Exercise AND Wash Laundry With This Amazing Eco-Friendly Bicycle

Posted by on February 16, 2017 in Futurism & Inspiring Inventions, Sci-Tech, Technology with 164 Comments

Bike Washing Machine

Amanda Froelich | True Activist

Chores, chores, chores. Some days, it feels like the list is never-ending, and the motivation to accomplish the mundane tasks depleted.

But now, thanks to an invention designed by students in China, you can check exercise and laundry washing off your to-do list.

The Bike Washing Machine (or BiWa, as the students have dubbed it) is a human-powered washing machine that encourages you to multitask and conserve water while boosting your fitness in a fun, efficient way.


The innovative bike – which has not yet hit markets – was designed by students at Dalian Nationalities University in China.

The pedals help spin and rotate the front wheel, which is actually a clothing drum. And, any excess energy created by burning off calories is used to power a display screen that keeps the cyclist aware of the wash cycle’s progress.


When your kids or your hubby have excess energy to burn off, have them cycle, too, as excess energy can be stored for a subsequent use.

The most common complaint today is that people just ‘don’t have enough time.’ This neat invention not only frees up extra minutes, it inspires you to get active while completing household chores.

And, for college students and families on a budget, the bike can save money long-term as there are fewer trips to the laundromat as well as less time spent trekking across town.

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164 Reader Comments

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  1. 10103801468239097@facebook.com' Stina Nucci says:

    Jean Rioux ?

  2. 10208177798425650@facebook.com' Colletta Oodalolly says:

    I’d do it! I HATE my he front loading washer! HATE IT!!!

  3. 611723535647430@facebook.com' Margaret McDonald says:

    One good thing male or female can ride it

  4. 1671983029732164@facebook.com' Juvy Leigh says:

    I want this!

  5. 10154121264104610@facebook.com' Celi Qasmi says:


  6. 10207440134784189@facebook.com' Shannon McCall Pendergrass says:

    I would do it!!

  7. 2922041647990@facebook.com' Megan Gossett says:

    Anthony Gossett

  8. 10207083745507948@facebook.com' Jakob Phurt says:

    Kori Rudd Siciliano your legs would be crazy strong! Lol!

  9. 10156654807465374@facebook.com' Naomi Chops Bull says:

    Krissy Hood-Scott

  10. 10201484313266939@facebook.com' Lynn Attridge says:

    It would look better with a guy on it! Lol

  11. 10206098633445111@facebook.com' Michelle Morgan Davis says:

    Melanie Black — we need this!

  12. 165740310474295@facebook.com' Rega Sue Jamel says:

    haha-can we travel too?? hahaha

  13. 10208283929273002@facebook.com' Angie Maun says:

    Jeni Clark – you’d be on the Olympic team the amount of washing you do every day ??

  14. 1532073517092350@facebook.com' Fadley Bruce says:

    Ha ha ha cool huh….

  15. 162347010814929@facebook.com' Joel Isaac says:


  16. 10206111536255041@facebook.com' Marie Tonkinson says:

    I’ll just wear these clothes again 🙂

  17. 1026949390680020@facebook.com' Sandra Cronin says:

    Thank you, you wonderful person that invented this. I can hardly wait to Let dear oL” hubby do the wash instead of reading the paper while I clean, cook, babysit, pick up his stuff, put things away, feed the kids, take them to school, pick them up, mop the floor, etc etc, etc, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . Finally,,,,,,,, something HE can do!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 543864632439417@facebook.com' Maryam Khalil says:

    Qurat Chohan

  19. 196506184038712@facebook.com' Sarah Edwards says:

    I want one!

