8 Most Haunted Places in Europe

The medieval Castle of Bran, known for the myth of Dracula, in Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t have Europe in their list of must-visit destinations. It is filled with history, dynamic landscapes, ancient churches, colorful buildings, beautiful castles, loving people, and not to mention haunted places. Today we’ll take you on a journey that focuses on the spookier side of Europe. Yes! You heard it right. Europe has the most haunted places in the world and a pretty deep history of ghosts and paranormal happenings. Here are a few haunted places in Europe where people have noticed spooky things happening and those you can also visit and make your trip to this continent thrilling.

List of 8 Most Haunted Places in Europe:

1. Bran Castle: Bran Castle is known as the fictitious home of Count Dracula in the vampire from Bram Stocker’s Dracula. It’s still unclear how Stocker knew the castle belonged to Dracula when he was writing the novel and believed that the place was the home of vampires years ago.

Many visitors have noticed ghosts passing the castle’s walls and roaming the halls. Even the nearby villagers have a complaint about hearing wailing voices at night. According to them, some of the citizens in the town of Bran are Strigoi, i.e., their souls leave their bodies at night to frighten the village. This is why Bran Castle is considered one of the most haunted places in Europe.

2. Chateau De Brissac: If you want to explore beautiful architecture filled with gold leaf ceilings and opulent furniture and a haunted place together, visit Chateau De Brissac in France. The Charlotte of France was murdered hereafter found cheating by her husband with one of his husband’s friends. It is believed that Charlotte’s ghost is still wandering in the castle, and guests and staff have noticed her spirit in the tower room of the Chateau de Brissac.

3. Tower of London: Tower of London is more than 900 years old and has a very long and deep history. Tourists and citizens have mentioned many times noticing the spookiest activities there. And the famous ghost stories of the tower of London are associated with Anne Boleyn, the wife of King Henry VIII, who was beheaded in the year 1536. Many people have noticed her headless body walking the tower’s corridors.

Another ghost people have noticed at this place is a white lady peeking out of the white tower’s window and her two young prince children who were illegitimate by the parliament and were murdered by their uncle.

4. Akershus Festning: Akershus Festning is another one of the haunted places in Europe built in the 1300s. It was the site of a prison where many prisoners were killed brutally. The prison closed in 1950, but still, there are rumours that visitors hear whispering and scratching sounds in the hallway. Even the guards of this Akershus Festning constantly have weird sensations of being pushed by someone.

5. Chillingham Castle: Chillingham Castle’s ghost stories are world-famous. Visitors have encountered the ghost of John Sage, who worked as King Edward I’s prime torturer more than 700 years ago in the castle. Even many noticed the ghost of Radiant Boy, Lady Berkeley, and White Lady in there. Many people also say that Chillingham Castle is also the home of a witch.

Many ghost stories are associated with Chillingham castle, but scientists have claimed that the castle has no evidence of ghosts. However, this castle has maintained a place in the most haunted places in the world, and you can discover the reality behind it by yourself.

6. Madrid’s Ministry of Finance: Another most haunted one of the places in the world is Madrid’s Ministry of Finance. It was used as a prison during the Civil war, and many people have died in it. And in the end, they were buried there only. The guards of the Ministry still hear voices banging on windows and doors. Even some visitors have reported the same happenings.

7. The Catacombs: The Catacombs in Paris, France was opened in the 18th century as a city’s efforts to decongest its space, but now it is considered as one of the creepiest places on the continent. It is the underground labyrinth and was known for being a home for the remains of about six million people. Many visitors have been lost in this place; Philibert Aspairt got lost in 1793, and his remains were discovered a few feet from the exit about 11 years later.

The Catacomb visitors have reported hearing weird voices coming from the walls, seeing ghosts, and witnessing spectral lights. Even some reported about being touched. If you want to know if it actually happens in reality or not, visit this creepy place.

8. Poveglia Island: The Poveglia Island in Venice is also known as one of the most haunted places in Europe. It was inhabited since 421, but later in the 14th century, it was abandoned entirely when the Bubonic Plague outbreak. People who stayed at that time were unwilling to come out because of this phenomenon. Also, it has been mentioned that until the 1800s, the island’s hospitals were used as mental asylum and until 1975 as the geriatric center. Today, the people abandoned the island and said that the victims of diseases haunt the place.

Pack your bags and get ready to Explore:

We hope this list of the seven most haunted places in Europe hasn’t creeped you out. If your tickets are booked for Europe, don’t miss out on capturing the haunted places on this. It will spice up your trip and make it memorable. After all, this continent is loaded with story-worthy haunted destinations, and not exploring them is so mainstream. So, make your trip to Europe special and crazy by visiting these creepy places.

Travel Safety: What to Expect in 2022

Few would have predicted in 2020 that travel safety will continue to be a concern in 2022, two years into the pandemic. However, as countries have struggled with revolving lockdowns, lack of interest in vaccination, and new coronavirus variants, barriers to travel continue to exist.

Travel safety precautions are expected to continue into 2022. Here’s what to anticipate:

You Must Be Fully Vaccinated Before Traveling Overseas

Most countries are only allowing fully vaccinated tourists across their borders. Some allow individuals who have a negative PCR test to visit, but these people may be required to undergo a period of quarantine or additional PCR tests upon arrival.

Arriving fully vaccinated creates the least amount of stress when traveling to new places.

You May Be Barred from Restaurants, Bars, or Hotels Without Full Vaccination

Many countries have set up passes that allow restaurant staff and hotels to simply scan a QR code to find out whether you are fully vaccinated and allow admittance into their establishment.

The EU has created a COVID Pass that is recognized throughout the Schengen Area and in some countries that are not part of the Schengen but are part of the EEA.

While COVID passes have not been fully adopted in the United States, if cases rise or new outbreaks occur, there may be governmental pressure to adopt some type of universal pass.

