Is Your Sacral Chakra ‘Money Lens’ Healthy? | Mindful Millionaire

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Hello Beautiful Soul and welcome to the second video in this Chakra ‘Money Lens’ series featuring me and Leisa Peterson of the Mindful Millionaire.

Typically, money is associated with the root chakra and the manifest world. But Leisa who worked as a financial advisor for a large part of her life, says that every chakra affects how we deal with money.

This week, we’re focusing on how your sacral chakra can affect your relationship with money. In particular, we’re talking about what your financial tendencies look like when you’re overactive or underactive in your sacral chakra.

Your sacral chakra is your lowest feminine chakra. This means it’s pretty much the opposite of your lowest masculine chakra, the root. Whereas the root chakra is all about work, stability, planning, and order, the sacral chakra is about the play, change, spontaneity, and chaos.

It’s orange, resides in your pelvic bowl, and relates to the element of water. It’s associated with the embodied Divine feminine and your emotions, creativity, fertility, intimacy, sensuality, spontaneity, ease, and joy. It’s the childlike chakra that simply wants to play and have a good time.

What does your money life look like when you have too much sacral energy?

You overspend and ‘live for the moment.’ If you don’t have much income, you go into debt. And if you’re lucky enough to make a lot of money, you may simply break even and live paycheck-to-paycheck.

When your sacral chakra is underactive, the opposite occurs. You find it difficult to spend on yourself and to actually enjoy the money you earn. You’re obsessed with saving for a “rainy day.”

Leisa says in both cases, you’re acting out a sense of not being worthy of having and enjoying money.

So you can probably guess what the healthy sacral relationship to money looks like. It’s about spending and saving in a balanced way. You know you’re worthy of enjoying the money you make and that you’re also worthy of having some security in the form of a nest egg.

In this video, Leisa also talks about how we sometimes use shopping to avoid processing difficult emotions. At the end of the video, she shares a touching story about the big sacral-money “aha” moment she had when her mother was dying of cancer. It’s a sweet admission that will have you forever questioning the reasons you shop.

After you watch the video, please take a moment to share your thoughts here on my YouTube channel. We want to know what resonated (or didn’t) with you.

If you’d like a bunch of videos that help you heal your sacral chakra, check out this playlist.

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Have a blessed week!


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Full Chakra Healing Workout – Root to Crown

Video Source: chakraboosters

This week we’re going to boogie — sort of. We’re actually going to engage in a full chakra workout. In the video above I share seven great, embodied chakra practices that will open up your energy centers from root to crown.

Leisa Peterson asked me to do a Facebook LIVE session on her Mindful Millionaire Community Page — and we had a blast!

Afterward, I took the hour-plus interview and edited out everything but the full chakra workout. So you can use this video as a daily (or just regular) chakra exercise guide.

I dare you to dive in with us!

And if you take me up on my challenge, be prepared to move beyond any physical inhibitions! Here’s what you’ll be doing:


  1. Root – Stomping, squatting and “planting” energy (strong and rhythmic)
  2. Sacral – Swiveling your curvy curves (creating spontaneity and variety)
  3. Solar Plexus – Breathe of fire and warrior punches (brave and focused)
  4. Heart – Opening and Closing/Yes and No Exercise (honoring/loving self and others)
  5. Throat – Thyroid “Massaging” Up/Down and Circles + More Yes/No (opening your voice)
  6. Third Eye – Peacock Visualization (feeling and honoring your intuitive self)
  7. Crown – Centering in Stillness (honoring your connection to all)

Do this at least three times this week and see your energy rise and synchronicities abound. When you’re aligned within yourself, you have more energy. And you don’t have to work so hard on changing things “out there.” Because the Universe is attracted to your strong, open centeredness and you become a sort of magnet for good, yummy things.

If you’d like a playlist of individual movements/seed sounds for each chakra, you can get that here.

Or, you might want to check out this other cool way to do embodied chakra healing.

In any case, try out the workout above and share your experience of it here on my youtube channel.

Some questions to consider are:

~ How did each one feel in your body?

~ Which one is your favorite?

~ What does it feel like to do them from the top-down versus the bottom-up?

And anything else you’d like to share!

Have a lovely, energized week, Beautiful Soul.

Love and blessings,

For super easy (and beautiful!) chakra healing, try my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos. I created them because getting a real root chakra tattoo positively shifted my whole life and I want the same for you — without the permanent part! Want more prosperity? Discover your personal Chakra Abundance Type FREE here. To stay connected and inspired, Visit my Chakra Boosters Facebook and catch new videos EVERY TUESDAY on my Chakra Boosters Youtube channel. xoxo

The COVID Vaccine: Simple Facts Staring Us in the Face

By Jon Rappoport | No More Fake News

I’ve written much about the extreme dangers of a COVID vaccine. Here I want to present simple basic facts, which apply to all vaccines and all recipients.

Public health agencies readily admit that people with weakened immune systems should not be vaccinated.

But the language they use is dodgy and incomplete. The CDC states: “A vaccine should not be administered when a contraindication is present; for example, MMR vaccine should not be administered to severely immunocompromised persons…Severely immunocompromised persons generally should not receive live vaccines…”

No word about killed-virus vaccines. No word about the dangers of vaccine components, such as aluminum and formaldehyde.

But there are more issues. According to conventional vaccine theory, the injection of a germ stimulates the immune system to mount a response—and this is an effective rehearsal, preparing the immune system to react quickly, later, when the real disease comes along.

But if the recipient of the vaccine has an immune system that is already impaired, how can the “experts” believe the rehearsal will go smoothly? The recipient’s antibody scouts would respond sluggishly. The immune killer cells would fail to carry out their mission of wiping out the germ-invaders in the vaccine.

To use a mechanical analogy, vaccinating people with compromised immune systems is like pumping more efficient fuel into a car to improve its performance, when in fact the car’s engine is already disabled.

Worse yet, vaccinating a person whose immune system is weak would overwhelm his body’s defenses with injected chemicals and germs, creating dire levels of illness. The rehearsal would be the real thing—and the body would take the punishment.

All right. Now imagine the completion of COVID-19 vaccine development and a few billion people receiving a new COVID vaccine. Do you seriously think doctors are going to spend time sorting out all these people, to discover whose immune systems are already weak, and shunting them off into the do-not-vaccinate category? Of course they won’t.

No mass vaccination campaign (for example, in Africa) has separated the weak from the strong—and none of those campaigns approached the numbers envisioned for the COVID vaccine.

In a COVID campaign, people are going to be dropping like flies. And when they do, public health authorities will employ the time-honored strategy of calling them “sudden deaths owing to COVID disease.”

Furthermore, I’m talking about a conventional vaccine. Two new technologies are in the COVID testing pipeline as we speak: DNA and RNA vaccines. They have never been released for public use. DNA technology is actually gene therapy. Genes are injected into the body, and they permanently alter the genetic makeup of the recipient in unknown ways. RNA vaccines would carry the danger of triggering autoimmune reactions, meaning the body basically goes to war against itself.

Pro-vaccine religionists are enthusiastic and militant about bringing a COVID vaccine into play, and they want to see it mandated. In their wet dream, a vaccinated person would receive an immunity certificate, enabling him to go back out into the world, from lockdown. The unvaccinated would face a more murky future.

In this sense, the entire “COVID pandemic” is an operation designed for the use of a vaccine. Politically, it is offered up as a forked road into favored status, or a shameful lower-class outlier category, resembling Church excommunication.

[Read more here]

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.

Awareness Freedom Advocate Explains How To Say NO If COVID-19 Vaccination Becomes Mandatory

By Richard Enos | Collective Evolution

For those of us who believe vaccines to be unsafe and not properly tested, news coming out that plans are underway to mandate vaccination for COVID-19 is troubling.

Bill Gates, a man who everyone knows has the biggest financial stake in all this, has said that we won’t go back to normal until a vaccine has gotten out to the entire world.

Many world leaders are ready to follow Gates’ playbook, like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who stated, “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this.”

And now some officials on the ground, those who are directing the logistics of a vaccine rollout, are telling us how imminent these plans may be. Let’s listen to the words of Dr. Allison Arwady, the head of Chicago’s Public Health Department, who tells us “We’ve already bought the syringes, we already know where it’s going to happen…”:

Defying Mandatory Vaccination Plans

In order to understand how you would be able to defy any initiatives that would attempt to force you or any of your family members to take any vaccines, or ingest or have anything injected into your body for that matter, it is important to grasp one of the most basic principles underlying life on Earth: each of us as individuals are free and sovereign beings. The only way someone can have any power over us is by our consent. Mostly without knowing it, we have consented to the entire political and legal structure that we believe has power over us. If you would like to dive more deeply into the broader discussion of this, please take a look at my series of articles on Natural Law here.

