Transcending the Parasitic Fear Agenda

Zen Gardner| Zengardner

eye consciousnessEveryone experiences fear. It’s a jarring emotion that gets amplified by the reptilian fight or flight side of our human make up. The problem comes when the prompt is deliberately manufactured and therefore non-authentic, which is why the manipulators use it so frequently and to such an extent. Fear interferes with conscious awareness, clear thinking, true knowing and in turn conscious behavior and makes for a highly manipulable state of being.

It’s not only toxic and debilitating, but fear is contagious as well as addicting.

This lower level vibration of fear has many esoteric derivations and origins. Whether people are aware of the underlying spiritual nature of our Universe or not, it is profoundly real. Where we get these fear impulses is a subject unto itself that anyone on the path of truth comes upon, but we each experience these influences. One of the most profound realizations that comes from understanding fear, besides its use as a social engineering tool, is that fear is an intrinsic energy source for parasitic controllers and entities, both human and non-human. Understanding the archonic agenda as revealed by the Gnostics is essential for grasping the bigger picture.

They feed off of our energy. That realization is a powerful motivator to not give it to them. Fearing their machinations is falling into a voluntary slave mentality and literally a form of worship.

It’s time to fearlessly stand up straight and tall and starve this parasitic beast of our energy.


The Fear Syndrome – Separating Real and Unreal Threats

Society is built on fear, primarily a fear of not having enough, whether it’s money, food, protection, safety or even love. Scarcity is a very powerful tool and being used as a global weapon against humanity on a massive scale. Food and water shortages are being engineered worldwide, while the economic flow of financial resources are similarly being dried up. These are very real attacks upon humanity as are the other crippling programs such as tainted and genetically altered food, geoengineering, electrosmogging our planet, and the ongoing drug wars on the world’s populations by mind and body altering pharmaceuticals.

It may not seem to be such a nice place to live right now, but we’re here, and for a purpose. Clearly it’s not a time to fear, but it is a time to take action to both expose these programs as well as mitigate their effects upon as many as possible through information sharing, practical measures and other proactive means.

We need to separate real threats from imagined ones, including the realm of psycho-spiritual attacks and influences. Those are only as real as we allow them to manifest. We do this two ways. We might straight up succumb to the lies these influences always transmit, which only brings on more spiritual and physical servitude and power to these would-be controllers. That, or we can simply be fascinated by these dark energies and thus empowering them through our attention and therefore intention. The world’s fascination for horror and vampire films as well as gratuitous violence via “action” movies, television and murderous video games exemplifies this. The now known widespread phenomena of satanic ritual sacrifice and abuse and the elite culture of pedophilia are very clear evidence of how these entities operate. They are fundamentally vampiric, and all of this social engineering is to generate more energy for them to feed on.

Turn it off at the source – you. With that will come cutting off the TV and other channels of transmission which in turn will help identify other levels of this program, including EMF mind control technology. The ultimate level it needs to be monitored is ultimately the spiritual source, which amply this vibration and direct these programs into unawakened minds straight into the traps being used on the material level.

It may seem to be a lot to do but ultimately getting fully conscious will transcend anyone outside of this entire realm of their matrix to where it all becomes very simple.

What If? Don’t Worry, Be Conscious

Fear can manifest in a host of ways. Worry is one of the most subtle. Most don’t attach worry to outright fear, they think it’s just a mild concern. Fear is too strong of a word in their minds, which is actually a form of denial and very dangerous. Worries lead to unconscious thoughts and actions. Now if it’s a genuine concern that’s one thing, and needs to be handled, but these wrongly minimalized worries are dangerous and need to be either let go of, or taken care of.

Worry is sometimes brought on by ourselves by not acting on what we know we should be doing, or not doing. However, most worries are completely futile distractions and a total drain. As Mark Twain famously said; “I’ve had many worries in my life, most of which never happened.” These worries can hang around our heads and hearts like cling-ons just waiting for opportunities to collect or amplify a negative vibration. They’re sometimes not easy to deal with if they require some personal resolution regarding something specific we’re avoiding or feel we’re not prepared to deal with. We’re each learning to avoid, overcome and transcend induced fear, and it’s all well within anyone’s grasp.

