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Ex-CIA Chief Says Bush and Cheney Knew 9/11 Was Imminent and Concealed It

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By Jake Anderson | The Anti Media

(ANTIMEDIA) A new report from POLITICO corroborates a suspicion long held by critics of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. It affirms the former president and vice president not only had intelligence warning the terror attacks of 9/11 were imminent, but that they repeatedly ignored the CIA’s warnings. The most shocking assertion is that Bush and Cheney actively attempted to hide the paper trail documenting the fact that the evidence was presented to them.

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The claim comes from none other than ex-CIA Chief George Tenet, who recounted with palpable frustration how Bush, Cheney, and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice ignored multiple warnings from both him and then-counterterrorism chief, Cofer Black, during the late spring and summer of 2001.

Previously, the most salient proof the Bush administration had advanced warning of 9/11 was the infamous August 6th edition of the CIA Presidential Daily Brief given to George W. Bush. Titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.,” the document has often been cited by journalists and whistleblowers making a case of willful negligence against Bush and Cheney. The new information from Tenet and Black presents a considerably deeper timeline, showing there was a consistent stream of intelligence warnings starting at least four months prior to September 11th.

According to Black, by May of 2001 “it was very evident that we were going to be struck, we were gonna be struck hard and lots of Americans were going to die.”

Reacting to the threat, Tenet and Black formulated a plan called “the Blue Sky paper,” which called for a comprehensive but covert CIA and military campaign to wipe out Al Qaeda before it could launch attacks. Specifically, Tenet wanted a paramilitary team deployed to the Afghan sanctuary with the goal of “creating a bridge with Uzbekistan.”

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Tenet says the response to the “the Blue Sky paper” was stunning. The administration did not want to address the issue, and notably, “didn’t want the clock to start ticking.” In its report, POLITICO translates this to Tenet claiming Bush and Cheney didn’t want a paper trail of the warnings. It’s unclear whether Tenet directly asserted this sentiment or if reporter Chris Whipple inferred it.

What is clear is that for the entire summer preceding the 9/11 attacks, the administration ignored warnings about the threat of Al Qaeda and outright rejected a CIA plan to destroy the terrorist group.

Tenet gets more specific with the nature of the intelligence:

“The world felt like it was on the edge of eruption. In this time period of June and July, the threat continues to rise. Terrorists were disappearing [as if in hiding, in preparation for an attack]. Camps were closing. Threat reportings on the rise.”

On July 10th, Tenet met directly with Condoleezza Rice at the White House, where Richard Blee, head of the agency’s Al Qaeda division, told the national security advisor, “There will be significant terrorist attacks against the United States in the coming weeks or months. The attacks will be spectacular. They may be multiple. Al Qaeda’s intention is the destruction of the United States.”

Rice has consistently downplayed this meeting. In her memoir, she said her recollection of the July 10th warning is not “crisp” because she and Tenet had been regularly discussing the terrorist threat.

How the president’s national security advisor—and the president and vice president themselves—did not prioritize the urgency of new intelligence regarding a terrorist attack against the United States is still a matter of confusion and deep disappointment for Tenet.

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“To me it remains incomprehensible still. I mean, how is it that you could warn senior people so many times and nothing actually happened? It’s kind of like The Twilight Zone,” says Tenet. “I still look at the ceiling at night about a lot of things. And I’ll keep them to myself forever. But we’re all human beings.”

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  1.' Kimberly Craig says:

    page not found???? where is the article that backs this up?

  2.' Richie Car says:

    Who benefits? Oh dick Cheney does hmm

  3.' Greg Blevins says:

    Clinton could’ve stopped him (Osama bin Laden) when he first attacked the trade center’s basement. But he didn’t!

  4.' Luke White says:

    No shit

  5.' Mark Mitchell says:


  6.' Simon Tapwater says:

    CIA taken the link down……….too late punks….now u never gonna know the truth….Muahahahaha

  7.' Karrar Siddique says:

    more confusion !