Keeping it within the context of mandatory vaccination, I would like to introduce you to Jerry Day, whose website FreedomTaker serves as a resource for those who would like to come to a better understanding of their sovereignty as individuals and learn about the practical defense of their innate liberty in our current society.

In the video below, Day gives a strong indictment against the Bill Gates/WHO vaccine agenda and its inherent risks to each of us personally, and explains what we need to do if we ever find ourselves being coerced by our government and medical establishment into taking a vaccine:

The first thing we must do is state our position clearly and on the record to those people who administer vaccines. We are certainly not protected if we haven’t even stated our position. You will see links to two free download documents at FreedomTaker.com. The first document is a requirement that all medical service and vaccine providers sign for you, to acknowledge the risks of vaccines, that they are causing that risk by offering vaccines, and that they accept full personal liability to pay for all damage they cause by administering a vaccine.

Of course, if vaccines were safe and effective, they would not hesitate to sign a liability agreement… [but] they know they are doing harm, so most likely, they will refuse to sign that document, and refuse to be responsible for the harm they cause. That refusal to sign is evidence that they know that vaccines have risk, and you therefore are fully within your rights to refuse the vaccine regardless of any legal mandates. That type of document is referred to as a ‘Conditional Acceptance.’ You agree to have a vaccine if they agree to pay for all damage you suffer. They will refuse to sign it. And that gives you the right to refuse their vaccine, because they failed to meet your reasonable requirements of safety.

Jerry Day helps us here to bring the matter back into the real-world situation: the actual person who is physically administering the vaccine is rightly seen as the one who needs to assume responsibility for any consequences of their actions, rather than simply being a compliant cog of a faceless medical industry. It is not hard to see that, once we all start to make those who are simply ‘doing their job’ carrying out the orders from above personally responsible for their actions, by and large they will not follow through and the whole control mechanism and ability to mandate anything falls apart.

[Read more here]

Bill Gates, a man who everyone knows has the biggest financial stake in all this, has said that we won’t go back to normal until a vaccine has gotten out to the entire world.

COVID-19: Is It as Deadly as They Say?


By Dr. Eric Berg | Dr. Eric Berg, DC

Editor’s Note: Human beings are very keyed in to numbers. They dictate much of their lives. Stock market numbers tell investors when they should buy or sell … whether the weather today requires you to wear a jacket or cancel your family gathering … how your child is doing in school, and what kind of school to which he will likely be accepted. They also tell you, supposedly, the level of impact and danger which COVID-19 poses for your community and country. Yet, numbers can be manipulated by those in power, and can cause an overreaction that is dangerous in and of itself. This can be seen right now as many states endeavor to begin opening their communities back up for business. Dr. Eric Berg, in the video above, helps us to better understand the reported and actual numbers of fatalities from Coronavirus.

Please let us know your thoughts about this video in the comments section.

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.

Fighting Corona with the Science of Sound

By Jill Mattson * | Jill’s Wings of Light

For the vast majority of us, the arrival of the Coronavirus is the first time in our lives that we have faced a true crisis. I mean a scary, end of the world as we know it, hunker-down-in-our-basements, real-life crisis. It’s a little bit like the movies… with a disturbing dystopian feel… maybe millions dead? I mean, wow. But now that we have had a chance to get used to the thing – we are starting to MOVE. I see real action and urgency and even results. The government and the private sector are actually cooperating. And the banks are even helping out. And of course, the First Responders and the Medical people are absolute SAINTS! True Heroes!

My thing is Sound Healing and Alternative Views on Spirituality and Ancient Civilizations and the nature of the universe and ourselves… And amazingly, today I see Modern Science using Sound and Music in new startling ways – and even fighting the Coronavirus pandemic with music… Sounds like what I would do. Anyway onward…

I recently read about a Team of scientists from MIT who were literally using a Musical attack on the Coronavirus. Without attempting to be technical – the MIT scientists converted the protein on the spiky protrusions of the Coronavirus into a musical score. They examined the virus at a microscopic level. At this scale, they could detect building-block amino acids that comprised the virus. They assigned musical notes from a musical scale to each amino acid. They then selected instruments and “played” the musical score of the Amino Acids, making up the virus. Amazingly, the resulting composition was a reasonably sonorous coherent piece. You can read the original article at Sciencemag.org by Vineeth Venugopal on April 3, 2020. There is also a recording of the music on this website.

The MIT researchers were using a technique called sonification. The process of sonification assigns musical notes to certain key quantities in nature. Then the resulting music is played and analyzed for critical underlying patterns and sequences. This approach has been used successfully in the past on a wide variety of studies.

Exerts on Sonification from Wiki: In 1976, philosopher of technology, Don Ihde, wrote, “Just as science produces an infinite set of visual images for virtually all of its phenomena–atoms to galaxies are familiar to us from coffee table books to science magazines. So ‘music,’ too, could be produced from the same data that provides visualizations.” This appears to be one of the earliest references to sonification as a creative practice.

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data. Auditory perception has advantages in temporal, spatial, amplitude, and frequency resolution that open possibilities as an alternative or complement to visualization techniques.

The researchers hoped that by composing a musical representation of the protein on the outside of the Coronavirus that they can detect and exploit weaknesses in the protein. They have an extensive database of similar musical representations of other proteins. Music can give a unique view on the underlying physical systems – and in this case, hopefully, reveal sites of the Coronavirus protein that could be attacked and bound up – and thus make it unable to attach to biological sites in the cells of their host. In other words, researchers believed that they could get unique insights into vulnerabilities in the Coronavirus through music. And further, attack these weak points and render the virus harmless to humans. Pretty cool.

The work of the MIT scientists is not surprising to me. I have been studying the special power of music and sound for a long time… OK, 40 years or so. I have seen that music and sound are fundamental aspects of our universe. Sound Energy is embedded in the fabric of the universe, and it can be deployed in many, many ways. And the fact that the molecular structure of a protein on a deadly virus can be converted to a musical score – is just one more affirmation to me that sound is a universal constant. I have seen Sound and Music heal, affect consciousness, intellect, and emotions. Sound Energy can even interact with subtle energies crossing the physical and the spiritual realms.

Most recently, I have collaborated with Modern Master Sharry Edwards on yet other new applications of Sound Frequencies. Sharry has been able to identify critical compounds and nutrients for optimum protection of your immune system against the Coronavirus in particular. I have taken Sharry’s frequencies and made them available to anyone for FREE, easy listening (headphones are best). For anyone interested, visit the site: CoronaVirusDefense.org to learn of our efforts to help battle this modern scourge with sound based tools.

Jill Mattson is a multi-award winning artist, musician, author, sound healing expert, & composer!  Her intriguing, magical, and scientific music invokes ancient wisdom to produce profound benefits. Find out more at www.jillswingsoflight.com

*Article posted in its entirety with the permission of the author

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.

Free Sound Healing Music: “Frequencies for Defense” of Your Immune System

By Jill Mattson * | Jill’s Wings of Light


Sharry Edward & Jill Mattson have collaborated to come up with over 70 minutes of free listening in 18 mp3s. You can download all 18 mp3s now, at no cost! Go to the website: CoronaVirusDefense.org. Click on the “About” tab and follow instructions on how to access the free frequencies.

The collection of 18 mp3s is called: Frequencies for Defense ~ Sound Healing Protection for your Immune System against the coronavirus.

Our immune system is our best defense against serious illness in general and the coronavirus in particular. The use of specially selected frequencies cannot prevent infection. Still, they can significantly reduce the severity of illness – alongside a program of good health habits, nutrition, exercise, proper rest, and emotional balance. (Please note that this has not been tested. No cure is claimed. Everyone is advised to follow medical advice and procedures. See full disclaimer on the website.)

Edwards has been able to determine that with the onslaught of the current pandemic, the body is in dire need of specific nutrients to help counter the coronavirus; two critical ones, according to Edwards, are glutathione and quercetin. A healthy immune system always needs these nutrients – and in the case of the coronavirus, they are especially essential.

Listen to Mattson’s compositions containing Edwards Frequency EquivalentsTM of glutathione and quercetin. Your body needs a healthy dose of these energies, and this is a powerful way to get them. Altogether Frequencies For Defense consists of 18 tracks and over 70 minutes of listening. There are also frequencies of other valuable vitamins and supplements, as well as tones for Healing Flowers and Crystals – contained in these tracks. In addition to the critical compounds, glutathione, and quercetin, we have included seven other substances that will empower the effectiveness of the immune system and increase the overall efficacy of these mp3s. Some of the other frequencies contained are for: Vitamin C, adrenaline, epinephrine, ACTH, and others. We currently cannot prevent infection by the coronavirus, but we can help significantly reduce the severity of the disease by building up our immune systems.