Restrictions Requiring Masks May Continue

Currently, masks are required in some locations within the U.S., while in others, they are not required at all. Overseas regulations regarding mask usage vary widely, with large parts of Europe requiring masks, while many areas of South America are less restrictive.

Continue to check local laws before traveling anywhere so that you have an understanding of mask requirements.

Domestic Travel May Be Easier than Going Overseas

Domestic travel within the U.S. is much less restrictive than traveling overseas. While you may need to show proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test before flying on an airplane, you can easily hop in your car and take a regional vacation.

In fact, domestic travel within the U.S. actually increased in 2021 due to the many restrictions that were imposed upon American citizens hoping to travel overseas.

If you are considering a domestic vacation and enjoy long-range hunting, take a look at the trips offered by Outdoor Solutions. They are an outdoor adventure company that can help you blow off some steam away from the stress of the pandemic.

Travel within the U.S. is considered safe since you can expect hotels to follow health protocols and have well-established cleaning routines. Rental car agencies must follow the same procedures and have created significant rules for ensuring their vehicles are properly sanitized.

Countries to Visit on a U.S Tourist Visa

Having a visa in the United States opens up quite a few possibilities for travelers. If you wish to explore more without having to go through a ton of paperwork, then applying for a U.S visa is the best option. Legally you can travel to 49 countries without a visa if there’s just a B1/B2 in your passport. Those that already have an immigrant visa or a student one are also not exempt from the visa-abolition rule.

Now that the borders are opening, it’s important to know how to make the most of it.

Top Destinations You Can Travel to with a U.S Visa

Most countries will allow you a stay of up to 180 days visa-free if you present them with a valid U.S travel permit. Some will only let you cross the borders if you hold certain passports due to particular regulations. To find out if your country of birth is eligible, check out the official portal for your destination of choice. In any case, getting a U.S tourist visa really helps with ticking off more destinations on your bucket list.

There’re a few reasons why some countries agree to let U.S visa holders cross their borders that we’ll get back to a little later. Here’s a list of countries that welcome all nationalities visa-free if you already own a U.S visa:

  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Bermuda
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Georgia
  • Montenegro
  • South Korea

Always check for the specification and entry rules for your particular case. Countries such as South Korea and the United Kingdom only allow a short stay and transit 24-hour stay respectively, while Antigua and Barbuda isn’t visa exempt and will give out visas on arrival.

Reasons Why the U.S Visa Holders Fall Under Visa Abolition

Some smaller countries will let travelers enter without asking for a visa if they already have a U.S immigrant or nonimmigrant visa. The reason for it is that the United States has probably one of the strictest application processes. If a potential tourist has already been through it then there’s no reason for double-checking them or their criminal history. Besides, there’re a few other reasons that explain this visa exemption:

1. You won’t immigrate illegally

The U.S migration officers check your records thoroughly to make sure you won’t stay in the country illegally. When you apply for a visa, you have to prove your strong ties to your home country like family or work responsibilities. That lets the other countries rest assured you wouldn’t come there for migration purposes.

2. Screening process is expensive

The United States is very precise and careful in its screening process. From checking the applicant’s social media to their criminal records and migration intentions, they do it all. Being checked by the U.S officers instantly proves your quality of character, thus the other countries don’t have to go through that and pay extra for a complicated, expensive process.

Requirements for a U.S B1/B2 Visa

Obtaining a tourist visa to the United States is easy, especially if you comply with all the requirements. Take the COVID-19 situation under consideration as well and definitely check the Bureau of Consular Affairs website to see the specifications for your particular case.

Here’s the common list of documents that is usually the same for nationals of most countries:

  • Passport that is valid 6 months past your stay
  • A qualifying colored photo
  • A filled in DS-160 form
  • Proof of funds/a bank statement from your sponsor
  • An invitation from the hotel/business partner in case of a work trip
  • Confirmation of paid consular fee ($160USD)

Flight and hotel booking confirmations aren’t required at the stage of application.

The list of countries that fall under visa abolition for the U.S visa holders is constantly growing. Always check for new information in regards to it to expand your travel wish-list.

Traveling Alone? Here Are 6 Things You Can Do If You Go to London

Source: Unsplash

If you ever get the chance to travel to London, there are many things you should put on your must-see list. England’s capital is hugely offering. Whether you want to explore the city and witness its history peacefully, visit museums, go to its busiest pieces which come alive at night, or enjoy a boat ride on the Thames, there is plenty you can do. And the most fantastic thing is, London has everything for everyone so it can easily match a person’s preferences, no matter what these are. This means that if you are the type of person who prefers relaxed holidays or the kind of person who enjoys going to clubs, or both, London has it all. So, there won’t be a dull moment in this city.

When you are traveling along, there may be times when you feel alone or when you wish to socialize. This is a normal feeling, even though you enjoy traveling by yourself a great deal. The good news is that people in London are known to be extremely friendly, and it is the place where you can easily make friends. Whether it is in one of their traditional pubs or when you visit a museum, chances are you will have the opportunity to start a conversation with other people.

Without further ado, here are six things you can do if you ever decide to travel to London, which are excellent ideas for people who are traveling alone:

1.    Free entry to every museum

If you want to immerse yourself in the art scene of London, you can go to any museum you like. Over 150 museums, with the majority of them allowing a free entry, it is sure your choices are plenty, and you have many options at your disposal to choose from. More often than not, if a museum requires a ticket, it is usually for a particular exhibition, while others remain free.

Therefore, if you want to see unique contemporary art, you can head over to Tate Modern. If you enjoy this type of art, it is sure this museum will take your breath away. If you wish to feel as if you are in a Harry Potter movie, you can go to the Natural History Museum, where you can also witness a vast range of specimens.

