Russell Simmons on Why Being Still Makes You Successful

Source:The Young Turks

In his new book, “Success Through Stillness,” Russell Simmons explains the power of meditation and the transformative power something that seems so simple can have over happiness, learning, and complete brain functionality. Simmons is the founder of Def Jam and Phat Farm,majority shareholder for Global Grind, and is famous for his huge career as a hip hop, clothing, media, and all-around business magnate. He’s also well-known for his philosophy and social activism. In this interview with Cenk Uygur, Simmons discusses his secret to happiness and personal success– staying still?

How to stop EXISTING and start LIVING

Source: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Ralph Smart talks about how to stop existing and start living. Transcript follows:

How to stop existing and start living. This is what helped me along my journey because the underlying theme of all my videos is to feel better, and live better. And to talk to a stranger, go on holiday – stop living in our comfort zones. I found my freedom right there because a lot of us we are stuck and it doesn’t feel good to be stuck.

I see living as stepping into the radical action and existing is where we have the paralysis, the negative block with thinking, with twisting, with turning. But living is where we absorb ourselves a hundred percent into the present moment where we start forming positive relationships. You can be in love because love is all about expansion, not just with one person but with the whole of humanity. 

We can set ourselves a new challenge that’s what I’m doing along my journey because when I’m skating every day I want to learn a new trick.  When I’m studying, I want a new idea to shake my belief system.

Exercising, moving our body that helps us feel alive. Eating beautiful plant based foods help us feel alive. I always ask people: what is the meaning of life?  For me, the meaning of life is what you make it.

And right now on the planet there is a New Earth consciousness, where people are asking the big questions because people are in search of a better quality of life.  And, for me, it’s about rediscovering what matters most.  Why did I come to planet Earth?  What is my purpose?  What is my mission? I found it, and everyday I am in that momentum – always pushing- breaking down boundaries.

What up discovered is that it’s all a mindset: we live in the world we are thinking of.  And, it’s all an attitude.  We all have 24 hours in the day. I’d choose to be in front of the Sun raising the frequency.  But we have to see and become aware of the choices we are making.

And negative mind state versus a positive mindset – what is the difference? It is just a choice. But we have to see the power of our attitude in helping us become the greatest versions of ourselves.

Psychoneuroimmunology  (that’s the big word of the day) – how our psychology affects our immune system.  We have to become aware that our attitude affects our blood chemistry. So to start living what I’ve done along my journey is to become more conscious of the attitude that I have.

I’ll tell you a secret what I tell my clients who are dealing with anxiety or depression: you live in the world you are thinking of of.  So what you do is make a list of your dominant thoughts without judgment.  Once you have a list of thoughts which are no longer serving you, you will see that they are all based around fear.  So the secret is to become best friends with fear.

 We don’t run away from fear – we hug feared.  That way we transform our fears into our deepest desires.  When we can become neutral and not judgmental to how we are feeling, then we start to live. Because as long as we are in resistance, we see that resistance makes stronger.  

It’s not easy being yourself right now on the world stage because it’s all a stage (the whole world is a stage). So tapping into a true authenticity I say get uncomfortable about being who you truly are.  Just be yourself if people stare, let them stare.  Give them something to think about. 

But, it’s a beautiful day and every day I am all about connecting with those who remind me who I am, because nobody is an island.  We have a great opportunity to make this world even better – all of us. 

We are here in front of the sunshine. I’m going to go out embrace nature, because once you embrace nature you start to feel alive.  You start to see that we are made from the same fabric as the universe. 

Right now I am not into so much technology as I used to be. I am seeing that nature and our bodies are the original technology.  Always see that what you have to offer the world has value.

Live your life with passion!  That’s what I tell myself every day because once you have that passion, then you start to live and you stop existing.

We are here in nature – Infinite Waters Diving Deep once again. Stay well.  Stay healthy.  Peace.

10 Questions That Prove You’re Doing Better Than You Think

Daniel Wallen | Lifehack

Life can be a roller-coaster of an adventure with highs and lows that rock your emotional being. I know it’s easy to fall into the trap of agonizing over things beyond our control, and to be totally honest with you, that very thing has been my activity of choice over the last month. Long story short, some unexpected bills and other unfortunate circumstances have added a significant amount of stress to my life, so I’ve been guilty of playing the, “Why me?” game myself. But the reality of the situation is this: stressing out over things beyond your control will not make your problems go away; it will make them a lot worseAnd the more I think about it, the more I realize I have a lot to be thankful for that I’ve been taking for granted. Do you have stressful, negative thoughts that you can’t get out of your head? I’m sorry to hear it and I know the feeling, but you’re doing better than you think. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it. Just ask yourself these ten questions.

1. Are you reading this article?

If so, you have a valuable tool at your disposal. The power of the Internet is limitless. You can learn about anything you desire, connect with old friends, explore job opportunities, search for support communities, and network with people all around the world.

2. Can you go outside without fear of death?

Car bombs and mass shootings are a regular event in some countries, so be happy you have it so easy.

3. Did you eat something today?

One out of eight people in the world are suffering from hunger, so be thankful that you’re not one of them.

4. So you’re stressed out about what to do with life?

Good. That means you’re ambitious and won’t settle for whatever life hands you. Channel your nervous energy into positive action, because consistent hustle always wins.

5. Do you hate your job?

At least you have one unlike the 11,500,000 people who are currently unemployed in the United States. If you have dreams of self-employment (and enough savings to support yourself), I’m sure an unemployed person would be happy to trade places with you so that you can pursue your passion.

6. Is there a roof over your head?

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad I’m not at risk of shivering in the cold when winter comes.

7. Did you fail at something recently?

Failure is the most effective teacher you’ll ever meet, so be happy you learned a lesson. Stop looking at failure as a bad thing and see it as a learning opportunity. Improve yourself in some way every time you fail and eventually, you will become so developed that the only option left is success.