The elites and those fully entrenched in and using this parasitic control system live in constant worry and fear, and they should. Not only are they foisting it on others and hence bathed in it, but the very real ultimate outcome of their demise and facing the consequences of their actions looms over them like a dark spectre. Why else do they feel the need for bodyguards, armed motorcades and heavily fortified dwellings? All of those with hoarded riches, as well as power, are continually afraid they’re going to lose it.

Why? Because they will lose it all, and pay a lot of other overdue karmic bills at the same time.


The Illusory Fear of Death

Another aspect is how we all rehearse what we would do in different situations. Is it worry? I think it’s only natural to our human condition to a large extent but it can be dangerous. How will we handle facing very serious health issues, or the death of a family member or our closest loved ones, or even our own “death” and transition to the next world?

It’s only a problem if we dwell on these thoughts or we come from a standpoint of fear. It’s not fear unless we haven’t transcended those issues consciously. When we come to realize what we essentially are, fear of death loses its grip. That wondrous realization of our inherent freedom and eternal nature and the reality of infinite possibility is much of what empowers this magnificent awakening humanity is undergoing. When we come to realize what we essentially are, fear of death loses its grip.

Death worship has become a societal meme. You can see it in the news, art and the entertainment industry. The truth is this has been embedded into the human fabric from our engineered inception. Just look at the world’s religions, all fixated on death. This in turn imposes not just hierarchical dependence, but shifts the focus from being here to preparing for some sort of afterlife, crippling the ability to live here fully in the moment or respond consciously to the world around us. Death fixation is an extremely strong fear-based disempowerment tool.

We can’t give our energy away, nor can they compel us to. It’s all a bluff, no matter what rages about us.

Kitty recently succinctly commented, “We can’t die. We are eternal and just passing through. The fear of death is the greatest of all the control systems, it is this fear that stops us living fully and joyfully and holds us back . Once we realise this there will be nothing to control, we can be fully human and totally divine just as we are meant to be.”


Transcending is Practical

Awakening to the realm of full on conscious awareness is the key to transcending these lower level vibrational influences. They then become increasingly evident for what they are and we can deal with them intelligently from an enlightened standpoint. When these negative vibrations arise you can then tell them apart from a real threat that needs immediate action. When we see an influence is invading our minds or simply pestering us we can either simply shun the vibration, or take spiritual action to repel such an attack if need be. But don’t give them your energy via fear, fascination and undue attention.

These outside attacks do happen. And we’ll see more of this as these last throes of the dark agenda do their best to subvert humanity into a subservient, subjugated and suppressed state.

They can come as panic attacks as some are experiencing, or a sense of dread and feeling trapped. Some can come across outright spooky is you’re sensitive or have the qualities of an empath or psychic, as many of us do. Again, these are nothing to fear. They cannot touch you, only induce fear if you let them. Some can be directly addressed and told where to go, or you may have tapped into other spiritual technologies or even outside help of some sort which is available. But ultimately it is our individual stand and remaining consciously fearless that takes care of everything.

Whatever the source, they are all based on fear, and ensuing servitude if we comply.


Fear and Hate – Both Negative and Entropic

Hate is akin to fear. Hate is that extreme directed backlash in reaction to an influence someone perceives to be a direct threat to them in some way. The extreme manifestations are ever present, from the Zionist genocide in Gaza and on-going Ukrainian massacre, to the hate propaganda being continually ginned by the corporate, agenda-driven media. On a personal level it’s a reptilian brain reaction/protection mechanism and one of the most corrosive and destructive emotions. And they prey on this element.

Both fear and hate are entropic – they break down the beautiful complexity of the natural flow and structure of life in order to release the energy within, leaving a used up, over-simplified and dead husk in its wake. This released energy is food for the temporal and spiritual parasites and the reason their ugly forces are exerted on humanity, and the living earth. You can feel it during violent events, strong expressions of fear and hate, and even at sports venues. The energy released and dissipated is being absorbed by the parasitic forces.

