How CERN’s Large Hadron Collider Could Be Linked to Recent Earthquakes

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In just the past two months, there have been thirteen earthquakes over 6.0 on the Richter scale. Some of these quakes were incredibly intense, namely that which occurred in Nepal that ranged from magnitude 6.6-7.8. The damage was enormous and the loss of life was in the thousands.  And most recently, a magnitude 7.1-7.5 rattled the island shores of Papa New Guinea, but thankfully has not caused nearly as much damage or injury.

What I find curious about all of this recent tectonic activity is that CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, [French acronym]) or perhaps more commonly known in the States as The European Organization for Nuclear Research, has recently fired up its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator again, just before this unusual stretch of high-magnitude earthquakes began.

The LHC is the most powerful and largest particle accelerator on the planet and while the majority of the world of science considers it invaluable to making further discoveries about our universe, some scientists including Stephen Hawking are offering fair warning of the damage it can cause to the planet, humanity and even the time-space continuum. Read more on Hawking’s concerns about CERN here:

Just months after the discovery of the Higgs boson or the so-called “God Particle” in July 2012, CERN completed its first continuous run of the LHC which recorded around 5 billion collisions at an energy amount of 8 TeV (Tevatron scale). Only 400 of these collisions produced results even remotely compatible with that of the Higgs boson. (Source: ).

Fast-forward to present day and they’ve nearly doubled the amount of collision energy to 13 TeV. The plan is to have the LHC do another run for 3 years continuously and this time CERN announced that their focus is to “capture dark matter” and on “the discovery of other dimensions”. While I am all for raising the awareness about our place in the universe and of course the working of quantum space dynamics to better grasp an understanding of ourselves, I feel that it should not come at the expense of Mother Earth or that we should go into this kind of science biting at our own tails.

Simply put, the Large Hadron Collider creates the biggest magnetic field on the entire planet, second to that created by the planet itself! It may seem only speculation linking the LHC to seismic activity, but we must take into consideration how magnetism on this grand of a scale affects the layers of the Earth.

Each time CERN forces a collision, the residue energy causes massive magnetic vibrations within the Earth, therefore in my opinion it would be naïve to not at least consider that this is not somehow contributing to all of the recent quakes. And these recent “coincidences” are not the first, either.  In 2010, mass LHC activity at CERN coincided with the 8.8 Chilean earthquake­, which was the 6th worst in our history.

I stand behind scientific exploration and furthering our knowledge of the workings of the Universe, absolutely. In fact, I live and breathe this stuff! I am what you would call a cross between a Quantum Physics nerd and a yoga-loving Jedi in training. But the fact remains that I hold true to the feeling in my gut that it’s more than mere coincidence in the timing of these earthquakes and the recent power up of the LHC. And I just hope that our thirst for knowing how small we can go into particles, doesn’t leave us in a self-created black hole somewhere on the outer edges of space …just saying. 🙂

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20 Reader Comments

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  1.' Dennis says:

    Look within. If you are having problems with meditation or simply want to go deeper I have a 15 minute composition posted on YouTube that may help this. One needs headphones and listen to the entire recording. Try it for a few days and feel the difference. Simply Google Spirit of the Wind 10 Good health and prosperity and thank you for listening

  2.' Al Stutz says:

    I am very concerned about Cern, knowing that everything is connected I would not be supprized at all that the colider is the base cause of severe weather coupled with our position (earths position) on the galactic plane, together with fukushima, the warmer weather, and haarp, I think all these things and much much more has an effect on everything everywhere. I have no dought about this.

  3.' lol says:

    Please explain how you are a quantum physicist – have you ever solved Schrödinger s equation? Do you have a degree in physics? Or did you read a bill bryson book and assume that made yoy an expert

    •' Vishwajeet says:

      Do you really think it’s all Physics here? I hope you already know that there are a lot of things Physics doesn’t know about & can’t explain & the still unanswered challenges of Physics (& I think in curiosity of finding those explanations is why these experiements are being done, right?). CERN may have been innocent in doing these things, but reality is that things DO RELATE even when they’re far. See the way how water molecules behave when water from a single pitcher is split into two & taken far away…here’s a good demonstration

      I was a fan of Particle Physics & Cosmology btw, till I came to know about..what you may want to call as “spiritual physics”.