2.    Go vintage-shopping on Portobello Road Market

Visiting the Notting Hill area will make you instantly fall in love with it. And when you are traveling alone, you can take all the time you need to explore this side of the city in peace. Chances are you have seen photos with those traditional English houses painted in pastel colors such as cotton candy pink, or pistachio green. It doesn’t get more “Instagrammable” than this.

Plus, not far away, there is Portobello Road Market. There, you will find a multitude of vintage stores and a market of items that you won’t definitely find in any of today’s shopping centers. You will find everything from clothing to accessories, books, or vinyl discs. So, if you enjoy the idea of buying something with a great story behind it, this is the place to go.

3.    London’s food markets are a must-go

London is full of food markets. And the reason why they are a must is that you will find some of the most delicious dishes, but you can also choose from all types of cuisine, from Turkish to Thai or Chinese, and Western fast food. You will certainly be able to find something for your taste, and it is a guarantee you won’t regret it.

And, no matter the area where you find yourself in London, chances are you will find a food market. Whether you are around central London, in North London, where you can go to Camden food market, or to the south, where Borough Market is, you have plenty of options. Plus, Borough Market is one of the oldest markets in London, dating back to the 12th century, where you can find amazing inexpensive clothes in the market’s retail area.

4.    Visit a warehouse full of neon artwork

Have you ever thought you could find a place full of neon artwork? In London, you can discover neon signs of all kinds in a yard in Walthamstow, East London. It may seem unimpressive, but you will understand why this is such a known destination once you go there.

The collector, artist Chris Bracey, managed to gather neon signs and artwork throughout 40 years. Apart from this, he also restored them if they were in bad shape or crafted his neon artwork. This eclectic place is called God’s Own Junkyard. The name is as appealing as the place itself, where you will see pieces that had been used for advertising strip clubs in the 1960s, while others are funkier or groovy.

5.    Head to Soho for nightlife

London’s nightlife is like no other. Clubs are playing all sorts of music genres, so if you have a specific type, there is no doubt you will be able to find one to fit your preferences. In Soho, for instance, there are many clubs from where you can choose.

Plus, if traveling by yourself has made you feel lonely, there are many girls working as escorts in London who can provide some company for tourists who do not have any friends or acquaintances in the city. Whether you want to go to a club or not, you can contact an escort you like and enjoy the magic of London together.

6.    Experience a view over the city

Apart from historical landmarks or quirky neighborhoods, London has its tall and mesmerizing buildings, which easily stand out from the crowd and are known to be some of London’s landmarks. Some examples are The Shard or St Mary Axe, also known as The Gherkin.

Therefore, experiencing a view over this city is sure to be breathtaking and worthwhile. If you want to do this, you can go to Sky Garden, a building in East London at the top of which is a beautiful garden. The entry is free, and if you want, you can enjoy a cocktail at the bar there while taking in all of London’s beauty. Another option is Emirates Air Line cable car across River Thames. However, this is not free. But if you have the chance and are around Emirates Royal Docks, you can choose from different ticket types to match your budget so you can have this experience.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Volkswagen at the Suburban Collection

The Suburban Collection is one of the most well-known car dealers in and around Michigan. The company started back in 1948 as an Oldsmobile dealership and has grown substantially over the years. The company currently represents over 32 brands including brands from VAG including Volkswagen, Audi, and more. So, whether you’re looking for a luxury car or a used Volkswagen Golf for sale, The Suburban Collection is the go-to dealership to get the best deals.

As of 2021, the company has also joined up with Lithia motors, increasing its reach throughout the country. With plenty of brands on sale, they offer a lot of choices and buying options for a fruitful ownership experience. Most of the locations also include servicing and repair solutions for easier car maintenance.

From small hatchbacks to large SUVs, Volkswagen offers plenty of models to choose from and a variety of options. Some benefits of buying a used Volkswagen from The Suburban Collection include:

7-day exchange program

Whenever you buy a car, living with it for a couple of days can give you an idea about some of its shortcomings. With TSC, you can exchange your car in under a week for another one, helping you find a better option that suits your needs.

Powertrain Assurance Program

Except for some “As-is” options, all vehicles bought from TSC include a powertrain assurance coverage that covers the engine, transmission, and all other powertrain-related components for the first 3,000 miles or 3 months, making sure you don’t end up with a lemon.

Thorough checkups and assurance

Each and every vehicle sold by TSM goes through a rigorous multipoint inspection by the service team for defects and issues. The cars are only sold if they meet a set standard. All cars on sale also get detailed CARFAX reports so that owners can check and confirm the vehicle’s history before making a decision. These reports will also eliminate any malpractices like odometer tampering, hidden accidental damages, and more.

Why buy a used Volkswagen?

Almost all recent models from Volkswagen’s lineup starting with the Golf to the Atlas get plenty of features as standard including life-saving driver-assistance technologies. Build quality and refinement are also a notch above competitors.

Volkswagen models are also relatively affordable with lower base prices, and going with a used model will further bring down the price.

Plenty of options to choose from

One of the biggest advantages of opting for a Volkswagen is the variety of choices available. Depending on your budget, you can opt for a small hatchback like the Golf or a large SUV like the Atlas to haul your family around in comfort.

TSM offers all types of Volkswagens. Right from the entry-level models, Volkswagen has always been known for making refined and safe cars that offer plenty of comfort. But, they lack the modern technology of competitors, especially in the US market where some latest models are still not available.

Let’s take a quick look at the Volkswagen range to give you a better idea of the options available.

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is usually regarded as the 21st-century people’s car. With a no-frills approach to the whole design, the Golf is as simple and contemporary as its name suggests. Available in different body styles from a three-door hatchback to a wagon, there’s a Golf configuration available that fits your needs to a T. Unfortunately, the VW Golf was not as successful in the US market like Europe, and because of this, the older generation is still being sold here.

