How to Experience the ‘Black Void’ – a Powerful Form of Lucid Dreaming

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By Vadim Pirazzi | MindValley

What is the “black void”? A common type of dream shared by various dreamers? Another “glitch” in the dream matrix? Or is there really a kind of loading screen before a dream begins?

Is There A Space Between Dreams?

“Black void” is a strange phenomenon sometimes occurring in lucid dreams. It is quite rare but not too rare to be dismissed as a singular occasion. It is a dark and empty space, where nothing happens but lucidity level is very high and you can literally travel between dreams.

Interesting that everyone who experienced “black void” immediately recognizes it as “the space between dreams”. Each dreamer gives it a different name (“Black Void”, “The Nothing”, “Loading Space”), but the idea remains the same: it is a space outside our usual dreaming. It is hard to say how we know that. But all dreamers agree that it is not a usual dream: it is a very special state of mind, the nature of which is not clear.

If we assume that “black void” is indeed a lucid state between two dreams, we have to accept that we can become lucid in a non-REM phase, when we are asleep but not dreaming. People who practice meditation sometimes achieve similar states. How this mechanism works in sleep, for those who do not practice any kind of meditation, is hard to say.

It is clear, though, that “black void” state does not last for too long. It usually gives a dreamer an uneasy feeling and desire to return into a dream. It is also interesting to note that you neither walk nor fly in “black void”. It feels like nothing but your consciousness exists in this state.

How To Get Into the “Black Void”?

Some dreamers say that you can be “thrown out” into the “black void” if you try to do something unusual and energy-consuming in a dream (like levitating numerous objects, transforming your or somebody else’s appearance or teleporting).

One dreamer received a clear suggestion from a dream character that he should “re-load” his dream in order to perform transformation, and then he found himself in the “black void”, observing the previous dream from the outside.

My own “black void” experience happened when I tried to change a dream subject. I had no idea how to go about it, so I started to fly upwards, so that the current scene would somehow disappear. And suddenly I felt like I’ve crossed some line, a border, and there was nothing around me but the black void, which reminded me about open space. I felt uneasy but wasn’t scared. Somehow I knew for sure where I was: in the space between dreams.

I started to move forward, or maybe upwards – it was really hard to tell. At the same time I was thinking about a good place, full of light, where the previous disturbing dream won’t continue. So the light started to get brighter. I couldn’t see clearly at first, just felt something touching my face. In the next moment the vision became clear and I found I was standing in a sunlit yard surrounded by clean sheets drying on the ropes. I woke up in a couple of minutes.

Based on my experience and the information I gathered in the Internet, I think at least two factors are responsible for our transition into the “black void” state:

  1. You have to be lucid in order to get into the “black void”, because…
  2. You have to perform an activity that is complicated and engaging enough to raise your level of lucidity to a degree when you can completely detach yourself from the dream, observing it from outside or leaving it completely.

The “black void” phenomenon seems to be rare among dreamers, but the similarities between the experiences of different dreamers are too numerous for us to ignore its existence.

I believe that once we have more information, we will be able to incorporate the “black void” into the common lucid dreaming techniques, improving our abilities of dream control, prolonging the lucid state (since it seems to be unlimited in the “black void”, until you transfer into another dream) and helping us to learn more about dreaming mechanisms.

If you have ever had a “black void” experience, please share your knowledge with us!

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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5 Reader Comments

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  1.' Gopendra says:

    The experience on my life with this black void, this occurs while I was on my seven year old, was the beginning of been a orphan, my mother die , and my dreams of this black void was frequently often, usually was really scared to see this immense black space surrounding me, even they took me to the neurology doctor to found what was happening with me, but they didn’t know nothing about, I been study the Vedic Upanisads and other Vegadangas ( root of vedic knowledge), and even I was a monk for 22 years, So…
    I realize by experienced the Black Void occurred on Brahman-Muhurta ( 0345 hr. To 0445 hr)
    On Which Depending The Year season The Time Exactly But This Is The Time Usually The Goodness energy opening the universe blessings to this world.
    And the monks should chant specific mantras to get the blessing of mother Prakriti, DemiGods, and God himself provides and Sat-Cit-Ananda
    Energy to the Loving Soul, which engaged on a daily Sadhana on glorified the almighty Lord at this Time, the body Chakra balance and the three eye open to make realize the eternal Soul to the relationship with the Almighty Lord and given the Souls Amrita (nectarios) and blissfully life for the Practitioners.

  2.' Lisa says:

    I have experienced this form of dreaming since adolescence but it usually occurs within the first 20 minutes of sleep, and which feels as if I enter this state immediately upon losing consciousness. For years this experience scared the hell out of me, as if the nothing was also a huge something bearing down on me, intimidating, scrutinizing and judging my being inside and out. I would try anything possible to wake myself up to get away from this place. About a year ago I was 45, when finding myself here once again, I stood up to the fear and spoke these words which began in the dream and finished as I woke to hear myself saying them out loud. I wanted to express that I was not going to be afraid anymore and simply said “You are me” as I sat upright in bed. To date I have not had another experience of this dreaming, and have an apprehensive feeling of achievement, as I’m not sure if it is deserved or what I’ve even achieved exactly.

  3.' R says:

    I didn’t care for it but it was a fast way to change locations in a few seconds. My deceased father would “drive” I’d grab his arm then everything would go black and discenigrate into nothing stomach feels like it drops then in a split second materialize in the new location. Was more of a mode of fast transportation from one location to another.

  4.' Toke says:

    My experience was . . . . i got drag out of that screen , in that screen got many picture in there, and screen go smaller and smaller like (like i got drag out far and increasingly), i can pull myself into smaller and nearly the screen but it’s drain energy a lot, i can endure for a few second until i got no energy left. I’m trying to get pass of this problems but still i don’t know how to…. if any of u experienced something like mine, please told me how to get it done. and Sometimes , i rarely found a big dark wall , when i go inside, i got many thing pass through my head non-stop, and i afraid of it, but i still have no ideal , what is that thing , Also i just found “black void” article today too , because i don’t know how to called it. If any of you find this black wall + many thing ran over your head , please told me . what is it. Also , that experience is happen to me 7 years ago , currently i’m not get that incident anymore, maybe Age related to what u can do . . . ?

  5.' Chris says:

    This happens to me often. My best guess is that you’re too conscious in your sleep for your subconscious to manifest. It’s like trying to imagine something vivid using only your conscious mind and it won’t work you’ll only see darkness because your eyes are shut and your body is asleep. So essentially you’re overpowering your subconscious mind during sleep. The dream state happens because our subconscious mind has free reign and extremely vivid imaginitive power that requires no effort at all.

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