Over 2,000 U.S. Veterans To Form Human Shield At Dakota Pipeline Site

By Alexa Erickson | Collective Evolution


According to demonstration organizers, more than 2,000 U.S. military veterans plan to form a human shield to protect protesters against the North Dakota Access Pipeline, in response to a federal deadline that pressures peaceful activists to evacuate the camp they have been occupying.

Growing exhausted of the protests, North Dakota law enforcement has sought desperate measures to put the event to an end, while those occupying the site are determined to make change no matter how long or hard they have to fight. Law enforcement had previously tried to cut off supplies to the camp, but failed to follow through due to public outcry and a growing awareness of their unethical treatment of the protestors.

Protestors have been rallying for months to stop the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline from moving forward, as it would disrupt the lake near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, harming water resources and sacred Native American sites.

Now, former U.S. Marine Michael A. Wood Jr. and  Wesley Clark Jr., a writer whose father is retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark, have formed Veterans Stand for Standing Rock. They plan to round up thousands of demonstrators at camps located on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers land as a means for protecting organizers.

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii and a Major in the Hawaii Army National Guard, said on Twitter that she, too, will join the protectors who plan to build the human shield this Sunday.

Morton County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Rob Keller responded to the news, saying his agency was aware of the veterans’ plans, though he did not explain how law enforcement officials planned to handle the ordeal.

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Hiding In Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed

Credit – innocentjustice.org

Credit – innocentjustice.org

By Whitney Webb | True Activist

Pedophilia scandals continue to emerge around the world year after year while the corporate media and law enforcement agencies alike fail to treat the sexual exploitation of minors as a global, systemic problem. As the number of child abuse scandals involving the rich and powerful continue to grow, it is becoming impossible to cover up that these instances of child sexual abuse and exploitation are globally organized and often run by the very same people who greatly influence society and politics. The entertainment industry, powerful political centers, and even organized religion have been shown to be major centers where this horrific abuse has been enabled and widely accepted among the “elites” and other powerful individuals that dominate these institutions. What follows are several examples of the widespread depravity practiced by some of the world’s most powerful people.

Hollywood & the Entertainment Industry


(L) Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic (of ‘Spirit Cooking’ fame) attend a benefit at “Devil’s Heaven” where guests partook in pretend cannibalism (R) Lady Gaga poses with a “friend” at the same event. Why was an unsupervised young child attending this gruesome event? Credit – Vigilant Citizen

Earlier this year, world-famous actor Elijah Wood, who began his Hollywood career as a child star, made waves when he called out the “vipers” in the movie industry who “preyed upon” young children in an interview with the Sunday Times. Wood’s claims echoed those raised by numerous other former child stars, including Corey Feldman who famously told ABC news that “the number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.” Another former child actor, Allison Arngrim, who starred on the iconic TV series “Little House on the Prairie,” also seconded these claims, saying that “there are parents who will practically prostitute their kids in the hope they can make money and get ahead. It is a horrible trap that the kids are in.” Other parents of child actors remain silent out of fear even after finding out that their child was sexually abused. Fox News reported that a member of a well-known band, who chose to remain anonymous, found out his child was being victimized by another successful figure in the entertainment industry, who was 30 years her senior. The abuse was covered up with the parent’s complicity to prevent ruining the reputation of the perpetrator and his colleagues.

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There is no question that something dark is going on within the US’ entertainment industry. One of obvious example is how the music industry has been openly marketing sexualized songs, videos, and lyrics to children while also using pop stars, like Miley Cyrus, to sexualize children and even babies. In the music video for her song “BB Talk,” Cyrus, who also began her career as a child star, sings “f**k me” while wearing a onesie.


Miley Cyrus’ music video for her song “BB Talk” uses images that sexualize infants Credit – YouTube

She later provocatively poses in a crib, with a baby bottle, and while wearing a diaper and baby bonnet. Was this Cyrus’ personal decision to include this in her video or a choice made on behalf of a sick industry seeking to normalize their behavior by popularizing such images? Rihanna and Katy Perry are other pop stars whose videos and songs are often marketed directly to children despite their sexual overtones. Considering that numerous psychologists have found that “music videos socialize young people by communicating ideas about expected behavior, relationships, and male and female roles,” this suggests that this mass marketing of sex to children as well as the marketing of music videos that combine childhood imagery with lust is indicative of the pedophilia obsession in the entertainment industry and is meant to normalize such depravity.

Washington DC


Pedophilia is also commonplace among the US’ political elite, with scandal after scandal emerging in recent decades. Invariably, numerous cover-ups have followed as a result to prevent the exposure of America’s rich and powerful. The most famous of these, dubbed the “Franklin cover-up,” was arguably the biggest pedophile scandal in US history and even implicated the White House. Two Republican party insiders and Washington DC lobbyists, Craig Spence and Lawrence E. King Jr., were accused of managing a homosexual underage sex ring involving boys aged 15 and younger.

Spence, who was incredibly influential at the time, arranged for at least four midnight tours of the White House in the 1980s where he was accompanied by young boys that he falsely identified as his children. When news of the scandal broke, Spence “committed suicide” and many of his business partners were jailed for their involvement. However, Spence’s links to the Reagan White House or other top US politicians were not investigated and attempts to investigate further were halted.

Then, in the 1990s, Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades became well-known and almost led to his impeachment for perjury. Clinton was also linked to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as Clinton frequently rode on Epstein’s plane full of underage girls – the “Lolita Express” – and made several visits to Epstein’s private residence known as “Orgy Island.” Several US congressmen have also been implicated over the years in pedophile sex scandals such as Mark Foley, a former congressman from Florida, who in 2003 was caught sending sexually explicit messages to underage men.

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Much more recently, a new pedophile sex ring scandal threatens to engulf the nation’s capital after leaked emails from Clinton insider and powerful lobbyist John Podesta hinted at something sinister. Following further investigation by citizen journalists, now known as “Pizzagate,” some truly shocking discoveries have been made that suggest that both the sexual abuse of children as well as child murder are regularly practiced by several top figures in US political society. Suspicion was first aroused when several Podesta emails made strange use of the terms “handkerchief,” “hot dogs,” and “pizza,” suggesting that the words were really code for something else entirely. Podesta had been previously connected to occult rituals in the emails and his brother, Tony Podesta, was known for having highly disturbing art of child bondage in his personal home. Soon, citizen journalists connected the dots found in Podesta’s emails to James Alefantis, owner of Comet Pizza and Ping-Pong. Alefantis, despite nominally being a “pizza chef,” was named by GQ as the 49th most powerful person in Washington, DC and is the boyfriend of David Brock, top Democratic strategist and founder of Media Matters. Alefantis was in direct correspondence with very powerful people, including Podesta.

Yet, most disturbing of all are the pictures Alefantis frequently posted on his Instagram account, which was publicly available until public scrutiny led him to make his posts private. These pictures allude to child sexual abuse, the exploitation of children and infants, and even murder. Take a look at the pictures below for yourself.

