Chemtrails are Causing Climate Disintegration Amid Programmed Social Apathy


By Dane Wiggington | Geoengineering Watch

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The forests are dying, the oceans are dying, the Earth is dying, and even at this late hour the vast majority of first world societies remain completely immersed in total denial and apathy that is manifested in many forms. The ever growing list of extreme weather events and unfolding global die-offs are not discussed or disclosed by the power structure owned and controlled corporate media machine of mass distraction. Though climate engineering is aggressively denied by the criminal media cabals, it is real, ongoing, and lethal to all life.

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses. Malcolm X

Industrialized/militarized civilization is in its death throes, the pounding of the planet by the covert climate engineering assault is a testimony to the near total loss of sanity in modern society. Every breath we take is now toxic, air particulate pollution is taking an immense toll on human health. The largest source of this atmospheric pollution, climate engineering, is systematically denied by the central banker controlled so called “experts” whose paid for opinions societies blindly accept. Those who dare to even mention the truth often face draconian consequences from a societal system that has in so many ways abandoned any sense of reason or morality.

While criminal leaders seek the expansion of empire, the point of no return for life on Earth has potentially already been passed. The primary objective of the facade global climate conferences is to covertly force countries to accept the ongoing and expanding climate engineering insanity. The long term goal to limit global average temperature rise to 2C (set only last year at the Paris climate conference, 2015), may possibly be officially exceeded only one year from the date of the conference, 2016. Rapidly worsening global droughts are decimating ecosystems and populations. In regard to the epic droughts, climate engineering is verifiably the single greatest causal factor (also fueling forest fires like the catastrophic inferno currently burning in Canada), yet, again, this fact is completely ignored or blatantly denied by the corporate media, academia, and their paid for “experts”. To control the water supply is to control populations.

The deadly heat wave that is occurring in India is only one example. It may become the most deadly ever, and summer is still to come. Is India being punished by the climate engineers for its recent ousting of Monsanto? Though the runaway planetary warming is all too real (with countless forms of anthropogenic damage fueling the fire), all available evidence makes clear that the geoengineers can clearly push extreme conditions further in any direction.

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Originally entitled: “Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Disintegration, And Programmed Societal Apathy”

Robert O'Leary 150x150Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield (MA), New England & “virtually” the world, with his website, He can also be reached at


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69 Reader Comments

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  1.' Brandi Wood says:

    Too poisoned to know they poisoned… Just as planned.

  2.' Chris Geron says:

    the earth is not dying. the earth will continue on no matter what we do. what is dying is our ability to live on it with in our current state. we will either have to stop doing what we are doing in regards to consumption or we will be forced to drastically change the way we live because there is no choice.

    •' Theresa Mansfield says:

      Agree, we will either be on the earth or made extinct if things do not change, it is highly arrogant to assume anything else, nature has proved this may many times

    •' Malia Luchey says:

      Are you kidding me??? And the other 14 people who like this. The GMO in food is enough to give your body tumors and cancers over a prolonged period of time. Are you really serious.

    •' Chris Geron says:

      my comment was about people saying that the earth is dying. it has nothing to do with GMOs affecting us humans or anything else. simply trying to correct the thought that we are going to kill the earth. the earth is an amazing organism that has been here for billions of years. the earth is not going anywhere. we will be.

  3.' Alex Mei says:

    First, flouride increases the absorbtion of aluminum, then they spray us with aluminum. Solid plan there.

    •' John Kiouses says:

      Datz da plan ! ‘ite!

    •' Justine DeVero says:

      ….and inject us with it n feed it to us on and in our food to top it off its served to us in Alu containers! We have no short term memory n even if we did the flouride makes us too apathetic to care!! ??

  4.' Kenzo Jonathan Ntuli says:

    Cancel Ciggarattes

  5.' Morris Greenrey says:

    No one looks up there too into there iPad if there WiFi was cut off by chemtrails they would scream at there government .the biggest selling industry this year and the next five will be milatary hardware to defend states against sheep when they wake up and realise there once free speech freedom and life as they once new it are gone forever and there iPads no longer work ,they woke up to total facist control of there lives ,north Korea life woke them up but it was to late .the state took everything off them .

  6.' Morris Greenrey says:

    And the geo engineering as destroyed all they once grew up with .

  7.' Nona Sniffleup says:

    I wish i could post the pictures of the fresh chemtrails they sprayed all over orlando today…. Added bonus for everyone’s vacation here in sunny florida ?