  8.' Jordan Foyil says:

    Hell yes they knew

  9.' Lim Fong Yee says:

    We don’t care!

  10.' Hilmi Beşkardeşler says:

    2016 seçiminde mafya biter

  11.' Rui Machado says:

    Knew that way before he got elected. He is a terrorist.
    Complete piece of shit.
    This has been planed since the 70’s when his dady was head of the CIA.

    •' Brian Ratica says:

      You sir, r an idiot! Give Rosie and Whoopi a hug for me.

    •' Rui Machado says:

      No I am human…And puppet regimes do not stabilize a country Sir Brian. Thank you for your educated opinion..
      But once in the CIA ..Always in the CIA… They even pay well when retired.

    •' Jack Marsh says:

      you are an idiot.

    •' Rui Machado says:

      You have no idea who I am.
      I could be your boss, I could be a preacher, I could even be a 30 vet employed by the CIA….You have no idea.
      It would only take one button to disclose all this crap going on.
      Media central baby.
      Like I said you have no idea.

    •' Clive Alexander says:

      Brian and Jack – you’re the idiots! Blind fools.

    •' Brian Ratica says:

      It’s all a conspiracy man! Bush blew up the towers for the oil! ?

    •' Jack Marsh says:

      Clive Alexander You are believing crap before you have given it any thought. Maybe you are not capable of rational thought. I feel sorry for you. To amny people in this world have been “brain washed” into believing things that just are not feasable. If Bush would have planned 9-11, There would have been hundreds of people involved. You can’t get four people to keep their mouths closed. It would have been leaked before it happened.

    •' Jack Marsh says:

      Rui Machado Yes i do have an idea who you are. You are a nobody pretending to be a somebody. Do you have any idea how many screwballs claim to work for the CIA ? The outright lies told on these posts does more harm than good. Grow up, get a life and use that thingy on top of your neck and THINK !

  12.' Scotty Meyler says:

    They invented 9/11???

  13.' Rob Birner says:

    If they arent gonna be charged then its a waste of time to keep bringing this shit up.

  14.' Nicholas Panos says:

    Knew it at the time. They are unspeakable asses

  15.' Mariana Caffaro Wood says:

    of course they knew! they were part of the planning. Watch Michael Moore’s documentary

  16.' Robert Smith says:

    they could not have stopped it because they are the ones who caused it to happen !!

  17.' Jessica Tenhoff says:


  18.' Kirk Slack says:

    All part of the evel plan.

  19.' Latrice Rucker Young says:

    Hmm..Very interesting……

  20.' Johnny Walker says:

    Strange how there is no references to “the Blue Sky Papers” in my Bing search engine. Why is that?

  21.' John Ramos Sr. says:

    he knew it from the start

  22.' Denise Nanos says:

    Worst president ever.

  23.' Eddie Smith says:

    Anything to distract from the complete incompetence and traitorous policies of the current administration. Nope, nothing is Obama’s fault right?

  24.' Christy L Strauch says:

    Look carefully at Bush’s face in that classroom- he is transparent

  25.' Elizabeth Vallejo Tenorio says:

    I’m convince they are responsible for the whole thing..plan it and excecuted it…and the saga of terror continues…

  26.' Iqbal Nazar says:

    Bushs are Satanists ( Skull & Bone). 9/11 was a Satanic ritual. Humen were sacrificed. Fire & Smoke, Noise & cryings, Emergency Sirens. Bushs had relation with Nazies too.

  27.' Megat Sharifudin says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    lol knew about it? they are responsible for it, it happened a week after opposed leaders asked the where abouts of trillions of missing dollars from the pentagon.. btw a 240 foot wing to wing plane hitting the pentagon ,does not equate to a 40 feet diameter hole with no plane debris…

  29.' Dave Kenney says:

    they are all going to throw each other under the bus … C.I.A. was one of the chief culprits !!!

