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Written by: Celina Pizarro

We look at our body as machines or as a vehicle to get us from point A to point B. In the fitness industry, nutrition or food is considered fuel, deepening this concept. Though the mindset that the body is a machine or vehicle is flawed. It implies that information is unilateral, but there is a great amount of information our bodies will tell us if we just listen.  When you understand and listen to your body, it tells us very valuable information.

Our body allows us to experience the world in many ways. It is a multi-sensory receiving vehicle wherein when you listen to it, you get valuable insight into the world around you and more importantly within you. Interpreting your body and interpreting your thoughts, emotions, and desires allows you to integrate those things into actions giving you the ability to manifest what you desire and the world you want to live in. In doing so, when we really listen to what our body is telling us  it will let us know if we need a reboot, a fresh start or need to do something different when what we are currently doing is not working for us.

A lot of times we look to the outside world for a sign that we need to do something different, but really all we need to focus our listening inwards.  Using your five senses from the outside world is very helpful in listening to your body but you need to be present in this very moment to make the most of that. Using your five senses can be heightened through mindfulness, a process of being present in the now.  An example of this is walking outside in nature barefoot where you are present and perform what I call mindful walking exercises. Mindful eating exercises is another example in which to heighten your palate, your taste, and smell. These exercises will get more in touch with your reality, with your body and the world around you. When we do this, we will learn how to communicate better with ourselves and with others.

In doing so we learn to understand the signals that our body is giving us.  You will know whether or not there are certain things that you need to look out for, like if you have a food sensitivity. Keeping a journal is one of the first steps that you need to do to get in touch with what’s going on internally and physiology when it comes to how your body will interact with food.  Physiologically speaking, you body sends you signals when you eat something, know what you are eating, and know the food that is nourishing your body at the cellular level.

Eating food sends many signals to our bodies.  The only way to really know what it is your are eating is to prepare your food and follow a whole foods diet. Eating out on a regular basis will make this nearly impossible.  If you are eating whole foods diet in which you prepare, it’s much easier to know exactly what you are eating and where the food came from. By keeping a food journal you can pinpoint how a particular food is affecting you. Think, how do you feel after consuming it and a few hours later after digesting it?  Following a whole foods diet and eating a well proportioned meal will give you a better understanding of which types of food give you positive signals and which are not.

For example, say you love a bagel and cream cheese with your morning coffee but by 10 am you are irritable, have a bit a brain fog and feel some discomfort in your gut.  This is your body is telling your breakfast is not the best choice for you. It might be the wheat, the dairy or the caffeine that doesn’t agree with you. When you are constantly fighting your food sensitivities then the negative physiological response is one definite signal your body is letting you that you need a fresh start, and it might be time for a detox or a reboot.

Another physiological signal to listen to is being present and not allowing the mind to override the body. In contrast to the fitness world’s saying ‘mind over matter’ or mind over body which is all about pushing the body to its ultimate limits. It’s a known fact that the mind will give up much quicker than the body.  Athlete’s ‘get into the zone’ and can make their bodies do incredible things. However it’s important to note if you are continuously doing this without proper recovery, it is a sure fire way to burn out. Athletes know this and spend ½ their training season in recovery mode. So if you are using the mind to override or ignore your body’s signals, you are setting yourself up for burn out.

It actually doesn’t take much time be more present. It’s just about awareness, being aware of what signals are going from the outside in and the inside out. It’s simply about being present and mindful and improving communication with yourself which will also helps with your communication with others. 

A lot of times when we experience difficulty in our personal life, it’s just a reflection of what’s going on internally. So, if there is something tumultuous that is going on in your personal life or in your relationships, it is probably a direct reflection of internal symptoms. Your outward reality is always a reflection of your inward reality and understanding that and being a better communicator with your internal physiology will result in a better external reality. Becoming mindful and getting in touch with your inner reality, with your inner physiology within your body really starts on the outside with those five senses. So being present and aware of your surroundings and what’s going around you using your five senses is a vehicle for you to start a healthy relationship with yourself.  

The habit of a daily journaling focused on either gratitude or thankfulness will raise your vibration so that you can live in a beautiful state versus a state of fear. When you let your mind override your body that’s when chronic stress can creep in and that is where the chronic disease starts. When your body is in a state of stress that is always constant and you become kind of immune to the signals that your body is giving you. When this happens, disease kicks in because you are letting go of those sensations that warns your body to slow down because things are not doing good.  Being mindful and getting in touch with your inner reality can help decrease the chronic stress which literally kills us from the inside out. Mindfulness will give you back control over your life where many of us feel like our realities not within our control and that causes stress.

I want to live long, happy, life a life free of disease and worry, and I’m sure you do to. Learning to listen to our body signals; feeding our bodies and nourishing minds will support this desire. Battling with food sensitivity is a tough one and if you fight it, you are sure to be uncomfortable and unhappy. In order to realize and identify the things you are sensitive to, you need to really know what it is that you eating. You can simply start a little by tracking your food so that you can tell which types of food you are sensitive to and what time of the month this occurs.

When you start to record how food feels, track how you prepared the food and when you consume it and how you feel before, during and after. When you do this you will see that certain times of month those little cravings that you actually cyclical because your body is physiologically lacking some nutrient at that time, so don’t deprive it. Through the whole process, the goal is to learn and listen to what types of food you body will need and which cause an adverse reaction in the body. There are many signals in regards to nutrients that our body will tell us. For example, if your Vitamin D is a little low on the body, you may feel depressed and sluggish.  This is because Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is a hormone. In addition to its well-known role in calcium absorption, vitamin D activates genes that regulate the immune system and release neurotransmitters, the signalers of the body. These signalers release serotonin and dopamine, the hormones which regulate our mood and happiness.  During winter most of us get less sun which is one reason why seasonal depression occurs. During this time of year it is even more important to go outside and absorb the sunlight on a regular basis to maintain healthy Vit C and Vit D levels.

In addition to going outside for a mindful walk in the sun, set a timer to take a break from the rat race and consciously have gratitude.  This will improve your mood and deepen the connection to your inner self. To mindfully walk simply be conscious of how the wind sounds and feels; listen to the birds, feel the sun on your skin and the grass beneath your feet.  Grounding, or connecting to the earth, is a simple way to connect to the earth and be more present. Another suggestion is to start your day with meditation or prayer. You can do this quite easily.  To start close your eyes and allow yourself to ‘see’ what’s going on inside your body.  Feel your heartbeat, feel your breath, and focus on those things and really get in touch with it. 

Lastly, finish the day with gratitude using your five senses.  Journal what you are grateful for daily.  This will increase your ability to tune in with your body and connect the mind with your spirit. Doing these things will dramatically improve your life, your health and deepen your connection to your inner self.

Celina Pizarro is a former Competitive BodyBuilder and Behavioral Health Hospital Director turned Transformation Coach and Motivational Mindset Mentor, Author and Speaker. She is on a mission to help women who are overwhelmed and overweight reclaim control and create the body and life they desire and deserve. She believes all women can ‘Live Well’ free of Rx. medications. Signup at to receive her newsletter full of health, wellness and fitness tips. Contact her at

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