8. Are you mad because your pet ate, destroyed, or pooped on something?

Before you answer that question, think about how happy your pet has made you over the years and ask yourself, “Would I trade that feeling for the world?” Didn’t think so. Yelling at it won’t make you feel any better, nor will your pet understand what all the ruckus is about, so just shrug it off. Live alone and feeling lonely? Adopt a pet and you’ll likely end up with the most loving and loyal companion you’ll ever meet.

9. Could you stand up right now if you wanted to?

Movement should be an expression of joy and thankfulness. You have working limbs and a body that can carry you wherever you want to go in this beautiful world. The next time you catch yourself putting off exercise, think about all the people in the world who are confined to wheelchairs. Some people don’t move because they can’t, so move because you can.

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The Unlikely Guide to Self-Transformation


Higher Journeys

Alexis Brooks was recently interviewed to discuss her new best-selling book, Conscious Musings – Contemplations to Transform Life and Realize Potential.

In this candid summary of her approach to self transformation, she weaves together many elements that we can all tap to begin the personal transformation process during the time of this planetary shift.

Among the questions she was asked:

-Why is self transformation so critical right now?

-Have the masses been intentionally distracted from realizing their own power?

-How does individualism vs. collectivism play into distraction from realizing personal power?

-How does paranormal and non-ordinary personal experience relate to our own transformation?

-Can every individual become psychic or intuitive?

-What are some of the things we can do to evolve ourselves and reclaim our power?

…Some of the answers may surprise you!

Getting More Out of Life When You Have Less Money

Cheryl Magyar | Tiny Buddha

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.” ~Unknown

When we find ourselves not having “enough,” times may be rough; however, this is only our first glance, our perceived perception.

Not all who have little are poor. None who live simply fit into the status quo. And none of us deserves to be judged for what we do or do not own.

Poverty lines are a general measure of separating the classes, but they fail to feel emotions, see our genuine qualities, or tell the stories of our lives.

They quantify our income, encourage us to strive for more, but more of what? More money to engage in better opportunities? More cash to buy more stuff?

Numbers have a tendency to lose their meaning when they don’t add up—a well-paying job with no time for family is no better or worse than barely scraping by without savings, yet having no debt.

There are many lessons to be learned from being poor. If you have ever been on your last coin, or more than once, chances are good that you may have experienced an enlightened state of being.

Voluntarily choosing to live with less is quite different than being born into poverty, yet the paths overlap and intersect on so many levels.

Searching for the silver lining of a free fall into a greatly reduced income, of which my husband and I caught the winds of almost a decade ago, we discovered the concepts of minimalism and simplicity.

At first I was terrified at the aspect of living off of so little money, coming from a consumer culture that defines worth in terms of income. However, rationality quickly stepped in after that initial panic, and feelings of being lost without monetary stability were replaced by a desire to live well within our means.

There was no denying the change of mindset that was rapidly taking place.

We made a tiny handful of money (way below poverty measures) that allowed us to go to the grocery store a couple of times a month for food; the rest we had to acquire for ourselves in other ways—learning to forage, trading, growing…

Every coin we made went toward nourishing our bodies, because good health is the most important aspect of survival.

When we couldn’t afford electricity for eight months, we lit the kitchen with a few beeswax candles. When they burnt out we went to bed early, only to wake up with the sun.

Employment was nowhere to be found in the countryside. We had no Internet connection and it seemed that life was on standby. Months and years went by, and it was hard. We didn’t buy anything we couldn’t afford, we didn’t want what we couldn’t attain, and all the while we didn’t complain.

The last part confused a lot of people. We didn’t complain because we accepted the situation we were in, and rather than fight it, we decided to learn from it.

It is possible to live well, well below the poverty line. Much of it depends on your state of mind, part of it comes from where you enter the phase of living with less; but wherever life takes you, lessons are waiting to be found:

1. You may already have enough.

In our past we had acquired all the things we needed for survival, and then some. Clothes “out of fashion,” but definitely not out of use. Pots, pans, dishes, music, games. Though we didn’t have the ability to buy things anew, we certainly did not go without. 

When you have little, you may still have more than you realize at first glance. Set possessions aside and focus on life that surrounds you. Friends, family, your health—foster those intangible, yet all important connections.

Most importantly, make peace with patience. Slowly moves the world without flowing cash or access to the Internet, and it still remains a beautiful place to be.

2. Less time with electronic gadgets leaves you more room for people.

Physical relationships are the ones that foster real laughter, genuine love, and lasting memories. Conversations flourish in the absence of technology.

We can relearn to have meaningful discussions without a cell phone on the table; they only serve as a distraction at the dinner table and attest to our shortening attention spans.

3. Solitude gives you time to delve into your emotions.

It gives you time to think about life. Inner reflection is hard to focus on when we are busy day and night, so get un-busy and make more time for dreaming, questioning, and contemplating. Find quiet activities to let your mind expand to new horizons; you have the time.

4. Nature provides us with much beauty, energy, and inspiration.

No money for a concert? Great! Go listen to the night song of crickets in summertime, listen to frogs bellow, listen to birds or running water. Hike, walk, bike—get out of your four corners and find freedom in the “wild.” 

5. Self-reliance will foster an unending sense of independence.

Spend time reading books; volunteer your time to learn and teach new skills, meeting new people and creating opportunities for advancement as you go about daily life. See the connections, and feel what is important for your personal growth.

Rather than feel guilty that we couldn’t afford to eat out, we chose to develop our cooking skills and embrace the art of slow food. We grew vegetables in the garden to preserve for winter, we baked our own pies and pastries, we relished in our growing confidence of all matters related to providing for oneself.

In eight years one can acquire immense knowledge, and our wealth grows with our ever-increasing set of useful skills (from knitting to felting to cobbing to shoe making) that we can apply over many aspects of life.

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Guiding Your Consciousness: Breaking Free of Negative Thought & Emotional Patterns

Robert Sindelar | Collective Evolution

When we get lost in our thoughts and emotions on the past and future, we often forget the amazing nature of the present moment–a perpetual clean slate to be perceived in whatever way our minds choose. When our minds latch onto a specific feeling or emotion, we often cannot break ourselves free of it. Instead, we spin our wheels over and over again embedding the idea deeper within our consciousness. However, there are many tools that we can use to help us detach from those negative thoughts and experiences.