While the latest MK8 Golf is expected to reach US shores this year, it will only be available in the more powerful GTI and R trims, marking it as an exclusive choice for enthusiasts. A used Golf is an excellent choice as a family car thanks to its compact dimensions, spacious interiors, and sizable trunk. Even the regular models are fun to drive with direct steering and a powerful turbocharged engine under the hood. As a budget Volkswagen, there’s no beating the Golf.

Volkswagen Jetta 

Another compact car from the German brand, the Jetta can be considered as a more premium version of the Golf with a sedan body style. Like the Golf, Volkswagen also offers a performance-oriented model dubbed the “GLI” which is among the best performance compact sedans on the market.

With bigger dimensions, the Jetta offers a roomier cabin and a much larger trunk space. It is also one of the only compact cars available with manual transmission for extra driving engagement. So, opt for a Jetta if you want a simple and refined compact car for the family.

Volkswagen Passat 

Upgrading to the Passat brings a lot more space and practicality with plenty of modern features to complete the package. The Passat is also an excellent choice for families with a spacious back seat and cargo area. Compared to the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, the Passat offers more refinement and build quality.

Volkswagen Tiguan 

In the booming compact crossover market, the Tiguan has been on sale for several years now, making it a good option in the used market. Compared to the standard models in Volkswagen’s lineup, the Tiguan gets several advantages like an optional all-wheel-drive system and more practicality with a bigger trunk and passenger space. Being a crossover, it can also tackle harsh weather conditions like snow a lot better.

Volkswagen Atlas 

One of the more recent entries into the three-row SUV market, the Atlas is also the biggest offering in Volkswagen’s lineup. To haul the extra weight, the Atlas also gets a powerful V6 engine on the higher trims. But, the powerful engine does mean lower MPG figures, resulting in higher ownership costs.

Like the Tiguan, the Atlas is also capable of handling harsh weather and slippery conditions with all-wheel-drive, making it an ideal option for large families living on the rust belt, and especially in Michigan where it snows a lot.

Volkswagen Arteon 

The Arteon is one of the more luxury-oriented options in the lineup with a handsome design and powerful turbocharged engines. It is also the most expensive model in Volkswagen’s lineup. Focusing more on comfort, the Arteon lacks the dynamics of its rivals, but it makes up for it with class-leading practicality thanks to a hatchback-style design with a huge trunk and a long feature list.

Now that you know the lowdown of the Volkswagen lineup, you’ll be able to decide on the car that suits your needs. And to finally get your hands on one, head to the nearest TSC outlet to drive your next car home.

Best Trips to Take for Relaxation

Daily stress and frustration can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health. A relaxing vacation can free your mind and leave you feeling completely rejuvenated when it’s time to return to the real world. Isn’t that the whole point of vacationing in the first place?

There are numerous relaxing destinations to select from in the United States and around the world. Relaxation can take many shapes, like thrilling waterfalls in Costa Rica, spectacular landscapes in Norway, charming villages in France, serene coastal retreats, and ancient hideaways. This article is about the finest vacations you can go to for relaxing. Please continue reading.

Camping Locations Near Jimmie Davis State Park, Louisiana

Camping in Jimmie Davis State Park may be a fantastic trip. This campsite is based in Metairie, Louisiana, roughly two miles outside New Orleans. If you’re an outdoor lover who enjoys backpacking, this campsite could be just what you’re searching for. There are approximately forty tented camp spots with plenty of areas to sleep, hiking opportunities, and boating access.

There are various hiking paths near the campground. Additionally, boat docks are available, allowing you to take your boat out on weekends.

Jimmie Davis State Park is also culturally important for those interested in learning about their ancestors. Some benches have been in place since the discovery of gold in Louisiana. Relaxing on these benches on a chilly winter day and glancing out across the quiet wetlands and little streams can let you forget about your troubles for the day. The park also offers many gorgeous beaches where you may get close to the rivers by swimming, kayaking, or simply having a nice picnic.

Florida’s Dry Tortugas

What makes a trip here so attractive? If you’ve never been here before, you’ll need to travel by boat or seaplane. This location is 70 miles off the coast of Key West. Dry turtles, also known as the Tortugas, were first discovered by Ponce De Leon in the 15th century. Currently, the national reserve provides information on his life and that of the doctor who treated Abraham Lincoln’s murderer. It doesn’t matter if the beaches are littered with abandoned boats from Cubans seeking refuge.

What will you enjoy here? The snorkeling is fantastic here, thanks to the fort cliffs, which provide shelter for various species, including yep and barracuda.

North Carolina’s Carova Beach

What makes the region so unique? The Outer Banks is a natural relaxation point, but Carova, the northernmost island, is exceptionally peaceful, considering its waterway location. There are no resorts or stores in the area. It consists solely of vacation rentals. Furthermore, you’ll need a four-wheel-drive car to get to and from since the roads are filled with sand.

This is an ideal location for people who enjoy relaxing on beaches. It is 11 miles long and 11 miles wide. The greatest time to plan a trip here is during the Summer. Do you have any idea why? You can swim, surf, paddleboard, or do almost nothing in the always-temperate waterways.

What other things can you do here? You’ll have a great time with the wild horses. These wild horses roam the entire island. You should, however, stay a bit far away from them since they are unruly.

Antigua’s Hermitage Bay

Antigua’s Hermitage Bay is found on the island of Antigua. It is among the world’s finest all-inclusive hotels. As a five-star resort, it provides the utmost luxury and has changed the way many of us think about all-inclusive vacations. Its elegant apartments are hidden in 16 acres of landscaped gardens, with spectacular white, fluffy sand in the front. What better way to de-stress than drinking the freshest real Champagne in the beautiful sunsets?

You can also enjoy the Garden Spa services, which are driven by old Eastern chakra theories. Locally sourced vegetables are incorporated into Jamaican, Chinese, and Indian dishes to create delicious meals. The food is served at a mega restaurant with a sea view. You can book the all-inclusive meal package that contains three meals each day, an afternoon snack, top-quality beverages, house wines, and French Champagne.