Glutathione and quercetin are two nutrients that a healthy immune system always needs – and in the case of the coronavirus, they are extraordinarily essential. We can eat foods that are good sources of these nutrients, such as:

  • For glutathione – asparagus, avocado, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, garlic, chives, tomatoes, cucumbers, almonds and walnuts
  • For quercetin – onions, apples, grapes, berries, broccoli, citrus fruits, cherries, tea, and capers

Research has shown that glutathione is an antioxidant in plants, animals, and some simple organisms. It is a critical component in the lymphatic system – supporting the immune system. It has also demonstrated detoxification benefits. Quercetin has exhibited a wide range of health benefits, including the ability to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, protect against cardiovascular diseases, anti-cancer agents, boost the immune system, reduce histamines, fight allergic reactions and skin irritation.

The free mp3 tracks run from about two minutes to seven minutes each in length. They will sound like pleasing instrumental music on the surface. However, these compositions are deep, multilayered tonics. They are filled with conventional music from over 20 instruments plus – most importantly – the frequencies for critical components needed by your immune system. Finally, there are also embedded sounds in these tracks from Healing Flowers and Crystals for emotional support and strength.

~ Disclaimer ~

Finally – PLEASE BE AWARE – we are not medical professionals, and we make no claims that these products will heal any conditions. Follow the advice of your physician and the medical community. Follow recommendations from the CDC, Wash your hands, and practice social distancing. Please be safe.

Jill Mattson is a multi-award winning artist, musician, author, sound healing expert, & composer!  Her intriguing, magical, and scientific music invokes ancient wisdom to produce profound benefits. Find out more at www.jillswingsoflight.com

*Article posted in its entirety with the permission of the author

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.

In the Outer World of Chaos Remains an Inner World of Peace

According to Wikipedia, Chaos Theory is defined as “the field of study in mathematics that studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions – a response popularly referred to as the butterfly effect.” In other words, Chaos Theory refers to how meaningful and profound even the most seemingly insignificant things are and teaches us that nothing is trivial.

It may not look like it, especially in the wake of the recent events in the world including the fact it has literally shut down, along with the expected MSM fear campaigns and otherwordly, and distractions in the form of manufactured illness, but the world is an amazing and beautiful place. The only thing going on here is as a species we are not aligned with peace; which believe it or not is our natural state of being as it is for all living things in nature, including Mother Earth herself.

So, what does Chaos Theory have to do with world peace? Well, for starters it is now elementary science that everything is energy and that like energy attracts like energy. There is also an enormous amount of research and evidence available showing the benefits of meditation to bring relaxation to ourselves in times of stress and anxiety. And lastly, with the wave of higher consciousness, we are ALL being called to look within ourselves and heal our innermost shadows. And as the numbers rise in those of us doing this soul work, so also raises the level of peace in our collective consciousness overall.

Chaos Theory or “the butterfly effect” is also what is making it appear as if there is NO hope for humanity at this time. Everywhere we look we see famine, war, suffering, and meaningless cruelty. But if we pan wide…if we just zoom out from our limited perspectives stemming from indoctrinated fear and try to catch a glimpse from a global or even universal view if we so dare, we just might see that great healing is occurring on this planet. Assemblyman David DiPietro: Fear-Monger | WNYmedia Network ...

Just as in our own lives when all seems to be going to shit and we are so close to giving up does the greatest growth happen. It is only when we dig deep and get down to the roots that we can ever really see what is holding us back from progression, and as the Earth is a sentient being just as you and I are, she also heals in much the same way.

It could be said that nations and cultures are the planets various personas and as she works out the unhealed parts of herself as we each do every day of our lives, we bear witness to her growth in the form of the sometimes barbaric, collective acts of humans in the form of greed, war, genocide, etc. We are more deeply a part of the Earth than we ever learn in school, and yet our ancestors knew this and lived it. They cherish her, respected her and lived in harmony with her. But as humans do, we develop shadows with free will; we begin to believe the illusion of separation and thus begin the fall of man. There have been many cycles of this throughout our history.

Steve Mariboli once said, “The universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution.” This quote is a great reflection upon Chaos Theory, which would support the notion that no matter how chaotic things appear to get, that it is simply a reflection of how stable they can be as well…as all things must return to balance; to zero-point. Nature knows nothing else, just harmony and is always falling back to the center. It is only when it runs into some sort of interference do discordances occur. It could be said that many of man’s poor choices have definitely contributed to much of the “discord” we see in nature all around the world today.

So, how do we achieve the unachievable? How does humanity finally stop bickering and killing one another mindlessly over religion, oil, money, politics, and power? The answer always has been and remains a simple one. KNOW PEACE AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW PEACE.

Be the Order in the Chaos — Guru SinghThe only way the world will ever know peace is when every person takes ownership of their shadows and does the work to heal and integrate them. This involves not forming your personal beliefs solely based on mainstream media propaganda and world “health officials” with alternative agendas to serve. The path that leads a person to be at peace within them is ultimately the path that will also bring peace to the entire world…because it has to start with one…with each of us. It can’t be each of us looking around, waiting for someone else to make a move. There is nothing “out there”….and if you continue to believe there is, you will always see a world up in arms in chaos. But if you close your eyes for a moment…breathe, and step out onto the invisible bridge of everything inside you that you fear, hate, ignore, etc….then your life and our world will never again be the same. It will be…peaceful. And more importantly, it will be your OWN.



Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

The Self-Healing Revolution Is Upon Us – Energy Psychology Explained

By Brendan D. Murphy, Guest
Waking Times

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” —ALBERT SZENT-GYORGYI, NOBEL LAUREATE IN MEDICINE

Better Ways to Heal Through Energy Psychology

A self-healing revolution is upon us and it turns the standard Western healing model on its head, putting the patient back in the driver’s seat, not only making them an active participant in their own healing, but moving beyond the band-aid solutions that pervade mainstream psychiatry and psychology.

The current paradigm shift presupposes that, with the right approach, just about anything anonymous can be healed or reversed, and that a pain- or drug-addled existence of managing symptoms and eking by is no longer the best option, nor a fait accompli.

This is the revolution that Big Pharma and institutional psychiatry hope you never hear about.

The emergence of energy psychology (EP), including methods such as EFT (emotional freedom techniques), TFT (thought field therapy), Psych-K, and Matrix Reimprinting (to name a few) means that, for millions of people suffering from phobias, self-limiting beliefs, or even major emotional and/or physical traumas, expensive and often ineffective traditional therapies can be eschewed (bypassed) in favour of more affordable (or free) and very often spectacularly successful “new” methods—that can achieve better results in a fraction of the time.

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy psychology describes a collection of novel psychological interventions that “balance, restore, and enhance human functioning by stimulating the human subtle energy system,” which includes the acupuncture meridian system, chakras, and nadis“These techniques…have been observed to catalyze rapid, dramatic, and lasting changes in feelings, beliefs, mental states, and behaviors,” as well as physiology and biochemistry.  Thus, EP techniques involve “stimulating energy, whether by tapping, touching, or intention.”[1]

EP therefore traces its roots not just to Chinese medicine and qi gong, but also to the work of modern pioneers such as chiropractor and founder of applied kinesiology George Goodheart, Australian psychiatrist John Diamond, and Thought Field Therapy founder Roger Callahan.[2]

In short, EP modalities use both psychological interventions and energetic interventions together.[3] The result is something far greater than the sum of the parts: EP techniques offer a uniquely powerful way to address and heal the subconscious mind from which around 95% of our thoughts and behaviour originate (and this, in turn, leads to physical healing and resoration).

Cognitive neuroscientists estimate that our conscious minds contribute roughly a mere 5% of our cognitive activity, meaning that the vast majority of our actions, emotions, decisions, and behaviours result from the unobserved workings of the subconscious.[4] Consider the sobering fact that during the first six years of life, most of our beliefs about ourselves and the world are formed and adopted into our subconscious quite passively, according to what we experience and observe—all before we have developed critical thinking faculties that would allow us to reject self-defeating notions before we adopt them as beliefs that then shape our thoughts and actions, and the kind of lives we lead.[5]


For psychological issues rooted deeply in intense emotion (more so than at the mental level), EFT, TFT, and Matrix Reimprinting (which developed from EFT) may be more effective more of the time than virtually any other therapies. Scientific research combined with voluminous anecdotal reporting suggests monumental potential for future applications of EFT and TFT.