Try This Method

Take a moment, if you can, and get back to nature. The beauty of it aside, nature itself is a form of a “healing center.” Find a beautiful spot, away from being disturbed by other people. Then close your eyes, sit, and focus on your breathing. Then meditate on the following: You are not your emotions, so when you have a negative thought, try to change your language from “I am…sad, depressed, etc.” to “I notice that there is sadness or depression in my thoughts.”

Simply by changing the language of your speech and thoughts disidentifying yourself from your emotions and thoughts, you consciousness will begin to shift away from them. Then you might begin asking the question, “Who is this me that is observing this emotion?” and “What am I supposed to learn through this part of my experience?”

Choose one thing that appears to happen randomly that when it does it makes you smile or you appreciate it in someway. (For example: I love it when a leaf falls from a tree and spins towards the ground like a pinwheel in front of me as I walk) Then set the intention that whenever that happens, that is the universe smiling at me and telling me how amazing that moment truly is and that it is conspiring to love you. As you practice this, you will notice a transition from intending it to naturally being filled with the awe and joy of life.

When this transition happens, choose another seemingly random event to add to your conscious toolbox, then another, and then another, until the moments that appear insignificant become significantly profound in beauty become so frequent that they approach covering your entire interaction with your waking life. If this eventually happens, then you will know that moment as nirvana.

Just as we are academically discovering with brains, consciousness is highly plastic, meaning it shifts and changes with every part of your experience that comes into its awareness. So it is incredibly critical to nurture the consciousness that you want to be your experience. This includes the music you choose to listen to, the art that you choose to observe or hang on your wall, the movies that you choose to watch, the types of venues that you choose to spend time in, the people you choose to be around, the food you choose to eat, the words you choose to speak, and finally the thoughts you choose to think. So pick a couple of these parts of experience that you choose to shift towards the consciousness that you want to experience. Detach from the ones that bring you pain or sadness and fill in their stead ones that create, remind, and nurture what you want to experience.

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The Shaman’s View of Reincarnation, Creation, Religion and Myth

Shaman Jon Rasmussen talks about the shamanic view of reincarnation, creation, religion and myth. “One of the primary understandings of shamans is that we don’t just come here once,” he says. Referring to life as a theatre, Rasmussen says we chose to undertake the journey in order to experience drama and greater levels of complexity. “This is the leading edge of creation and we can’t wait to come back.”

Jon RasmussenAbout Jon Rasmussen

Jon has over 35 years of experience in the fields of ancient and modern shamanism, healing, science, spirituality, and consciousness. He’s the author of the book Dreaming Your World Into Being, the CD’s Shamanic Journeys to Empower your Life and Practical Meditation for the Modern Lifestyle, as well as the DVD Let Success Find You. After several near death experiences at an early age, and extensive shamanic training and initiation, Jon leads a life of service for the healing of humanity primarily through the principle of the return of the powerful Feminine as spoken of in the prophecies of his Q’ero shaman lineage.  He travels extensively to conduct sessions, teach, and lead ceremony for individuals, couples, families, groups, and organizations.  Learn more about Jon’s work at dreamingintobeing.com and connect with him on Facebook. You can book sessions with Jon in person or by phone and Skype by sending an email to jon@dreamingintobeing.com.

The Journey Approach To Change

Chris Johnstone | Positivenews | March 28th 2014

Photo © Flickr member hang_in_there

Photo © Flickr member hang_in_there

Our Positive Psychology columnist Chris Johnstone explores how a growth mindset strengthens our ability to have breakthroughs and generate positive news in our lives and the world

A book title that reassures me is The Myth of Laziness. Author Mel Levine argues that when children fail at school, it’s unlikely that laziness is the cause. More often they’re bumping into a specific difficulty that blocks progress. It’s hard for any child to stay motivated if they keep failing at something. But if you can find out what their difficulty is, and attend to that, you can often help them become re-engaged. The same is true for adults.

I find this helpful when I’m struggling. For example, I’m quite prone to procrastination. When trying to write, I often find my attention wandering. A day may pass with little progress, and I can feel guilty about being lazy or undisciplined. But that doesn’t help me. More useful is to wonder about the obstacles I’m bumping into and consider ways of addressing these. If I’m not clear what to say, then I need to review my core points; if I don’t know enough, then I need to do some research. A problem-solving approach leads to ‘if… then…’ thinking. Rather than feeling blocked and then looking for distractions, I’m opening up a pathway forward.

A lesson I take from Dr Levine’s work is that our responses to failure are powerfully influenced by the story we tell ourselves about its cause. If I see my procrastination as laziness, I’ll condemn myself for not trying hard enough. If I blame it on a lack of natural ability, I might even consider giving up. But if I see my failure to make progress as related to specific conditions that I might be able to change, then I become interested in looking for ways to do that.

“If you’ve ever felt blocked by the thought ‘I could never do that’, imagine what might happen if you refused to be held back and took the first steps”

A breakthrough with my writing came when a journalist friend told me about the stage of disbelief she experiences. “When I start writing a feature,” she said, “I often feel fidgety and distracted because my task feels impossible. But I’ve learned that if I stick with it, the words eventually flow. I just need to trust the process.” When facing a big challenge it’s easy to feel that the task is beyond us. That’s the stage of disbelief, where we don’t believe we can do it. But if we see change as a process that often moves through stages of frustration, failure and disbelief, then we’re not so put off when we encounter these. I call this perspective ‘the journey approach to change’.

Positive psychologist Carol Dweck uses the term ‘growth mindset’ to refer to this sense of change as a journey, where our efforts to move in a particular direction can cause breakthroughs to occur. Her research shows that this perspective has a profound impact on the way people view themselves and live their lives.