Just a few days ago, the citizen investigation into “Pizzagate” was shut down by the moderators at Reddit who called it “a witch hunt.” As a result, many have accused Reddit of censoring the thread to protect the interests of the powerful.

The Vatican


Credit – AFP

Probably the most well-known child abuse scandal of all involves the Roman Catholic Church, which has been on-going for much of the last one hundred years and possibly long before. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the rampant sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests began to receive significant media coverage. In the decades since, the number of allegations has only continued to grow. From 2001 to 2010, the Holy See, the church’s central governing body, considered sex abuse allegations involving over 3,000 priests.

Though some studies have claimed that the rate of abuse by priests has fallen in the last twenty or so years since it became an international scandal, there is no denying that it is a systemic problem that runs rampant throughout the entire organization, making it particularly difficult to eradicate. It also doesn’t help that the church has frequently ordered its bishops and priests to actively cover up sex abuse allegations while also disciplining relatively few priests considering the enormity of the accusations.

One document dating back to the 1960s, unearthed in 2003, shows the Vatican explicitly ordering Catholic bishops worldwide to cover up cases of sexual abuse, threatening those who spoke up about the systemic abuse with excommunication from the church. Little has changed as, the Vatican, earlier this year, told its clericsthat reporting child abuse by priests is “not necessarily” their duty. In addition, it was recently found that, since 1950, the Vatican has now paid out nearly $4 billion, most of which came from the tithes of loyal Catholics, to buy the silence of the abused in order to protect the church’s reputation.


Sadly, there are many, many more examples. For instance, the persistence of pedophilia among the rich and powerful in England, including members of the royal family, is well-documented, as are the cover-ups and mysterious “disappearing” evidence that implicates top UK politicians and even former prime ministers in the sexual abuse of minors. Many of those speaking out against elite pedophilia have been labelled as “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists” until they were proven right, such as with the famous case of BBC TV personality and pedophile Jimmy Savile. Due to their influential connections, these powerful people have been able to silence their victims and cover up their heinous crimes with little consequence. Yet, with less and less people believing in the lies of decades past and with new evidence of widespread pedophilia emerging all the time, will they be able to keep up their charade for much longer?

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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‘Fake news comes from our own govt’ – Ron Paul Fires Back On Propaganda Charges

Video Source: RT

A recent report in the Washington Post claimed that a “sophisticated [Russian] propaganda campaign” has been propagating fake news through outlets that include RT and the Ron Paul Institute. To discuss this issue, former Congressman and founder of the Ron Paul Institute, Dr. Ron Paul, joins RT America’s Ed Schultz and calls the report in the Washington Post “fake news.” Dr. Paul also says he is “very concerned” about fake news stories, but that they are coming from “our own government.”

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Anonymous Just Sent Another Important Message to Donald Trump

Joe Martino | Collective Evolution

‘Divide.’ That seems to be the keyword around collective consciousness as we steer our attention away from the 2016 election campaign and on to what will happen next.

Media and elite push to divide the masses by trying to convince us to focus on who is to blame for this election. Gender, age, socioeconomic status, left, right, alt-right, and even nationality. But it’s all a massive distraction.

We exist in an important time in humanity’s history where if we realize the WE that we truly are, we can shift ourselves enough to move out from under the tyranny of a global elite that has existed for decades.

So I urge you, see through the battles the media is trying to create, see each other as fellow souls, humans on this journey and focus on what we can do to create a better future vs fighting.

There is a momentum building amongst the people that is becoming unstoppable. While many are scared, I feel optimistic. I feel that we are on a path that will not end in anything but a positive outcome for us all. There may be some chaotic times, but I feel it’s what we may need to fully wake us up from our slumber.

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Here’s Why Belief in Authority is the Most Dangerous Superstition in the World


By Vandita | We Are Anonymous

The true cause of humanity’s greatest problems, the main source of man’s inhumanity to man, and the exact reason why a few have power over the many, is a mere superstition — an unquestioned belief in authority.

Authority is the right to make decisions, give orders, and enforce obedience. Belief implies non-questioning. When you consent to authority, you directly contribute to violence and oppression, suffering and injustice, pain and hatred — without even realizing it.

Larken Rose, a self-described anarchist and author of The Most Dangerous Superstition, writes:

The belief in “authority” dramatically impacts both the perceptions and the actions of various categories of people, leading literally billions of otherwise good, peaceful people to condone or commit acts of violent, immoral aggression. In fact, everyone who believes in  “government”  does  this,  though  the  vast  majority  does  not  realize  it,  and  would vehemently deny it.

Belief in authority is dangerous; and it’s doubly dangerous when the majority of people are under its spell — here’s why:

Belief in Authority Makes Good People Do Bad Things

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. — Mark Twain

In 1963, a series of social psychology experiments on obedience to authority figures, conducted by Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram, revealed that people are seduced into evil by dehumanizing and labeling others, and that people are prepared to obey, even if apparently causing serious injury and distress to others.

Belief in authority makes people fight, murder, and commit both genocide and ecocide. “They semantically change their perception of victims, of the evil act, and change the relationship of the aggressor to their aggression — so ‘killing’ or ‘hurting’ becomes the same as ‘helping’,” former American Psychological Association president Philip G. Zimbardo, an emeritus psychology professor at Stanford University, argues.

Belief in Authority Creates an Illusion of Free Will

There’s no such thing as free will. Even those who are made to think they are in control of their own actions — and so who never question the authority, the almighty power of the state, or their own belief-system — unknowingly give a small group of people permission to control their will. Rose explains:

“Whether implied or stated, society is saturated with the message that obedience is a virtue, and that the good people are the ones who do what “authority” tells them to do. As a result of that message, the concepts of morality and obedience have become so muddled in most people’s minds that any attack on the notion of “authority” will, to most people, feel like an attack on morality itself. Any suggestion that “government” is inherently illegitimate will sound like suggesting that everyone should behave as uncaring, vicious animals, living life by the code of survival of the fittest.”


Belief in Authority Corrupts the Authority

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. — Lord Acton

While power brings out the best in some people, it brings out the worst in people with authority. Your unquestioning belief in authority authorizes the minority to unilaterally, unreflectively and arbitrarily impose its will on the majority. The authority certain people get, when you submit to the will of authority, propels them to think that they possess special rights that others do not possess, and hence they can justify giving orders or using force. Dr. Robert Aziz, psychoanalytical therapist, writes:

“Power licenses individuals to impose their will without having properly engaged and processed through the reality at hand. Power inflates the ego and through it the ego is erroneously led to believe it has the power to make people, ideas and even reality itself disappear without due process.”

