The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay

Posted by on November 23, 2015 in Censorship, Corruption, Government with 40 Comments
By John W. Whitehead | The Rutherford Institute
Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.  To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”— Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States
America’s next president will inherit more than a bitterly divided nation teetering on the brink of financial catastrophe when he or she assumes office. He will also inherit a shadow government, one that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country.
To be precise, however, the future president will actually inherit not one but two shadow governments.
The first shadow government, referred to as COG or continuity of government, is made up of unelected individuals who have been appointed to run the government in the event of a “catastrophe.” The second shadow government, referred to as the Deep State, is comprised of unelected government bureaucrats, corporations, contractors, paper-pushers, and button-pushers who are actually calling the shots behind the scenes right now.
The first shadow government, COG, is a phantom menace waiting for the right circumstances—a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, an economic meltdown—to bring it out of the shadows, where it operates even now. When and if COG takes over, the police state will transition to martial law. Yet as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, it is the second shadow government, the Deep State, which poses the greater threat to our freedoms. This permanent, corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy is unaffected by elections, unaltered by populist movements, and beyond the reach of the law. This is the hidden face of the police state.
These two shadow governments, which make a mockery of representative government and the “reassurance ritual” of voting, have been a long time in the making. Yet they have been so shrouded in secrecy, well hidden from the eyes and ears of the American people that they exist and function in contravention to the principles of democratic government. As the following makes clear, these shadow governments, which operate beyond the reach of the Constitution and with no real accountability to the citizenry, are the reason why “we the people” have no control over our government.

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40 Reader Comments

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  1.' Mika Shanle says:

    France Paris : Watch the lane video which inside the disco which has been bombing and there was many of victims in the terrorist operation in Paris ,, watch the video on MyWall !! 🙁

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  3.' Marsha Creary says:

    The first shadow government, referred to as COG or continuity of government, is made up of unelected individuals who have been appointed to run the government in the event of a “catastrophe.” The second shadow government, referred to as the Deep State, is comprised of unelected government bureaucrats, corporations, contractors, paper-pushers, and button-pushers who are actually calling the shots behind the scenes right now

    •' James Kayeja says:

      Marsha Creary .. > Spot on .. !! >> You are an angel .. You took out all my talk all my words .. All my thoughts out of my skull .. out of my thinking right out on this page .. You are good people .. I couldn’t have said it better .. what you’ve said above in a million years .. You did say it like it is .. Out in the open .. You are spot on .. Question is .. How would one replace such a knit woven structure .. You wouldn’t .. It’s a Fort Knox kind of thing .. Impossible to penetrate by any stealth or otherwise ..
      Thank you for sharing .. James Kayeja …

    •' Marsha Creary says:

      Everyone comes to the table with how they contributed to the problem, its called accountability

  4.' Mark Justien says:

    Do you believe? Lol it’s a fact they exist, within all gov. and military… you know what Clearance and Classified mean?. If you have no access to their information then it is done in shadow. Anything public is programming, which is why zionist cia pays billions to zionist media broadcast companies to fulfill their agenda’s

  5.' Marsha Creary says:

    Whitehead | The Rutherford Institute
    “Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”— Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States of America.

  6.' Leti Perez says:

    ARREST THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7.' Stacy Dee says:

    Kimberly Allison ??

  8.' Greg McPhee says:

    It’s on its way out actually. Not here to stay.

  9.' Leti Perez says:

    There is a dark & evil shadowy presence in the white house. Everyone knows it!

    •' Mark Justien says:

      The zionist spies allowed to stay in the evil white house

    •' Marnie Kelly says:

      Now I’m confused Mark Justien! Zionist influence in the white house, when everyone writes about Obama having strong muslim roots and advisors? ‘Splain pls Lucy….

  10.' Daniel Cox says:

    Always , never leaves, in constant control. That is how it works.

  11.' Roberta Hudson says:

    I actually feel a bit sorry for the president cuz he’s a puppet who thinks he’s a real influence when he’s just being pulled along as a scapegoat so you don’t notice who is actually pulling all the strings.

  12.' James P Moon says:

    We don’t know anything.
    There’s possibly a shadow government.

    Maybe the conspiracy theories are misinformation provided by the people who are really in control to keep us distracted from what they’re really doing.

  13.' Marsha Creary says:

    Im assuming that both the first and the second shadow government allows things to run more smoothly, effectively and efficiently correct?

  14.' Daniel Platten says:

    No it is not here to stay, as people wake up to this there will be hell to pay!

  15.' YaHamam Miny Salam says:

    .. a list of the Committee of 300 :

    .. Is the “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” ruling our planet.

    .. This link .. Will show you : a list of the Committee of 300 names ……. The 20 goals of the Committee of 300 …. And how much has been acheaved ; already manipulating your life.