In her book Mindset: How You Can Fulfil your Potential, Dweck writes: “A belief that your qualities can be cultivated leads to a host of different thoughts and actions, taking you down an entirely different road.”

This ‘growth mindset’ can be applied to the challenge of creating positive news – both in our lives and in the world. If you’ve ever felt blocked by the thought “I could never do that,” imagine what might happen if you refused to be held back and took the first steps. If you don’t feel ready, how could you become so, or at least move in that direction?

While the myth of laziness leads to blame, what we need instead is encouragement, support and training that cultivates our ability to get through obstacles. Perhaps if this happened we might have even more positive news to report.

Chris Johnstone is author of Find Your Power: A Toolkit for Resilience and Positive Change

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How To Become the Unique and Wonderful Being You Were Born to Be

Luminita Saviuc | Purpose Fairy

“Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment. Therein he cannot be replaced, nor can his life be repeated, thus, everyone’s task is unique as his specific opportunity to implement it.” ~ Viktor E. Frankl

What I will share with you today are 9 ways to becoming the unique and wonderful being you were born to be so that you can live your life from a place of love, authenticity and real power. Enjoy.

1. Let yourself fall apart

Just as you can’t build a new house on top of an old one, so you can’t build a new life by holding onto the old one. Let it all fall apart. Let yourself fall apart, let the old you die and allow the new you, the real you to be born again. Let yourself be born again.

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

2. Choose temporary discomfort over long term resentment

“It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation

Way too many people live their lives according to how everyone around them expects them to live and in this process of trying to please everyone except themselves, they end up losing their own identity. They forget who they are and they become whatever the world wants them to be.

It seems to me that we would rather betray ourselves, our own needs and desires than bear the accusation of betrayal from those around us.

Why choose resentment over temporary discomfort? Why be a people pleaser when you can simply be yourself and have people love and appreciate you for being authentic?

You are not responsible for pleasing everyone around you happy but you surely are responsible for pleasing and making sure that you yourself are happy

Learn to say “NO” when you feel like saying “NO” and YES” ONLY when you feel like saying “YES”.  Choose temporary discomfort over long term resentment and in time more and more people will respect you because of this.

3. Let yourself be truly seen

“We cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual connection that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection. Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves. Shame, blame, disrespect, betrayal, and the withholding of affection damage the roots from which love grows. Love can only survive these injuries if they are acknowledged, healed and rare.” ~ Brené Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

In a world where most people live their lives on auto pilot, wearing all kind of masks and costumes and pretending to be whatever everyone else expects them to be, dare to be different. Dare to be the unique and wonderful being you were born to be. Dare to stand out and stand apart. Don’t betray who you truly are just because so many people are already doing it. Don’t betray your own soul just so you can fit it.  Always remember that an original is worth a lot more than a copy.

Let yourself be vulnerable. Let yourself be truly seen. Tear down all the walls you have built between you and the world around you. Keep the door to your heart wide open and allow LOVE to flow in and out of your life. Pour LOVE into your own Self, your relationships, your home, your work, your planet and everything you do. Remove all your masks and costumes. Let go of fear, denial, suppression, and what’s most important, let go of pretending and living your life according to other people’s expectations. Embrace your authenticity and start living life your OWN way!

4. Pay no attention to the critics

The moment you start living life in a way that feels right to you, saying “no” to others just so you can say “yes” to yourself, you will encounter a lot of resistance and a lot of criticism from those around you. People who are “allergic” to change seem to also be “allergic” to those who dare to embrace change.

No matter how hard those around you will try to convince you to get back in horde and no matter how harshly they will criticize you, don’t go back to pretending. Don’t go back to betraying your own self just so you can please them. Don’t do it. Stay true to yourself. You want people to love you for who you truly are and for who they expect you to be.

Learn not to take their criticism personally. Keep in mind that what others say about you has little or nothing to do with you but a lot to do with who they are. People give to others what they have to offer to themselves and those who have little or no love for themselves will be very harsh on those who do.

5. Build your self worth from within

Take a few moments right now to reconnect with that part of you who knows that You are Enough! Place your hands over your heart, take a deep cleansing breath, and repeat these words to yourself:

“In this moment I am enough, I know enough, I have enough.

I love and accept myself fully, for who I am, and for who I am not.

I am perfect just the way I am.

I don’t need other people’s approval to feel whole and complete.

I am a beautiful creation, a work in progress.

I alone Am Enough! I Am Enough!

If you go around begging for approval, looking for love and validation outside of you, you will be very unhappy and you continue to be at the mercy of the people you are begging love and approval from.  Never get your sense of worth from outside yourself. Don’t let other people tell you how much you’re worth, decide for yourself. It’s called self worth not others worth.

6. Embrace your dark side

In his book, Psychology and Religion, Carl Jung talks about how each and every one of us has a dark side, hidden shadows that we project onto the world, “Unfortunately there can be no doubt that man is, on the whole, less good than he imagines himself or wants to be. Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. If an inferiority is conscious, one always has a chance to correct it. Furthermore, it is constantly in contact with other interests, so that it is continually subjected to modifications. But if it is repressed and isolated from consciousness, it never gets corrected. ”

We all have a dark side. There’s nothing to be ashamed about and those who repress and isolate this side of them simply because they perceive it as being bad and shameful, never get to discover how powerful they can become by accepting and embracing their shadows instead of resisting and rejecting them.

What you are against you strengthen and what you resist persists and that’s exactly why accepting, embracing and making peace with your dark side will help heal and bring light to this part of you that it’s in need of so much healing.

Make peace with your dark side. Embrace all that you are and work on healing your hidden wounds and past hurts by replacing shame, guilt and resentment with acceptance, love and compassion. Love your dark side until it becomes your bright side!

7. When the time comes to let go, let go!

“We need to find the courage to say no to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.” ~ Barbara de Angelis

Free yourself from all the drama, from all that negativity and from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. Drop the heavy weights you have been carrying on your shoulders.