Developed in the 1990s by Gary Craig, EFT arose from TFT (Thought Field Therapy), which was developed by Dr Roger Callahan and articulated and popularized by him through the 1970s and 1980s. What Callahan did was make the serendipitous discovery that tapping on a sequence of acupoints (acupuncture points) on a female client with an extreme phobia of water produced profound relief and resolution—far beyond what an educated Western medical professional could ever have hoped based on their knowledge at that time (and for those stuck in the mainstream allopathic mindset this largely still holds true).

Callahan’s client could not even look at water without acquiring a splitting headache, and because the approach of systematic desensitization was making so little inroad into the problem, Callahan changed tack and tried tapping on acupoints instead (a method from applied kinesiology). After only 1 minute of this, the woman knew immediately—without Callahan even needing to test her—that her fear was gone.[6]

From this initial epiphany Callahan went on to develop an elaborate and complicated system of specialised algorithms—each custom-designed to treat a particular problem, and to this day insists that the body’s energy fields respond differently to different tapping sequences (which is probably true), and thus, for maximum results each malady requires its own condition-specific tapping algorithm. Callahan has a list of professional advocates with impressive credentials who rave about the wonders they have seen TFT work.[7]

The story gets more interesting, however, when Gary Craig enters the picture. Craig was one of Callahan’s students many years ago, at a time when Callahan was charging individuals a whopping $100,000 each to learn TFT. Craig—having paid the money and learned under Callahan—simply asked himself whether such amazing results could be obtained through simpler, easier-to-apply and essentially random tapping sequences (rather than specialised algorithms). So Craig tested his hypothesis out and, sure enough, the results he got were impressive. No matter the order in which Craig stimulated the acupoints on his subjects, significant therapeutic benefits were obtained. Craig decided that the world needed this information, and thus he began giving his knowledge and methods away to the public for free.[8] Thus, EFT was born into the world. Condition-specific tapping algorithms and hefty tuition fees be damned.

EFT’s bread and butter involves repeatedly tapping a selection of acupoints whilst tuning in to the feelings (and even the colour/s and textures) sensed in the body that are stemming from a particular memory, unpleasant current emotion, or old trauma. The idea is to decrease the intensity of the sensation down as close to zero (on a scale of zero to ten) as possible, zero being complete resolution (no emotional charge) and ten being maximum intensity. (This “subjective units of disturbance/distress” [SUDs] self-reporting scale was developed by psychologist Joseph Wolpe in 1958.)

In short, energy psychology techniques such as EFT and TFT systematize the use of acupoints into a structured stress and trauma reduction routine—and unlike pharmaceuticals, they actually heal.

Shockingly Good Results

In 2003 a scientific study by the Australian psychologist Dr Steven Wells et al., detailed phenomenal success in using EFT to treat clinically diagnosed phobias of small animals such as snakes, spiders, bats, and mice. The pre-EFT intensity of the phobias were measured by taking into account several factors: increases in pulse rate while contemplating the feared object; the number of steps they could walk towards the feared creature; written stress questionnaires. Subjects were then briefed for half an hour on the treatment method, including receiving a brief EFT session.

The subjects then had their phobias tested again. On every measure fear had dropped dramatically, and some subjects could even walk right up to the animals that had normally triggered phobic reactions.

One woman with a previously crippling fear of cockroaches followed her 30 minute EFT session by immediately walking into the nearby room harbouring a cockroach in a jar, picking it up and examining it closely. She found that her newfound confidence and self-esteem permeated all areas of her life. Six months later, a follow-up study showed that subjects still had much reduced phobic reactions to the objects of their fear—a truly remarkable result. This study was later replicated by Harvey Baker’s research team of New York’s Queen’s College.[9]

Numerous studies in energy psychology have repeatedly shown its potency, evincing the ability not just to reduce or eliminate phobic responses but pain and anxiety too. In fact, the medical implications and potential applications are astounding.

Another study involved taking brain scans of subjects with generalized anxiety disorder. Anxiety and depression, for instance, have specific electronic signatures. EEG readings of participants’ brains taken through twelve energy psychology sessions show enhanced wave-frequency ratios and less dysfunction, especially in the frontal lobes (which are involved in higher mental functions, including humour appreciation, personality, self-awareness, and emotions in general[10]).

Subjects’ brains which were treated simply with antidepressants showed no such improvements, and the group treated with the more widely known cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) required more sessions to achieve similar results to the EFT group, and the effects were not as durable, as revealed by a one-year follow-up.[11]

In further support of these findings, in February 2013, Dr Dawson Church et al. reported the results of a study of 59 US veterans with clinically diagnosed (severe) post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These were published in the respected Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease. In this randomized controlled study (the “gold standard” of scientific research), 30 veterans in the EFT group received 6 separate 1-hour-long EFT sessions (concurrent with standard care), while the control group (n = 29) received no EFT treatment. Measures of the breadth and severity of psychological distress for veterans in the EFT group plummeted. After 6 sessions, fully 90% of the EFT group no longer qualified as having PTSD—an incredible result. In contrast, a month after the initial tests, only 4% of the control group no longer registered as having PTSD. After the wait period, the control group then also received EFT. Again the results were stunning, with huge drops in clinical symptoms.

For the 49 subjects (of the original overall sample of 59 participating veterans) who actually did receive EFT treatment in the end, fully 80% of them remained free of manifest PTSD symptoms (they were “subclinical”) 6 months later. Church reported:

This is the best result for PTSD ever obtained in a clinical trial for any therapy.[12](emphasis added)

To put this in perspective, many traditional therapists wrongly believe that PTSD is incurable.

In fact, EFT’s more complicated “big brother”—TFT—has achieved results at least as remarkable. A volunteer team of EP practitioners who travelled to Kosovo to treat survivors of the Serbian massacre using TFT were able to report that remaining survivors experienced complete recovery from “the post-traumatic emotional effects of 247 of the 249 memories of torture, rape, and witnessing the massacre of loved ones” which were treated. Kosovo’s surgeon general wrote in glowing terms of the achievements of the international EP team, lauding their efforts. Additionally, in formal follow-ups at an average of 5 months later, all those treated remained free of relapse.[13]


Treatments by international teams working with post-disaster victims in Kosovo, Rwanda, the Congo, and South Africa tallied the treatment outcomes of 337 individuals (Feinstein, 2008). Treatment focused on reducing severe emotional reactions evoked by specific traumatic memories [such as those in the above Kosovo study]. Following the energy psychology interventions, 334 of the 337 individuals were able to bring to mind their most traumatic memories from the disaster and report no physiological/affective arousal. Twenty-two traumatized Hurricane Katrina care givers…reported a reduction [on the SUDs scale] from a mean of 8.14 to 0.76 on 51 [emotional] problem areas [after one 15-minute EP session]…[14]

Along with drastic improvements in emotional maladies, it is true that many physical symptoms also spontaneously improve or vanish through the use of EP. Darkfield analysis by one doctor of a patient’s live red blood cells showed significantly decreased clumping of red blood cells immediately following the use of EFT, as compared with the obvious clumping seen beforehand. (See Figure 1.)  Red blood cell clumping is problematic because it means less surface area for oxygen from the lungs to bond to the cell surface for transport around the body. Hence, more spacing between red cells is ideal for maximising oxygen uptake. The bottom image was taken a mere 12 minutes after the initial image. Only 12 minutes and 2 rounds of EFT with the conscious intent of producing an even cell distribution was required to produce this effect. In contrast, if red cell clumping can even be reversed at all using mainstream allopathic methods, it normally takes months.[15]

On top of that, the conventional medical mindset denies that intention can produce such striking effects on typically unconscious physiological processes, thus further disempowering millions of people around the world.


Figure 1. Top: Red blood cell clumping before EFT. Bottom: Red cells evenly distributed after 12 minutes of EFT. Source: D. Church, The Genie in Your Genes, p 235. (Originally obtained by Church in 2009 from www.emofree.com.)

The list of physical complaints and symptoms that have reportedly been remedied or reduced with EFT is virtually endless: PMS, lupus, failing eyesight, headaches, allergies, carpal tunnel syndrome, cancer, MS—you name it.[16]

At the 13th International Energy Psychology Conference held in Reston, Viriginia (2011), it was reported that then-current research was additionally demonstrating the effectiveness of EP on “test anxiety, food cravings and weight loss maintenance, public speaking anxiety, optimal test performance, and psychosomatic conditions such as psoriasis, tinnitus, and fibromyalgia.”[17]

The day when EFT gains widespread mainstream appeal and acceptance is edging ever closer. In November 2012, the American Psychological Association (APA) accepted and published a summation of validated studies by ACEP showing the effectiveness of EFT—a reversal of the position held by the APA for the previous 13 years in which it refused to acknowledge EFT’s effectiveness.[18]

Healing Properties of Gemstones

Gemstones and crystals can help promote self-healing. Check out these gemstones and their benefits:


Amethyst is a popular gemstone. It is the purple variety of Quartz that is highly prized. The name of this precious stone is derived from the Greek word “amethystos,” meaning “not drunken.” That’s why it’s also thought to eliminate drunkenness

When it comes to the Amethyst meaning, it is considered as a natural tranquilizer. Amethyst helps relieve pain and stress, balances mood swings, soothes irritability, and dispels fear, anxiety, anger, and rage. Also, it alleviates grief and sadness and dissolves negativity. If you want to activate your spiritual awareness, enhance your psychic abilities, and open your intuition, amethyst can help.