  20. 10208602112147087@facebook.com' Alexa Echevarria-Borrelli says:


  21. 10208680182342223@facebook.com' Kenny Trujillo says:

    don’t think this will fly in a culture that is accustomed to doing other things while the laundry is getting done by an automatic washer…even if it means watching tv

  22. 851296428329794@facebook.com' Vanessa A Hughes says:

    I.think there was a rough version of this many years ago

  23. 549303388563005@facebook.com' Ashish Sharma says:

    Neelam Sharma

  24. 802288703250469@facebook.com' Molly Dekens says:

    Katie MacDonald I could totally get used to this 🙂

  25. 914611421942139@facebook.com' Edwin van der Choxx says:

    This is wonderful. The brain put to good work…

  26. 10153971285917292@facebook.com' Shauna Thompson says:


  27. 1034544903236498@facebook.com' Saadiqah Cynthia Scherr says:

    I need this.

  28. 10207881345288025@facebook.com' Kimberly Killian says:

    No. Thank. You.

  29. 523843057796296@facebook.com' Sarah R Conkle says:

    Would rather have a turbine generator attachment. No electric bills

  30. 1372802599403208@facebook.com' Kathryn Haveard says:

    Yes, I want one…..

  31. 1577278589260208@facebook.com' Maria McPoodle says:

    Michael Pi consider this for your future house.

  32. 1074876899221589@facebook.com' Cassandra Gonzalez says:

    Lol this wud b great for me Bridget Delia Flanagan Jazmin Bonet

  33. 1351537851531076@facebook.com' Shirley Dutton-moat says:

    Tara Moat

  34. 10153945980512288@facebook.com' Caitlin Kane says:

    Robin Nickel

  35. 524250854416034@facebook.com' Osman Akkurt says:

    If it was a dryer it would have been more interresting to honest.

  36. 812405692220130@facebook.com' Tony PT says:


  37. 1540981726195645@facebook.com' Jody Gaw says:

    Yes I’d love one of these Joan Barratt?

  38. 1540981726195645@facebook.com' Jody Gaw says:

    Yes I’d love one of these Joan Barratt?

  39. 450633348462049@facebook.com' Rosemary Frank says:


  40. 450633348462049@facebook.com' Rosemary Frank says:


  41. 10208706469927187@facebook.com' Jessica Kirk says:

    Jeff Kirk I’d rock it 🙂

  42. 10208706469927187@facebook.com' Jessica Kirk says:

    Jeff Kirk I’d rock it 🙂

  43. 178882079156871@facebook.com' Di Gallardo says:

    Vanessa De Almeida…I’d use it 🙂

  44. 178882079156871@facebook.com' Di Gallardo says:

    Vanessa De Almeida…I’d use it 🙂

  45. 10154116833769994@facebook.com' Ulla-Pia Parkkonen says:

    Suvi-tuuli – siulla menis pyykit siinä sivussa 😉

  46. 10154116833769994@facebook.com' Ulla-Pia Parkkonen says:

    Suvi-tuuli – siulla menis pyykit siinä sivussa 😉

  47. 976736295750644@facebook.com' Vanessa de Lima says:

    i LIKED

  48. 1760481210840164@facebook.com' Geneviève Fröken G Rosenholm says:

    I want one!!! 🙂

  49. 1263904290291874@facebook.com' Helen Helen says:

    Todd Cracknell you can do the washing and save the enviro.

  50. 605879036237484@facebook.com' Jason Presson says:

    Brittany Lyn Jackson look at this fantastic invention! This is one way to get me to do laundry.

  51. 10207253016858017@facebook.com' Amy Macdonald says:

    At 17 loads a week !!! I’d be fit !!!

  52. 1254869124528840@facebook.com' Joan Mc Dermott says:

    Janice Ferguson

  53. 10209062087088761@facebook.com' Lisa Canamero says:

    Nope ??

  54. 10209185224055649@facebook.com' Randy Breedwell says:

    Brooke Nealy

  55. 930559850372557@facebook.com' Gringos Rincon says:

    Come on, this must be a hoax.

    If you want to wash your clothes without a machine, why don’t you wash it by hand?!?!

    Some inventions are really useless 🙂

  56. 10206749592592520@facebook.com' Ashli Rhea Ecton says:

    Jamie Lewis, how cool is this?!