Belief in Authority Leads to an Ignorant and Apathetic Citizenry

The totally convinced and the totally stupid have too much in common for the resemblance to be accidental. — Robert Anton Wilson

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, former Naval Intelligence Specialist and the author of Birthday Suit of Godand The Looking Glass Man, says obedience to authority is a disease of laziness and indifference that hinders the progressive evolution of human species by undermining anything that might challenge the current system for the better. The Fuck-It Point, a documentary about why we should bring civilization down and why most civilized people don’t, observes:

“Obedience to authority is not a valid excuse; not when doing what we’re “supposed to do” means letting this civilization-machine continue to kill life on earth just to make commodities out of living beings and life easy only for some.”

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Documents Show JFK Was Murdered Days After Demanding Answers About UFOs From The CIA


By John Vibes | Activist Post

In declassified documents obtained and published by Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, John F. Kennedy wrote a letter to the head of the CIA demanding their research on alien life and UFOs just days before his death.

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The memo is authentic and is a confirmed declassified document released by the CIA.

JFK wrote the memo to CIA on November 12, 1963, only to be killed on November 22, 1963.

In the memo, JFK wrote:

It would be very helpful if you would have the high threat cases reviewed with the purpose of identification of bona fide as opposed to classified CIA and USAF sources. It is important that we make a clear distinction between the knowns and unknowns in the event the Soviets try to mistake our extended cooperation as a cover for intelligence gathering of their defense and space programs. I would like you to arrange a program of data sharing with NASA where unknowns are a factor.

That same day he wrote a separate memo to NASA asking for “cooperation with the former Soviet Union on mutual outer space activities.”

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The situation was obviously of great concern for JFK, because just four days later he visited NASA at Cape Canaveral, Florida, although the details and specifics of his visit are unknown.

More recently, Jimmy Carter promised during his campaign that if he was elected, he would encourage the government release “every piece of information” relating to UFOs and alien life. Coincidentally, there was actually an assassination attempt on Carter during his presidency.

The recent revelations about JFK’s interest in UFOs have even prompted a response from Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, who promised to “get to the bottom” of the UFO mystery if she was elected.

“I think we may have been visited already. We don’t know for sure,” Clinton said in a recent interview.

However, UFO expert Scott C Waring says that Clinton is in over her head.

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“Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t know it yet, but she does not have the power to release such information. CIA would kill her before she could, just like they did JFK. Hillary will be too scared of the CIA to release such information,” Waring said.

JFK-MEMO-428095This article (Documents Show JFK Was Murdered Days After Demanding Answers About UFOs From The CIA) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commonslicense with attribution to the author and TrueActivist.com.

John Vibes is an author and researcher who organizes a number of large events including the Free Your Mind Conference. He also has a publishing company where he offers a censorship free platform for both fiction and non-fiction writers. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can purchase his books, or get your own book published at his website www.JohnVibes.com.

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Breaking: North Dakota Police Terrorize Standing Rock Sioux as Millions Watch

By Rajie Kabli | *Collective Evolution


A situation is unfolding as you read this. A live feed with currently 60k people watching, 56k comments and 80k shares (and growing) is being shown on Facebook. Kevin Gilbert seems to be the only LIVE feed coming from Standing Rock at a police blockade on a bridge on HWY 1806. They are using extreme force on unarmed, peaceful water protectors. It is sub-zero temperatures right now at Standing Rock and police are using water cannons to spray the protectors. Tear-gas is also being used. In the LIVE feed, Kevin interviews a friend who was on the front lines providing blankets to people when she was heavily tear gassed and as a result, she vomited and peed herself.

According to UnicornRiot, this all started when protectors attempted to remove the blockade on the bridge to open up the HWY. There were also mentions of Dakota Access bringing in drills under the cover of night.

These are people that just want to protect the land and the water they drink. It could be your friend, brother, sister, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, niece… out there on the front lines. Thousands of people watching LIVE are referring to this as torture. Honestly, I’m having a hard time understanding how this could be considered anything but torture.

Where is senior leadership and mainstream media in all of this? These are the most common questions asked by people in the comments. Myself and a couple other CE journalists just returned from Standing Rock and believe me when I tell you, what is happening at Standing Rock goes beyond simple morals or “right versus wrong.” There is a serious injustice taking place and it affects every single person living on this planet, not just the Indigenous people living at Standing Rock. When will we stand up to corporations that run around doing whatever they want, whenever they want? Now is the time.

The authorities are siding with and protecting Energy Transfer Partners, the parent company of Dakota Access, while the people are left to defend themselves, demanding to be heard.

The cell service is not great there. There are reports of police jamming signals as well, so the LIVE is choppy. Watch here. And for new live feeds just go straight to his Facebook page.

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Millions Around the World Are Watching the Standing Rock Sioux’s Fight for Human Rights

By Rajie Kabli |* Collective Evolution

standing-rock-north-dakota-compressedThe North Dakota Access Pipeline protests rage on. The latest comes today when a Dakota Access company resumed construction of its pipeline that is said to run under the Missouri River after requests from Army Corps were ignored to wait as they assess re-route options.


The protesters call themselves water protectors. The Missouri is their main source of water and they are protecting the land, water, and air of ancient native burial grounds. Camps formed back in April and protests began in August. Members of the Sioux Indigenous tribe of Standing Rock are going up against Energy Transfer Partners, the oil company looking to finally complete the last 2000km of a pipeline running through 4 different states (Illinois, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota). This whole project has $3.8B invested in it from 17 national banks and a host of other investors.

But, there seems to be a bigger issue at stake here, one we’ve seen many times in the past but never confronted head on. That is, corporate interests and profits taking precedence over the health and well-being of the people and the land.

When will we realize that we cannot eat money?” I saw on someone’s status today. It alludes to the fact that the people at Standing Rock are fighting (quite literally) for basic human rights, but because that interferes with Energy Transfer Partners plans, all those rights go out the window. The police are outfitted in a lot of heavy gear. Morton county has has a HUGE boost in equipment with new militarized cars, LRAD (sound technology), mace, rubber bullets, batons, and a host of other ‘toys’ they definitely did not have before. I’m pretty sure they didn’t rent this stuff from somewhere. In the next few weeks we will be submitting a public records request to follow the money and determine who exactly was providing the police with all this highly sophisticated technology they are using on peaceful protesters.

The people are fighting to be heard. To be recognized as having legitimate concerns. The bulldozing of the land is a metaphor for the bulldozing of the hearts of the people there. This is everyone’s fight. No longer can we allow the corporations to run rampant and do whatever they want, when they want, and who they want to. There must be more attention placed on this issue. More pressure applied to those we must hold accountable for the harm they are doing  and will do to the people and the land.

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Anonymous Just Released an Important Message to Donald Trump

By Joe Martino | Collective Evolution

anonymoushacker-680x380President-elect Donald Trump had quite the look on his face during the press conference after his meeting with current President Obama. It almost appeared as though the reality of something was setting in. What that reality is? I don’t know, but he didn’t seem to look comfortable.

Now Anonymous has another message for the world, this time to Donald Trump, urging him to do what no other US leader has attempted in some time: create unity and peace.

