Conscious Musings Into the New World – Alexis Brooks With Lilou Mace

CLN’s Alexis Brooks is interviewed by Lilou Mace about her recently released book: Conscious Musings: Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential.

Conscious Musings offers a collection of candid and powerful essays that will give you the opportunity to have your own personal awakening, by examining the circumstances of your everyday life and the realization that it is you who create your own reality; and only you can change it – in any way you choose!

By examining provocative subjects like the paranormal, shamanic traditions and even modern science, Conscious Musings draws a breathtaking correlation between these areas of inquiry within the context of social psychology to illustrate the broader spectrum of reality, and how we can use this knowledge to recognize and ignite our own personal power.

Honest and invigorating, Conscious Musings will appeal to the casual explorer, as well as those well versed in the areas of metaphysics, consciousness and the “new age.”

If you are seeking a life of liberation, and limitless abundance on all levels, Conscious Musings will set you on your path with renewed clarity and confidence!

Source: Higher Journeys