What activities will you take part in while you’re here? Long Snorkeling, kayaking, and windsurfing, as well as yoga, gymnastics, and meditation programs, are just a few of the activities that will help you relax.


Daily stress and frustration can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health. A relaxing vacation can free your mind and leave you feeling completely rejuvenated when it’s time to return to the real world. A trip to one of the areas I have mentioned above can help you relax.

10 Best Places To Visit During School Break

School breaks are for enjoyment and relieve you from an academic burden but is you still have writing tasks with you, you can seek help with my thesis to complete these tasks within time. Going on tour with friends is not easy. You need to first decide the place and also consider other factors such as tickets, accommodations, transportation for an airport transfer, and food expenses. There are different places to visit but here are some recommendations that you can consider for your tour.

1. London

London would be the most exciting place to visit. This place will give you, not only good food and cultural experiences but also a chance to explore educational institutes. The most famous places in London include Oxford Street, the Palace of Buckingham and much more. This place is full of surprises and will excite everyone in the group.

2. Paris

Paris is famous and known as a “place of perfume” but this city is more than that. The art style, bakery items including macrons, pastries and especially of famous Eiffel Tower. This city will grab your attention and believe me you need two or more days to explore this place until you are satisfied.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Spain and the most favorite place to travel in Europe. The architecture of a building and its football team is all stories you need to discover. It would be cold in winter but enjoyable weather in summer.

4. Budapest

It is the capital of Hungary and a great destination for traveling. Your group of friends can explore Budapest at the cheapest rate. You will find bars and the local pub for enjoyment that will be cheap for your budget. The cultural and historical spots such as ruins and cold war grounds intrigued you to study about it.

5. Berlin

It is one of the amazing places to enjoy during school breaks. The places to visit in Berlin Walls and the museum. This city’s history is rich in culture. The cocktail bars and football clubs are worth visiting. Berlin is an international hub for students and becoming the capital of Europe.

6. Rome

Italy is an excellent place to visit for students during the break. You will experience good quality and variety of foods there. Rome is famous for its history and culture. The Italian adventure can be more exciting if you visit Pompeii places as well.

7. Bratislava

It is a small old town which consists of colorful buildings and other beautiful towns nearby it. It is small yet easy to view all its places. Try to visit Bratislava near Christmas and it would be more commercial and newer things to experience. Vienna is few miles away from Bratislava and you can book a train ticket which would be under your budget.

8. Dublin

Dublin is the Republic of Ireland. It is a perfect place to travel with a lot of people. There are many places to discover in Dublin which includes, temples, bars, and other cultural spots that have vast history. Dublin will give you a more satisfying view of the mountains and northern side of Ireland.

9. Prague

Prague always appears on the list of Europeans traveling. This city belongs to the Czech Republic and is known for its lightning and cultural events. Students can plan their trip to Prague as it is a beautiful place to explore and consist of museums, old buildings, and a castle near a river.

10. Amsterdam

It is a famous city in France, which every school girl or boy dreams to visit. It is a great place to visit in any season. The canals, bridges, and towns give you a charming view. Also, you can go for a night out in clubs and bars.

Happy Hobbies – 5 Hobbies that Are Proven to Help Reduce Stress and Boost Happiness

Photo: Andre Hunter/Unsplash

We could all use a little more happiness and far less stress. However, we often turn to the wrong places. Social media, Netflix binges, and junk food all have their place. However, if you turn to them consistently to de-stress and boost your mood, then you’re on track for a lot of disappointment. Of course, there’s no need to eliminate them entirely. Instead, enjoy them in moderation while focusing on bringing wholesome, happy hobbies into your life. The five options below should give you some inspiration:

1. Reading… but extra

Disappearing into the world of a book is one of the best ways to boost your brain’s happiness stores. However, there are some ways that you can add to the experience to draw even more joy from it. Creating a cozy reading nook with comfy pillows, blankets, an aroma diffuser, and soft lighting is a great start.

If you love curling up with a book on a rainy day but it’s sunny outside, select one of the many “rainy day” ASMR videos on YouTube and set it up on your computer or smart TV. This can also be a fun way to inspire your imagination. If you’re reading a gothic horror novel, try some dark classical music. If you’re diving into Harry Potter again, there are plenty of Hogwarts ASMR videos online.

2. Gardening

Being in the presence of plants has proven mood-boosting benefits. Whether it’s in a community garden, in your own backyard, or even just caring for the pot plants in your house, gardening is bound to help you de-stress and get a smile on your face. Amazingly, the mood-boosting effect of gardening comes from more than just the pleasure of the activity itself. It seems bacteria in the soil may activate the production of serotonin in the human brain, so getting your hands into some soil can have an antidepressant effect.

3. Learning

Whether you want to pick up a new language, learn to manage your finances, or launch your own web design agency, there are classes that can help you do it. These can be taken online or in person, depending on your learning style. The happiness you experience will come from the personal growth you experience and the new opportunities this hobby opens up.

4. Martial arts

Many people make the mistake of thinking of martial arts as being violent. The truth is, there are many different styles to try and many different gyms and dojos, each offering its own unique atmosphere. Most forms of martial arts will improve your fitness, willpower, and discipline. You will learn and grow each week, and these two factors are major mood enhancers.

If you’re after a more gentle, flowing experience, try Tai Chi or Aikido. If you want a high-energy workout, go for something like Muay Thai, and if you crave discipline and clear progression, Taekwondo classes may be for you.

5. Dancing

Whether you take up formal ballroom dancing classes, engage in energetic salsa sessions, or simply dance your heart out by yourself in your living room, this is one hobby that’s sure to fill you with energy and get the happiness flowing.

