Just Turn It Off! Corporate Media Promoting Xenophobia & Fearmongering 24/7

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fox news fearmongering

By Deirdre Fulton | Common Dreams

Just as they did in the wake of 9/11, corporate media outlets—led by cable news networks—are spreading hysteria, fueling anti-immigrant sentiment, and beating the drum for war by providing “context-free coverage of terror,” as one analyst put it this week.

The 24/7 coverage of Friday's attacks in Paris and their aftermath, marked by speculation and sensationalism, is only helping the media conglomerates.

According to Deadline: “Fox News Channel and CNN both logged their biggest primetime crowds of the year, excluding presidential debates, when viewers tuned in to learn about the attacks in Paris on Friday that killed at least 129 people and injured hundreds more. The two cable news networks traded hourly wins in the news demo that night.”

But wall-to-wall “analysis”—bereft of actual facts or nuance—does little for the viewer,wrote Jim Naureckas of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) on Tuesday. And it's part of a historical pattern that only perpetuates war and conflict.

“The outpouring of no-context, ahistorical sympathy after 9/11 helped pave the way for a violent reaction that killed in Iraq alone roughly 150 times as many people as died in Lower Manhattan that day—an opportunistic catastrophe that did more to mock than avenge those deaths,” Naureckas argued.

“There is no doubt the Republicans are getting ready to launch a full blown campaign of paranoid bloodlust which, if successful, would have devastating consequences.”
—Heather Digby Parton, Salon

Political analyst and media critic Heather Digby Parton, writing at Salon on Tuesday, agreed that the media has been complicit in pushing problematic foreign policy.

“It was well documented that during the run-up to the Iraq war there was tremendous pressure coming from the executive suite of the news networks to cheerlead for the administration,” she argued. “Those who resisted were marginalized and fired if they refused to go along. It's unlikely that the word went forth on Saturday that reporters should get on a war footing and issue demands that the president use ‘the greatest military in the world' to ‘take out these bastards.' But they don’t have to say it explicitly do they? Everyone knows the drill.”

And it's not just cable news networks that are the culprits.

While he praised a New York Times editorial on Wednesday that “mercilessly shames the despicable effort by U.S. government officials to…exploit the Paris attacks to advance long-standing agendas,” The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald criticized the Times‘ overall news coverage for failing to address how:

“The leading cable news networks, when they haven't been spewing outright bigotry and fear-mongering, have hosted one general and CIA official after the next to say whatever they want without the slightest challenge.”
—Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

… particularly after a terror attack, large parts of the U.S. media treat U.S. intelligence and military officials with the reverence usually reserved for cult leaders, whereby their every utterance is treated as Gospel, no dissent or contradiction is aired, zero evidence is required to mindlessly swallow their decrees, anonymity is often provided to shield them from accountability, and every official assertion is equated with Truth, no matter how dubious, speculative, evidence-free, or self-serving.

“Like many people, I’ve spent years writing about the damage done by how subservient and reverent many U.S. media outlets are toward the government officials they pretend to scrutinize,” Greenwald continued. “But not since 2003 have I witnessed anything as supine and uncritical as the CIA-worshipping stenography that has been puked forward this week. Even before the Paris attacks were concluded, a huge portion of the press corps knelt in front of the nearest official with medals on their chest or who flashes covert status, and they’ve stayed in that pitiful position ever since.”

He added: “The leading cable news networks, when they haven't been spewing outright bigotry and fear-mongering, have hosted one general and CIA official after the next to say whatever they want without the slightest challenge. Print journalists, without the excuse of the pressures of live TV, have been even worse: article after article after article does literally nothing other than uncritically print the extremely dubious claims of military and intelligence officials without including any questioning, contradiction, dissenters, or evidence that negates those claims.”

Without real analysis and historical context, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, said Rania Masri, associate director of the Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University in Beirut, on Oregon's KBOO radio this week.

“With that knowledge and understanding that we should look at what the French president is saying when he calls for—and I quote—a ‘pitiless war',” she said. “Who will die next….given that it seems that the French government is unfortunately going to follow in the footsteps of the U.S. government?”

“Hundreds upon hundreds of Iraqis have been dying in Iraq every month since the U.S. invasion in 2003,” she said. “That recognition is criticial. Because we need to understand ISIS was born out of Iraq. ISIS was not born out of Syria. It was born from the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. It was that anger, that humiliation, that destruction of Iraq, that fueled the environment that led to ISIS.”

What these times demand, Masri declared, is the “liberation of the mainstream press from the corporate press…so that the media can return to its original objective, which is to inform, so we can become a more educated populace—not to entertain us and not to create more sensational journalism to empower our xenophobia.”

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42 Reader Comments

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  1. 10205849838820049@facebook.com' Nargis Kabir says:

    Everyday, we are getting news that Muslims especially Muslim hijabi women are getting targeted and being attacked in Canada, US, or any other non Muslim country after Paris attack! Seemingly the purpose of Paris attack just happened for harassing muslim’s lives in west and scared Muslim’s community. The most interesting thing is that, all attacker “right wing group” has been consolidated around the world and just started their targeted agendas soon after Paris attack! These racist right wing groups are being paid by someone like isis ?

  2. 10205849838820049@facebook.com' Nargis Kabir says:

    sorry the page is not found ! Could you please recheck it , it is a great post indeed!

  3. 10155935672930411@facebook.com' Tom Catino says:

    they are pushing the Psychopath’s agenda on the public, but many of us are aware of their sick game…

  4. 10206427377656487@facebook.com' Tracey Gath says:

    Not to mention Paris is the location of the upcoming climate talks. They have banned the public from gathering, therefore, prohibiting the public from raising awareness of the dangers of geoengineering. This is not a coincidence.