  8.' Jimi disu blog says:

    posts about News are why I love social media

  9.' Angelina Daka says:

    Lottie Louise Irene Guillen

  10.' Eddie O'reilly says:

    Question inform and expose

  11.' Rick Ott says:

    What’s there to say? How do you stop the overloaded corporate machines from intimidating mainstream media? Society is content living in the lap of luxury supported by modern technology and the response to any change would be discontent. I don’t think there will be any changes made until something drastic happens to the environment, threatening humanity.

  12.' Đỗ Miinh Thu says:

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  13.' Yong Cp says:

    Before EARTH DIES, human BRAINS die a NATURAL DEATH ‘ based on Karma, no? Human mindsets BY ACTION N SPEECH ‘ constituted ‘ that KILLING WHERE BRAINS ‘ain’t used. Which DO U HAVE ? Mind ‘ body ‘ soul? Ever U R conscious TO KNOW HOW TO BLESS THE WORLD ? In particular THE EARTH ? What’s your contributions to Earth rather THAN EARTH’s contributions TO U? Tq.

  14.' Phenex North says:

    The elite are going underground!!!

  15.' Michelle Smith says:

    Jefree Colpetzer

  16.' Montica Jillian says:

    Wendy Ploof Danielle Dillard Casey Fulwiler Kristen Rivera

  17.' Anthony Spears says:

    These chemicals allegedly being sprayed need to come from somewhere, yet there is no evidence of tanker trucks streaming in and out of airports and clogging up highways. There are no warehouses, refineries, terminals, pipelines, hazmat teams, or money trails. There would need to be a huge fleet of planes, with hundreds (if not thousands) of pilots and mechanics working on them.

    There should be a shit-ton of evidence, and yet there is zero. Why is that? This isn’t about me being “programmed,” it’s about your claim being unsubstantiated.

    •' Michael Kim N Holly says:

      Actually Anthony, that’s a pretty bad argument you’ve made. There are countless secret operations and countless cover-ups about illegal activities going on all the time. Explain how tons of cocaine and Heroin get in the country, or how Billions of dollars are transferred to “Evil” counties for their war machines. Those things all involve hundreds and thousands of people and there should be shit tons of evidence. (PS i don’t believe in chemtrails, it was just a bad argument)

    •' Anthony Spears says:

      It’s not a bad argument.
      A single airplane is all that’s needed to bring in enough heroin to supply a large city for quite a while (I don’t actually know what the supply would be for a large city, but individual doses are pretty small), and there is a TON OF EVIDENCE that drugs are coming into the country.
      But to account for all the “chemtrails” would require a huge fleet of planes. Bigger than FedEx. It would also require a domestic supply line of chemicals to these airplanes. That means far more opportunities for detection, and yet it’s happening without any evidence that it’s happening. Without any whistle-blowers. That is what makes this a strong argument. The absence of evidence, in this case, is evidence of absence.

    •' Michael Kim N Holly says:

      Your just pulling answers out your ass… A plane load for heroin? A huge fleet bigger than fed-ex? Without whistle blowers? Let me ask, Where are the biggest black ops prisons located? Who runs them?

    •' Michael Kim N Holly says:

      What secret weapon is the USA currently working on?

    •' Michael Kim N Holly says:

      What is the evidence of a heliocentric system?

    •' Anthony Spears says:

      To account for all the “chemtrails” people claim are being sprayed would require a huge fleet of planes. Contrails… Er… Chemtrails appear all over the country daily. So I’m not just arbitrarily claiming that it would require a huge fleet.
      No matter how secret, there would be evidence that it was occurring due to the scale.

    •' Justin Nielsen says:

      You guys seriously have no life believing this shit and drugs can be made here and also crossing the borders and paying people off at ports to get it through to us and the chemical trails and us being so small couldn’t do jacket shit

    •' Michael Kim N Holly says:

      It say UFOs but it’s really numbers –

  18.' David Varro says:

    I think there’s nothing we can do. Millions of people will never storm the white house.
    And to think the government would change yeah right they will fight back.

  19.' Justin Nielsen says:

    Are you some kind of special? Seriously believing chemical trails? Wow you guys really have no life to believe our little specs of life and planes etc causing change huh? In order or change it it would have to be huge and make a blanket over the sky to where we couldn’t even see anything not a little spec on earth causing this. Smh you dumbass people go believe that humans can naturally fly or something go try it out.