“How many more wars? How many more people have to die? Enough is enough, these strategic war games need to cease! This isn’t a game and there are no winners, your proxy wars are over, end this now! If you fail to heed this message a third world war is inevitable. Millions will die and every single one of their deaths will be by your incompetence as so called “leaders”.

Can He Do It?

The obvious question now becomes ‘does Trump even have the power to do this?’

Given the little amount of power a president actually has, making large scale change can be difficult, but as stated by us previously, we have to be consciously open to things within the system changing, or else we will stay stuck in this cycle.

With a shift in consciousness in the midst, things will change, so we cannot always assume that everything is automatically an agenda, our discernment has to be stronger.

I’m going to come out and say something that isn’t yet a popular view amongst the alternative media movement but that I think is important. I do believe Trump’s election is a sign of the cabal losing control.

Perhaps, not, perhaps he is part of the same game?

However I do not believe everything will suddenly change or that they can’t get a solid grasp on the situation and control it heavily once again. I see it as momentum, as the system of control’s foundations get weaker, it’s up to us to stay the course, to stay true as people and demand what we want, consciously be open to change, look within our hearts to create the world we all know is possible. Organize, act and move forward.

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Election 2016 and The Great Societal Paradox

By Ozzie Thinker | Ozzie Thinker


We “categorise” morality and determine anyone that thinks differently must be insane, evil or a combination of the two. Whether you voted for Clinton or Trump or were Rand Paul, Bernie Sanders supporters or even backed that (anything but) Libertarian Party, you sided with morality brands.

A lot of them carried more or less identical messages, when boiled down. I, personally, don’t agree with fake righteousness or the puerile cosmetic synthesis behind the comparable factions that coexist to form governments.  Therefore, this time I have done more than remove the mask that disguises two faced society. This time I expose horrors in unsuspecting places. Occasional critics label me “Mr Tough Love” and here I guarantee I will not win any friends so I had better give my book a fair plug before I totally lose all of you. “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” is a delightful read, providing you are a genius and, in context with this article, it is surprising topical. In the unlikely event any of you decide to leave your egos at the gate and go on the discovery tour, donation details can be found here. Thank you to those of you that have had the foresight to take the plunge. Maybe my music channel will go some way to making ammends to those I have “offended”. Audio versions of some of my exo-political articles can be found at Trippy’s Magical Video Emporium.

I have a problem with truth

Most people behave subjectively even when trying to be objective, so how can truth be anything more than a tool as it is currently used; as the means to an end? In that context, when truths aren’t arguablybeneficial they are ignored, so truths aren’t truths at all. Thus, people reflecting on real truths deliberately miss the point, because, otherwise, the point would assuredly come back to bite in all sorts of guises.  If that was to happen, consequences, naturally, would be dire. Arguers would not only look stupid but, God forbid, truth would highlight their only sane way out of it; their only way forward would ensure lateral changes or reversals of opinions was the singular congruous option.

Of course, if heeded properly, that grand watershed would assuredly snowball into a domino effect negotiating changes of stance left, right and centre. Though, maybe most importantly, the metamorphosis could not be complete without different routines and different lives. Perhaps I can present this in a different way. People that vote in elections go through the motions. They vote for ideals that never materialise because of their addiction to personal conventions. Where these conventions originated is a whole ‘nother discussion, of course. From the idealistic standpoint, the mere act of solidarity with self transcends the result. The fact that the ideals never materialised, nor could they underscores the paradox between “belief for beliefs’ sake” and manifest reality.

That is why the whole voting mechanism is built on the fundamentals of exclusion. Do you think the “powers” are stupid? They knew the gig was up long before the people had thought they had figured the significance of slavery. Governments monopolise standards and academia to ensure their chosen corporations are mostly given a free commerce reign and only “A trackers” have influence and money for the “training” required for decent jobs, with scant exception.

Some argue the last real politician was John F Kennedy. Now, for certain, there are only “theory touting” plastic candidates with reprepared scripts that confound the right messages the wrong way or make the wrong messages seem bizarrely palatable. All candidates work from identical policy schedules, so choice is reduced to individual personalities, social backgrounds and particular brands of “body odour”. In conjunction with this, vane, intellect wanton reasoning limits all jargon to “any fool can see it” rhetoric or, put more succinctly, this sort of “candour” is only for fools.

Under those conditions, candidates can’t be voted in unless they tell a precession of untruths or outright lies.  Other than those noteworthy “trainee Messiahs”, would be leaders are voted out. The one that was selected was the best of the “no better” bunch and he or she wasn’t voted for. To put it in contextual terms dealing with the here and now of busy today, when people appear to vote in Clinton, they actually vote out Trump.

There is something else associated with this syndrome; something far more menacing. The great societal paradox is people say one thing and do another. Action always ultimately defies principled beliefs. I can’t rely on anything anyone says because the chances are they aren’t telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

In the spirit of hyperbolic populism, I hear endless spineless protests against the dreadful “banksters”, most regularly of the Federal Reserve variety, by people with umbilical connections to just about all of their value added networks. So the reality, the truth (don’t you just hate it?), is everyone, without exception (i.e. including you), lives and breathes by (parasites off) the system you only have profanities for. Now do you see why I don’t take “truthers” seriously? It’s all bullshit. This is the reality. Brace yourselves.  Because no one really trusts the next man (euphemised as the stranger or goyim), banking infrastructures have attained near divine status thanks to your cowardly collateral support.

Principled beliefs may well dictate the banking system is run by social pariahs and money is worthless, yet action assures your parasitic commitment to roguish financiers is unbreakable. Not one person that dropped $100 in the street would see the irony that nothing was lost. You would all retread paths day and night if you felt there was an inkling of a chance of “redeeming the loss”. It is for that reason alone the bankers are able to behave like pariahs with relative impunity. People will always be parasites and those that level criticisms at banking instruments are absolute hypocrites. If you don’t like that wilful accusation, set up systems of your own and prove me wrong. While you use their banking system you have no right to criticise it beyond highlighting contractual obligations in place not being met.

Everyone that isn’t a banking affiliate is unfairly critical of the system

We know why. It is because it is perceived as a generator of costs “out of thin air and to no overall benefit”. How did I put it before?Any fool can see it”. In order to avoid the point (truth), grand commercial conspiracies involving [fake] Levites or blood sucking Federal Reserve vampires balloon into either misdirected propaganda or blatantly untrue talking points. There certainly is a conspiracy, but no one seems the slightest bit interested in coming to terms with it. No weight is given the importance of the gold standard; not “gold”, but the gold standard. Few, if any, seem to realise it collapsed in 1797 from ongoing “bull markets, stocks collapse” cycles infamously highlighted by the 1720 demise (“South Sea Bubble”) of the South Sea Company, having been created by private enterprise in 1711 to consolidate and reduce the cost of national debt.