Preparing breakfast for the family in the morning can turn from a taxing task to a shared moment of bliss if you find some music you all enjoy and be a bit silly together. If you work from home, mini dance sessions can be a great way to invigorate yourself in the morning or take breaks throughout the day.

Try any or all of the hobbies above to reduce your stress and boost your happiness.

Tips for Solo Road Trips

Travelling smart makes every journey unique, relaxing and extra safe. For long road trip fans, the call to go on a road journey is undeniable. The sight of orange, greenish and woodsy brown hues paired with the excitement to reach your destination is the end-all and be-all of any road trip. Doing the extended drive solo can be tiring and labour-intensive, but if you find joy in your solace, solo road trips can be something to look forward to.

Here are tips to get the most of your road trips

Prepare the armory

Clean your car before and while you are on your trip. Decluttering provides an organized thought process while you are on the road. It is stressful to find your new trash piling up with your new ones. Best to start clean and refreshed. As your trip proceeds, purge clean your car at the nearest stations. Believe me; it will be out to get you in the close quarters and claustrophobia-inducing space that is your car.

Prepare all your documents in advance. It can be troublesome to go on a solo road trip without your insurance documentation, license, and registration if you get pulled over by authorities. Therefore, it is good practice to clear previous violations and parking tickets before going on a long trip.

Plan Ahead

A solo road trip can turn into a memorable activity you’d do over and over again if done correctly. Doing it right entails careful and detailed planning that aims not to stress you out.

Know your limitations, especially when driving, staying up late or driving in the dark. Your limitations as a driver will eventually define your travel schedule.

Cut through the 5-hour long drive feat by booking your accommodations ahead. Often, being alone in your thoughts while in the car may be a humdrum experience. Getting yourself some relaxation and recreation by enjoying hotel amenities such as massages, bathing in a pressurized shower cabin, and sauna can indeed break the cycle of driving, getting off and driving again.

Build an itinerary

The length of your travel plan, coupled with the places you want to explore, will serve as the base framework of your itinerary. Define the number of days you will set aside per location. Choose a theme for your trip depending on your interest; samples are wineries, historic places, nature and landscapes, etc. Read on the world’s top ten best road trips to draw itinerary inspiration from.

Navigate Wisely

It wouldn’t hurt to use one or two applications to assist you in navigating. This way, a map is for general navigation, and the other will cover a detailed plan that includes places of interest and whatnot. It is wise to consult atlases such as the UK road atlas as travel resources on areas of interest.

The adage “try everything once” essentially applies to solo road trips. Solo travel can enhance skills you thought you never have. It entails strategic planning, practical and common sense and an adventurous bone. It is something to be explored that is out of the ordinary; it is spontaneous and memorable.

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Avoid These Things To Prevent Accidents When Driving

If there’s one rule you should always follow while driving, it’s that you’re the only person you can trust on the road. Every day, millions of motor vehicle accidents occur throughout the world, with far too many of them resulting in death. It’s critical to constantly drive safely on the roads so that you’re not only protecting yourself from harm, but also preventing yourself from injuring others. Take a look at these driving guidelines to help you avoid getting into a car accident on the road.

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Avoid driving when the roads are congested

Accidents on the road are almost always triggered by a big number of cars attempting to get to their destination in the same timeframe. People change lanes in the blink of an eye or take their eyes off the road for only a fraction of a second too long, resulting in a collision. If you stay off the road when it’s likely to be congested, you’ll lower your chances of getting into an accident. Before embarking on a journey, check the traffic situation to see if you can take a different, safer route.

You should also keep an eye out for any construction work taking place along your route. Not only may this result in traffic jams, but you may also be hit by falling items from great heights. Check before you travel, or if you see it while traveling, avoid that route until the work is completed.

Avoid larger vehicles

Larger vehicles, such as 18-wheelers, are trained to drive large lorries. Long distance driving, on the other hand, can create fatigue and even driving errors, as you may already be aware. Trucks can weigh up to 800,000 pounds!  That much weight is enough to cause fatal accidents if the driver is distracted for even a short period of time. Take a look at what this car accident attorney has to say about it. While it may not be possible to avoid them on every trip, staying close to them when you’re on the same road will increase your chances of getting involved in an accident.

Spacial awareness on the road is very important, so regardless of the size of the vehicles around you, it’s important to give everyone plenty of space – even if that means slowing down to a less-than-desired speed.

Avoid letting road rage get the best of you

Finally, road rage is something that affects almost every driver at some point in their lives. While yelling at someone on the road who has irritated you or disobeyed the rules of the road may feel so good at the time, it can drive you to do something you will probably regret. Things like tailgating a driver who has irritated you can result in serious accidents, so avoid getting caught up in road rage. Remember that they are putting themselves at risk, and simply stay away from them so you’re not put in harm’s way as well.

Avoid these things and you’ll prevent accidents on the road when you’re driving!

How to Get the Best Deals on Currency Exchange

Navigating the world of currency exchange – also known as Forex trading – is full of potential pitfalls for travelers. Let’s say you’re looking to trade $200 into Euros. It’s possible to walk into two different traders with $200 and walk out with vastly different amounts of Euros. The industry is full of hidden fees, and traders who sell currency for more than what it’s worth to improve their profit margins. Taking some time to learn how the foreign exchange market works can save you plenty of money in the long run.

Find a trader that offers a favorable rate

As previously mentioned, not all traders offer the same rate. This can be for a few different reasons. Firstly, the currency market is always in flux, and opinions can differ on exactly what the rate of exchange is at any given moment. Additionally, there can be a number of factors that affect the rates charged by a trader. If the trader is part of a global company, the exchange rates will be set by a centralized team, whereas smaller companies have more freedom to set their rates. Therefore, do some research and find out which traders offer a good rate in your town. Be aware that certain traders may offer better prices for certain currencies, so be sure to do your research and shop around every time you exchange money. A few minutes’ research each time you go abroad can save you plenty of money.