Let go of the past. Travel light. Let yourself breathe.  Let go of old thoughts that no longer serve you; limiting beliefs that keep you stuck; fears that get in the way of you loving yourself and your life, and what’s most important, let go of meaningless friendships and toxic relationships. Let them all go and you will be free to become the wonderful being you were born to be.


“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself” ~ Etta Turner

Don’t be a copy of everyone else. Be the unique individual you were born to be. The world needs you for YOU and not for who you pretend to be. Be an example for your children, your family, your friends and for the world you live in. Be authentic. Be real. Don’t trim yourself to suit everyone else. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t settle for way less than you are worth. Commit to authenticity. Commit to living your life from a place of love, authenticity and real power. Don’t let the world around you trick you into thinking that a copy is worth a lot more than an original, because it’s not!

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Use 3/30 New Moon to Prepare for April’s Wild Energy Ride


Get ready for an interesting month in April – a full-speed-ahead energy ride with two eclipses and unprecedented planetary lineups certain to stir things up! As I’ve been writing about on Facebook this past week, April’s energies will come with unique challenges.

While you cannot slow down the energy ride or stop the intensity, there are ways you can prepare and stay in your center this next month. One of these is taking advantage of Sunday’s new moon – the most powerful one so far in 2014!

New Moon in Aries

That moon is in the sign of Aries – which is about initiating new projects, creating new starts, and shifting how you do things. Consider some intentions to write and also voice out loud – things related to big decisions you are ready to make, forward action on stalled projects, empowerment in areas where you sense you have given away your power, and brand-new ways to express your light.

April Key Dates

Most sensitive people are already feeling uneasy as tension mounts ahead of the April 15 and 28-29 eclipses and rare planetary cardinal grand cross peaking April 23. Keep in mind that April is not the end-point of challenging energy crossroads that are part of these times. However, April is a key marker along the way – sure to stimulate new kinds of wake-up calls on both personal and planetary levels.

You don’t need to understand or care about astrology to be impacted – the whole world will be experiencing it in one way or another. After all, the patterns leading up to April’s cardinal grand cross have been forming for decades. If you were alive in the 1960s, you had a taste of this transformational wave then, witnessing how it changed history.

The key theme over these decades is radical revolutionary change – involving individuals like you, society as a whole, and the collective of humanity. This is the shift in consciousness I address in “Earth’s Pivotal Years” – the shift you were born to actively participate in as a divine changemaker. In that book I give you a map to the changes and what they mean in your own life.

What You Can Do

One of the best things you can do is to be present and in your heart – not just for those moments when you think about it, but in an ongoing way. The pace of everything in your life is about to pick up once again, and you will need to be mindful and heart-centered to prevent overload and creating chaos you must address later.

Huge Benefits of This Unique Time

There are huge benefits of this unique time of accelerated motion and intensity. It’s more than just going fast and wanting to be done with struggles. Amazing potentials for personal and spiritual awakening can occur!

That’s because you will have an incessant fiery feeling to be free and who you truly are. These feelings will drive you forward like a fast train. In tandem with that, you will feel determined to finally move past what’s not working in your life. This will be happening against a background of challenging planetary energies that will put the unworkable issues on your plate in full view.

Don’t take this personally, though it is of course personal to you. This is happening across the planet in one of the biggest wake-up calls humanity has had to date.

Using this Doorway

Use this for your benefit by paying attention to this doorway of opportunity – seeing what is there for you to address and doing the deeper inner work to clear root causes in your DNA. This truly can be your time to shine as the divine changemaker you are!

About the Author

Selacia, internationally acclaimed author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, is an intuitive healer and guide to others on the path of spiritual awakening. A former foreign correspondent with The Wall Street Journal and other media, she has decades of experience in the areas of world politics, social change, healing, consciousness, and spiritual transformation. In her journalism career, Selacia covered the White House, US Congress, G8 meetings, economic summits, and world trade talks. In her global healing work, she has addressed the United Nations (SEAT). Her writings are read in sixty-four countries. She is a pioneer in DNA intuitive healing, serving people everywhere who desire wholeness and a heart-centered life. Selacia has dedicated her life to spirit, and to opening the way for others to progress on their path of enlightenment. Visit her at www.Selacia.com.

The Secret Wisdom of the Inner Voice

Dr John Demartini | Demartini Institute

What better way of creating a more fulfilling life than by mastering the art of tuning into your most inspired and ingenious self, your inner voice?  This voice is your guide of all guides to a life of greatness.  You cannot attune to this inspiring voice without living a more inspiring life.  Genius, creativity, and a silent power emerge from your heart and mind the moment you do.

The secret of tuning in to its magnificent messages is having a heart filled with gratitude.  When your heart is opened wide with gratitude your inner voice becomes loud and clear, and your most life expanding messages enter into your mind with ease.  If your heart is filled with gratitude, it is almost impossible to stop your inner voice from speaking clearly and profoundly. Many great spiritual revelations and mental attributes are suddenly birthed from within you when your voice on the inside becomes louder than the many voices or opinions on the outside.

The immortal masters of life have been those who have mastered the ability to attune to their great inner voices.  Those great beings that mastered this talent left their marks in history.  From Christ, who listened to his heavenly Father, to Dante, who listened to Beatrice, to Walt Whitman and many others who listened to their guiding whisper, all have impacted humanity with the resultant immortal expressions of their inner voice.

As your voice on the inside grows in clarity and strength so will your inspiration when you listen.  Begin to attune to that inspiring station from within.  Listen as it guides you to new levels of creativity and operation.  Your inner voice will put few or no limits on your life. Only the many outer voices of others who allow them selves to live a life of mediocrity will do so.  Decide now to expand your wisdom and fulfillment through such careful listening.

Follow the steps below and commune with this wise inner guide. It will help you create a greater contribution to others and possibly even a legacy.

