Colour Therapy: Taking on Modern Day Stress the Creative Way

Ginger Goddess by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Man needs colour to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water.” — Fernand Leger

Child’s Play Reducing Adult Tension

Colour therapy is taking the world by storm!

Instead of colouring-in being solely a child’s activity — you now see mom’s waiting for their kids at football practice composedly colouring up a masterpiece and commuters peacefully shading away on their journey to and from work.

What a great way to:

  • unwind,
  • release the inner child (as we’re all told to practice!),
  • meditate (’cause you go into that still place when you’re zoning out with those crayons) and
  • get creative!

Check out this link if you haven’t been part of this global phenomenon yet: Join the Adult Colouring Craze

Gaining Better Insight of the Spectrum

7 colours make up our spectrum and each colour has healing qualities (especially poignant as each colour relates to our chakra system). There is no coincidence that we are attracted to certain colours at certain times in our lives.

Read more about life’s little synchronicities HERE.

Let’s take a look at what each colour is trying to tell us or gift us with:

  1. BLUE is calming, soothing, relaxing, healing and harmonious. It also relates to our throat chakra and communication, so it has strong attributes of tact, loyalty and trust. Some people have even reported it to increase their sense of happiness instead of the stereotypical connotation of feeling ‘blue’.
  2. YELLOW relates to life energy like that of the sun. It is a colour that induces creativity, awakening, inspiration, intelligence, optimism and action. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra and the heightening of mental clarity.
  3. RED is confident, energetic, determined, spontaneous and courageous. It is the colour of our root or base chakra.  Red is warm and fiery and can ignite a pioneering spirit.
  4. ORANGE is best associated with self respect. It harbours all the positive aspects of healthy independence as well as the ability to be sociable, balanced, constructive, self-confident, enthusiastic and creative. It is the colour of our sacral chakra.
  5. VIOLET/PURPLE is about self-awareness, self-knowledge, spirituality and our reverence for life. It is the colour of our crown chakra — our gateway to divine, spiritual connection.
  6. GREEN relates to love which is no wonder it is the colour of our heart chakra. Green is the love of nature and all beings (including ourselves), compassion, understanding, adaptability and generosity.
  7. INDIGO is our innate sense of responsibility. It is our sense of oneness, faith, devotion and our intuition. The ‘seat of our soul’ or third eye chakra is indigo.

Colour isn’t exclusively for the artistically gifted. There are numerous ways we express colour in our lives — from the way we dress/do our make-up each morning to how we garden or decorate our homes.

Now that you have a better understanding of colour and how it gives flavor, fervor and joy to our lives, why not try a little colour therapy with these 2 FREE designs? CLICK HERE (scroll dow, click and save/print).

If you want to know more about colours and colour therapy, visit Colour Therapy Healing for some great info.

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