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Tamara Rant, LRM has always had a passion for all things Science & Spirituality. She was that kid who always challenged authority and asked way too many questions. Her thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the world lead her down many career paths including being a bartender in Baltimore, a model in Chicago, and a Graphic Artist for COVERGIRL. As she traveled the country in search of herself and her true purpose, she earned an Associate’s Degree in Multimedia/Graphic Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications. However, the more Tamara learned about corporate industry marketing tactics, the less she wanted to know. She prefers to use her design skills to help heart-centered small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Born with Empathic abilities, Tamara has a heightened awareness of energetic fields and an innate sense of compassion for humanity; both of which drive her to be a positive voice in the world on the spiritual front as well as politically. In 2012, she became the Lead Administrator for The Chicago Chapter of The American Peace Cooperative. She also appeared in the French Documentary, “Graduates & Indebted” which aired nationally on France 2, as a Policy Reform Activist for Student Debt Crisis. Tamara stands behind causes that bring injustice to the forefront to empower people with information. She strongly believes that this is vital in uniting the collective for a common cause regardless of nationality, race or social class and is how we positively uplift the world.

Tamara is the owner and operator of Rant Design Media, where she provides web graphics, print media and photography/photo restoration services. She graciously offers pro-bono work for non-profit events and has previously assisted March Against Monsanto, Save the Bees, The SPCA of Maryland, and Chicago’s 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. If you are interested in more information about the various services she offers, please visit Rant Design Media

In 1999, Tamara discovered the Japanese healing art of Reiki. It was during her studies towards Reiki Mastership that she learned how to read the energy fields (auras) she saw around people since being quite young. Tamara is now a Licensed Reiki Master (LRM) in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Method. She has also obtained Master-Teacher certifications in several other methods including Ahara, Seichim, and Ra Sheeba Reiki and is an active volunteer for Reiki for Veterans. She continues to study Aromatherapy, EFT, Reflexology, Crystal Therapy and the Raindrop Technique and teaches Meditation and breath-work exercises. Tamara is always expanding on her abilities to better assist those in need and plans to add Spiritual Counseling to her list of services very soon. She offers Reiki sessions in person or via distance healing to people all over the world. (Pets are included – animals love Reiki!) To schedule a Reiki session with Tamara, please visit her Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Facebook Page here.

In her spare time, you will most often find Tamara with her nose buried in a book and she is even writing one of her own on Quantum Consciousness (stay tuned!) She loves subjects including Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Alchemy, Ancient Texts & Knowledge, and of course her favorite topic to write about is Quantum Physics. Tamara deeply admires creativity, ingenuity, innovation, authenticity and those pure of heart & connected to the Force…she is a huge fan of Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci and Jedi-Master Yoda. 🙂

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