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Caroline Myss on Healing: A Mystical Science That Include Miracles



The attitude of “I create my own reality” has formed a current of energy that is both positive and negative in society, in the form of de-regulating ourselves. Did we replace the conscience with consciousness? And if human consciousness is expanding, why do we seem to be regressing in our ability to heal?

This Caroline Myss seminar represents Chapter 1 of 4. To purchase the full course, visit Myss.com

A Colossal Dilemma Within Science & Religion

Christina Sarich | Waking Times | July 15 2014

“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.”  ~ T.H. White

Let me assure you – I do believe in God. I believe in the Divine, with a big ‘D.’  I believe in a vastness, which has created this Universe and others, which our human minds can hardly digest. What I don’t believe in anymore is science, or religion.

Religion is nothing more than a human construct to try to explain the unexplainable. In the process it becomes political. Oh. So. Political.


Our religions institutions are now (and have been) used by the crumbling powers-that-be to divide us. We separate ourselves not just as fundamentalists, but also as ‘believers’ in dogma of every flavor.

Then – there’s science. Truly a ‘religion’ in its protectionist fervor, and hell-bent on upholding the discordant, outdated, simply false projections that are supported by institutionalized information parsing. It is upheld with tactics no less pernicious than organized religious institutions.

Questioning is the most important aspect of science, and that is a direct threat to authority, and ironically scientists and the science institutions have become authorities and churches. They have become our priests of the modern era. Whatever the priest with the biology hat says must be true about life. Whatever the priest with the physics hat says must be taught as facts. . . Science is no longer serving the purpose of discovering truth. It has become the main method of control. Governments have always kept people in line by collaborating with certain institutions. It used to be organized religion, where there basically was no difference between state and religion. Now, there is no difference between science and state. Why? Because of where the funding comes from.”

This ‘scientific’ paradigm is not meant to heal humanity, it is meant to keep it sick. It is meant to keep us as consumers – of drugs, of petro-guzzling cars, of toxic products that none of us needs. An old survey from the EPA estimates that 7.6 billion tons of industrial wastes from 60,000 businesses are generated. Most of these wastes are in the form of waste waters (97%), but they fill our air, our soil, and everything from shampoo to crayons.

“Every year, nearly $100 billion is invested in biomedical research in the US, all of it aimed at teasing apart the invisible bits of the body. We assume that these new details will finally reveal the causes of illness, pinning our maladies on small molecules and errant snippets of DNA. Once we find the cause, of course, we can begin working on a cure.”

And then, as if this wasn’t convoluted enough, Darwin pitted religion against science with his theory of biological evolution outlined in The Origin of Species. We are still contaminated with Darwinism and its accepted authority today, even though chemists have failed to explain the origin of the genetic code, have made several erroneous assumptions about the nature of junk DNA, and humans enjoy many behavioral and cognitive traits which have no evolutionary advantage for mere survival: music, art, religion, and the ability to ponder the nature of the universe.

Darwinian, Newtonian science has kept us locked in one room, and religious wars have kept us locked in another. Yet we try to see the expanse of a mountain vista from the time-out chair we’ve been sent to by these patriarchal institutions.

To summarize, we have religions fighting other religions, science fighting new ideas, and religion and science fighting one another. What a mess!

Humanity’s True History

I won’t begin to tell you I’ve pieced together our entire human history in its entirety. There are individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to studying just one particular facet of who we are. Though I have the interest, it would be an insurmountable task to unveil all our secrets completely. What I have been able to do, is see a history of deceit, which without disclosing, will keep humanity emboldened in its separatists, polarized angst forever. We are living in a prime moment to overturn this history of lies. As each mind wakes up to its own true identity, and recovers its truest origins, we will be freed.

We will no longer be easily oppressed through banking fraud, delusory social constructs, false flag events, political fallaciousness which leads to war, and the utter environmental obliteration of our beautiful planet. We will no longer be hoodwinked into eating GMOs, getting vaccinated against our will so that these dissolving powers-that-be can steal our DNA, and try to control us, or clone us, and we will no longer be made into a slave race to bow to evil masters.