  30.' Mernie Whitted says:

    and…..Pearl Harbor….shit just keeps happening

  31.' Carlos Escobar says:

    Yes he know and made it happen that is why they dont talk about the third building that fell we have some stupid ass americans

  32.' Jeremiah Jennings says:

    Hmmm, Bush is the dumbest President we’ve ever had, but he masterminded 9/11, the greatest conspiracy ever to happen in the history of everything…yet people don’t get how those two things contradict each other. Yet it’s the same people who continue to blame Bush for all of Obama’s failures…and…Clinton did not wrong. Could it possibly be partisanship instead of legit complaints taking place???

    •' Khanh Vu says:

      Masterminded? I doubt that lol,everyone knows abt it ,such a masterpiece rite

    •' Jeremiah Jennings says:

      Nobody knows about it, but a bunch of blowhards talk about it like it’s a fact with no real proof to support it. 😉

    •' Haydee Alvarado says:

      Cheney was the mastermind with his Halliburton making zillions with war equipment. Bush was only the facilitator. Get it?

    •' Jeremiah Jennings says:

      I get what you are saying, but there’s more actual proof of both Clinton’s and Obama’s incompetence then there is of this so-called conspiracy and yet I don’t see anything but excuses for their behavior out of the same people. It leads me to the conclusion that this is more about partisanship than actual truth or facts.

    •' Jeremiah Jennings says:

      I get what you are saying, but there’s more actual proof of both Clinton’s and Obama’s incompetence then there is of this so-called conspiracy and yet I don’t see anything but excuses for their behavior out of the same people. It leads me to the conclusion that this is more about partisanship than actual truth or facts.

    •' John Patrick says:

      Pretty sure Obama wasn’t president during 911… OUCH.

    •' Connie Poe says:

      ” If ” you really want facts watch the documentary ” The Prosecution of An American President “…not a conspiracy!

    •' Jeremiah Jennings says:

      Wow John Patrick, you sure showed me. 😉 Of course he wasn’t, Bush was, but that isn’t the slightest proof of a conspiracy.

      Connie Poe – what is the source of the documentary? If it comes from a biased source, that only supports my supposition that this is more about partisanship than actual truth.

    •' Jeremiah Jennings says:

      Connie Poe I finally got a chance to look it up. Even the liberal media says that it is biased beyond all belief (though some try to justify it, they still admit it has such a high bias that it wasn’t able to even get produced in this country, they had to go to Canada). So I’m even more convinced that people like you are more interested in your political leanings than you are about the truth. Good luck all, but you just show how much you are willing to throw out logic and reasoning just to try to justify your political views.

    •' Robert Canino says:

      Jeremiah Jennings Please provide the truth that you speak of since it contradicts any logic.

  33.' Rytch Garmino Panganonong says:

    they planned evrything

  34.' Rick Hopper says:


  35.' Beth Dieter says:

    Obviously he knew what was going on and could care less or he would have said ” excuse me kids, I am the president and America needs me” instead of sitting there like a jackals. What about the 7th tower that was no where near the towers that got hit? All I’m sayin

  36.' Decker Apel says:

    ha ha

    The COMEDY SHOW continues….

    and gives new meaning to word soda POP

    You can’t make this Sh#t up folks!

    And I can’t stop wiping the tears from my eyes laughing so hard.

    But that’s what happens when you’re using the same 9/11 Archon SCRIPT writers hired by feathered serpenTARDS in a new world DIS-order who apparently either didn’t think far enough ahead and forgot to include the part about WHAT current TECHNOLOGY exists that could bring down an entire A320 passenger jet if they’ve already passed every possible LAW, taken away the people’s basic freedoms or eliminated all conceivable airport security breaches making it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone without the AUTHORITY to penetrate it such as GOVERNMENT MILITARY or INTELLIGENCE OFFICIALS

    So let me get this straight…

    EVERY possible and conceivable angle or security measure has been checked, re-checked and back-checked by the HIGHEST LEVELS of every GOVERNMENT, MILITARY or INTELLIGENCE OFFICIALS using the most advanced sophisticated technology on the planet to secure AIR TRAVEL to the point you can’t even bring and get a bottle opener or nail clipper past security , yet someone with a SODA CAN was able to smuggle on the plane and plant a BOMB big enough to bring down an A320 JET????