  57. 10207769064054757@facebook.com' Lee Peters says:

    Deb Peters?

  58. 10103966685732072@facebook.com' Tiff Lee says:

    Tania Inverso This was made for you.

  59. 10207656308541086@facebook.com' Clare Luke says:

    Laura maybe you should keep hold of that bike??? ? xxx

  60. 10204069448414866@facebook.com' Connie Boyles Stake says:

    I wouldn’t last 5 minutes on that thing..and I would not have clean clothes either.

  61. 1048270498569251@facebook.com' Susan Gray O'Leary says:

    See would just have half washed clothes all the time ?

  62. 10156583571555500@facebook.com' Richard Keith Graham says:

    Just reminded I have to put my stuff in the dryer

  63. 10154023128288573@facebook.com' Michelle Davies says:

    Marilyn Fron

  64. 10153916801271240@facebook.com' Tracy Wildy says:

    oh dear, better not ever get one if I don’t want to resort to disposable clothing https://www.glamoursplash.com/2008/11/disposable-paper-dresses-of-1967.html

  65. 10209178316798763@facebook.com' Jen Costa says:

    Bobbie Collins – I found a phenomenal laundry solution!

    • 10207468281698053@facebook.com' Bobbie Collins says:

      Do you have to pedal backwards and forwards really fast to get that swishing action? How long is the spin cycle? Do you add the fabric softener through the handle bars?

  66. 10100101045436606@facebook.com' Jessa Marie Coleman says:


  67. 1062359680488249@facebook.com' Annette Hanley says:

    Omg yes!

  68. 1713351438953479@facebook.com' Anna Joseph says:

    Not bad at all

  69. 614782315340864@facebook.com' Dana Tate says:

    I’d never have anything clean to wear

  70. 10206028858176486@facebook.com' Jamie Smith says:

    I want one!

  71. 10207069797935988@facebook.com' Joyce Hofbauer Hanlon says:

    I want one

  72. 1082189855191313@facebook.com' Stephanie Martinez says:

    This is awesome! Julian Martinez Jr. Michelle James William James Krystal James Joseph James Cee L James

  73. 10207823331558670@facebook.com' Yanai Salazar says:

    Pablo I need me one of these

  74. 10154544945935830@facebook.com' Chuck Lauria says:

    What a Great Idea!!!

  75. 1034568679936744@facebook.com' Anthony Alba says:

    Melissa Alba we need to was our clothes like this

  76. 1713506332201876@facebook.com' Emily Wood says:

    Amy Wood

  77. 10156503061110542@facebook.com' Matthew McCarthy says:

    I’m getting this for my wife for Valentines. Nothing says I love you like “you need to lose weight while you wash my clothes!”
    It should have a cutting board on the handlebars.

  78. 1567874010198765@facebook.com' Gaye Sturgis says:

    I think this is a great idea. I would try it. Niki Leverett, Mashekia A. Turner, Sharon Armstrong Hampton, Donna Tate

  79. 185619198476138@facebook.com' Rosanna Proctor says:

    I think I’ll stick with the washing machine.

  80. 10205826313001882@facebook.com' Michelle Kaiser Phillips says:

    April Bricker Shipley. Guess we are washing at work

  81. 553694154795562@facebook.com' Neb Tafari says:

    Marisa B. Queen – I’ll do the laundry 🙂

  82. 10153989598067959@facebook.com' Gabriela Sánchez says:

    Alexandra mira para q hagas dos en uno…

  83. 10206154246309485@facebook.com' Mark Montanez says:

    Vanessa M. Pino Michael Montanez Iris Montanez lol

  84. 1232136966799824@facebook.com' Kit-mike Elston says:

    I want one!

  85. 1195533017142313@facebook.com' Karol Rdz says:

    Jesenia Sanchez we need this in our lives!

  86. 10156466851435234@facebook.com' Matt Hedderson says:

    less u do it naked u never get off the bike lol.