To the hypocrites, Federal Reserve issuing worthless (i.e. unbacked) paper currency (Papiermark) in Germany 1914 (whilst vigorously touting the importance of the gold standard as the counterweight for “fair trade” at every opportunity) is unknown and presumed irrelevant. You all whine incessantly about the 3% commission charge on printed currency. Banknotes presumably design themselves, print themselves, store themselves and distribute themselves securely by magic at no cost? Will Mr Trump be issued with a wizard’s wand once in office? Given that precedent, it is my opinion that when alternative financial systems spring up, they will be dealt with in exactly the same way.  Remembering George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” (which implied intellectual working classes were nothing short of tyrants in waiting) the various rigged barter mechanisms (Bitcoin included) that have sprung up post “social awakening” have all been put into motion to advantage those that established them. There is no real altruism anywhere.

Reactionary societies instinctively thrive on blame game. Faceless protests are the modern day terms of revolution. Truth has largely been reduced to off the cuff talking points strategically geared mostly to expand cultivated empires of dissent. At the end of the day, even when privateers are viscerally only in it for fame (or perhaps destiny is a better word), everyone knows where there’s fame there’s fortune. Followers that tag onto a movement, taking the joy ride, find populism is easy and the quickest way to ensure redundancy is to buck the system. Thus, every single “truther club” is, consequentially, its own self-censoring dictatorship. Only truths that fit the bill (cultural propaganda) are welcome.

In other words, those valiant truthers’ scales of justice are always skewed in favour of whichever branded arguments suit the flow. Impact is everything, so even mild attacks against their prosthetic virtues are treated as though each was a barbaric assault against supreme order of the most divine blessing. Defences are cordially zealous and spitefully regimented, as to be expected. Insignificance is exaggerated way out of proportion in order to startle but most gaping issues are avoided like the plague. Laughably, even mainstream propaganda will be aggressively championed by our devoted zealots provided it’s a good flavour. Give them a whiff of “child sex” and they’ll be in like jackals on a rancid carcass.

Jon Rappoport spells the problem out in stereo here. As far as truthers are concerned, responsible anger directed at the dozen or so “innocents” killed by police rage grossly outweighs the “non-importance” that thousands beyond thousands die from resulting unrestricted gun controls and lethally armed populations because that would conflict with your 2nd amendment “rights” (i.e. a gun owner has the right to indiscriminately kill you in cold blood, justifications notwithstanding).

Ineffective local inner city management has nothing to do with it by their reasoning. Jon Rappoport and I disagree. We are also well aware of the long prior German and Russian “government” attacks on unarmed citizens. However, if the United States statistics keep progressing on current track, there won’t be anyone left to kill. Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

Now even I’m doing it!

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Originally entitled: “The Great Societal Paradox – Action That Defies Principled Beliefs”

Soros-fronted Orgs Among Groups Calling for Anti-Trump Protests (ViDEO)

By Unattributed | RT

Soros in Davos GCN
Some of the anti-Trump protests in the US have been organized by groups that were sponsored by Clinton sympathizer and billionaire George Soros.

MoveOn.org issued a press release on Wednesday afternoon about the protests where they wrote “hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.”


ARE PAID PROTESTS REALLY PROTESTS? MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country – Breitbart https://www.breitbart.com/live/2016-election-world-reacts-donald-trumps-stunning-upset-victory/moveon-protests-white-house/ 

America on Edge: MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country – Breitbart


“Tonight, thousands of Americans will come together at hundreds of peaceful gatherings in cities and towns across the nation, including outside the White House, following the results of Tuesday’s presidential election.”

“The gatherings—organized by MoveOn.org and allies—will affirm a continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the America we still believe is possible,” the statement continued.

Year 2012…
George Soros predicts riots, police state and class war for America — RT America – https://www.rt.com/usa/george-soros-class-war-619/ 

George Soros predicts riots, police state and class war for America — RT America

Billionaire investor George Soros has a new prediction for America. While it might be as dire as it gets for the financial wiz, this bet concerns more than just the value of the buck. According to…


 “Those that are stirring it up, and many of them do work for Soros-fronted organizations are really telling those innocent protesters, and perhaps less innocent protesters, they are in danger by Trump, even though Trump has done nothing but preach unity since he won the election,” Marko Gasic, a British-Serbian political commentator told RT on Friday.

The global elite’s objections to in President-elect Donald Trump is perhaps different from what they are telling protesters, Gasic said.

“It’s an election where they had all of the media, power and money and yet they’ve lost to him,” said Gasic. “It’s a toss-up now between the Clinton-Soros view that the only democracy allowed is a one party democracy that agrees with what they say and if that doesn’t happen they are ready to do a counter-revolution to destroy that democracy and that democratic vote.”

Soros gave Clinton step-by-step instructions on how to tackle Albania unrest – WikiLeaks email — RT Americahttps://www.rt.com/usa/355639-soros-clinton-albania-wikileaks/ 

Soros gave Clinton step-by-step instructions on how to tackle Albania unrest – WikiLeaks email — RT…

An email leaked by WikiLeaks reveals that when Hillary Clinton was US secretary of state in 2011, billionaire George Soros instructed her on how to handle unrest in Albania, stressing it “needs…


 However, Gasic doesn’t think they would try to get rid of Trump.

“But they want to intimidate him to get him to agree to social peace at home as long as the global elites are allowed to pursue their wars abroad. They want him to become a neocon just like they are,” he added.

Since Trump won on Tuesday, protests have occurred out in cities across the US, all of which are Democratic strongholds. There have been three nights of protests, with more planned for Friday night and many slated for the weekend.

At a rally in Portland attended by more than 4,000 people on Thursday night, police declared it a riot and fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd after claiming they were attacked by protesters. They arrested 26 people.

Leading Democratic funders in California have started a campaign calling to reject the election results, arguing it was not consistent with the state’s values.

Gasic believes someone is “stirring the pot” because “America has never traditionally had a problem with accepting the outcome of an election.”

“We now have Soros behind many ‘color’ revolutions in other countries and financing in effect a semi-color revolution in US,”Gasic told RT, a reference to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, among others. “I don’t know if it categorizes as treason. He certainly operates from the shadows. His only legitimacy is his wallet. His only concern is to create the kind of democracy he can prop up and gain an interest from. That’s the kind of person who is behind this continuing protest against a valid, legitimate, free election.”

-funded ‘superlawyer’ challenges voter ID laws to ‘protect the Obama coalition’ https://on.rt.com/7m46 

Among the emails hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and published by WikiLeaks was one from September 9, 2007 that was sent from Podesta’s think-tank Center for American Progress and shared with MoveOn.org. It included an attachment, a strategy document seeking financial support from George and Jonathan Soros, Peter and Jonathan Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler, Steve Bing, and John Sperling for grassroots efforts.

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Obama, Clinton, and Sanders Could Stop the Riots But They Just Watch


By Daisy Luther | DaisyLuther.com

Is it just me or have you also noticed that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and President Obama have been silent about the protests?

The very people who have the power to stop these protests and riots with just a few well-spoken words have been completely silent on the issue.