    Gee, I wonder if there’s something they’re MISSING and not checking that’s in PLAIN SIGHT back at the airport with those who HAVE ALL THE ACCESS & HIGHEST LEVELS of SECURITY CLEARANCES not to mention what’s in PLANE sight at the PLANE SITE itself. lol

    Heeeellllllloooo, McFLY???

    Are the PEOPLE really this BLIND?
    because it doesn’t take a NAZA rocket scientist to figure this out.

    And they’re doing it ALL OVER AGAIN as we speak in PARIS following the SAME SCRIPT, yet we’re supposed to feel sorry for all the SHEOPLE that they CLAIM were killed but have yet to show one single shred of evidence to prove anyone died or got hurt other than the IDEA people died or got hurt!


    The Ugly TRUTH they’re so desperately trying to hide and can’t explain because the masses are ignorant of TESLA SCALAR WEAPON TECHNOLOGY

    Even FACEBOOK has been forced to join the cover-up

    Do people fully understand the implications of what they’re now saying or basically, admitting?

    In other words, (and correct me if I’m wrong here)….according to perhaps what could be the most laughable and idiotic new narrative yet that only a complete blithering idiot would ever believe, buy into or TOLERATE (which sadly, is most of the people on the planet), for all intents and purposes, they’ve basically just admitted that *ALL* AIRPORT SECURITY and METAL DETECTION SYSTEMS are now OBSOLETE and WORTHLESS.

    Well, I guess that’s that.

    Oh wait, I think I hear something…

    …the sound of TRILLIONS of dollars invested in STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY, all going DOWN THE DRAIN wiped out by the brilliant minds of the feathered serpenTARD “intelligence” agencies at the CIA, FBI, NSA, MI7 & Mossad.

    But it’s could get far worse,,, or should I say, more hilarious than that because this would also essentially also mean that it’s not just AIRPORT Security Systems and Metal Detection Technology that would be obsolete….

    It ALL would.


    Talk about backing themselves into a corner and BACK-FIRING.

    Hey Look… UP in the sky… it’s a BIRD, it’s a PLANE, and……

    the stocks of every airline company on the PLANEt falling like a Luciferian Angel without it’s Haarp.

  37.' Emmanuel Omassi says:

    no kidding they and Israel are the masterminds behind it, all for there stupid World Order, also why is Israel refusing UN mandated nuclear inspections.

  38.' Hamoodeh M Sbitan says:

    Do your history on the day September 11.
    It is a ritual that has been going on for century’s !
    All of you sheep wake up, your living in a holographic universe

  39.' Steve Fendelet says:

    Wanted it to happen!!! They orchestrated the whole thing. Watch the YouTube video 9/11 the final cut or 100’s of others that prove it. WAY to much eye witness testimony & science based fact proving it didn’t happen the way government and media portrayed.

  40.' Chuck Leung says:

    it has been said time and again that 9/11 was a false flag ops. bush, cheney and cronies in the military industrial complex earned obscene amounts from the follow up war…

  41.' Karl Wolf says:


  42.' Zbigniew De says:

    Bush is nobody. He knew about everything but he is just a puppy. Aby way where is he now? 🙂 Be happy

  43.' Blank Sheep says:

    Too much evidence that Government knew about it. Make sense in the in the “Conscious Life News. (if not!) Here are facts: After al queda took over the poppy fields in the middle east Heroin production dropped. Even in South America our/your government protects cartels. I said it ! I DO NOT FEAR PAIN, OR DEATH. LOCK ME UP! I will have time to focus my energy. TORTURE ME! I will just focus my energy. KILL ME, YES !!!!! My energy will increase cause my mind will focus. S]][EEEDD0awsoooooooooooooooopp-88888uuuuuuuuuuuuyghrjhhhhhhhhhh hh chhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookt hurttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeertttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttre/.ytoh.hy.tlfcptrorg-l4oglg4//////////////l

  44.' Cassandra Poole says:

    They are Zio Nazis working with the Kazarian banking masters, mafia to have an excuse to destabilize the middle east. Of course they knew. They were the puppets put into place for this very cause. And nothing has changed. They all support the same crooks.