    •' Vishwajeet says:

      Also note that commenters here may not have a degree in Physics…but Stephen Hawking had it for sure! 😛

  4.' Hexdoll says:

    If anyone’s thinking that it’s the strength of the magnets causing problems remember that the accelerator ring goes underneath roads, how could the magnets be so powerful that they move tectonic plates but have no effect on nearby vehicles which are much smaller than tectonic plates and have a higher concentration of metal and so should be more effected by magnetism.

    •' Damon says:

      Considering that the earths core is believed to be made of molten iron and it being one of the most common elements making up the entire planet I think I may need to re think that one

  5.' Almark says:

    They are playing God, and in doing so, they will not become what God intended. If we can split the nucleus of an atom and create a mushroom cloud. Just think what we can accomplish dissecting dark matter itself? To even conceive the thought that it’s possible to make a man-made portal is astounding and frightening. We cannot play with other dimensions without creating time space change, or altering the universe itself. These scientists are going from real science to super natural science. Sometimes one has to take into consideration the effects of our consequences. Oh sure it’s curiosity, but curiosity killed the cat.

  6.' Dan says:

    Put the collider on the moon so we can all watch what a 3 yr run can do to a planet, and just in case John Ringo was right!

  7.' Gordon says:

    How come more scientists that I’m sure understand this stuff much better than me are not more concerned with CERN?

  8.' Geoff says:

    This has been an interesting read indeed. I noticed a grand (in my opinion) spike in earthquake activity around the Pacific rim 22 September 2015. I have an app. on my computer, Seismic monitor that shows earthquakes on a daily basis, which I take a look at each morning purely out of curiosity. On this particular day I was really taken aback by the sheer number of events. The Large Hadron Collider was to be brought to full power the following day, 23 September 2015.
    Taking into account the statement uttered by the French Foreign minister; “We have exactly 500 days to environment chaos”, or something very similar in wording but not numbers, brought the date to 23 September 2015, I think he made the statement on 11 May 2014, These sudden earthquakes got me to wondering whether there is some hidden agenda we don’t know about.

  9. I covered this subject in 2014 on my twiter profile and on my youtube channel , .. I found a pattern of certain CERN earthquakes just before the main earthquake related to certain station around the Europe

  10.' Damon says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE in your article. You should be ashamed to call yourself a Quantum Physicist. You sound like a complete idiot. Have you ever heard of FRACKING? That is the cause of your earthquakes, genius. Look it up. Stop scaring people into distrusting science, you fool.

  11.' peggy says:

    There are an average of 134 earthquakes yearly in the 6.0 to 6.9 range. We are in the normal range. Your “gut feeling” means you just don’t know how to do a t-test in statistics–what a standard deviation, probability, variance, correlation coefficients, etc., is. Then you look at who is suggesting the connection. As you profess: “I am what you would call a cross between a Quantum Physics nerd and a yoga-loving Jedi in training. But the fact remains that I hold true to the feeling in my gut that it’s more than mere coincidence in the timing of these earthquakes and the recent power up of the LHC”. And, I am a person with a graduate degree who minored in research. You just gave anyone educated further proof that the “new age” movement is full of airheads. Which is exactly what I spent all my years in college to negate. People like you—who operate on ego and immaturity–create nothing but humor to the research community. Because your ego makes you think you know how to make a scientific correlation (or causation), you make any of our beliefs a joke. You have to learn to play on their playing field. And it takes years of studying to do be able to really stand your ground scientifically.

  12.' Jamaal Douglas says:

    Great article!

  13.' Sars says:

    Cern is Posessed by The Devil Sars 8 Dutch II Angels Revenge

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