  87. 1451993458441939@facebook.com' Carlie Bray says:

    Brandon Basel cool

  88. 972320179522694@facebook.com' Barbara Mitchell says:

    This is perfect Kelsey Evans

  89. 10208851654394833@facebook.com' Eimeár O'Keeffe says:

    I had a dream about inventing this!

  90. 10205051348352949@facebook.com' Mark Kelcourse says:

    In a word. NO. In two words. HECK NO. 😀

  91. 10206506977606447@facebook.com' Wiremu Stevenson says:

    Leonie Ahipene ??

  92. 10208741048865659@facebook.com' James Melbourne says:


  93. 10153843217990042@facebook.com' Jamie Thomson says:

    Make her happy Damien Steele !

  94. 177620349281926@facebook.com' Shelley Kenet says:

    ? cool

  95. 1050283325004318@facebook.com' Doug Chapman says:

    Connie Birch

  96. 904748639615694@facebook.com' Patree'z Jamesz Preet'z says:

    Wow. I want one of this.

  97. 1662578714000137@facebook.com' Steve French says:

    Lee Hansen

  98. 1027327827328751@facebook.com' Luna Filth says:

    I want one

  99. 1052460011488072@facebook.com' April O'Brien says:

    Vonna Shults

  100. 967318079971029@facebook.com' Lama Ryms says:

    Wonderful… real innovation. Cheers

  101. 1045810452129164@facebook.com' Dhorz Cervantes Nabo says:

    Thirdy S. Nabo love..lol! ?

  102. 10201506687746225@facebook.com' Tamara Gumabon says:

    Lol I guess laundry ain’t getting done ?

  103. 10153518374738348@facebook.com' Debra M Silver says:

    Heather Patruno

  104. 10206832672108525@facebook.com' Donna Wood says:

    Sharon Wood we need to get one of these for nev and Matty. ….lol

  105. 1242732579073560@facebook.com' Elizabeth Mary Joanna says:

    Bee Rass we need this ? ultimate motivation. Want clean clothes? Gottah bike that shit clean ??

  106. 10204460745873723@facebook.com' Sarath Wimalasuriya says:

    When the washing is finished , the user would find that , what he wears need to be put back into the machine .

  107. 781014932042022@facebook.com' Jene Matandos says:

    Elena Sofios this was invented with you in mind.

  108. 828510933925425@facebook.com' Dannie Jason Loft Lambley says:

    Jason Dannielambley Loft

  109. 10156571668960066@facebook.com' Karma Camealia says:

    Becky Harrison

  110. 1163090060368120@facebook.com' Judy Foster says:

    Andrea Foster

  111. 420619251470523@facebook.com' Atisha Ascended says:

    like the concept…. waiting for more input in the future to see how water and detergents would be added and removed…. lots of thoughts and question flowing through my mind on this one….

  112. 10206884950140217@facebook.com' Lynne Smith says:

    Alan Rye you and Tracy could start your own laundry business ?

  113. 10153434474276149@facebook.com' Amber Nicole says:

    Triona O’Sullivan

  114. 10206896714629513@facebook.com' Beverly Brown says:


  115. 1268680219826950@facebook.com' Zunera Kiran says:

    Fizz Anwar buy this one

  116. 10208386707006424@facebook.com' Madalena Delgado Alves says:

    Patita Quando ficar bem do joelho já sabe ??

  117. 212042285813037@facebook.com' Chris Munger says:

    Where are the water inlets and outlets?

  118. 202666360090168@facebook.com' Marliena Evans says:

    Also…you can take a 10 gallon bucket, fill it with Dawn and a little baking soda, take a bathroom plunger and it washes your clothes also.

  119. 10153362988208093@facebook.com' Cheryl Gough says:

    We’d be as skinny as rakes in our house ! Wayne Wayne Gough Amy Amy Gough Daniel Gough

  120. jeffhand409@yahoo.com' Jeff says:

    Much better !

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