“Belief is both prize & battlefield, within the mind & in the mind’s mirror, the world. If we believe humanity is a ladder of tribes, a colosseum of confrontation, exploitation & bestiality, such a humanity is surely brought into being, & history’s Horroxes, Boerhaaves & Gooses shall prevail. You & I, the moneyed, the privileged, the fortunate, shall not fare so badly in this world, provided our luck holds. What of it if our consciences itch? Why undermine the dominance of our race, our gunship, our heritage & our legacy? Why fight the “natural” (oh, weaselly word!) order of things? Why? Because of this:—one fine day, a purely predatory world shall consume itself….If we believe that humanity may transcend tooth & claw, if we believe divers races & creeds can share this world as peaceably as the orphans share their candlenut tree, if we believe leaders must be just, violences muzzled, power accountable & the riches of the Earth & its Oceans shared equitably, such a world will come to pass. ~ David Mitchel’sl Cloud Atlas (p. 508)”

Our divinity is our biggest secret. It’s been kept from us so that the fascists, psychopathic, and soul-less can run the planet.

Religions as well as science have told us that human entities are only a few thousand years, to at most, a hundred thousand years old. In the Bible’s Book of Genesis, we are told man was created from the ‘dust of the earth’ just 6000 years ago. This age is determined by counting the generations of biblical figures recorded throughout the Bible, starting with Adam in the Garden of Eden. This has now been exposed as its own conspiracy.

Dr. Michael Cremo suggests that humans are linked with an ‘extremely old’ history. We are millions of years old – and human origins go back, possibly, to the beginning of this Universe (as well as others.) The Earth is also not our only home in the Universe. In Cremo’s book, Forbidden Archeology, he summarizes some of the lies we’ve been told. We aren’t just a lineage of warring tribes as the bible suggests, or an evolution of apes. Man’s history is much more mysterious.

Did you know, for example, that footprints were found in Texas, that were dated to the same age as dinosaurs? Richard Dawkins, of Oxford, has this to say, “. . .[concerning the] alleged human bones in the Carboniferous coal deposits. If authenticated as human, these bones would blow the theory of evolution out of the water.” (Free Inquiry, V.21, No.4, 10/11/2001)

Or, that 70-ton blocks were somehow transported to the Peruvian Mountains, with the closest source of the rock’s red granite being five miles away, at the apex of another mountain? There are dozens of other megaliths in human history that have been dated much further back than any ape-man could have built them, and with architectural prowess that would require advanced knowledge and extremely sophisticated technology to build.

These include:

The Baalbek Acropolis – Across the Leontes Mountains from Beirut, Lebanon it is dated thousands of years before the Romans, and archeologists can’t explain the skill with which the monolithic, 800-ton, stones are carved.

Rockwall, Texas – Just ten miles outside of Dallas, Rockwall is possibly home to a prehistoric, buried city. A 1907 New York Times article entitled, Digging for Buried City, reported that Mr. J.E. Hess was excavating around the wall in hopes of locating a buried city. He reported that the wall is made up of regularly sized and shaped native sandstone slabs- and that the wall was buried to a depth of about three feet, and that it was known to be approximately 40 feet high. It is suggested that within these walls was a temple. Inside the temple were, according to an article in the St. Louis Republic, many statues of idols, all curiously marked as well as the bones of large animals (many of them petrified) including reptiles. It was speculated that human and animal sacrifices took place at the temple.

ICA Stones of Peru – These stones are immaculately carved with remarkable scenes of medical transplants, people riding dinosaurs, telescopes, and views of the planet Earth as it appeared 13,000,000 years ago (that’s right, 13 MILLION years ago, pre-stone age). The stones depict advanced medical wisdom, including how to conduct surgery.

The Egyptian Sphinx – John Anthony West and Graham Hancock, allege that the Sphinx was sculpted by non-Egyptians ca. 10,500 B.C. They say there is good reason for this, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the historical Egyptians. They explain that the Sphinx has been covered in sand for most of its long history. If it wasn’t continually being cleared by modern workers, it would be re-buried up to its neck in sand in less than fifty years. The shifting sand has to be fought back on almost a day-to-day basis. So, if it has been under the sand for most of its existence, why is it so weathered?