  45.' Dave Marriott says:

    911 = inside job

  46.' Steve Elder says:


  47.' Josh Moyer says:

    They all wanted it to happen because the military industrial complex profits from war, not that hard to figure out

  48.' Susan Popovich says:

    Or just too stupid to deal with it so he let others so the thinking and they knew they could make big bucks from what would come after.

  49.' Pat Gallagher says:

    Why is this news to anyone?

  50.' Daniel Cox says:

    9/11 inside job

  51.' Billy Clarkson says:

    This is why dope is illegal!!!

  52.' Addie Barkocy says:

    Everyone should read this. Cheney was pulling the strings with his company in mind. He knew an attack on us meant war and riches for his company Halliburton.. Then he fed our troops old c rations and made millions on something he bought for pennies on the dollar.

  53.' Jerry Lew says:

    These guys are real ASSHOLES!!!!!!
    This BUSH miss led our country into war. ..What a SCUMBAG! …?????

  54.' Luis Curro Vargas says:

    No doubt he knew all along and Obama has continued with the destruction of the Middle East !!! Americans are blinded by the media! The government is the worst in the world!

  55.' Stuart Linville says:

    What the Sam hill is this page for/about? Political propaganda? If I want to see crap like this I can turn on cnn.

  56.' Barry Mohn says:

    They planed they should have known … HAHAHA We know

  57.' Lori Dee Fitzgerald says:

    Yes they knew.

  58.' CS Park says:

    Ahahaha… “Knew?”

  59.' Benjamin Jason LaMora says:

    Look either they planned it like many of your post point to or they didn’t… Goes back and forth… Planned it… Knew about and let it happen Are two completely different scenarios… Pick one#

  60.' Victor Vasquez says:

    They didn’t just know about… They were very much responsible for it

  61.' Trevor Blake says:

    He (or the people he answered to!) were its architects

  62.' Fabio Barone says:

    Careful what you post here….the security agencies will be having a field day.

  63.' David D. Kempster says:

    what do you mean they knew about it…. they planned it

  64.' Lotus Grey says:

    Knew it? That mofo made it happen!!!

  65.' Bruce Truelsen says:

    Cheney said ‘we need another Pearl Harbor’

  66.' Thomas Treadwell says:

    Both also lied about Iran and made up stories so the Dumb Americans would allow him to invade Iran and get Saddam Hussein, that’s what let the radicals form ISIS, no tyrant to keep them in check. Both should be charged with war crimes and the Death of many good American men and women. They knowingly sent them to there death to get oil money and help the Saudi Arabia King

  67.' Stuart Johnson says:

    100% helped create 9-11, created the war on terror and created ISIS. All part of the NWO agenda

  68.' Ryan Souther says:

    Always a man or men behind the mask puppet of the White House. Knew about it and helped it. Not the mastermind. That’s like saying his dad was behind the jfk assassination…. Hint hint…

  69.' Stephanie Nuzzolo says:

    No I do not believe Bush wanted that to happen. Men cannot stop everything, their just men.

    •' Connie Poe says:

      Read ” The Prosecution of An American President ” I’m sure it will change your mind.

    •' Stephanie Nuzzolo says:

      No.I cannot believe an American President would want that to happen.I am sorry

    •' Tammy McIvor says:

      Why can’t you believe it? Look at what they are doing everyday. Geoengineering, GMO’s, spraying your food with poison forced vaccinations to children/adults with added mercury and all sorts of other poison, the lies they teach children in schools… that’s just the local shit off the top of my head for cryin out loud.

    •' Brittany Brathwaite says:

      Wow really lol

  70.' Spencer James Smith says:

    Yes. They both wanted 911 to happen, no doubt about it.