  16.' James Kayeja says:

    Conscious Life News .. >Shadow Government ..Ruling the Planet surface .. >>Yes I do believe there is a shadow government running USA Russia .. All 53 African States .. China .. UK .. Europe .. The works .. This shadow government is in charge of all trade on the planet surface .. This government couldn’t be defeated or replaced .. It is in charge of all printed paper money of the planet surface .. The real McCoy .. Unbeatable .. Undefeatable .. However hard you try .. You’d fail .. The only way is to dismantle all international trade agreement .. All the works … Then start from scratch .. Then maybe you may do it .. Otherwise all we are talking about is a sheer idle talk .. No substance …
    Thanks for sharing … James Kayeja ..

  17.' Dan Kellam says:

    The shadow government is going to be exterminated piece by piece. For every wave, there is a counter wave. And judging by the waves they have been making for quite some time there is a long overdue correction on its way. There are paramilitary white hat groups that actively hunt them as well. (kennedy’s strike force he commissioned before his death is still highly active, and membership appears to be growing exponentially, especially through defections) Whole bases have been burned to the ground, (well burned underground) leaving virtually no record of their passing. That recent “nuclear waste” fire underground recently was one. Plus they pissed off putin by shooting down that russian plane. The russians have tremendously advanced scalar weaponry (actually the best in the world, tesla ensured that his technology was widely distributed and placed where it would do the most good to maintain stability and combat threats such as the shadow govt) They may think they are untouchable, but with scalar technology distance and even shielding become basically irrelevant. They sowed the seeds of their own demise through the creation of the internet, and their overuse of parasitic banking techniques and economic warfare methods. Karma’s a sociopath if you behave like one.

  18.' Nathan Dunning says:

    Its global government not just American. It’s the True Axis of Evil.Hopefully Russia will Nuke them….

  19.' Aylin Aylin says:

    yep shadow rich families more like!!!!!

  20.' Nyah Amara says:

    Nope, not a government just a corporation. The holy empire which consist of the Vatican, Great Britain, and the US.

  21.' Rhane Barnes says:

    Nicole Howlett

  22.' Celeste Korthase says:

    We are.
    All on our own

  23.' Jay Spencer says:

    It won’t be here to stay if we illuminate the shadow. Let’s get out the torches, whether powered by batteries or kerosene.

  24.' Abrahams Child says:

    Yes !!!!

  25.' Matthew Nicholas Macphee says:

    Dont care lol

  26.' Brian Mcfarland says:

    Men in Black are real

  27.' John Wayne says:

    U.S. Marine Major General S. Butler was the First to Speak, “The Business Plot.”

  28.' Sahiburasad Asgali says:

    Shadow govrnments are orgized by the powerful organized weathiest groups of peoples to control politic & economic.

  29.' Shana Wyatt says:

    The Rosicrusians =
    Roman Catholic mafia went under ground now going on for over a thousand years.
    Indeed, known for ancient wisdom withheld, and then “they” manipulate the “main populous” with it.
    Our lives is thier main punchline to a joke they entertain themselves with, for hundreds of years now.
    They’re society, now adays gaining blinding speed, consists of well over one million, HIGHLY MIND CONTROLED individuals and families who take strategic part in performing for the worlds media. Plus war mongering actions.
    This does not exclude, BY NOW, (because “they’ve been at it for a while ) most ALL of the “actors” runners up for elections in most ALL the countries.
    They treat “us” like children, and we act like children if you look closely.
    Very naive we are~
    Any way:
    We must start using our imagination; Figure its the ONLY thing “they” have not tried to “tax” or imprison YET…

    Wishful thinking .
    Many are MIND CONTROLED and they have not fully accessed it to exercise thier own intuition that can beneficialy take them through thier own imagination !
    “They” are VERY VERY successful!

  30.' Emma Pearson says:

    Bloody right there’s a shadow government running the countries they haven’t got a clue

  31.' Jeffrey Lee Saunders says:

    It’s a lie!

  32.' Megan Jenkins says:

    Makes me so mad. It’s fuc#ing ridiculous to allow ourselves to literally be enslaved to these sociopaths. Fu#k them & all their money. We really don’t need* it. We’ve got to break out of that illusion. Seriously.

  33.' Kathleen Olsson Nelson says:

    Koch Brothers, The Rothschilds, The Clintons, The Bushes, The monsterous Dick Cheney, all the elite, nobility, royalty, all belong to The Bilderberg Group of One World Order folks who are destroying societies worldwide and their plan is mass genocide of all species. Don’t believe me? Go to Amazon. com and read the massive amount of literature, books, DVDs, on and on. These FACTS are all written down and documented extensively. Get informed and then cast your vote for sanity.

  34.' Sahiburasad asgali says:

    Peace defence Economic Treaty, Humanitarian Invesment Development Unity Program , Food Security and Poverty Alleviation, small communities (barangay Based) , to transform war technologies into Peace Technologies,
    to rule open eyes for safety and bance of welfares of world Citizens,

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