Never get your currency changed at the airport

The airport is by far the worst place to get your currency changed. Companies that offer currency exchanges at airports know that their customers are in a tight spot. They have either just arrived in a foreign country, or are just about to get on a plane to one. Their options of places to go to get their currency changed are extremely limited. Because of this, Forex traders in airports hike their prices, meaning that you get less of the currency you’re purchasing than you would elsewhere. We all get caught short occasionally and are forced to buy some foreign currency at an airport, but planning to avoid this will save you plenty of money in the long run.

Get a prepaid FX card

If you’ll be able to pay by card easily when you arrive at your destination, you should consider getting a prepaid FX card. This is a type of debit card that you can top up, and use to spend money or withdraw from an ATM when you’re abroad. The difference between FX cards and an ordinary debit or credit card is that you’ll incur no additional fees when you spend money abroad. You’ll pay the standard exchange rate, without any hidden fees. On the other hand, if you use your everyday debit card, your bank may hit you with additional fees without your knowledge. If you’re planning on paying by card abroad, an FX card is the best way to go.

How to Rent a Rolls Royce and Other Luxury Cars

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If you are planning to rent a Rolls Royce or any other luxury car for your upcoming wedding, birthday party, or any other event, consider getting one from a reputable rental company. Rolls Royce makes super luxury cars with powerful engines and classy style. Although it is quite expensive to buy a Rolls Royce, you can easily rent one for your special day. Likewise, many other luxurious cars such as a Bentley and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class fall in this category.

You should know how to rent a Rolls Royce and other luxury vehicles before you begin the process. Fortunately, this article will make this process very easy for you.

Selecting the Right Model

Rolls Royce and other luxury auto brands may have a variety of models, and you need to decide on the one you want. For instance, Rolls Royce has the Ghost, Wraith, and Phantom to mention a few. All are luxurious enough, but maybe your preference will dictate what you pick.

On the other hand, automakers such as Bentley have a variety of models like the famous Bentayga, Continental, and Mulsanne among others. Therefore, you should be sure about the model you wish to rent to make the process easier.

Choosing the Rental Company Where You Want to Rent a Rolls Royce

If you want to rent a Rolls Royce or any other luxurious model easily, choose the best rental company in your area. Those who have rented luxury vehicles can confirm that the reputation of the company is a major determinant of whether one will rent from them or not.

If you pop over to this site, you will have an opportunity to browse through different luxury vehicles, their features, and the prices to rent them per day. This rental company and many others have different Rolls Royce models that you can rent. They also have easy and convenient procedures to rent a Rolls Royce or any other luxurious car.

Comparing the Prices to Rent a Rolls Royce

As mentioned, Rolls Royce and other luxury vehicles are expensive both to buy and rent. On average, Rolls Royce and other luxury cars can cost you up to USD $2000 per day and a deposit of the same amount. But you can enjoy discounts during holiday seasons, for loyal customers, or for booking a car early.

If you have narrowed your list down to a couple of luxury vehicle rental companies where you might want to rent a Rolls Royce or any other luxury vehicle, compare their prices and pick one that looks ideal to you.

Checking the Terms and Conditions

Before you rent a Rolls Royce or any other luxury car, read and understand the terms and conditions. This will help you avoid any disagreements after you have already signed the paperwork and used their vehicle. If you do not understand any terms and conditions, seek clarifications from the agent or the customer care representative of the rental company. After this, you will enjoy riding in the Rolls Royce or any other luxury car during your special day.

Final Words

To rent a Rolls Royce or other luxury car easily, the above tips will go a long way in helping you. Read and put them into practice, and you will not regret it.

Unidragon – Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Unidragon wooden animal jigsaw puzzles

It is the dream of every parent to find a toy that combines enthralling entertainment and educational value. In addition, it is so important to find an amusement you can enjoy together. Well, Unidragon is ready to fulfill your dream. Any jigsaw puzzle from Unidragon is exactly what you are looking for.

The choice of a wooden jigsaw puzzle gives you the unique possibility to create an incredible accessory to decorate your home or working space by yourself. However, this accessory would not be similar to any other interior element because it is handmade, and every look at it brings pleasant memories.

Unidragon produces the best wooden puzzles on the market. The company has a lot of satisfied clients, who prefer to come back again and again due to the following advantages:

  • High-quality materials. All Unidragon models are made of a natural material, namely, wood, which ensures the durability of elements, the safety of your and your child’s health, and environmental friendliness.
  • Convenient assembly. Somehow, the company has found the balance between quite simple construction for kids and still not boring assembly for parents. You do not need to spend a lot of time and effort on building jigsaw puzzles as it is an amusement, not work. In addition, there is a chance to select a difficulty level of assembly (high, average, below complexity). Moreover, detailed instructions are included in the package.     
  • Unique design. Unidragon offers 4 great collections of jigsaw puzzles for everyone. It is possible to receive a map or animal wooden puzzle. Unlike other jigsaw puzzles, wooden puzzles animals from Unidragon are multicolored, and every single detail is a masterpiece. For example, the owl puzzle can be assembled of a number of colored details, each of which is a separate animal or insect.
  • High-class service. Unidragon delivers its products to more than 30 countries. The company provides a week shipping and 100% money-back assurance.

Do not miss a chance to surprise your child with an original gift and enjoy exciting entertainment.

Ways To Shine Out While Placing Sports Bets

Succeeding in online sports betting is not an easy task because you have to take care of a lot of variables while placing wagers. However, you can increase the chances of winning the overall bets by being mindful of certain techniques and strategies. This will go a long way when it comes to ensuring a successful betting career so that you can make money online without having to step out of your home. At the same time, you can also entertain yourself while making money in the comfort of your home or office. With that being said, let’s get along with some handy ways in which you can enhance your overall betting gameplay.