Hillary Clinton

During her concession speech, Clinton said, “We must accept this result, and then look to the future. … Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

After that, she has been mum on the entire thing.

Hillary Clinton could have asked her followers to stop this nonsense, and they probably would have listened out of respect for her. (Misplaced respect but that’s a whole different article.) Instead, her silence makes me think that she is hidden away, relishing the chaos. That she has done nothing to attempt to calm the situation underlines the fact that she was not fit to govern. A leader would look out for the best interests of a country they love, rather than watching from afar to apply balm to her wounded ego.

Instead, her Twitter is full of Bible quotes (huh?) and mentions nary a word about the protests. It has not been updated since the day after her failed bid.

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the one from whom the Democratic primary was fraudulently stolen, the one who backed up Hillary Clinton anyway, has also been uncharacteristically silent, especially for an aging peace-and-love hippie kind of guy.

Even in his essay for the NY Times yesterday, entitled “Where Do Democrats Go From Here?” he did not gently suggest to his supporters that they turn toward peace. He had the opportunity, the platform, and the love from his followers, and his choice to remain silent tells me that he is just as self-serving as the other politicians, despite his humble, grandfatherly demeanor.

President Obama

Then there’s the President, who met cordially with TrumpHis Twitter account is likewise mute on the subject of vandalism, arson, and violence in reaction to the election.

Note to President Obama: I didn’t like it when you were elected either, but I burned neither flags nor effigies. I peacefully dissented throughout your administration but never damaged one single item of property. You screwed the middle class with your horrible health care catastrophe, and yet no one rioted in the streets when you were re-elected to screw us for another four years.

Obama’s only statement of semi-support was on Wednesday, when he said, ““The peaceful transfer of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. We’re actually all on the same team.”

His statement about the riots was via his press secretary.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, asked Thursday about the protests, said the president believes the right to free speech should be protected.

He added, “It is a right that should be exercised without violence.  And there are people who are disappointed in the outcome. And the president’s message in the Rose Garden was it’s not surprising that people are disappointed in the outcome, but it’s important for us to remember, a day or two after the election, that we’re Democrats and Republicans, but we’re Americans and patriots first.”

This won’t end well.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, sees it the same way. She has called on Obama and Clinton to address the violence, but thus far, her request seems to have fallen on willfully deaf ears.

Not accepting the result and keeping up the protests will lead to nowhere except more trouble as the contagion of anger spreads. It is only a matter of time before it really gets out of hand and people start dying.

Since protesters are now actually calling for war and death, if Obama, Clinton, and Sanders really loved America, these three would use their influence to ease the transition and call for peace. Instead, one must wonder if the rumors about a Soros-funded, Clinton-approved Purple Revolution to destabilize America are about to become our new reality.

Oh – and one quick note. It has to be said.

The people calling for war and death are overwhelmingly anti-gun.

They just might want to rethink the wisdom of directing their death threats, physical attacks, and aggression toward Second Amendment proponents.

Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, where this article first appeared, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at daisy@theorganicprepper.ca


Trump: I’m Reopening 9/11 Investigation


By Baxter Dmitry | Your News Wire

Donald Trump’s plans for his first 100 days in office are raising eyebrows around the world, but of all the items on his agenda it is the reopening of the 9/11 investigation that will provide the greatest earthquake for the establishment.

Trump believes that 9/11 has not been properly investigated and he plans to get to the bottom of it. “First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened,” Trump said.

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The election of Donald Trump has rocked the establishment and things are only going to get rockier for them during his first term. There is a reason George W. Bush didn’t vote for Trump in the election, leaving the presidential line blank and voting Republican down-ballot. Trump has pledged to investigate 9/11 in a way it has not been investigated before.

For the first time 9/11 will be investigated by someone who isn’t part of the establishment, with skin in the game and plenty to lose.

“First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened” Trump announced to supporters. “How do two planes take out three buildings in the same day? I never got my head around the fact that nothing is mentioned about the destruction of Building 7 in the 585 page document,” he explained, talking about World Trade Center 7 which also collapsed – inexplicably – during the September 11 attacks.

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Donald Trump has also taken cracks at former president George W. Bush. There will be no covering up for former presidents on Trump’s watch.

“The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush,” he said in a February debate. “He kept us safe? That is not safe. That is not safe.”

“Why did the administration at the time not take legal means against Saudi Arabia? Weren’t 19 of the high-jackers from Saudi Arabia? Americans deserve answers and I will definitely request a new investigation so that this horrible tragedy never happens again.”

Donald Trump and the 9/11 Truth movement

While Trump might be railing against the establishment in reopening the 9/11 investigation, he has received support on this issue from a number of public personalities who have demanded the case be revisited – and not behind closed doors.

Former Senator Bob Graham has been demanding a new, transparent investigation “For years I have been campaigning for the release of the 2002 Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee 9/11 Inquiry’s report, to no avail” explains the former Governor of Florida. “These missing pages point to the direct involvement of the government of Saudi Arabia. Why are these being kept secret? Who has to gain from these games of secrecy?” he asks.

“I have read these documents myself and if the American public knew what was in these documents, there would be a revolution tomorrow in the streets of America” he acknowledged during a radio interview. “Americans deserve to know the truth” he concluded, visibly angered by the whole affair.


The 20 Most Damning Revelations From Wikileaks


By Whitney Webb | True Activist

Wikileaks has certainly made this year’s US presidential election very interesting. The non-profit organization for government transparency has released thousands upon thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee as well as Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. The revelations from these leaked emails and documents have been truly astounding with far reaching implications. Below is a list of the 20 most damning revelations exposed by recent Wikileaks releases.

1. Stratfor Employees Say Hillary Had Vince Foster Killed

A Wikileaks email from Stratfor employees has implicated Hillary in the murder of at least one individual. Stratfor is a global intelligence agency whose clientele include major corporations as well as the US federal government. One Stratfor employee said in an email “I though Vince Foster was the only person the Clinton’s killed. How naive I was.” Though Vince Foster’s death in 1993 has been officially labeled a “suicide,” newly released FBI documents on the case show that the FBI found that “none of the bullets found were fired from Foster’s gun,” including the bullets that killed him. This clearly shows that Foster’s death was NOT a suicide. In addition, the Stratfor employee’s comment “how naive I was” suggests that the Clinton’s involvement in the deaths of others is known to the intelligence community. This correlates with the extensive evidence showing that people who work against the Clintons often wind up dead.


2. Hillary Used Her Influence to Protect Convicted Child Traffickers

Hillary has apparently been using her influence to cover up the dirty deeds of corporations and individuals who donate to her campaign, even if they are convicted child traffickers. In one such case, DynCorp, whose parent company donated over $40,000 to Clinton’s campaign, hired a 15 year old male stripper in Afghanistan to dance for them. Hillary was forwarded an article being written about he incident and successfully lobbied for all mention of the boy to be removed from the article. Wikileaks also revealed that Clinton helped cover up for Laura Silsby, who was caught trying to steal 33 children from Haiti who were not even orphans and had families.