    •' Heck San Aífric says:

      I believe it Is you who has no life,you have gone out of your way to come on here and call people dumbasses and saying they are a special kind of stupid..what does that say about you? Huh? What does it say? There’s plenty of other pages of interest to you where your comments might be welcome

    •' Dotty NRonnie Wigglesworth says:

      Why do you think people that question these trails are dumbasses? If your not interested then you don’t need to air your opinion, your obviously looking for attention. Has someone taken your toys from you mr troll?

    •' Miranda Numberg says:

      Right…because there’s no difference between contrails that evaporate within a few seconds and heavy metal trails that linger and float for hours and hours after they after left behind….riiiiight.
      You sir, are exactly the unawakened and in denial citizen this article is speaking of.

    •' Theresa Mansfield says:

      Obvious troll so transparent, so not worth trying to argue

    •' Bruce Sinclair says:

      And he teaches his son to be and think like him Theresa.

    •' Justin Nielsen says:

      So so small minded people with nothing better to do then believe a load of crap haha you guys are something else

    •' Justin Nielsen says:

      And you f this was true the entire world and there government would be doing I when counties can’t afford shit and even making the world better such lies and believing want people want to follow loes

    •' Theresa Mansfield says:

      that pic is probably fake, most likely employed to do this Bruce, I would suggest he googles natural law and listens to Mark Passio on you tube Bruce ?

    •' Justin Nielsen says:

      Wait who?

    •' Justin Nielsen says:

      And no pic is real but you guys are just finding something to believe to scare yourself and the world

    •' Justin Nielsen says:

      And yes if you must ask o work for the gov

  20.' Glynn Oftheargiad Jones says:

    Spot on good for you !!! Keep it up bless God the holy of holys we are home

  21.' Maddy Hunter says:

    Jack Atkins

  22.' Carl Price says:

    The sheep are too busy grazing to notice until it’s too late ?

  23.' Margaret Bown says:

    With a lot of luck if we destroy the planet we will kill off humans also and the earth can heal itself over time minus humans

  24.' Thomas Chenhall says:

    Every earth-like planet goes through this at some point in their industrialization. And I believe every earth-like earth has human-like humans there already, and they also have industrializations, they also have to deal with destroying their climate and then haphazardly attempting to fight the climate back towards a preferred state.

    So if you want to talk to God, focus on the core of our galaxy. Be Galaxy-centric. May the force be with you.

  25.' Frederic Verlinden says:

    Steve Verschueren Amir Khatib Niels Arno Verhelst

  26.' Selena Sapp says:

    Things are going to die. things are going to get worse. get use to it. Humans can’t stop everything from happening.

  27.' Babs Summerly says:

    I agree

  28.' Emma Irlam says:

    Zak Redfern mad Mullins is right! Lol

  29.' Bruce Sinclair says:

    Be informed! Research to find the truth.

  30.' Sutherland Dave says:

    Fucken shoot one down!! Fly up there and get a sample. Find out wtf it is. Don’t just look up and make shit up in your heads.

  31.' Gary Pemberton says:

    according to whom is the climate disintegrating and the Earth dying? the Earth will likely outlive humanity

  32.' Dan Kellam says:

    They just shut off the haarp grid here in Alberta after the Fort Mac fire. It’s nice to have a break from its frequency, and unfortunate to be unable to sue and prosecute those responsible for California’s excellent snowpack to the detriment of Albertas snow and rain this winter

  33.' Dit Ta says:

    There are really too many dirty men around … I try to understand WHY, but donot find the answer.

  34.' SortingHat says:

    Sorry but the spraying is causing the global warming junk. In the 2008 thru 2011 period we went thru a brief but noticeable cooling and the media then were like “Global Warming paused?” The UN couldn’t allow for THAT as so many jobs would be at risk that deal with climate change assessment if they allowed the earth to continue cool because of the grand solar minimum.

    The particles act as a cap in the atmosphere preventing lift and keeping a greenhouse effect going. Night time temps especially have been going up and those who research blame it on air traffic but air traffic has decreased under the Obama depression.

    Yeah it’s air traffic all right but not the kind you expect!@ This site is REALLY jump when not on a phone. I hate phone only websites! I would love to throttle today’s industry.

  35.' SortingHat says:

    In 2008 thru 2011 the earth’s temps dropped almost 1 degree and it caused Russian scientists to be concerned about th Gulf Stream shutting down back then. Now you don’t hear that kidn of talk.

    Sorry but the keyboard is REALLY lagging on this site and it’s causing letters to skip when I press them.

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