  1. Stand relaxed with your hands loosely at your side.Take a few deep breaths. Inhale and exhale through the nose slowly.
  2. Tilt your head up 30 degrees.
  3. Turn your eyes up another 30 degrees, until you are looking forward and upward.
  4. Close your eyelids and let them become relaxed.
  5. Think about something or someone you are truly and deeply grateful for.
  6. Keep thinking and thanking until you feel your heart has truly opened up and you have even experienced a tear of inspiration.
  7. Upon attaining a grateful state, now ask your inner voice for any guiding message. Ask, “Inner voice do you have a message for me at this moment?”
  8. When you are grateful enough and you ask for a message a message will clearly come.
  9. Write this message down.
  10. If your message does not become immediately and clearly revealed, repeat steps 6 – 10 until it does.

When you are truly grateful you will receive amazing and inspiring inner messages.  These messages will be more powerful than might at first be apparent.  The master, the genius, is the one who listens carefully. When you are grateful and your heart becomes opened, you will have revealed before your mind, the inner message you would love to fulfill. These priceless gems of guiding revelation will assist you in living a life of greatness.

Be sure to act on your inspirations as soon as possible. When you don’t follow the inspirations and intuitions of your inner voice promptly you can begin to emotionally beat your self up. This is not terrible though for it is simply part of the grand and magnificent design of conscious evolution.  It is a blessing for it assures that no matter what happens, you will eventually learn and gradually or immediately unfold your inner spiritual mission, talent, and destiny.  Life events will at times force you to listen to that wise voice within.  The inspired beings throughout history learned to follow it.  Those who have ignored it have passed by many opportunities it could have provided.

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Movements for Justice Connecting Around the World

PopularResistance.org | Mar 29 2014

Taking Matters into Our Own Hands

When the government fails to act appropriately, then it is up to us. Members of the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance have been trying to bring a criminal complaint against Obama, Brennan and others about the drone program. The US Attorney’s response this week was to refuse them entry to her building although the rest of the public was allowed in.

war tax resistance. A new type of tax resistance is against our for-profit health system that siphons hundreds of billions of public dollars away from actual care. Some are choosing to be Conscientious Objectors to Obamacare.

meet them through Skype to share dreams. Another positive note is that support for Palestinians is growing. A UN human rights investigator accused Israel of ‘ethnic cleansing’ and practicing apartheid. And Loyola University in Chicago became the first Catholic university to join the BDS movement.

Resistance to Ecological Destruction

New York for divestment from fossil fuels and students in Massachusetts planning a walk out for divestment on Monday. A tar sands megaload was turned away from the Cheyenne River Sioux lands by the tribal council after one person decided to block the truck and many more saw his tweets and joined him.

Quebec Cree are working to preserve close to 10,000 acres of land. First Nations in Canada are trying to stop the Northern Gateway Pipeline. The “Wall of Women” is blocking a pipeline that Kinder Morgan plans to build. WallofWomenAnd in the US, the Cowboy Indian Alliance is heading to DC to protest the northern portion of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Great Climate March is on its way across the US to raise awareness of climate change. Check their website to see if they will come close to you.

donations. Twelve people were found guilty after their protest of the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant. And Popular Resistance is partnering in a campaign, Clean Up the Mines!, to halt all further uranium mining until the thousands of abandoned mines that continue to poison us are properly cleaned up.

Taking a Stand against the Neoliberal Agenda


tour to force Teach for America, part of the attack on education, off their campuses. Hundreds of students and faculty rallied at the University of Southern Maine this week against cuts. And bus drivers in Vermont were successful in stopping a harmful city resolution after they overtook City Hall.

Paul Bucheit writes this week that official poverty would be much higher if we used accurate measurements that reflected the current cost of food, housing, health care and education. He finds that almost half of all Americans hold zero wealth because of debt. Nearly a third of student loans are thought to be in default. Considering that we are in a huge stock market bubble and both the Federal Reserve and China are cutting back on cash infusions, economists are forecasting another financial collapse this year.

Stopping Torture and Injustice towards Prisoners

Friday Fast for Justice to increase awareness of the injustice there.

letting the California prison system know that long term solitary confinement should be stopped. The deadline for comment is April 3.

visited long-time political prisoner Leonard Peltier. And PFC Manning’s lawyer David Coomb’s wrote an update in which he says that she did not receive “a fair trial and a just result.” Both Peltier and Manning continue to demand justice with the realization that what happened to them can happen to anyone.

Judge Ronald Zweibel denied her lawyer access to information necessary to support her case. She faces 7 years and goes to trial on April 7 in New York City for elbowing a police officer who grabbed her breast from behind as she was leaving Zuccotti Park.

stop the outrageous sentencing in Egypt. The court gave the death penalty to 529 activists. CODEPINK held a protest at the Egyptian Embassy to spread the word. Please share this campaign with your contacts.

#WaveOfAction and the Global Climate Convergence. GlobalClimateConvergenceAcross the country and around the world, movements for social, economic and environmental justice are connecting their struggles. It is an exciting time. We encourage you to find some way to get involved.

Learn more about how YOU too can get involved at PopularResistance.org

5 Hazardous Habits That Kill Your Life’s Dream

Simmi | Lifehack

“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die, Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.”  ― Langston Hughes

The aspiration to achieve our dreams some day keeps us going even during the hopeless hours of life. Yes, we all know this but still we keep on piling habits into our daily life, that unknowingly become the killer of our own Life’s Dream. These habits and behavior patterns become so involved within our personalities that they become our inherent traits, making us weak and fragile, always providing us with an excuse to let go of our dreams. So read on to know these five hazardous habits. If you can feel connected with the given characteristics, hold on and beware, you totally need to get out of these vicious habit that is killing your Life’s Dream:

1. Fear of the unknown

Characteristics: Such a person is always surrounded by various kinds of fears, i.e. fear of rejection, fear of separation or loss, humiliation and even fear of extinction. These fears are always in his mind which prevent him from taking certain steps towards his dreams, from taking risks and he is always enjoying his own comfort zone.