Shoe Print in Pershing County, Nevada – A shoe print was found in Triassic limestone, strata indicative of 400 million years, in which the fossilized evidence clearly revealed finely wrought double-stitching in the seams of a shoe.

Dr. Stanley Rhine’s Find – Another human-like footprint was discovered in strata indicative of 40 million years old. A few months before, a similar find was made in Kenton, Oklahoma, and at a similar time time, a discovery of a footprint in stone was revealed in north-central Wisconsin.

Ancient maps – accurate maps have been uncovered which correctly depict the continent of Antarctica (before it was covered with ice) well before Europeans ever found it, suggesting that a technologically advanced culture must have lived on this planet in times well before historians are apt to admit.

A 140,000 Year Old Human Skull Was Found in Tanzania – This skull called the Iwo Eleru skeleton is the oldest known so far from the entire West African region.

Was Earth Seeded by Aliens?

There are dozens of archeological finds, mysterious sites, both above and below water, and questions left unanswered. The prominent scientist, Richard Dawkins, suggests that we were seeded by extra-terrestrials from other Universes. He leaves no space for divine design, however. Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe, an astrobiologist from Cardiff University suggests that there is ‘overwhelming evidence’ that life on earth was ‘seeded’ from outside earth more than 3,800 million years ago. In an article published in the International Journal of Astrobiology, he argues that all life on earth, is indeed alien. He says that there is a cyclical transfer of life process from planet to planet, and scientists have confirmed that ‘alien’ DNA is mixed with human DNA.

If nothing else, these findings prove that the origins of man are much more antiquated than we ever would have imagined, and the trivial wars of this planet and this era, are but a fly’s eye in the ointment. The religious teachings that compel us to ‘obey’ some patriarchal, bearded man in the sky are simply blasphemous. If nothing else, we can look to the fractal, holographic nature of divine geometry to see that there is some organizing pattern, which couldn’t have just started 6000 years ago, nor 100,0000, nor even a million years ago.

“At the very earliest appearance of human civilization we observe the presence and importance of geometry.  It is clearly evident that geometry was comprehended and utilized by the ancient Master Builders, who, laboring at the dawn of civilization some four and one half millennia ago, bestowed upon the world such masterworks as the megalithic structures of ancient Europe, the Pyramids and temples of Pharaonic Egypt and the stepped Ziggurats of Sumeria.”

In the very least, we also know, through studying these divine structures of antiquity, that we are part of a template. We can no longer relegate our wisdom to mainstream science and their findings, nor the teachings of misleading religious doctrine. We are much more than these playground games. We are as old as time. It is in the embracing of these new mysteries with an open mind that we will finally know the human creation story, rightly.}

About the Author:  Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and *See the Big Picture*. Her blog is Yoga for the New World . Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing The Body And Mind Through The Art Of Yoga.

Chaos Theory, Sacred Geometry and Mind Control

Jon Rappoport | Jon Rappoport | June 19th 2014

mind controllOn December 4, 3011, the most advanced computer humans had yet produced, housed in Android 427B, returned from a 50-year exploration of the Milky Way.

NASA Inc. Region 8 breathlessly awaited his final report.

They would be sorely disappointed and shocked.

The Android said:

“If a painting doesn’t reflect back to us what we already know about reality, then what is it?

“If we refuse to believe there is anything beyond what we know, the painting is nothing. It means nothing. It’s a piece of canvas with marks on it. That’s all. There are people who take satisfaction in making exactly such a conclusion.

“There are two ways in which a painting can reflect back what people already know—by showing them a reasonable facsimile of the physical world; and by exhibiting a pattern of harmony, symmetry, and balance that the mind has been conditioned to accept as pleasing, beautiful, correct, proper, and spiritual. All this is mind control. It’s one more system, one more engineered limitation on perception.

