Did the Chinese Just Eliminate the Need for Fossil Fuels?

Written by on February 12, 2016 in Eco-Friendly, Sci-Tech with 83 Comments


Brianna Acuesta | True Activist

A group of Chinese scientists have just created a hydrogen gas that is three times hotter than the sun and lasts for 102 seconds.

Though this might not seem like too long, considering how long it would need to be powered to replace fossil fuels, it’s an amazing start in the right direction to solve the world’s energy crisis. A few days earlier, German scientists were able to engineer a hydrogen gas that managed to heat up to 80 million C, compared to the new 50 million C of the Chinese creation, but only lasted a fraction of a second.

The Chinese experiment took place at the Institute of Physical Science in Hefei, where nuclear scientists heated up hydrogen in a reactor called Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). The reactor produced hydrogen plasma, which is an ionized gas consisting of equal amounts of positive charged ions and negative charged ions.

The ultimate goal of the group is to mimic the solar nuclear fusion that occurs within the sun’s core, which converts hydrogen atoms into heavier atoms like helium. To do this, their first goal is to heat up the hydrogen to 100 million C, which is double the temperature they have created now, and maintain it for 1,000 seconds, which are the minimum conditions for mimicking a solar nuclear fusion. This fusion has been created before in nuclear bombs, but this amount of energy is uncontrolled and obviously dangerous, so the scientists are seeking a way to control this energy in order to use it for good.

Despite the destructive nature of nuclear bombs, nuclear energy is clean energy that the world could really use in order to stop the use of fossil fuels and instead produce unlimited nuclear energy to power their operations. According to Planet Save, fossil fuels are the major cause of climate change because of the huge carbon dioxide emissions. If we were able to one day replace these fossil fuels with nuclear energy, it is possible we could slowly repair the harm we have done to Earth so far, but the carbon dioxide will remain for decades, perhaps even centuries. This is why it is imperative that we develop alternative sources for energy as soon as possible, and these Chinese scientists are well on their way to doing just that.

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83 Reader Comments

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  1. 1673677836205745@facebook.com' Darren Templar says:

    Looks like a toy compared to Wendelstein 7-X and ITER

  2. 1253081168050849@facebook.com' Cory Heimark says:

    You’d think they’d want to focus on Fukushima (which isnt even IN the spell check dictionary) first, but whatever. The need for fossil fuels went out the window 100 years ago, the only reason we’ve been using them at all is profit. Until we lose the ideas of profitability, and what is valuable and what isn’t, all these great ideas are just that, ideas.

  3. 10201331920736294@facebook.com' Jayand Ramautar says:

    This could be a doomsday weapon.

  4. Pete@upbeatpete.com' Pete says:

    Nuclear energy is CLEAN? Really? One word..Fukushima.

  5. 10207447244012717@facebook.com' Daniel Middleton says:

    Not yet, but will be necessary for the 2nd sun project in 257 years from now. Largest fusion project in the history of man.

  6. 670669353071438@facebook.com' Lois Jordansky says:

    Why not use wind or solar!

  7. 10153185577457765@facebook.com' Leonard Harrison Jr. says:

    No i am not excite that will be something else they can t control when fcks up.Just like Cory said oil is profit and now that the usa is in oil big again we are good for another 100 years. Then we have Fukushima that they can t fix and they want to make new things fix that first and close them down. this is why they are talking about new taxes on carbon to make more money on climate change

  8. 10208825360661042@facebook.com' Papo A Acevedo says:


  9. 540951326087279@facebook.com' Armstrong Mathebula says:

    We have enough heat as it is pls.And it might Fukushim you!

  10. 1667214156872548@facebook.com' Linda Hand says:

    Yes. Use. Wind

  11. 1101766016523651@facebook.com' Daniel Davison says:

    The Corporate Oligarchy will crush any challenge to fossil fuels out of existance.

  12. 10207737770378971@facebook.com' Michael Young says:

    The government already has teslas free energy..bastards..

  13. 10205599341291392@facebook.com' Bob M Wade says:

    Let’s just hope they don’t weaponize it.

  14. 10207403677391630@facebook.com' Dawn Bloom says:

    We’ll see, I do not trust the Chinese…

  15. 1014839325228746@facebook.com' Jay Minasi says:

    No because the Chinese dogs invented it and they are the world’s enemies

  16. 677161089082794@facebook.com' Dlav Gaucher says:

    More data and research would be great .. difficult to comment at this point…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why hasn’t our military went there and destroyed it in the name of national security like they do in this country?

  18. 452511421625303@facebook.com' Hyacinthe Bouquet says:

    Yes the positive is good but also very dangerous. People need to take that into consideration.

  19. 932878113428327@facebook.com' Bill Carmack says:

    All well and good but we are still stuck in uhhh fire good mode, need to work on direct conversion.

  20. 10150593730714944@facebook.com' John Rieger says:

    Never mind fossil fuels….. it can replace Nuclear power plants..

  21. 674264629340950@facebook.com' Gerardo Maldonado says:

    Any one mistake can be fatal though.

  22. 10201261120126406@facebook.com' Russell Miller says:

    Well India has a free energy device, I will bet it is a lot safer n cheaper than a fusion reactor cold or not

  23. 896865480435013@facebook.com' Mokua Ikageng says:

    sadly most people will never even hear of it

  24. 10203579329643906@facebook.com' Vincent Tan says:

    Holy DinoSaurian Fuel… Holy Green Fossil…

  25. 780298285411923@facebook.com' Mark Lampkin says:

    3 times hotter than the sun… problem. Nothing on earth can hold that. Anyone been to the sun lately? lol

  26. 1049877498368116@facebook.com' Robert Priddy says:

    You people will believe any thing!