Precious opal is opaline silica having a combination of color. It has beautiful shifting spectral hues that contain around 5 to 6 percent water and small silica spheres in a regular pattern arrangement.

Opal is thought to improve urinary system functioning, especially the kidneys.


Jade’s color is light to dark green, sometimes yellow, gray, white, brown, or black. The Jade crystal is considered a crystal healing superstar because of its powerful heart chakra connection with varying degrees of green.

Jade is an auspicious stone, bringing people hope and comfort and hope in the new year. Also, it is believed to prevent illness and enhance optimism with its wearer.


Ruby stone has a pink to blood-red color, which a variety of corundum or aluminum oxide – a type of mineral. It is a traditional cardinal gem along with sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and diamond.

Ruby is obtained from the Latin word “ruber,” which means red. It’s a powerful stone that balances emotions, and it is said to stimulate the heart chakra. Also, it brings spiritual wisdom, shielding an individual against psychic attacks.

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is an outgrowth of EFT and was developed by EFT Master Karl Dawson. It too is producing some extraordinary healing results in diverse areas.

The basic premise of MR is that we all exist in a unified field (the “Matrix”) and that when our psyche is traumatized, part of it dissociates/splits off and lingers in the Matrix, essentially remaining as a version of oneself that is frozen in time, never growing older. This entity is an “ECHO” (Energy Consciousness Hologram). (Shamanism agrees that this splitting/dissociative process occurs under trauma, and seeks to resolve the problem through “soul retrieval.” Spirit Release Therapy, on the other hand, uses hypnosis to locate dissociated parts of the psyche and reintegrate them.)

To be more precise, the ECHO inhabits your psyche in an unintegrated fashion, lingering as what is now effectively a separate traumatized version of you stuck in “time.” (In trauma-based mind control programs such as Monarch and MK Ultra, these separate personality constructs are known as “altars.”)

MR uses a variation of a fundamental technique from EFT to help heal and reintegrate ECHOs, known as the Movie Technique. In MR, however, as practitioner Caroline Paulzen (sister of MR founder Karl Dawson and the sole MR trainer in Australia) explains, as you run the “movie” of your traumatic memory in your mind, you can stop it and interact with your ECHO within the memory, “stepping into the picture and tapping on your ECHO using the EFT protocol (whilst physically tapping on yourself in the present).”

From here you can collaborate with the ECHO to assist them in reprogramming the memory into a more pleasant and acceptable one. The ECHO is given the chance to have a less traumatic, more positive emotional experience which will replace the old trauma stored in the subconscious.[19] This creates and activates different neural pathways in the brain from those associated with the original trauma.

Thus, MR combines the physical tapping used in EFT with a “virtual tapping” occurring at the mental-emotional level in order to directly address the “virtual entities” dubbed ECHOs inhabiting the subconscious mind.

As with EFT, MR is known to effect healing for a vast array of painful memories and psychosomatic symptoms arising from them, including allergies. Dawson’s book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, co-authored with Sasha Allenby, features various case studies in which profound healing has taken place through MR. In fact, Allenby cured herself of over 20 allergies through EFT and MR.

The authors also include the story of a woman named Jenny who had a mysterious and life-threatening allergy to coffee: “Even the slight smell of coffee would send Jenny into extreme paralysis becoming speechless, unable to move any part of her body and liable to lose control of her bowels and bladder.”

Dawson and Jenny managed to trace the roots of this extreme allergy to a time in her life when she had been viciously beaten and verbally abused by a man she was in an abusive relationship with. However, it wasn’t the attack itself that triggered the allergy. Following this event, she was sent to a safe house to protect her from her partner. Here, she was around people continuously drinking coffee. Thereafter, the smell of the coffee in the present would trigger her fear and trauma from that dangerous time of her life, which she had subconsciously associated with coffee, thus creating the allergy.[20]

            “What tends to happen,” says Dawson, “is that if a person is eating a food at the same time that something stressful happens, the body associates the food with danger or stress, and starts rejecting it as dangerous…Issues such as these are easily resolved with Matrix Reimprinting and the allergies disappear.”[21]

Even more interesting to me is the way that someone’s basic eye-brain perception (construction) of the world can be fundamentally altered through the resolution of old trauma and reprogrammed beliefs—our beliefs literally shape and inform our raw perception of the world. In short, we “see” our neurology, not reality as it is.

I have seen an amazing example of this with a friend of mine who stated after targeting a particular ECHO with MR that somehow the city she was living in seemed bigger and more open; less claustrophobic. She was no longer plagued by an irrational tendency to burst into tears simply from driving on the roads in familiar suburbs. Her subconscious mind had clearly learned over the course of many years of traumatized life (starting as a small child) to associate virtually the entire city with fear, dread, danger, and the need to escape, and yet MR completely resolved this problem in very little time.

MR also (through the use of many self-applied sessions and several working with Caroline Paulzen) resolved for my friend—by about 90%—a problem with disordered eating in which her throat would close and force her to gag and be unable to swallow solid food. On her worst days she even struggled to drink water through a straw and her weight dropped dramatically, but multiple MR sessions over a period of months brought her back to being able to eat or drink virtually anything with ease the majority of the time. She states that it saved her life where nothing else (not even regular EFT) was helping.

Psych-K: Enter the Woo

Psych-K (PK) was “created” (or should we say “downloaded”?) by former businessman-cum-kinesiologist Rob Williams in 1988. It utilizes the mind-body interface of muscle testing (kinesiology), as well as left-brain/right-brain integration techniques to trigger rapid and lasting psychological changes by selectively replacing self-limiting programs/beliefs running in the subconscious mind with more positive and constructive ones, while facilitating a whole-brain state.

Williams didn’t so much “develop” Psych-K as experience it in a vision in his mind’s eye, in a moment of frustration and rage (at himself). Rhetorically asking “God” what he was supposed to do, Williams was surprised to immediately find himself perceiving mental imagery in the form of a scroll containing what would become the PK technique. Sensing the importance of this new information, Williams ran back to his computer and proceeded to type it all out. Thus, the PK protocols entered the world.[22]

Though it appears that Psych-K has not been as extensively tested in scientific scenarios as some other modes of EP, there is no shortage of positive reports from facilitators and clients—as well as endorsements from cell biologist and author Bruce Lipton. Until 1990, Lipton had not fully realised the power of the subconscious mind and the crucial role it played in the process of psychological change. After experiencing how efficient Psych-K is as a brain and belief change tool, he became a vocal advocate.[23]

I will share a Psych-K story I was able to witness up close. I have a friend who long had difficulties retrieving information in the form of words on a page or screen—from since she was a child, in fact. Her eyes would dart about randomly, preventing the attainment of any meaning from the semantic structures in front of her. The resulting inability to retrieve information by reading was a source of bruised self-esteem and contributed to her belief that she was “dumb.” Thus, following her attendance at a PK facilitator course over a weekend in September 2012, my friend—aged 35—performed a PK “balance” on herself. The affirmation she used (a widely known one) was simply: “I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.” (You may have heard John Demartini share it.)

The process took a mere handful of minutes—long enough that she felt something shift inside, at which point the process is considered to be complete (this part of the process is highly subjective). Quite simply, after this balance was performed, my friend was immediately able to look at words and sentences without her eyes darting uncontrollably around the page they were on. She could actually read and retain the information—something she had not done with ease for longer than she could remember.

One of the other interesting aspects of PK is that it can be applied remotely through the process of “surrogation,” defined by Williams as “a process based on creating a ‘link up’ between the subject’s Higher Mind (Superconscious Mind) and that of a willing surrogate.”[24] The surrogate may be the PK facilitator or another willing participant—the results are the same. The fact that facilitator and client may be far removed physically and the facilitator (or someone else) taking the place of the client means nothing in a completely nonlocally integrated universe in which all parts of the whole are connected. It is also worthy of note that one can act as a surrogate for their own inner child or “ECHO.”