Get the knowledge first

Your first step should be to get yourself well-versed with the basics of Michigan sports betting. This includes understanding the meaning of all the terms and then tapping into the gameplay as well. Know that game sense and knowledge are of paramount importance if you really want to earn a significant amount of money in this industry. For this, you can reach out to a number of sites that provide useful information about getting started with online betting. Make sure to commence your betting routine only when you’re equipped with the required knowledge.

Verify it’s a reliable platform

Before putting your hard-earned money on the betting site, you must ensure that it’s a reliable platform. This is because there are numerous fraudulent platforms in the market and thus, being cautious is your only safe bet. For this, you can go through a number of testimonials and user reviews to get a clear idea of whether you can trust this platform or not. While at it, you should go to third-party sites because you want to check out unbiased reviews. At the same time, you can also check the license information of the betting site, which should be most likely listed on the platform itself. This will help you make an informed decision and be assured of the credibility of the website.

Learn different betting techniques

Placing wagers is not only about luck. You must have a strategic approach if you want to maximize your chances of winning these bets. So, it’s about time you dive into these betting techniques and strategies to take your gameplay to the next level. This should come in handy when you don’t want to make wild guesses while placing bets on your favorite games.

Use the demo mode

The betting strategies and techniques we discussed in the previous point are of no use if you can’t test these correctly. This is where the demo mode comes into the picture so that you can remove any discrepancies from your betting approach. As this mode doesn’t demand any real money to be placed as wagers, you can test your betting knowledge without having to risk any amount. Besides, you can make relevant changes to your approach depending on the variables of the game.

About the author:

Amit is a budding entrepreneurs with an innate knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. He has used his experience of managing Seowebgarden.com to help numerous clients enhance their marketing strategies.

Easy Ways to Buy Weed Online in Canada: A Complete Guide

Image source: Unsplash.com

The retail sales of cannabis resulting from an increase of cannabis vendors in Canada contributed to the revenue rise to over 298 Million dollars in December 2020. Alberta had 372 cannabis stores, making it the highest number in Canada. This means that buying weed is now easier than before; all you need to do is visit a shop or order online from trusted vendors like Just Cannabis Store.

Besides, buying your product is a straightforward process when you know what strain to buy, where to buy it, and how to pick the right company. If you are new to cannabis, we will help you to buy quality weed products from the comfort of your home. Read on to find out easy ways you can buy weed online in Canada.

Besides, buying your product is a straightforward process when you know what strain to buy, where to buy it, and how to pick the right company when buying cannabis seeds. If you are new to cannabis, we will help you to buy quality weed products from the comfort of your home. Read on to find out easy ways you can buy weed online in Canada.

Use Websites and Applications

Image source: Unsplash.com

The weed industry has greatly evolved with companies now utilizing technology to help customers get pot conveniently. All you need to do is register on the website or app, choose your product, check out, and your weed will be at your doorstep in no time.

Choose the Right Strain

How do you know what strain to buy? Although cannabis has many strains the main ones are cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, and cannabis ruderalis. The Sativa strain induces a head high (suitable for recreation), while Indica causes a body high (good for relaxation), and ruderalis is a mix of both. Knowing whether you want to feel calm, euphoric, or energized will go a long way in helping you choose the right strain.

Weed contains active ingredients such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. The popular cannabinoids are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD induces the relaxation effects while THC gets you ‘high’. Terpenes and flavonoids, on the other hand, give weed its earthy aroma and flavour. When you choose a product with a rich profile of these compounds, you get more benefits because of the combined effects or the entourage effects.

Choose the Right THC/CBD Concentration

Further classification of cannabis strains depends on THC and CBD concentrations. If you’re new to weed, you should buy a product with a low THC level but higher in CBD for a mild high.

After taking weed, THC gives you the euphoric feeling you’re looking for, while CBD helps prevent the paranoia that comes with it. So, the more the CBD, the lesser the intoxicating effects of THC because CBD cancels it out.

If smoking a flower isn’t to your taste, there are many other products you can try. You can buy edibles, tinctures, or concentrates. Just note that ingestibles can last for a more extended period; tinctures act faster while concentrates are more potent.

Make Use of Budtenders

If you still don’t know what to buy, you can contact the company and take advantage of expert advice from their bartenders. Customer service can help you decide on the product that best suits your needs since they know cannabis deals well. Through the bud-tenders, you can also find out about the source of their weed and the standards they maintain to ensure quality.

Buying the Weed

Image source: Unsplash.com

Cannabis stores are well distributed in Canada, but with many sellers comes the challenge of establishing which one is legit. Among the companies are some untrustworthy ones you should avoid. Always ensure:

  • The company does not make any health claims.
  • The vendor has good reviews.
  • The seller offers a third-party lab report
  • There are wide product options to choose from.
  • The vendor provides all the important details about the product.

Compare Prices

Weed dispensaries and online stores have different rates. Comparing the prices allows you to get value for your money, competitive prices, and the best deals. Some companies offer loyalty points you can redeem in the future or get free delivery when you buy a high-value product.

Use Weed Delivery Services

When it comes to delivery services, it’s wise to choose one near you. A dispensary or store close by is ideal because your product will arrive fast, it’s economical, and you get to inquire about the company reviews.

Once you pick a store, you can choose between the mail order marijuana service or the same-day delivery. Mail-order service takes several days (2-5 business days), so it requires pre-planning, while the same-day delivery can be fulfilled in as little as 2 hours. Regardless of your choice, ordering weed online is convenient on a busy schedule if you are immobile or value your privacy.


Weed is accessible more than ever in Canada, with many stores and online services around. The buying process is easy; simply pick a reliable vendor, browse through their products and pick what to buy. Instead of travelling to the store, take advantage of the convenient weed delivery services.

Before purchase, make inquiries about your weed and consult your doctor to advise whether you are fit to use it. You can then go ahead to try various weed products and enjoy their recreational and medical benefits.