  27. 193590414310713@facebook.com' Greg McPhee says:

    Not that exciting. What is exciting to me is the disclosure of technologies kept secret that will make all this kinda shit a waste of time

  28. 227651164245316@facebook.com' Stefani McDoogle says:

    I didn’t realize something could be hotter than the sun. I think that part is awesome.

  29. 1710606752496049@facebook.com' Salvador Nonog says:

    what clean source of energy?….
    why can’t they turn thier back on nuclear energy??..
    Japan is now poisoning our ocean and seas with Nuclear waste…
    Chernobile meltdown is still a disater zone….
    what part of that don’t they understand??…

    proves when people have high IQ they turn into idiots!…

    STOP!!!! .. before you blow up the earth…

  30. 602494323237511@facebook.com' Pete Garcia says:

    I don’t get it, 3 times hotter then the Sun. There’s just no way anything can contain such degrees. Your talking one million degrees or so

  31. 164423140560781@facebook.com' Quezley Stitch Snipes says:

    I think if its true, the so called “elite,” in the USA will either buy it and suppress it, buy it and use it, or dispose of the nuisance, and pretend it never happened. Oil and power all the way. #fuckrothschild #fuckrockerfeller #fucktheoligarchs

  32. 1107491019269477@facebook.com' Jon Morgan says:

    The Chinese don’t innovate. They steal. So really it’s a matter of who did they steal this technology from. My guess is the Germans.

  33. 905455796239826@facebook.com' Gordon Oostenbrink says:

    Only one question,,,If this shit is that hot how ‘ta fuck are they gonna contain it?????

  34. 990479284324618@facebook.com' Kevin F. Montague says:

    102 seconds huh? And hotter than the sun? I wonder how useful it will be for cooking hot dogs?

    • sorgfelt@protonmail.ch' Sorgfelt says:

      Some of us are vegetarians, although I’ve been told that hot dogs do not contain meat. 😉 Even marshmallows, the second choice in such matters, is made from gelatin, which itself is made from purified cow parts. Furthermore, tofu can be eaten cold, and global warming can keep us warm, which leaves us with no reason for nuclear fusion reactors.

  35. 483489248496322@facebook.com' Steven Hartley says:

    Sounds like a devastating disaster waiting to happen! I wonder how it would react in a hydrogen bomb if it were used installed of regular hydrogen, would it be three times stronger. I’m sure some country will try it soon, probably ours.

    • sorgfelt@protonmail.ch' Sorgfelt says:

      Already done in hydrogen bombs. By design, nuclear fusion reactors will not blow up. it is hard enough to merely light them.

  36. 1007230965976112@facebook.com' John Wiede says:

    they have the incentive to avoid imported fuels if they really plan military world conquest

  37. 1131318950214505@facebook.com' Sean O'Connell says:

    I would like it except I don’t trust the source – If i had read it it in Scientific American, New Scientist or an Economist technology update then maybe

    • sorgfelt@protonmail.ch' Sorgfelt says:

      Since Scientific American published a misleading and biased, if not actually fraudulent article supporting GMOs, I don’t trust them, either.

  38. 226346231046071@facebook.com' Michelle Solfleur says:

    …or a new weapon.

  39. 10204831330175112@facebook.com' Anita James says:

    i think some day it a long shot

  40. 10206045713960306@facebook.com' Thomas Chenhall says:

    It’s called atomic fusion. In America fusion research is mostly ignored, suppressed, and denied, while in other countries it begins to flourish.

    If you think a fusion reactor must be large, you’re wrong. Isaac Asimov speculated about a future fusion power generator THE SIZE OF A WALNUT.

  41. 798698803568743@facebook.com' Herling Untu W says:

    And if it blows what happens

    • sorgfelt@protonmail.ch' Sorgfelt says:

      It won’t blow, by its very nature. It is safer than present nuclear fission power plants, but still dangerous due to possible contamination of water by tritium.

  42. 10206266794767054@facebook.com' Jae Bee says:

    I think we can meet all of our needs with geothermal tidal wind and solar and more efficient use.

  43. 10203619060277319@facebook.com' Eric Arcos says:

    Awesome ??

  44. 10153886291773455@facebook.com' Bryan W. Wilson says:

    has been there biggest prob

  45. 10153886291773455@facebook.com' Bryan W. Wilson says:

    but thei9r so called government will kill thisuands to server the greater firm

  46. 10153497503934494@facebook.com' Brandon Broach says:

    U mean they stole an American patent to replicate a device that uses hydrogen as a renewable heat source

  47. Anonymous says:

    There goes the neighbourhood…

  48. 1107330482620956@facebook.com' Stephen Balogh says:

    Yes, they did 102 seconds…

  49. 10206079097991516@facebook.com' Ralph Alexander Morgan says:

    While we defend education and prevent great minds from making a contribution, other countries invest in education and enjoy the result.

  50. 231814517154745@facebook.com' Prashant Joshi says:

    When the scientific research hand overs for commercial purposes , it turns out to be catastrophic .

  51. 928920130549578@facebook.com' Zahara Chiraz Ragamaia says:

    Fuck China

  52. sorgfelt@protonmail.ch' Sorgfelt says:

    “Nuclear energy is clean”? Sorry, it is not. Even fusion, which has been touted as clean, has to carefully deal with the possibility of contamination of ground water by tritium, which is seriusly deadly due it being incorporated in water and ingested where alpha particles can do the most damage, and accidents are bound to happen. And why is hot nuclear fusion even being granted all of the required funding? The companies who will benefit will continue their ability to own people with their large, centrally controlled power sources.

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