Reason: Fear of the unknown is a mind condition which is conditioned from our childhood. For example, you have been constantly told in childhood to “not to go outside otherwise a white-bearded man will take you with him.” It sounds funny now but as a kid we were really scared of such things. So slowly and slowly our mind starts fearing things which earlier were fun like screaming for joy, dancing ridiculously or loving someone. We are afraid of being ridiculed or being termed crazy by normal society. And this fear becomes our inseparable attribute that sometimes we feel frightened to cross the boundaries in our banal life. We dare not to start anything afresh, killing our dreams to rest.

2. Addiction of pain

Characteristics: Such a pain addict no longer follows his heart’s voice, the inner conscious. He lives just to perform certain social responsibilities but his inner joy is no more. Everything around him is fake and useless, including human emotions. His dreams have no meaning and are mere fantasies.

Reason: The suffering caused by our daily stressful and busy life enhances the pain in our body, which we mostly try to resist but sometimes we become so prone to distress in our life that we start dwelling in our own pain delightfully. We start rejoicing in the sympathy arising from our pain. In a way we become addicts to pain that generates sympathy for us either from others or from ourselves. This addiction can become so hazardous that it can lead us to total hopelessness or dismal for life.

3. Procrastination

Characteristics: Such a person is always waiting for a convenient time to fulfill his dreams. He is never certain of the present time and delays his dreams and goals for the future. He is the one always waiting for the right opportunity rather than creating one.

Reason: Procrastination has become a part of everyday life now. We ward off certain things for tomorrow, but with time procrastination can become second nature. We keep on delaying our hopes and dreams for the future as if we are certain that tomorrow would be a better time in spite of the fact that we are not even certain of our existence in the coming moment. This is because we are not confident enough in the present moment (sometimes it is due to laziness). We feel tired, exhausted or we might be looking for perfection. But whatever the reason may be, procrastination is avoiding our present problems and saving them for our future life.

4. Living with the Ego

(Note: please don’t confuse ego with pride.)

Characteristics: Such a person is living with a false identity of himself. He connects his possessions, whether tangible or intangible, as his own self. For example, his latest smart phone, his collection of high-end clothes and accessories, his relationship with his loved ones etc… Such a person feels hopeless even in the thought of losing his possessions as these are his extended self and without which he is no more, taking him further away from his life’s dreams.

Reason: With the start of our lives we acquire this thing called ego. At first we connect our identity with our toys, this is my toy and if that got broken we would start crying because we perceived that toy as our extended self. And with time this ego started widening the boundaries of our perceived self not only in objects but also in relationships, knowledge and our physical appearances. And the moment someone tries to attack our egos we become aggressive, which is also the cause of various arguments (because our opinions are our perceived self and we can never be wrong). For some people this ego takes a larger-than-life form. As these people put their dreams on a backseat even if they are very well aware that the present moment is not what they expected out of life, they live in the pain of not fulfilling their dreams instead of following them. These people foresee themselves as weak and sometimes quit their current situation, thus moving miles away from their dreams.

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7 Steps to Creating Your Own Magical World

Luminita Saviuc | Purpose Fairy

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When I was a little girl, there was this children’s television series produced in Czechoslovakia called Arabela. I used to love that show mainly because there was a lot magic in it. The whole show revolved around the members of a regular family, the Majers, who encounter people from the Fairy Tale Kingdom. And I remember the series featured several magic items amongst which a magic ring. That ring had the power to make any wish come true And I so wanted to have that ring. I remember fantasizing about all of the cool things I would’ve done if only I had that ring…

I was just a little kid at that time, and we all know that children have no trouble believing in magic and believing in fairy tales. I really believed that if I had that ring I could’ve create anything I wanted. I would’ve made all my wishes become reality.

Now, whenever I think about Arabela and the magic ring, I smile simply because I know that we can all create magic, we can all make our dreams come true and we can do it without a magic ring. We only need an open mind, a burning “desire, imagination, and a steadily focused attention on the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” ~ Neville, The Power of Awareness

What I will share with you here today are 7 things that are meant to help you to create your own fairy tale, your own magical world. Something that has taught me how to live life on my own terms and bring magic back into my life. And I trust it can do the same for you. Enjoy.

1. Withdraw your attention from the problems of the world

We like to stay informed, to know about all the horrible things that are happening in world and for some strange reason, we get a sort of twisted pleasure from sharing this newly acquired “knowledge” with those around us. We talk about our problems more than we talk about our joys and if we don’t have problems, we create some for ourselves just so we can stay busy.

It’s one thing to get interested in the problems of the world because you want to come up with solutions, and another thing to just do it because you’re bored and you have nothing better to do with your life. Placing your focus and attention on problems will not make them go away, on the contrary, it will create even more problems for yourself and those around you. Withdraw your attention from the problems of the world and start placing you attention on creating something that will make you feel better about yourself and your life.

“Everything is perfect in the universe – even your desire to improve it.” ~ Wayne Dyer

2. Ask your Soul to lead the way

I believe that we are all souls and that our bodies are nothing but the vehicles we need to express ourselves in this material world. It’s our Soul who has the power to create worlds and to make magic happen. If we can learn to align ourselves with who we truly are underneath it all, if we can get ourselves out of the way and allow our Soul to lead the way, nothing will be impossible for us to create and achieve.

“The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you – they are full of the Spirit and life” ~ Jesus

3. Leave the crowd

Leave the crowd. Commit yourself to staying true to yourself at all times. Promise yourself to never allow the noise of those around you to distract you from your newly chosen path and learn to listen to your inner voice, guidance and intuition.

Learn to think your own thoughts, to create your own ideas and to come up with your own rules. Always remember this – if you follow the crowd, you will get no further than the crowd. If you want your life to be different than that of the majority of people, you have to have to do things that the majority of people doesn’t have the courage to do.

“Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make noise. Make someone notice. That’s the power of individuals.”  ~ Jon Bon Jovi

4. Make good use of your imagination

Imagination is one of our most precious gifts. With the power of your imagination you can create worlds, making all kind of wonderful things happen to you and because of you. In his book, Hostage at the Table, George Kohlrieser talks about the power of imagination in a really powerful way, “The power of imagination is incredible. Often we see athletes achieving unbelievable results and wonder how they did it. One of the tools they use is visualization or mental imagery… they made the choice to create their destinies and visualized their achievements before they ultimately succeeded.”

