Delicious Green Juice Recipes for Younger Skin, Stronger Hair and More Energy

While they aren’t always the tastiest thing you’ll ever drink, there’s no denying that a green juice drink is good for you. No matter what combo of green vegetables and fruits you use, green juice is packed full of nutrition. So it’s really no surprise that it’s good for you, getting your 5 servings of fruit and vegetables in one go is always going to be great.

But do you know what it can do for you? Turns out green juice has a whole host of health benefits!

Younger Looking Skin

Greens tend to be packed full of vitamin A which helps your skin cells regrow so you lose old tired cells which get replaced with new fresh cells giving you younger more radiant skin. This then gets combined with all the vitamin C which can protects your skin from UV damage, ideal if you’re living somewhere hot. 

Stronger Hair

Do you know what else vitamin C does for you? It helps your body produce more collagen which is a key ingredient in healthy hair. It allows your hair to regrow as needed so you don’t get split ends and end up with dry broken hair.

Plus, some baldness can be caused by a lack of vitamin B6 which we already know is in green juice, so it’s a slim chance but if your hair is falling out then it’s worth a try to regrow your luscious locks.

Gives You Energy

The other main vitamin found in green juice are B vitamins, specifically it’s got vitamin B6 which helps you properly digest food and turn it into energy. Plus, leafy green like spinach are a great source of iron which helps oxygen flow around your body making you feel more awake and helping all that nutrition get around your body.

Plus green juice actually has some protein it which your body digests and turns into energy. So it’s a nice addition to your diet if you’re a vegan looking for some more protein.

How Do You Make Green Juice?

It’s easy, you just need a juicer to put the ingredients through and a sink to wash them in beforehand. You can leave on all the skins you’d normally eat just chop off any roots and wash thoroughly, and keep reading because I’ve got some recipes to share with you further down.

If you don’t own a juicer but do own a blender then don’t worry you can still make a green juice, it’s just a little trickier. First you blend all your ingredients, unsurprisingly, then you follow that up by straining it through a muslin cloth into a glass leaving you with just the juice.

You don’t have to strain it and can have it with all the fibre still in it but i think it’s more enjoyable if you have it as a juice rather than a smoothie. Kale tends to be a bit chunky if you don’t sieve it!

Here’s an infographic showing you some of my favorite recipes:

Infographic source: https://www.juicebuff.com/green-juice-recipes/