3. Hillary Directed Her Maid to Print Classified Material Numerous Times

While serving as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton regularly asked her maid, Marina Santos, to print out sensitive government emails and documents, including several that contained classified information. However, her housekeeper lacked the security clearance to handle such material, but nonetheless was called on repeatedly to print confidential documents at Clinton’s DC residence. The FBI confirmed this as do numerous leaked emails. Clinton also frequently forwarded classified emails to her butler/property manager Oscar Flores, who also printed emails and documents for Clinton despite having no security clearance to do so.

4. Obama Lied: He Knew About Hillary’s Private Email Server and Wrote to Her Using a Pseudonym; Clinton Aides Tried to Cover it Up

President Obama was publicly asked if he knew anything about Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which she used while serving as Secretary of State. He denied every knowing about it, saying that he learned about the whole incident when it was first reported on by the mainstream media. However, Wikileaks have proven this to be an outright lie as Obama not only knew of Clinton’s use of a private server, he also corresponded with her private email address using a pseudonym. Cheryl Mills, a Clinton aide and lawyer, said in an email that “we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov.” Another longtime Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, exclaimed “how is this not classified?” when the FBI showed her the email correspondence between Clinton and Obama.

5. Hillary Willingly Took Money From Nations She Knew Were Funding ISIS

True Activist previously covered this bombshell email from Wikileaks where Clinton herself admits that the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia “are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” Clinton has received millions upon millions of dollars from these same governments over the years despite openly admitting that they fund terrorism. In addition to funding terrorist organizations, Saudi Arabia and Qatar throw LBGTQ people off of buildings, persecute non-Muslims, and legalized the rape and beating of women. It is estimated that Saudi Arabia has funded as much as 20% of Clinton’s presidential campaign.

6. Hillary Connected to DNC-Sponsored Group Who Incited Violence at Trump Rallies

Wikileaks, along with Project Veritas, exposed that high level Clinton staffers as well as Clinton-aligned super PACs were paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies, even paying the homeless and mentally ill to agitate Trump supporters. Undercover video footage confirms that they were behind a riot in Chicago that injured numerous police officers. They also convinced their “protestors” to pretend to be Bernie Sanders supporters while actively engaging in violent tactics. Bob Creamer, the man behind this behavior, said that the campaign knew everything. Creamer visited the White House 340 times over the last 8 years, meeting with the President himself 45 of those times.

7. Clinton Campaign Wants “Unaware” and “Compliant” Citizens

In a leaked email previously covered by True Activist, Bill Ivey, an advisor to the Clinton campaign, discussed how the US political elite have “all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” He went on to say that “the unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking.” This email has truly dark implications regarding the US political system as well as how the US political elite view everyday Americans.

8. King of Morocco “Donated” $12 Million to Clinton Foundation for Access to Hillary, Morocco Received Weapons 6 Months Later

After announcing her candidacy for the presidency, Clinton accepted a $12 million donation via the Clinton Foundation from the King of Morocco in exchange for a meeting with her. Leaked emails revealed that this “pay to play” deal was “HRC’s idea,” spurring one of her closest aides to say “She created this mess and she knows it.” Only a few months after this meeting, a $157 million weapons deal was made between the US and Morocco.

9. Hillary Has Different “Public” and “Private” Positions on Policy

As True Activist previously reported, the leaked transcripts of Hillary’s paid speeches to big banks and other organizations exposed that she has distinct opinions on policy when she is in public and when she is not. For example, Clinton is privately pro-fracking but publicly against it. She is also privately against gay marriage but publicly supports it. This is essentially proof that Clinton lies to the public repeatedly, a fact even her staff has admitted in other leaked emails.

10. Hillary Tries to Hide her Tiny Rallies

Leaked emails show that attendance at Clinton’s rallies was so dismal that a policy was put in place by Clinton’s campaign to hide this fact from the public. If less than 100 people came, cell phones and the press were prohibited. If over 100 people attended, then cell phones were allowed but TV cameras were prohibited. One print pooler would then be escorted for her remarks only and then removed. Confiscating cell phones from attendees is unprecedented, but was the only way for Clinton’s campaign to prevent people from exposing the low turnout at her rallies. However, evidence of the low turnout leaked out regardless, to the embarrassment of the Clinton campaign and the media outlets that worked to cover it up.

11. Clinton Campaign / DNC Think Latinos are “Needy” and Latino Outreach is “Taco Bowl Engagement”; Other Racist Remarks

In just one example of the racism present in Clinton campaign and DNC emails, Latinos were called “needy” and outreach to Latino voters was called “taco bowl engagement.” Other racist rhetoric within the emails called Blacks and Muslims “never-do-wells.” Clinton herself has called Black teenagers “super predators” who “need to brought to heel” and also called Whites voting for Trump “deplorable” and “irredeemable.” These emails are further proof that the DNC only cares about minority votes, not the minorities themselves.

12. Bill Clinton Received $1 Million “Gift” From ISIS-Funding Qatar While Hillary was Secretary of State. Qatar Then Received Arms Flow Increases of 1,482%

As previously mentioned in #5, Hillary was aware that Qatar was funding ISIS and other terrorists, yet accepted donations from them anyway. It turns out Bill Clinton accepted money from them too, while Clinton was serving as Secretary of State, which is illegal to do unless approved by Congress. Bill Clinton accepted a $1 million dollar check from Qatar, which was the oil-rich nation’s “birthday present” to the former President. Just 6 months later, US arms sales to Qatar shot up 1,482%, largely thanks to Hillary’s position as Secretary of State.

13. Hillary Cheated in Debates: DNC head Donna Brazile Passed Multiple Debate Questions to Clinton in Advance

Donna Brazile worked for CNN during the debates while also working for the DNC, which she now leads following the resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. During her time at CNN, Brazile passed multiple questions to Clinton in advance, allowing Clinton to draft detailed responses to be used at the debates. In one email, Brazile passes along a question related to the death penalty while another email details a question regarding the lead poisoning of Flint, Michigan. Both questions aired verbatim on CNN-hosted debates, which you can watch here and here.

14. Clinton Foundation Plotted with Big Pharma to Keep AIDS Drug Prices High in America

In response to the accusations against the Clinton Foundation, Hillary and her campaign often point to the organization’s AIDS work as “proof” that it is charitable. However, the Clinton Foundation does not handle this issues at all as it is run by a separate organization, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). The AIDS initiative has been celebrated for lowering the price of AIDS drugs abroad. However, leaked emails reveal that lower prices abroad has come at a steep price for American AIDS patients as CHAI colluded with major pharmaceutical companies to keep US prices for the same drugs sky high in exchange for the cheaper prices in other countries.

