driving down the highway through traffiic on the interstate. The right lane is barely moving and the remaining lanes are both empty. I continue switch to the open lanes and continue driving until I come to a fork in the road and take the righthand path, which I notice is no longer the correct road, so I make a u-turn against traffic and travel in the opposite direction in the empty lanes, going against usual flow of traffic, towards the fork in the road and make another u-turn. This time I travel down the road I was on before. There is no traffic traveling down the highway and the sky gets dim. I turn on my headlights to see where I am going. The surrounding trees along both side of the road become covered in a dark, misty fog, with a slightly white fog appearing around the sides of the road and above the highway. The atmosphere around my car is now a dark all-encompassing black fog on all sides and I as I pass a road sign above the highway showing directions, with only my headlights to light my way, I can see only darkness ahead of me and around me. As I drive, I am not afraid, but nervous about where I am going.

    Then I wake up from my light sleep.

    Dreams like this are unusual for me. I often meditate and draw upon the energies beyond the physical realm and sometimes make use of crystal skull energies. Sometimes I draw upon the energies of my environment to empower my daily life. I do solo form of magic using visualization and draw upon familiars upon occasion. I often imagine my own dreamscapes when I meditate, starting with white void, creating a positive dream. When I practice my mediation, I open with white space, summon familiars and create my own positive reality. When I am done, I say goodbye to my familiars and leave my twilight world. I am very much awake in these states, my mind is in a light dreaming mode, leaving the conscious world behind. I even on occasion empty my mind of thoughts to leave a blank white space, while I meditate.

    I take cat naps sometimes and sleep at uneven hours. But I always remember and control my dreams when I do dream. At times when I let my thoughts flow unrestrained when I take cat naps, during my rest periods, my thoughts can go any direction. But I have never had the experience before of driving into black cloud on neve-ending and all-consuming darkness before. This type of dream is not the usual for me.

    I woke up with no fear or apprehension at all.

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