Environmental Groups “Shocked” by Reports of NSA Spying of U.N. Climate Talks

Democracy Now!: In one of the latest revelations based on the leaks of Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency spied on foreign governments before and during the 2009 U.N. climate summit in Copenhagen. An internal NSA document says its analysts and foreign partners briefed U.S. negotiators on other countries’ “preparations and goals,” saying, “signals intelligence will undoubtedly play a significant role in keeping our negotiators as well informed as possible throughout the two-week event.” We speak to Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth.

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The National Security Agency spied on the 2009 United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, according to the latest leaked information from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.  Read more: NSA spied on Copenhagen UN climate summit – Snowden leak


Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

RT: National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has been nominated for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, thanks to two Norwegian lawmakers. Baard Vegard Solhjell and Snorre Valen cited the public debate and policy changes brought about by the NSA leaks, saying Snowden “has contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order.” In the meantime, US Attorney General Eric Holder was on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, where he testified in front of the Senate Judiciary. Senators questioned Holder on Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s controversial surveillance programs. RT’s Liz Wahl updates us on the hearing and the latest leaks about the secretive spy agency.

Exposed: Covert, Real-Time Spying on Youtube, FaceBook, Blogs

Sarah Lazzare| Commondreams | Jan 28th 2014

(Photo: AP)

(Photo: AP)

The British government gave the U.S. lessons in how to spy on users of popular websites, including Youtube and Facebook, in real-time and without the consent of users or cyber companies.

This is according to a report released Monday afternoon by a team of NBC journalists, including Glenn Greenwald who is listed as a special contributor, based on NSA documents exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The report unearths a slide presentation by British intelligence agency GCHQ, given to their U.S. counterparts in August 2012, detailing their “Squeaky Dolphin” program that allows them to glean information from “the torrent of electronic data that moves across fiber optic cable and display it graphically on a computer dashboard,” according to the NBC article.

Documents taken from the NSA by Edward Snowden and obtained by NBC News detail how British cyber spies demonstrated a pilot program to their U.S. partners in which they were able to monitor YouTube in real time.

In the slides, published by NBC, GCHQ officials tout their abilities to conduct “Broad, real-time monitoring of online activity of: Youtube Video Views, URLs Liked on Facebook, and Blogspot/Blogger Visits.”

While the presenters stated that the program was for purposes of identifying broad trends, not individual information, NBC journalists say they were told by cyber experts that “once the information has been collected, intelligence agencies have the ability to extract some user information as well.”

Spokespeople from Facebook and Google said they were not aware that governments were surveying this information and they had not granted permission.

GCHQ is apparently not the only agency wielding these online surveillance tools. The NBCreport states, “According to a source knowledgeable about the agency’s operations, the NSA does analysis of social media similar to that in the GCHQ demonstration.”

The report comes the same day as revelations of NSA and GCHQ spying on personal data leaked from smartphone apps.


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Snowden Addresses Obama’s NSA Reforms

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden held an online question-and-answer session on Thursday. Many people asked Snowden about his response to President Barack Obama’s speech that outlined his proposals to reform the NSA. The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board also weighed in on Obama’s reforms Thursday, releasing a report that the NSA’s bulk phone records collection program is illegal and useless for preventing terrorism. RT’s Ameera David talks to political commentator Sam Sacks, who has been following Snowden’s chat session closely.

Chelsea Manning Awarded 2014 Sam Adams Prize for Integrity in Intelligence

RT | Jan 17th 2014

bradley-manning-sentenced-to-35-yearsThe former US Army intelligence analyst who was found guilty of releasing the largest set of classified documents in US history will be honored in absentia for her role in exposing the dark nature of civilian casualties in Iraq.

Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning), currently incarcerated at Leavenworth Prison, will be recognized at a ceremony in absentia at Oxford University’s prestigious Oxford Union Society “for casting much-needed daylight on the true toll and cause of civilian casualties in Iraq; human rights abuses by U.S. and “coalition” forces, mercenaries, and contractors; and the roles that spying and bribery play in international diplomacy,” according to the press release, published by activist and author David Swanson.

The award ceremony will be held on February 19, 2014, according to the statement.

The Sam Adams Award acknowledged Chelsea Manning, 26, for revealing to the world some of the atrocities of the Iraq War, including the “Collateral Murder” video – footage taken in July 2007 from inside the cockpit of a US Apache helicopter as US troops onboard cut down 12 unarmed civilians, including two Reuters reporters.

The video footage, together with some 500,000 Army documents that are now known as the Iraq War logs and Afghan War logs, was turned over to Wikileaks in early 2010.

Manning was sentenced in August 2013 to 35 years imprisonment.

Former senior NSA executive and SAAII Awardee Emeritus Thomas Drake commented that Manning“exposed the dark side shadows of our national security regime and foreign policy follies.”

Drake writes that Manning’s “acts of civil disobedience … strike at the very core of the critical issues surrounding our national security, public and foreign policy, openness and transparency, as well as the unprecedented and relentless campaign by this Administration to snuff out and silence truth tellers and whistleblowers in a deliberate and premeditated assault on the 1st Amendment.”

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