15. Clinton Campaign Excited About Murder of Black Teen Because It Helps Promote Hillary’s Stance on Gun Control

Clinton staffers celebrated the death of Jordan Davis, a black teen who was murdered by a white man, as being helpful to Clinton’s gun control agenda. Staffers said “this is great” and “love it” in response to Davis’ death. In the email, they attempt to “strategize” coverage of his death and how to spin it, debating whether they should look for another death that wasn’t potentially racially motivated and cover that instead.

16. Rigging Media Polls By Oversampling

Wikileaks also revealed that the Clinton Campaign worked to rig media polls by over-sampling certain demographics more likely to vote for Clinton. In one email, a Clinton staffer discusses recommending over-samples “so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.” In some cases 20-40% more Democrats were sampled in polls than Republicans or Independents. One poll in Arizona over-sampled Democrats by 34%, leading to a 5 point lead for Clinton. Interestingly, many of these over-sampled polls were conducted by organizations which donate to Hillary or Super PACs associated with her campaign.

17. Clinton Campaign Admit that Hillary is in Poor Health

Though there has been no shortage of speculation regarding Clinton’s physical health, her own staffers and aides repeatedly voiced concerns about her ability to function and also investigated a controlled drug used to treat Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. It can also be used to stop extended bouts of sleep in people suffering from these conditions. Concern over Clinton’s health came to a head on September 11th when Clinton collapsed and was unresponsive, leading her Secret Service detail to drag her into the van. Wikileaks revealed that her van has a bed in it where Clinton sleeps between stops. Clinton frequently claims that she can’t remember things, including meetings that took place while she was Secretary of State. Her aides have said that “she’s often confused” and “she doesn’t seem to know what planet we are all living in at the moment.” In another email, Podesta asked “how bad is her head?” in an email titled “Any sense of whether and when she wants to talk?.” Previous Wikileaks emails have suggested that Hillary’s blood clot in her brain never dissolved as Hillary’s close aide Huma Abedin forwarded her information about Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis in 2013, a year after the clot had supposedly dissolved.

18. The “Shadow Government” Protects Hillary Clinton From Criminal Charges

Conspiracy theorists were vindicated when Wikileaks as well as the FBI revealed that the “shadow government” stepped in to keep Hillary from being indicted over the use of her private email server. The FBI documents on the case explicitly mention the existence of “a powerful group of very high ranking state officials that some referred to as “The 7th Floor Group” or “The Shadow Government.” The documents went on to say that this “powerful group” stepped in the prevent the investigation of Clinton from advancing. Wikileaks emails have also shed light on the existence of the “7th floor group” at the State Department whose employees “have a direct, substantive impact” on US foreign policy goals.

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19. Collusion Between Clinton Campaign and Big Name Journalists / Pundits

Scores of emails released by Wikileaks have exposed major collusion between major news outlets and the Clinton Campaign. These two emails show the New York Times allowing Clinton staffers to edit quotes and veto parts of a story. Another email shows the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Time, the Boston Globe, the Huffington Post and others working directly with the Clinton campaign to shape the narrative of the election. Another group of emails also revealed that Hillary’s campaign wined and dined big name journalists and pundits of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, New York Times, and more at “off the record” private parties hosted at John Podesta’s home. No wonder only 6% of Americans still trust the mainstream media.

20. Savage Treatment of Bernie Sanders: “Bernie Needs to Be Ground to a Pulp”

The DNC along with the Clinton campaign rigged the Democratic Primary against Bernie Sanders, who would have won by a landslide if not for the officially sanctioned election fraud that took place. One Wikileaks email showed that the Clinton campaign worked to change the debate schedule to favor Clinton over Bernie and also tried to limit the number of debates as his performance at debates was frequently stronger than Clinton’s. Another emails shows DNC leaders saying that Sanders “isn’t going to be president” while another shows DNC staffers planning to attack Sander’s belief system when they are supposed to be impartial. In addition to the blatant fraud that robbed Sanders the Democratic nomination, Clinton campaign staff were revealed to have said horrible things about Sanders in leaked emails, such as “Bernie needs to be ground to a pulp,” “Crush him has hard as you can,” and “Where would you stick the knife in?”

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An Open Letter to Americans About the 2016 US Presidential Election

Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution


Editor’s Note: While this article came out just yesterday, and before final election results, it is still relevant today now that we seem to have a president elect. It speaks to all of us about how we have power to chart our own course, that of our country, and the world. We too often surrender that power to those who do not deserve it and we have over the years lost our republic to an oligarchy.

So, whether you are feeling desolate that Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson lost or elated that Donald Trump won, you all need to do the same thing: get involved and participate to make your voice heard and your presence known. If enough of you do so, any president (and more importantly his or her puppet masters) will back down in the face of your manifest resolve. So don’t lament, hit the pavement and may the people help Donald Trump be the best possible president as We the People find ways to take back our power.

The 2016 US presidential race has been a historical one, for several different reasons, perhaps the most important one being the fact that it’s provided the masses an opportunity to ‘see through’ all of the deceit that’s plagued politics for a very long time.

This is not going to be a ‘pick a side’ article, we don’t care to support either side. A media outlet should simply share the facts and the readers can decide in their heart who they feel they want to support.

This is about lifting the veil on a system that we have to choose to no longer stand for.

Despite these revelations, which will be discussed within this article, there are still many people watching, believing, and feeding into all of the drama and distraction that takes place. The mainstream media doesn’t help either. It’s time for us to wake up to a few facts about politics that clearly show how the entire system is broken, and how we must begin discussing different options.

Politics is a Cesspool of Corruption

This election was a great opportunity to witness even more evidence that our political system is far from a democracy.

Remember when WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 emails and more than 8,000 attachments from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that exposed corruption connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign?

These emails were complimented by a live interview given by Assange to Democracy Now, stating that:

In relation to what has become the most significant political discussion as a result of the publication, which is that the DNC higher-ups, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, were clearly against Bernie Sanders and trying to subvert his campaign in a whole raft of ways, that’s true. That’s the—the atmosphere that is revealed by hundreds of emails is that it’s perfectly acceptable to produce trenchant internal criticisms of Bernie Sanders and discuss ways to undermine his campaign.  

Assange also recently sat down with veteran journalist John Pilger for a 25-minute interview within the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, exposing how Trump is not even permitted to win, and telling the world how ISIS and Hillary are funded by the same people.  You can read more about that here.

We realize many people don’t actually read our articles but instead just the headlines, leaving them to think we somehow support Trump. Just because we do not support Hillary, does not mean we support Trump. Our stance on this election has been very solid the entire time: this is a chance for us to wake up to the corruption of the entire system. Hillary nor Trump are fit to be president, we need to work towards having discussions about where we are going to go from here as opposed to staying reliant on a failing system.

Further, the connections between the US government and ISIS have been well documented even before these leaks. You can read more about that in this article, which goes into more detail.

You can also check out our articles on false flag terrorism.

It’s not secret, as it has been openly shared by Trump himself, that Trump is racist, xenophobic, sexist, immature, and filled with some level of hatred. I do not see how he would be saying these things strategically, leaving people to believe his words are what he feels. Is this what you want as a leader?

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