  71.' CeCe Sharpe says:

    Concealed it? They fuckin planned it!

  72.' John Kennedy says:

    Mossad planned it for him,he just helped run the nomad drills so it could happen undisturbed

  73.' Wendy Hardin says:

    Knew? Hell they waved a red flag to get the attention of those responsible!

  74.' Dwight Rendall says:

    Time to dislike ur page .. U r a LIBTARD POSTING FUCK

  75.' Mary Tibbs Brooks says:

    I don’t think he knew about it, but I do believe those in charge did not take the threat seriously enough to act on it.

  76.' Karen Akrabawi says:

    They were in on it..why would they stop it??

  77.' Tom Stowe says:

    Why are they not on trial at the Hague?

  78.' Melinda Will says:

    Yes he wanted it to happen he has family ties to Egypt and other oil producing diplomats

    He wanted to take Saddam Hussin’s oil because he is a greedy asshole who didn’t give a fuck about the American people. He had his own agenda and what’s happening now is a ripple effect to his own green up in that Texas ranch of his

    He used or deferred the intelligence given to him to create a scenario that would benefit him and his entire family for power and oil

    For heaven sakes he lives in Texas where it’s all about the oil

    This isn’t rocket science people!!!

  79.' Amber Buckley-Cobbett says:

    Damn right he knew. Just happens that on the news the day before. They announced that there was a trillion dollars was missing. Then all of a sudden those records are missing. They were in Washington. Right where the plane hit. I think it was planned. By Bush.

  80.' Erik Sandoval says:

    Everybody know this just Americans don’t give a fuck as long as they can pretend to be the free and wealthy their slogan is fuck the poor.

  81.' Russ Ridlington says:

    Inside job, there was a janitor who saw them planting the explosives, our history is full of such false flag attacks to get us into wars.

  82.' Sara Tucker-Graham says:

    Duh….ya think??????

  83.' Adam Box says:

    5 years from now we will all now the france attack was a hoax aswell

  84.' John Marotta says:

    So they could steal the money that just disappeared ..How else would that building next to the world trade center come down it was untouched by planes and both buildings cleared it???

  85.' Jose Klatter says:

    Of course. I remember his face on that classroom. It was like: “Oh my, I can’t believe they actually did it!” It was written on his face. The disbelief was telling everything. But he was a puppet anyway.

  86.' Patricia Anne Franczyk says:

    they were part of it

  87.' Patricia Anne Franczyk says:

    high treason

  88.' Tatiana Bach says:

    9/11 was an inside job

  89.' Jerry Lawson says:

    Given everything known and written about these two men, Cheney in particular, what does this latest information suggest when added to the rest?

  90.' Tammy McIvor says:

    Knew about it… I think they helped plan it!

  91.' Alex Crofford says:


  92.' Adam Foley says:

    jesus christ , enuff of 9 fucking 11, if anyone still believes the official story they need shot in the head for being dumb kunts, i assumed everyone knew it was an inside jobs since the day it happened, we really are living in a world full of fucking sheep!

  93.' Rick Biancone Capodicasa Kappra says:

    War criminals

  94.' Darlene Wilkinson says:

    I am positive he knew that something was going to happen maybe not just the details exactly. He should be with the other terrorists.

  95.' Mohammed Winsover says:

    Bush and Cheney had no idea. That happened because of the way the market was doing business. Do your homework

  96.' Bobby Hutton says:


  97.' Elyk Leinadcm says:

    Does anybody know why maybe you should look and see you who own stock in one of the world’s largest weapon manufacturers. and trust me you won’t be surprised

  98.' Mark Justien says:

    Zionist orchestrated 9/11

  99.' Mark Justien says:

    Remember the mossad agents celebrating the twin towers being pulled in ny……the fake jew owner cashed out twice for insurance on the trade centers and all 397 fake jews didn’t go into work at the trade center the day it was attacked because it was done by zionist

  100.' Mary Petersen says:

    Bush and cheney real names are shit and more shit.

