Ergatta Introduces a Gaming-Inspired Experience to Rowing

You no longer need to download inspiring videos from the internet to motivate you when working out. With improved technology, there are now connected work-out machines that come with a gaming experience. With these machines, you can watch your performance as you work out in real-time hence motivating you to push on. Many companies have been experimenting with smart bikes and treadmills, but Ergatta has taken a different approach with a gaming-inspired experience rowing machine. They have realized the benefits that a rowing machine has over most other at-home workout equipment, hence their decision to experiment with one. While rowing is monotonous and boring when using traditional rowers, Ergatta has gone a notch higher to improve on the same giving you a different and exciting experience. Here are some of the features and advantages you should expect in their new rower.

Connected to a Visual Monitor

The rower is connected to a virtual monitor that displays your performance in real-time. This display makes exercising interesting and engaging. Unlike the traditional version in which you would just row continuously using similar monotonous motions, this one shows you gains in terms of the distance you have covered, and the calories you have burned. It helps you motivate yourself when working out alone in the house.  You can install various apps, some of which connect you to other users for group challenges. With such challenges, you can get to gauge your performance and push yourself to gain more while competing with members of your group.

Looks Great

The Ergatta rower is made of beautiful cherry wood. This makes it attractive to keep in your house as one of the house furniture. Much as it is a rowing machine, it also complements the furniture in your house improving the overall outlook of your home. The rower has a nice looking wooden frame and you can choose from several designs that the company has come up with.

Features Water Container

The rower has a donut-shaped water container attached at the bottom. This tank or container gives users a close to real experience when rowing. You feel as if you are rowing on an actual lake or river hence making it more exciting. It also makes rowing smoother with constant resistance in the strokes as opposed to air rowers where you experience a drop in the resistance during the stroke.

Easy Storage

Unlike traditional rowers that occupied too much space making them difficult to have in small apartments, the new Ergatta rower is foldable making it suitable for those whose space is limited. Once you finish working out, you simply fold the machine vertically next to a wall. It still looks great even when folded. If you live in a small apartment, this will be ideal for you as you only occupy the space when working out.

Apart from its physical features, the Ergatta rowing machine is proving to be an effective full-body workout machine as compared to other gym or home equipment.  Here are some advantages you will have with this machine

Easier on Your Joints

Rowing machines do not place any pressure or impact on your joints. Unlike riding a stationary bike or running on a treadmill that can have a significant impact on your waist and ankles, the rowing machine engages you in a pull and release motion that works out your entire body without putting pressure on any joint in your body. With other machines, you will be prone to twists and sprains if you go too hard.

Good for Losing Weight and Building Muscle

Both treadmills and stationary bikes help you lose weight, but you have to put in extra work to burn as many calories as you would while working out with a rower. The fact that the rower engages your entire body pushes the body an extra mile and burns more calories. You also get to build more muscles on your body including your biceps, triceps, and almost all your leg muscles. It is like doing a bench press and a squat at the same time.

It is Fun to Use

With the new addition that makes the Ergatta rower a virtual machine, it is no longer the boring and monotonous machine it once was.  You will enjoy working out with this machine just as you do while running on a treadmill if not better. Being able to track your performance or even view a representation of you working out on the screen is quite interesting.