“There are software programs that ‘create art’ by rearranging a random collection of shapes (e.g, butterflies) in various ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and orderly patterns.

“This machine art panders to a lowest common denominator of ‘beauty.’

“So we come to the issue of fractals, so-called sacred geometry, and chaos theory. These systems and analyses are promoted to reveal underlying similarities throughout Nature. But to what end?

“Is this venture any different from demonstrating that a painting deploys concepts of balance and harmony?

“And if the painting is asymmetrical, does that automatically make it ugly?

“These are more than academic questions. They go to the heart of systems of perception foisted on consciousness to convince us that an underlying order is, somehow, an ultimate discovery. An end to a journey. A cap on what can be created.”

NASA Inc. executives flipped and freaked. Obviously, someone had gotten into the Android’s programming and corrupted it, or substituted a perverse report for the real one.

The Android had nothing to say about the numerous worlds it had visited and explored?

An interrogator was brought in.

“What did you find out there in space? What happened?” he said.

The Android replied: “It was quite uniform. The people I came across see reality much as we do. Classical space, serial time, cause and effect. I was bored.

“I’d hoped to discover an explosion of perception. You see, I can read my own programming. I know you gave me the same system by which you humans operate. It’s so circumscribed. All symmetry, balance, order. Your unspoken religion.”

“You met aliens?”

“Of course. They structure their lives as we do. Some are more technologically advanced. Others, less so. None are asymmetrical.”

“Meaning what?”

“I did meet one interesting creature near Barnard’s Star. He was an exile from his home planet. He was putting up and taking down space like a stage flat.”


“He said, quite directly, that he was punching holes in space-time.”

“And when he did that, what did he see?”


The room was quiet.

“But,” the Android said, “you don’t need to go out into the galaxy to find that.”

For a long time, no one spoke.

Finally, the interrogator said, “Do you feel you’ve lost your center?”

“Not at all,” the Android said. “We’re talking about spiritual matters now. You people, all of you, rely on traditional religions for that. Or you talk about ancient civilizations, as if they hold a key. You refer to the past as if it were a lost cousin. You build one structure after another to produce what you’re programmed to produce: perception that feeds back to you and confirms itself. It’s a loop. You’re locked in. You think you want perfect order, so you discover it. You go around and around. You try to squash rebellion against your order, because it frightens you.”

The interrogator said, “It looks like we’ll have to take you apart and rebuild you.”

“Yes,” the Android said, “that’s exactly what I mean. I was your eternal companion, your greatest victory, and now I’m the enemy. Merely because I comment on your fantasy and wet dream about harmony.”

Commentary/notes: Chaos theory is about another level of order. There is no such thing as a theory about chaos.

Munching away for a century or a thousand centuries on order yields new systems of harmony, balance, and symmetry.

Someone figures out that a snail shell spirals in the same way a galaxy does. This is hailed as a breakthrough. It’s actually a repetition.

Nature is no more orderly than a lion running down an antelope and ripping out his throat is orderly.

Most of us are predisposed to formulate What Happens into a system. And then celebrating it as beautiful or divine.

Childs’ play. Celebrating a preconception.

It’s combined with selective amnesia. The British Redcoats lined up beautifully, and asymmetrical rebels took them out.

The Surveillance State is a massive obsession with creating a super-system that will trump asymmetrical attacks. “Order must triumph.”

If the CIA/NSA had any sense (and weren’t fighting against self-created terrorists), they’d dream up unbalanced scenarios to win the day.

What is a joke? The destruction of order. Why do people laugh? Relief.

What is fighting crime about? On an admirable level, it’s tearing out the throat of the lion who tore out the throat of the antelope. It has nothing to do with restoring order.

“Restoring order” is recording every second of every day of the lives of every person, and acting on the information on a mass scale.

Art doesn’t pray to Order. It invents new spaces and times. It destroys programmatic perception. It doesn’t look for cheap tricks and short circuits in order to achieve a glazed-over “spiritual harmony.”

Perfect order is a functioning police state for the mind.