Preliminary research into brainwave changes through Psych-K techniques (including surrogation) was carried out in early 2010 by Dr Jeffrey Fannin, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Cognitive Enhancement, in collaboration with Rob Williams. Fannin is board certified in neuropathy and has been “devoted to the complex practice of mapping and analyzing the brain and training it for optimal health and performance” for around 14 years.[25]He collaborated with Williams in an effort to determine whether EEG could be used to quantitatively map brainwave changes resulting from PK.

Initially, Fannin used EEG to scan his own brain both pre- and post-Psych-K and found what he termed a “major shift in energy” at 1 Hz in the Delta range and at 14–17 Hz towards the lower end of the Beta region. Following these scans, Fannin performed a complex independent t-test involving millions of data points and constructed brain maps of his pre- and post-Psych-K states. (Figure 2)

Given the marked differences in “before” and “after” scans, Fannin felt there was clearly something to the Psych-K phenomenon and decided to see what would happen using surrogation with remote participants. Fannin first scanned Williams before and during Psych-K surrogation, and then used several volunteers at his Glendale, Arizona clinic, who wanted to experience the surrogation process as recipients. On all occasions the pre- and during Psych-K brain maps show marked differences in brainwave activity patterns.

Fannin states that “it is clear that there is some phenomenon present that is unique, consistent and measureable with a high degree of accuracy and statistical relevance…Now there is concrete scientific validation that the changes are actually occurring in the brain![26](emphasis in original)

This was and is just as much the case for surrogation involving far removed recipients where the facilitator is effectively substituting for them and performing the procedure on themselves on the recipient’s behalf as it is for Psych-K done in person without surrogation. The facilitator’s, surrogate’s, and recipient’s brains are entangled and bound as one nonlocally integrated system. All that is needed is the intention to connect in such a way (as I show in my book The Grand Illusion).

In August of 2012, Fannin and Williams had a research paper published in the International Journal of Management and Business in which they detailed the successful application of PK techniques in the business/corporate arena. They had documented 125 cases over 12 months in 3 different locations with significant results at less than 1% chance.

Here I present the “before” and “after” t-test image resulting from the EEG scans of a female office manager with over ten years experience in the role (Figure 2). Prior to the PK balance, her neural activity (in red) was very much oriented in the left hemisphere. Her management style was “my way or the highway,” she was demanding and prone to outbursts of uncontrollable anger towards her subordinates, strictly logically oriented, and lacked empathy.

After the PK balance, the dominant pattern (in blue) reveals access to the right “emotional” hemisphere. Resultantly, her consideration of others improved, and her interpersonal relationships both in the office and at home also improved. Her leadership abilities flourished as she shifted to a more balanced and integrated “whole-brain state” and she became well liked; the office ran better, with increased efficiency and productivity. 98% of the individual cases in this study yielded statistically significant correlations demonstrating the difference between the pre- and post-PK intervention brain states.[27]

Figure 2. T-tests show the difference in brain states between pre- (red) and post-PK (blue) intervention in a female office manager

Billions to be Saved: Economics and Epigenetics

The costs of health care could be massively diminished through a wider use of EP modalities. Another study that tracked the clinical outcomes of 714 patients treated by seven therapists using TFT in an HMO setting found that the resulting decreased subjective distress was far beyond chance for 31 of 32 psychiatric diagnostic categories including anxiety, major depression, alcohol cravings, and PTSD. Church states that if such therapies were available as a part of routine treatment, the savings from the cost of alcoholism and depression alone would far outweigh the costs of EP treatments.[28]

Potentially, major international or factional conflicts could be defused at the scale of individuals and small groups before they ignite to engulf entire cities and countries.

In an editorial in Energy Psychology Journal, Church further elaborates on the potential socioeconomic benefits of a wider employment of EP practices, stating that a projection of results from multiple studies into depression, anxiety, pain and PTSD, “suggests that [America] would save at least $65 billion annually by adopting EP interventions in primary care.”[29] (emphasis added)

EP practices have a habit of working where nothing else will—and that is in fact the unofficial motto for EFT.

Profit-driven pharmaceutical companies—whose business models are geared towards perpetual disease management—stand to lose a lot of business in the long run as we embrace EP, and the benefit to society from healing millions of the “walking wounded” around the world will be incalculable. Health care costs will dive and billions of dollars will be saved and redirected elsewhere, and that’s just the beginning. The incidence of otherwise inevitable diseases that could be nipped in the bud well in advance of the advent of physical symptoms using EP is huge. Disease-induced suffering can be slashed and the collective quality of life quotient increased significantly.

Epigenetics has shown us that our genes are constantly responding to various forms of environmental stimuli, including emotional distress (as well as movement, touch, mental activity, sleep-wake cycles and more). “As well as many genes being involved in most changes of state, different genes are often involved in different time periods of that change of state…[F]rom second to second, genetic cascades are turned on or off by our experience.”[30]

For example, a team of researchers investigating the epigenetic effects of relaxation at Harvard Medical School showed that individuals who were taught over 8 weeks to deliberately elicit the relaxation response (RR) thereby changed the expression of over 1,500 specific genes as compared with their status prior to RR training. The subjects were given RR training, background information on the RR and the stress response it is used to ameliorate, and listened to a RR-eliciting CD on average for 17.5 minutes per day.[31]

These kinds of behavioral state-related epigenetic shifts may go a long way to explaining why, for example, someone diagnosed with “terminal” cancer who decides to treat themselves by doing something as simple as watching their favourite funny movies and TV shows for hours every day could actually succeed in healing themselves through laughter, as in at least one case I came across years ago.

Such self-directed epigenetic shifts as those seen in the Harvard research offer empirical evidence of the value of EP interventions in favourably modulating genetic expression to counteract (or prevent) undesirable psychogenic epigenetic changes, and thus slashing the risk of many diseases. (Roughly 95% of disease is not hereditary, but environmentally triggered.)

The promise of EP is truly vast. The revolution is upon us.

About the Author

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This article (The Self-Healing Revolution – Energy Psychology Explained) was originally  published and is copyrighted by Global Freedom Movement and is published here with permission.

A Brief Exploration of Human Desire

The Power of Desire | The Fearless HustleWhen we consider the many facets of desire, we can see just how complex they can be and how they also can act as a driving force behind the actions we take or do not take, in our lives towards that which we want most.

Why we desire things can vary from person to person and some of us might only consider our desires to be those naughty things we’d perhaps like to try in the bedroom someday. But desires go way beyond the bedroom and if truly pursued can seriously change your life in some majorly positive ways.

Now, it’s important to understand the difference between desire and infatuation. Infatuation is simply entertaining that part of us that thinks we are not good enough and so we project our insecurity onto someone else whom we’ve convinced ourselves is the epitome of all we’d like ourselves to be. When we are following that kind of energy, it’s coming directly from the ego, not from heart or Spirit and can often leave us feeling even more insecure as we form beliefs we must always be comparing ourselves to others, or living up to some proverbial expectation of perfection we’ve created in our minds.

Desire, TRUE desire comes from the lower chakras and you can feel pulling from deep in your Soul when you get that “gut” feeling that something was definitely meant for you. When you love doing something so much it just brings you immeasurable joy when you connect to in a loving, creative space. Desire, while it resonates with yearning and longing, is an outward expression of being open to connecting. It is not reaching from a place of need but from a place of curious anticipation for the raw experience.

What is your deepest desire?

When we are following our desires for the first time, it can be quite exciting! If we’ve lived a mostly reserved life where we always quieted that voice wanting us to take certain chances and risks when it came to love, work, etc. then the first time is something you will always remember. And yes I totally meant for that to sound cliché lol because it seriously can be as exciting as your “first time”. Your adrenaline is rushing through your veins; you’re in an almost altered state of bliss where time stops and nothing else exists but the moment…

Desires come from the various structures of life (love, finances, spiritual growth, health, etc.) and can look quite different depending on their area of origin. I think it’s safe to say that most of us would like to think that we are giving all areas the equal attention it deserves, but where our lives feel “out of balance” can give us the most clues as to where in our lives we are NOT following our desires.

You might think it’s impossible to have harmony in each area of your life simultaneously, however, once you begin to act on your desires, which some people may even call “following your dreams” in certain circumstances, you will begin to see how the Universe actually strives to be in balance, and since you are a sliver of the Universe itself, your life is not excluded from this divine infinite intention.

The key is surrendering to the call of your heart. Tuning in to the call is a matter of learning how you receive information. Some people feel warmth or cold, some hear actual words or frequencies, while others see colors or visions in their minds. It’s all a matter of being willing to ASK, and then perhaps the most difficult part; stepping back and letting go of “the how”. Instead simply trusting that you will get your answer, however, you MUST be clear when you are asking questions as there are no such things as cosmic innuendos or subtleties. You must be as clear and concise as possible and you will receive just as clear and concise answers. From where? The answers you seek always come from within you; it’s just a matter of how you connect with your Higher Self that determines how they are then communicated to your waking consciousness and even your Sub-conscious mind. Deepak Chopra Quote: “Everything I desire is within me.” (12 ...