Make good use of your imagination. Focus your attention on that which you want to be, do and have. Imagine yourself having it all and being it all. Allow yourself to feel the rush, the adrenaline and the excitement that comes from having all those things happen and start creating your life from that place.

5. Make your future dream a present fact

If you want to create a new reality for yourself, you have to have faith in who you are and you have to change your awareness of yourself. You have to become that which you want to create and you have to start embodying all the qualities of the person you wish to become. “Then you must make your future dream a present fact. You do this by assuming the feeling of your wish fulfilled. By desiring to be other than what you are, you can create an ideal of the person you want to be and assume that you are already that person. If this assumption is persisted in until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable.” ~ Neville, The Power of Awareness

6. Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled

The more time you spend thinking, imagining and feeling the feelings that come from having your wish fulfilled, the faster things will begin to manifest and the easier it will be for you to create all the things you want to create.

When I first started writing on my book, I had no idea how will I publish it nor did I know who will publish it. All I knew was that I was writing a book and that my book will be published. I saw it in my mind’s eye, I felt it in my heart and I knew that all the other things that were needed for my book to be shared with the world will be taken cared of. In fact, I wrote in one of my notebooks, and I quote “Have book published by the biggest and most respected publisher in the world.”

Well, not long after I started writing on my book, I had the chief editor of the world’s largest book publishers in the world emailing me and asking if I wanted to write a book and publish it with them and guess what? My book will be published by them. I guess I do have magic powers, but then again, we all do :)

“To be conscious of being poor while praying for riches is to be rewarded with that which you are conscious of being, namely, poverty. Prayers to be successful must be claimed and appropriated. Assume the positive consciousness of the thing desired.” ~ Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness

7. Don’t worry about the HOW

I have come to realize that once you become aware of who you truly are and once you align your mind with your heart and your body with your Soul, life starts to take very good care of you. The right people seem to show up in your life, the right books, the perfect circumstances… and if before you used to stress a lot about HOW you are going to make it all happen, you now focus mostly on the WHAT and the WHY without worrying about the HOW.

I’m telling you, life is meant to be easy, very easy but our attachment to the past, to our fears and to all our limitations makes life hard.

Don’t worry about the HOW. Learn to delegate authority to life itself. Focus on WHAT you want and WHY you want what you want. If you intentions are good and if having your dreams come true will benefit a lot of people, life will take care of the HOW and will take very good care of you :)

“Most men believe that fame, great wealth or political power would secure them against the storms of life. So they seek to acquire these as the anchors of their life, only to find that in their search for these they gradually lose the knowledge of their true being. If man places his faith in things other than himself, that in which his faith is placed will in time destroy him; at which time he will be as one imprisoned in confusion and despair.” ~ Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness

And this is how it’s done. This is how you make magic happen. If you don’t like what you see, if  you don’t like the world you live in and if you want to create your own world, your own reality, you can do so by putting all of these things into practice. You can make magic happen and I hope you will.

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Anant Agrawal on Online Learning

Source: Big Think

edX President Anant Agarwal discusses the latest technologies in online learning, particularly in K-12.

Parttial Transcript –edX is learning destination where we have learners from ages of eight years old to 95 years old on our platform. And so we’ve always had this interest in having a diverse set of courses whether at the high school level or university level, professional education and so on. A lot of our courses right now are university level courses and learners are looking for more basic courses, you know, they lack many of the prerequisites. And some of these prerequisite courses come from high schools. And so therefore it is really important that we get the high school courses on the platform. Certainly high school level courses, very basic courses, are more challenging from universities because universities tend to focus on courses that are at the university level.

And so with organizations like GEMS and high schools and so on we have the opportunity to get high school level courses that can be more on ramps, can serve as on ramps to university level courses. The challenges that are posed with high school level courses is that high schools very often don’t have the resources or video production capabilities and so on to create some of these quality courses. And so there tends to be more of an issue of how do you do the production? How do you provide the support for courses like this?
So our thinking there is that edX has a services team. We are very interested in getting what are called advanced placement level courses in the U.S. So one example is that we could use our production team to provide support for some of these courses. We’re also looking for funding from philanthropists and other foundations that might be able to provide the funding for these courses. We can then partner with high schools or other organizations like GEMS that can then create these courses. GEMS, for example, has a large cadre of teachers that are already providing, offering courses in a number of areas. And so an organization like GEMS is a natural one to partner to get these high school courses.
We also are thinking about courses that are before the advanced placement level. Think of pre-algebra for example. And we’re also developing a lot of tools that will enable students to do simulations and various kinds of online laboratories. That tends to be a challenge as well and we are looking to develop a small team within edX that can create some of these enriched content types as well.
STEM vs. Humanities: The edX Approach to Virtualization and Assessment

So STEM subjects versus humanities subjects tend to have different kinds of components that you need. In the STEM area one of the areas that tends to be challenging are laboratories. How do you provide the kind of hands on laboratory experience. At edX we’ve created online labs that we call, you know, virtual laboratories based on simulation technology. So there students can have a game-like experience as they work with the circuits lab or as they work with the chemistry lab. Or in physics, you know, they can work with an object like a pendulum so they can set the object at various places and see how it moves around all through simulations. So we’re able to use simulation technology to provide a rich game-like experience for the labs in STEM subjects.
Now let’s understand that, you know, not everything is possible to do. So, for example, in chemistry it is hard to capture the smell. But you can certainly look at color and some of the other compositional issues as you titrate different chemicals in various quantities and so on. Now in the humanities side there are other challenges. You may not have the laboratories along the lines of lab benches and so on but in humanities you have other challenges that we try to address in different ways. One example is for assessments in humanities tend to be assessments tend to focus heavily on open responses such as an essay, for example, or a descriptive response. [Transcript truncated].