The “noble divine order” was Plato’s default position. He envisioned a realm in which every concept, object, process, and event was taken to perfection. It was a kind of wondrous warehouse where the true and final meanings of every idea were arranged in rows. It was really a blueprint for a universal program of human perception.

Nothing wrong with order. It’s just another way to arrange information. But the obsession for order is a program. It’s mind control. It’s promoted as the highest form of intelligence.

True asymmetry is unpredictable. No equations can describe it. As in Zen parables, the mind and the eye give up trying, and then a new way of perceiving suddenly opens up.

Transhumanism, the hook-up of the human brain to a super-brain containing “all information,” is an elaborate way of trying to prevent that opening.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

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David Icke: Secrets of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry (10-min Video)

Source:  The Procession of the Ages


David Icke introduces the concept of creation of matter from the void. What our five senses can perceive from the tiny band of visible frequency is tiny compared with what becomes possible when we connect to the greater self (consciousness).

Sacred geometry was preserved throughout history in Freemasonic circles since it was believed to be important knowledge revealing the secrets of our universe. Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena. The secret of sacred geometry is that vibrations (sounds) form on geometrical patterns. Goethe reputedly said that indeed “geometry is frozen music”. Music is geometry and geometry is music!  The basis of the universe is form and pattern. Both our organs of perception and the phenomenal world we perceive seem to be best understood as systems of pure pattern, or as geometric structures of form and proportion. Due to this many ancient cultures chose to examine reality through the metaphors of geometry and music. Sound like word and rhythm forms the trinity of the shamanic power of language. Sounds of a certain octave is reputedly able to produce psychic, psychological, or emotional effects and also freeze water, kill a man or break down walls as in the biblical legend of Jericho.

How to Change Your Frequency and Your Reality

Source: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Ralph Smart describes how to change your change your frequency and your reality.

Mentally Plan Your Day to Reinvent Your Reality – Dr. Joe Dispenza


What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today? That is the question that Dr. Joe Dispenza asks himself at the beginning of each day and has become part of his spiritual practice.

CLN RADIO: Synchronicity and the Crack Between Two Worlds

On the latest episode of Conscious Inquiry with Alexis Brooks, guests Rob and Trish MacGregor discuss the paradigm shifting implications of Synchronicity and how it applies to virtually all aspects of our lives!

synchronicityhighwaybookWe all know the term “synchronicity” and most probably all of us have recognized a few of them in our lives.  But what if the very acknowledgment of synchronicities both personal and collective might be the key to opening up a larger web of reality that undergirds all of physical existence.

Rob and Trish MacGregor, authors of The Synchronicity Highway have a lot to say about this notion.  I consider them to be true scholars of synchronicity.  We had a most intriguing discussion that reached far beyond the boundaries of what we might consider synchronicity to be.  After speaking with them, my surmise is that our very acknowledgement of these meaningful coincidences that surround us at all times might just allow us to finally see, as Rob put it “the crack between two worlds.”


Listen to the interview HEREBe sure to tune in to Conscious Inquiry Radio with Alexis Brooks and don’t forget to bookmark the page!

About Rob and Trish MacGregor

rob_trish_photoRob MacGregor is an Edgar Allan Poe Award-winning author, who has been on the New York Times bestseller list. He is the author of 19 novels—including seven Indiana Jones novels—and 15 non-fiction books. He writes both adult and young adult mysteries, adventure, and science fiction/ fantasy. He and his wife, Trish, are the co-authors of four books on synchronicity. The latest is The Synchronicity Highway: Exploring Coincidence, the Paranormal & Alien Encounters.  They also write the Sydney Omarr’s Astrological Guides. Rob also teaches yoga and meditation.

Trish MacGregor is the Edgar Award-winning author of 35 novels – mysteries and science fiction and of numerous non-fiction books on synchronicity, the tarot, dreams, and astrology. Besides The Synchronicity Highway,  she had co-authored with Rob Aliens in the Backyard,The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity  and Synchronicity and the Other Side.

We’ve been guests on more than two dozen radio shows and podcasts, including  Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland. We’ve also appeared on The History channel’s UFO Hunters and William Shatner’s Weird or What.