Acting on these feelings, words, visions that you receive will only allow your connection to gain strength and this will ultimately allow you to trust yourself in a way that gives you the confidence to shine and share your gifts with the world. You may even be inspired to teach or coach others to do the same because it just feels so good to live authentically! “Inspire Desire!” 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone & I hope you connect with your deepest desires!  There’s no time like NOW! <3


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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Homeopathy Helps in Epidemics

By Sally Tamplin DSH, PCH, MARH and Jacob Mirman MD. | National Health Freedom

A letter from two renowned homeopaths:
Sally Tamplin DSH PCH MARH and Jacob Mirman MD

The following letter comes to you from two health freedom colleagues of NHFC, renowned homeopaths, Sally Tamplin DSH, PCH, MARH and Jacob Mirman MD.  They are asking you to call or write or forward this letter to all your state legislators.  Their vision is that governments take a serious look at homeopathy in this time of escalating health crisis.  Their special website is flusolution.net.  In addition, if you want to write a note directly to your state legislator promoting the use of homeopathy, Click Here to Take Action.

This week is HOMEOPATHY WORLD WIDE AWARENESS WEEK to celebrate Samuel Hahnemann’s birthday April 10 1755! 

In this “annus horribilis”, as our nation is in lock down and we are all suffering whether in grief, sickness or economically it is time for our government to leave no stone unturned and to seriously examine the role of homeopathic medicine. It is time for America to wake from its long slumber and to remember again with great gratitude the work of Samuel Hahnemann MD and The Homeopathic Medical School. We want President Donald Trump to know that eleven U.S presidents over 150 years have supported homeopathy. At one time there were homeopathic medical schools and hospitals all over America and homeopathy has a distinguished record fighting epidemic disease.

Homeopaths currently participate in worldwide zoom forums on a regular basis, and we see that our experience has been positive.  Many homeopaths practicing all over the world report good results in Covid – 19 cases. In India homeopaths are now seeing patients in hospitals. Most of the time we see the beginning of improvement within several hours of starting the correct medication, and the improvement continues to full resolution of the disease. Most of our cases are in the beginning stages, and we tend to prevent worsening of the disease.  Nonetheless, there are now enough reports from the field of more severe cases being reversed as well. Supportive conventional approaches like oxygen and ventilators are great and save lives, but it would be nice to prevent people from needing them in the first place.

Please urge President Donald Trump and his advisors to leave The White House and take a short stroll this week. A stone’s throw from his home is Scott Circle, (Massachusetts and 16th Avenue) graced with a huge and very beautiful monument dedicated on midsummer’s day 1900 by President William Mc Kinley to Hahnemann and his work. It is the only monument in the U.S. capital city to a physician. Please urge President Trump to stop, look and reflect. Supporters for creating the Hahnemann monument included key members of both political parties along with financial contributions from J.D. Rockefeller, H. J. Heinz, Mrs. George Westinghouse, Robert Pitcairn, W.H. Schoen and Henry Oliver amongst many other successful business people living at that time.

Certainly, President Trump would be in good company if he blew the dust off the history books, turned the pages and acknowledged that homeopathy has and still does play an important role in the lives of many people and many nations. Surely this is not something to overlook when our world is in crisis.

History has taught us not to be complacent. It is a historical fact, that Homeopathy is very effective in epidemics.  It has been tested in a variety of epidemics, including cholera, typhus, diphtheria, yellow fever and others over the span of about 200 years.  Consistently it brought mortality rates to a fraction of those experienced in conventional doctors’ practices. This PPT offers a glimpse of homeopathic experience in epidemics:


In the 1918 influenza pandemic, while our conventional colleagues lost upwards of 30% of their patients, the homeopaths reported mortality rates on the order of 1% in their practices. 

[Read more here]

Tapping to Release Anxiety and Integrate Your Upper and Lower Chakras

Video Source: chakraboosters

Your body and spirit ARE one, but they have totally OPPOSITE objectives and this can cause discordance in the body — especially during crises. Do this tapping exercise with Vicki Howie.

Yoga Meets QiGong Live Streaming From The Red Rocks Of Sedona With Yogi Blair

Yogi Blair on the Red Rocks of Sedona – where the streaming yoga classes will be filmed.

Ross Pittman here, editor of Conscious Life News. I have lived in beautiful Sedona, AZ for the last years. My very best friend is Blair Darby, better known as Yogi Blair. He has run a very successful business for years by taking people out hiking on the red rocks and leading them in doing Yoga mixed in with some QiGong. His business is rated #1 on Trip Advisor (his clients really love his teaching skills and his amazing vibe): Vortex Yoga Hiking in Sedona.

With the COVID-19 quarantine, NOBODY is able to come to Sedona to enjoy Yogi Blair’s marvelous yoga hikes. So, since you can’t come to Sedona, he is bringing Sedona Vortex Yoga to you, twice per day, on Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun at 8am and 4pm PST (THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED from 9 & 3!). See all of the details below.

But first, so that you can get a taste of what you’ll experience in your online class, check out this 2-minute video with Yogi Blair:

The classes are for ALL levels. Here’s how you can participate in all level fun, compelling decompression, while experiencing a spiritual reboot:

$10 suggested donations (payment is optional – take your first class for free if you want) can be made through Venmo, Zelle, Paypal or CashApp:

The class will run at least 60 minutes, though will mostly likely go for 75 minutes

All morning sessions (Tu, Th, Sat, Sun) are at 8am PST
Join a morning session via Zoom:

All afternoon sessions (Tu, Th, Sat, Sun) are at 4pm PST
Join an afternoon session via Zoom:

You can also listen to one of my yoga playlists on MixCloud as you are participating:

NOTE: In the rare case when the climate is bad, a session may be held indoors.

Yogi Blair: Back to inner truth we go…

Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19

By Julian Rose | Global Research

Editor’s Note: Human beings tend to listen to authority. Yet whistleblowers over the years have shown us how some of what we are told by those authorities is false. Some of what were discredited as conspiracy theories have been shown to be conspiracy fact. We have all dutifully complied with an unprecedented restriction of liberty on our lives in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We and our leaders have relied on the statistics and predictions of scientists in the CDC, WHO, and other organizations. But will we be shown in time that they have lied to us, too, for some unknown and perhaps nefarious reason?” The following article has information which we should consider as we watch the Coronavirus news updates each day. As the author states in pertinent part:  “If you want to create a totally false panic about a totally false pandemic – pick a coronavirus. They are incredibly common and there’s tons of them. A very high percentage of people who have become sick by other means (flu, bacterial pneumonia, anything) will have a positive”

The following is from a medical forum. The writer, who is a widely respected professional scientist in the US, prefers to stay anonymous, because presenting any narrative different than the official one can cause you a lot of stress in the toxic environment caused by the scam which surrounds COVID-19 these days. – Julian Rose


If you want to create a totally false panic about a totally false pandemic – pick a coronavirus. They are incredibly common and there’s tons of them. A very high percentage of people who have become sick by other means (flu, bacterial pneumonia, anything) will test positive.

I work in the healthcare field. Here’s the problem, we are testing people for any strain of a Coronavirus. Not specifically for COVID-19. There are no reliable tests for a specific COVID-19 virus. There are no reliable agencies or media outlets for reporting numbers of actual COVID-19 virus cases. This needs to be addressed first and foremost. Every action and reaction to COVID-19 is based on totally flawed data and we simply can not make accurate assessments.

This is why you’re hearing that most people with COVID-19 are showing nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. That’s because most Coronavirus strains are nothing more than cold/flu like symptoms. The few actual novel Coronavirus cases do have some worse respiratory responses, but still have a very promising recovery rate, especially for those without prior issues.

The ‘gold standard’ in testing for COVID-19 is laboratory isolated/purified coronavirus particles free from any contaminants and particles that look like viruses but are not, that have been proven to be the cause of the syndrome known as COVID-19 and obtained by using proper viral isolation methods and controls (not the PCR that is currently being used or Serology /antibody tests which do not detect virus as such). PCR basically takes a sample of your cells and amplifies any DNA to look for ‘viral sequences’, i.e. bits of non-human DNA that seem to match parts of a known viral genome.

The problem is the test is known not to work.

It uses ‘amplification’ which means taking a very very tiny amount of DNA and growing it exponentially until it can be analyzed. Obviously any minute contaminations in the sample will also be amplified leading to potentially gross errors of discovery.

