How to Get Clean, Affordable Water and Eliminate Plastic Bottle Waste

You know those once-in-a-blue-moon experiences you have with a truly great company that makes you want to tell everyone about them? I’ve been having those with Aquasana for years now. I started using their water filtering system in 2009 and I wish I’d found them earlier. Since then, I’ve converted many of my friends and family over to their services simply because I’m always gushing about how much I love Aquasana.

I think it’s necessary to always be completely transparent, so I want you to know that CLN recently became an affiliate of Aquasana. So it may look like I’m being preferential toward them because of that, but actually, the causality is the other way around. Because I have been using their filters for years and love their products and service so much, I recently recommended that CLN become an affiliate. And we did.

Nothing has really changed. I’ve always raved about Aquasana, and now, I’m just continuing to do so in a bigger forum, with the hopes that more people like you can get turned onto drinking better water on a daily basis.

A little over five years ago, I started becoming more aware of how much the water we drink affects us. I saw the movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know?,” found out about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research, and became aware that my body is mostly water. I know, I should have known that. A simple high school biology class would have made me aware of it about 35 years ago, but my school let me study rocks instead of humans, so I missed out on the whole “your body is mostly water” thing.

In any case, we humans are about 55-70% water. For this reason, the water we take in each day is a key factor – perhaps even one of the most important ones — in how we look and feel. I now live in Sedona, but at that time, I lived in Los Angeles, so I needed a powerful water filter.

I did my due diligence, and searched high and low for these qualities:

  • Affordable
  • Easy Installation
  • High Filtering Capacity
  • ~Good Customer Service

Aquasana was the only company I found that met all of these criteria with flying colors. I was a yoga teacher with very little discretionary income, so I needed my system to be affordable. Aquasana’s above sink system only cost me around $99 (with a six month filter included!), making it cheaper than any other option I found.

It was also super easy to install. The reason I say “super easy “is because I did it myself and I am about as far from a handy man (or woman) as a person can be.

Aquasana systems filter out: chlorine, lead, pesticides, cysts, and asbestos. I know, those icky things shouldn’t be in our water in the first place, but they usually are, so I’m glad I’m no longer drinking them.

Soon after I started buying Aquasana, I became a “Water For Life” customer so I wouldn’t have to keep track of when to reorder my filters and I would also get a discount. I’ve had to call them a few times when I’ve moved over the years, and their customer service reps have always been stellar. Recently, I moved (again) and a filter got shipped to my old address. Aquasana immediately sent another filter to my new address at no extra charge. That kind of service always impresses me.

And the best part of all of this is that once I got my Aquasana system set up, I experienced one surprising benefit I hadn’t really expected: my water actually tasted better. I give Aquasana five stars out of five for affordability, ease, effectiveness, customer service and taste. Don’t spend another minute lugging gallons of spring water from the grocery store (as those plastic bottles end up in landfill), and definitely don’t plop down hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for a fancy water filteration system. Just check out Aquasana by clicking on the above image. You’ll thank me later.

Vicki Howie, MA, CHtVicki Howie is an Editor for Conscious Life News, as well as a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and Creator of Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos™. She has dozens of free chakra items: articles, videos, music and even an introductory course on her website: chakraboosters.com.