  101.' Andrew Liem says:

    The war not done yet. Why its takes so long????

  102.' Steve Jester says:

    Hmmmmm… Makes one wonder what’s being hid from us today?

  103.' Patrick Guevara says:


  104.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    Shimmer shimmer
    Hopes last glimmer
    Slammer for sinners
    Prayer for winners.

    I’ve confused dinner for lunch,
    Yet not the true tang for fruit punch.

    Give a metaphorical story,
    Gathered bits of blazing glory.

    And shards I’d forgot about it,
    Another doubt about it,

    Ever bringing up the vomit,
    Drink some another absinthe.
    Write some another sonnet.
    Perpetual Genesis,
    Fungus, on a melting comet.

    No comment.

    Insulated isolated cement
    To my contentment,
    Forces me now to represent
    The true investment.

    Courage at high stakes,
    Flourish with no fakes,
    Film crew finished up
    With no additional takes.

    The world wakes up with wisdom,
    Thus forestall earth-quakes,

    Done the difficult then the easy,
    Get out of the way, Ken Keasey.

    To me you just a breezy sleazy.
    You ain’t got nothin on the slinky.

    Ask Bush and his eyes go
    Blinky, Blinky, Blinky.

    Back in Yale,
    Where his soul went stale,
    As the skulls and bones,
    Created an initiative to fail,
    At any task.
    All illuminati do is ask,
    And say please.
    And we are a responsible disease.

    Bush on his knees,
    Prayin lord to not go to hell.
    Illuminati taps him on the shoulder,
    Shakes his head, all is not well.

    The dragon-people lizard master,
    Giant wolf of alabaster, crazay.
    Ask the owl what does it say?
    Who to blame? Who to pay?
    Who to eat? Who is prey?

    How many licks is all it will say.
    Cartoons can’t ever go away.

    The mind is a sputtering surface.
    I make most shallow ones nervous.

    Curvature that’s just a speaker,
    To your head above the tarp
    Springing a leak here.
    Probably dank in my sneaker.

  105.' Nicholas O'Connor says:

    What do you mean” they knew the threat was there”? What rubbish. They were the threat, they helped plan it and ensured it was executed according to plan. These two guys were part of a long organised plan to deliberately kill 3000 innocent people and go into an unjustified war that killed over a million more. For money! Good lord, how low can you go? Not much lower than that.

  106.' Jan M Ford says:

    Did you see his face when told in that classroom of children? I did.
    That was it for him, no matter what he did next. Sad day all around.

  107.' Okkert En Corne says:


  108.' Jazz Ribar says:

    I hope karma gets these two. The destruction they caused will last for decades. Even if they didn’t know that it was about to happen, what they did after was help create what we now know as Isis. As long as their pockets are lined I guess

  109.' Will G Tankersley says:

    IDKC Bush had to do something when he was right & when he was wrong he was right too!

  110.' Abe March says:

    They were looking for an excuse to go to war.

  111.' Filippa Scandinavia says:

    Of Course he or the family knowed about 9/11.. They are the best Buddys with Bin Laden family..usama is probably still alive…just with a good amounth of money and a new face……

  112.' Ray Swanton-Baxter says:

    Inside job !!!! Demolition job, just like the building that just fell with nothing even touching it,
    You need be crazy to think it was anything but a inside job, controlled demolition, !!!

  113.' Vuyisile Boetman says:

    Including u

  114.' Susan Home says:

    Who wired the buildings for their controlled demolition?

  115.' Sherrie Thompson says:


  116.' Barry Lyndon says:

    It was ordered by the FAKE QUEEN EL-LIZARD-BIRTH the 2ND

  117.' André De Coen says:

    Both men are war criminals!

  118.' Donna Cudnik Gilbert says:

    This is B… S…!

  119.' Jurgen Knorr says:

    bush was a trigger happy fool and was looking for an excuse to send troops anywhere

  120.' George Fox says:

    Only fools believe the fairy tale we’ve been forced to believe

  121.' Curt Stiles says:

    Bull crap!

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