Additionally, it’s only looking for partial viral sequences, not whole genomes, so identifying a single pathogen is next to impossible even if you ignore the other issues.

The Mickey Mouse test kits being sent out to hospitals, at best, tell analysts you have some viral DNA in your cells. Which most of us do, most of the time. It may tell you the viral sequence is related to a specific type of virus – say the huge family of coronavirus. But that’s all. The idea these kits can isolate a specific virus like COVID-19 is nonsense.

And that’s not even getting into the other issue – viral load.

If you remember the PCR works by amplifying minute amounts of DNA. It therefore is useless at telling you how much virus you may have. And that’s the only question that really matters when it comes to diagnosing illness. Everyone will have a few virus kicking round in their system at any time, and most will not cause illness because their quantities are too small. For a virus to sicken you you need a lot of it, a massive amount of it. But PCR does not test viral load and therefore can’t determine if it is present in sufficient quantities to sicken you.

If you feel sick and get a PCR test any random virus DNA might be identified even if they aren’t at all involved in your sickness which leads to false diagnosis.

And coronavirus are incredibly common. A large percentage of the world human population will have covi DNA in them in small quantities even if they are perfectly well or sick with some other pathogen.

Do you see where this is going yet? If you want to create a totally false panic about a totally false pandemic – pick a coronavirus.

They are incredibly common and there’s tons of them. A very high percentage of people who have become sick by other means (flu, bacterial pneumonia, anything) will have a positive

PCR test for covi even if you’re doing them properly and ruling out contamination, simply because covis are so common.

There are hundreds of thousands of flu and pneumonia victims in hospitals throughout the world at any one time.

All you need to do is select the sickest of these in a single location – say Wuhan – administer PCR tests to them and claim anyone showing viral sequences similar to a coronavirus (which will inevitably be quite a few) is suffering from a ‘new’ disease.

Since you already selected the sickest flu cases a fairly high proportion of your sample will go on to die.

You can then say this ‘new’ virus has a CFR higher than the flu and use this to infuse more concern and do more tests which will of course produce more ‘cases’, which expands the testing, which produces yet more ‘cases’ and so on and so on.

Before long you have your ‘pandemic’, and all you have done is use a simple test kit trick to convert the worst flu and pneumonia cases into something new that doesn’t actually exist.

Now just run the same scam in other countries. Making sure to keep the fear message running high so that people will feel panicky and less able to think critically.

Your only problem is going to be that – due to the fact there is no actual new deadly pathogen but just regular sick people, you are mislabeling your case numbers, and especially your deaths, are going to be way too low for a real new deadly virus pandemic.

[Read more here]

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.

IS THE SKY REALLY FALLING? When the 5G satellites start falling, it will seem so.

By Arthur Firstenberg | State of the Nation

As I write this, the world — or a very large part of it — is effectively under martial law. To protect against a proposed enemy named coronavirus (COVID-19), schools have been closed, airline flights scrapped, theaters and restaurants shut down, churches shuttered, curfews put in place, public gatherings prohibited, national borders closed, people told not to touch or go near each other, every surface, door knob and human hand smothered with toxic disinfectant, and the population ordered to “shelter in place” in their homes.And the people, from the USA to Norway to Bolivia to Australia to Egypt to Indonesia, have obeyed, not only without much protest, but with enthusiasm.

My inbox and voicemail are flooded with contradictory “information,” little of which is verifiable, less of which makes any sense, that is tailored to favorite points of scientific and political view. No one is looking at the big picture. No one is noticing that the mortality rates from all causes are going down, not up in most countries.


This is not the first time a scare about a viral pandemic has swept the world. We have previously heard predictions — none of which came true — that swine flu, bird flu, SARS, MERS, West Nile virus, Zika virus and Ebola were going to kill millions of people. Notably, all of these scares have occurred after the Internet replaced human contact as the predominant means of communication, and words and pictures on a screen replaced reality. Today, this has gone so far that people are finally willing to shut down the world rather than notice what is going on around them.I do not pretend that there is no basis at all for these predictions. Behind all the hysteria is a fear that the catastrophe that was the “Spanish Influenza” of 1918-1921 will repeat itself. The 1918 flu, after all, sickened one-third of the world’s population and killed an estimated fifty million people.

But there are a number of important facts about the 1918 flu that are not widely known:
  • The 1918 flu was not caused by a virus.
  • The 1918 flu was not contagious and did not spread by direct human-to-human contact.
  • The 1918 flu began on U.S. military bases where soldiers were being trained in wireless telegraphy. It spread throughout the world on ten thousand U.S. Navy ships equipped with state-of-the-art wireless stations. It became much more deadly in September 1918 when the first round-the-clock voice radio station powerful enough to be received in most parts of the world went on the air in New Brunswick, New Jersey in service of the U.S. war effort, thereby launching the modern era of radio communication.
Efforts by doctors working for the U.S. Public Health Service to prove the contagious nature of the 1918 flu were heroic and resulted in resounding and repeated failure. In November and December 1918 and in February and March 1919, they attempted to infect one hundred healthy volunteers with influenza in the following ways:
  • They put secretions from the mouth, nose, throat and bronchi from hospitalized influenza patients into the nose, throat and eyes of volunteers;
  • They injected blood from sick patients into volunteers;
  • They filtered mucous material from sick patients and injected it under the skin of volunteers;
  • They had volunteers shake hands with sick patients, talk to them, faces close together, for five minutes, then had the patient breathe out as hard as he could while the volunteer, two inches away, was breathing in, then had the patient cough directly into the face of the volunteer, five times.

None of the volunteers in any of these experiments got sick in any way.Similar attempts to infect healthy horses with secretions from horses sick with influenza resulted in the same resounding failure.

These experiments, and other facts about the 1918 flu, as well as about influenza in general, are thoroughly discussed and documented in chapters 7, 8 and 9 of my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (AGB Press 2017, Chelsea Green 2020).

Historically, influenza was an unpredictable disease that struck without warning and without a schedule and disappeared as suddenly and mysteriously as it had arrived, not to be seen again for years or decades. It did not exist on this earth as an annual disease prior to the worldwide deployment of AC electricity for lights and power that occurred in 1889. Many of the doctors who were flooded with influenza in 1889 had never seen a case before. But influenza has not been absent anywhere on earth since.

What is most difficult for people to let go of is the notion, so deeply engrained in our society, that a disease is the same as a bacteria or a virus. This way of looking at the world, as a battlefied instead of a community, is wrong. Yes, there is a respiratory virus associated with influenza. No, the virus does not cause the disease. Influenza is a neurological disease that can affect almost every organ, with or without respiratory symptoms. It is caused by electricity.

Especially now, the world needs to know these things. Once it is understood that the 1918 flu was not caused by a virus and was not spread by contagion, but was instead caused by the sudden spread of radio communication throughout the world, the hysteria should die down and the world can get back to normal, and go about the necessary business of getting rid of wireless technology. Radio waves have sickened and killed more of humanity in the past century than all of the bacteria and viruses combined. Also heart disease, diabetes and cancer (chapters 11, 12 and 13 of The Invisible Rainbow) are caused primarily by the sea of radiation with which our cell phones, cell towers, radio towers, radar stations, security systems, baby monitors, wireless computers, and other wireless devices and infrastructure have flooded our precious and fragile world.

The Coronavirus and 5G
I have been asked if I think the coronavirus disease is caused by 5G, and my answer is: not directly. But the parallels to 1918 are striking. Remember, the 1918 flu was not caused by a virus but by the proliferation of radio technology, to such an extent as to modify the electromagnetic environment of the Earth itself. The first, mild wave of the flu in the winter, spring and summer of 1918 was caused by the proliferation of thousands of wireless telegraphy stations, each having a limited geographic range and operating for a limited number of hours per day. The second wave, which lasted three full years, sickening one-third of humanity and killing ten percent of those it sickened, was caused by an escalation of radio from telegraphy to voice, part time to full time, and short-range to planet-wide.
[Read more here]
Also, please consider signing the appeal at www.5gSpaceAppeal.com

Robert O’Leary, JD BARA, has had an abiding interest in alternative health products & modalities since the early 1970’s & he has seen how they have made people go from lacking health to vibrant health. He became an attorney, singer-songwriter, martial artist & father along the way and brings that experience to his practice as a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner, under the tutelage of the award-winning founder of BioAcoustic Biology, Sharry Edwards, whose Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has now been serving clients for 30 years with a non-invasive & safe integrative modality that supports the body’s ability to self-heal using the power of the human voice. Robert brings this modality to serve clients in Greater Springfield, Massachusetts and New England (USA) & “virtually” the world. He can also be reached at romayasoundhealthandbeauty@gmail.