  5. 1669570393321837@facebook.com' Tammy Harbert says:

    Let’s be clear, some of the crap you post is just that, crap!! All the dead and injured from 9/11, Boston and Paris are just made up stories. But don’t worry, it just HAPPENS TO OTHERS, not you or yours!!

    • 10153563668740941@facebook.com' Natalie Hamill says:

      Then why are you liking the page and following the crap??? I unfollow pages that I do not agree with…perhaps you should do the same….just a suggestion. 😉

    • 1669570393321837@facebook.com' Tammy Harbert says:

      SOME I said. Just because I disagree with SOME, doesn’t mean I will unfollow. We all have opinions, right?

    • 10207435625314024@facebook.com' Sandi Ferguson says:

      I know someone who died during the 9/11 situation and others who were there. Are you saying they aren’t real? Maybe I’m not actually real. Boo

  6. 10153558774771774@facebook.com' Liam Havard says:

    always have always will.

  7. 10153700578826635@facebook.com' Jo An Gaines says:

    Turn it off !! Yes!

  8. 10206860319324251@facebook.com' Cathy Siegel says:

    Never turn it on

  9. 10206503717610782@facebook.com' Don McCurdy says:

    The link has disappeared! We’ve been censored! Whoever we are.

  10. 438288283024390@facebook.com' WendyJoy Smith says:

    so often I click your links and it goes to an error page, most of the time I search for it, but today I give up

  11. 144099595947164@facebook.com' Daniel Cox says:

    It’s called collective corporate profits.

  12. 10203798894852437@facebook.com' Robert Gale Slater says:

    I am Retired Military and not afraid, fear mongers do not scare me, I am not afraid of the Syrian Refugees coming here! There is more to be worried about from White Extreme Fanatical Christians here in the United states, since they have been the ones who have attacked and killed more people here in America than anyone, not saying that 911 wasn’t terrible also, it was disgusting, but so was what Timothy McVeigh did! I refuse to live in fear from either one of those fanatical religious type of people!

  13. 1185901144768313@facebook.com' Joe Hoover says:

    404 Error … Page Not Found

  14. 10207037385586748@facebook.com' Morgan Larsson says:

    the link is allready dead

  15. 10153717387733374@facebook.com' Heather Earhart says:

    This is all I have to say :Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity

  16. 10204743651142905@facebook.com' Sherry Spurling says:

    Of course the media promotes fearmongering…yellow rag journalism. Don’t fall for it!

  17. 1522200114773475@facebook.com' Gabriella Miceli says:

    Ben Caswell theres your word (fearmongering) haha

  18. 10203418394620226@facebook.com' Russ Ridlington says:

    The profit margin for putting boots on the ground and our leaders do not give a shit for our young men and women sacrificed on the alter of greed

  19. 704297973034444@facebook.com' Bella Crompton says:

    I love this page

  20. 10207955112145855@facebook.com' GabarYah Yasharahl says:

    I agree and disagree, the so called terrorist attacks are fake but the purpose of all this is all being orchestrated by the most high god. Let not forget this, the tanakh itself clearly teaches that you are not to call EVERYTHING A Conpiracy.

  21. 10153886291773455@facebook.com' Bryan W. Wilson says:

    not the first time they use media to create hate

  22. 1057844330932594@facebook.com' Donald Smith says:

    You know your right good call right on kido

  23. 955643677830293@facebook.com' Barry Mohn says:


  24. 10205917069938183@facebook.com' Jaynie Jay says:

    Kill your TV

  25. 10153176996511497@facebook.com' Jeanie Wrightsman Diamond says:

    They MSM covered the Paris situation but the day before something equally horrible happened in Beruit. Did we hear about that…nope! Thanks MSM…for doing our thinking for us! Turn your TV off and think for yourselves, and don’t let fear win!!!

  26. 193636704305659@facebook.com' Terry Peche says:

    Another news station own by Democrats

  27. 757514357625887@facebook.com' Self Help for Healing says:

    Women/Girls! #Win a FREE copy of my newly published women’s book: ‘Darwin’s Women of Mother Earth’ by Author Lucy Farmer – a True story! – Scientist Lucy Farmer reveals how women & girls have the the genetic heart links for peaceful evolution – and how women hold the genetic heart principles to finally discover the communication with the Universal energies! For more information please go to my website where you receive the link – a chance to Win a FREE copy of my “Goodreads book Giveaway!” And more details of this life-changing scientific discovery! many blessing, love & light! Lucy Farmer http://www.selfhelpforhealing.com

  28. 148693212152780@facebook.com' Lisa Bryant says:

    I bet some of you don’t believe that 6-8 million Jews were killed in our recent past either. Maybe when another major tragedy comes you’ll get your heads out of the sand. Evil exists people and you better wake up to that fact. Check out Ephesians 6: 10-13…..and to all you Christian haters out there, please take note that I lovingly referred you to scripture (God’s Word) to read since He is mine and your Creator and He speaks only the Truth, I did not scream, “Off with your heads!” Woe to those who call Evil good and Good evil….that is from your Creator too. Please educate yourselves from the One that created you. He knows………Everything.

  29. 1646692598921018@facebook.com' Kathy Payne says:

    Anyone seen Tomorrowland? Great message, WAKE UP! And think positively. Your thoughts create your reality.

  30. 1653851871556965@facebook.com' Lorinda Lafferty says:

    This is so totally true. Historically they feed you what the need you to believe so you, through fear and hate, will completely back their PERSONAL agendas. PEOPLE. WAKE UP. STOP SWALLOWING EVERYTHING THEY SAY.

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